Spare Tire Chapter 51

Jing Yicheng once thought there was something wrong with his eyes. Otherwise, how could he see normal people emitting purple light all over?

He can even clearly see the purple light flowing on Xu Chenghao’s exposed skin, from his ankle to his neck to his side face to his fingers holding a pen and signing… Even Xu Chenghao’s black eyes are stained with a bright purple light. When looking at things, his eyes flow with the purple light, which is very beautiful.

… it turns out that Xu Chenghao looks so good in purple light.

Jing Yicheng’s eyes flickered. Subconsciously, he followed the flow of purple light to scan Xu Chenghao’s whole body, and then again and again, again and again.

After being looked at by such a bright and aggressive look for a long time, Xu Chenghao finally looked up and said, “what’s the matter with you?”

This sentence is like a thunderbolt breaking the atmosphere into slag. All the purple light disappeared. Only Jing Yicheng, who suddenly regained his mind, stayed in place and said for a long time: “… It’s all right.”

Xu Chenghao thought he was a little strange: “it’s all right. You’ve been looking at me?”

Jing Yicheng opened his eyes and lied: “I’ve just been distracted. I may have seen you unconsciously. I’m sorry.”

There was no way to talk about this. Xu Chenghao was amorous when he asked again. He could only bear the remaining questions and said, “OK.” then he bowed his head and continued to work.

Jing Yicheng waited for a moment and looked up at Xu Chenghao again. Everywhere he looked, he could only see the other party sitting behind his desk working hard. There was no purple light

What happened just now? Is it really your own psychosis and hallucination?

Jing Yicheng recalled his memory just now and felt some regret.

In fact, this illusion is not bad.

A cell phone ring rang suddenly in the office. It was Xu Chenghao’s.

He picked up his cell phone and looked at the display number before connecting. After a few words, he hung up the phone and said to Jing Yicheng, “I’ll go up first.”

“Let’s go.” Jing Yicheng responded calmly. As soon as Xu Chenghao left, he began to call to ask his assistant Xu Chenghao why he went upstairs!

The assistant said, “it seems that Ruan chenxuan is coming.”

Jing Yicheng’s good mood disappeared in an instant. After hanging up the phone, he began to think nonsense. Like what are they talking about? What does Ruan chenxuan’s smile mean this morning? Is he trying to sow discord? Will he touch his pepper again?

Ruan chenxuan, if he dares to touch the pepper again, he will not only send buccal tablets, but also send him a sack of pepper, which won’t kill him!

After a fierce threat in his heart, Jing Yicheng still couldn’t sit still and quietly left the office to touch upstairs to see what they were talking about.



After receiving the phone call, Xu Chenghao returned to his real office. When he pushed the door in, Ruan chenxuan was already sitting inside waiting.

The two shook hands and took their seats again. Xu Chenghao opened the door and said, “what’s the matter with President Ruan’s personal visit this time?”

Ruan chenxuan smiled and said, “there are really some things I want to tell president Xu.”

Xu Chenghao leaned back in his chair, looked at him and said he would like to hear it in detail.

Ruan chenxuan cleared his throat and said in a low voice, “I’m very sorry. I apologize for my misunderstanding with President Xu. Until now, I found that the real culprit was hidden deeply, and president Xu was only a shield left.”

Xu Chenghao slightly raised his eyebrows: “it seems that Ruan has found the truth?”

“Close to the truth, but it’s a pity that we don’t have the ability to find evidence.” Ruan chenxuan said: “this is also what I want to tell president Xu today. I hope President Xu can look at it rationally and don’t lose the right direction of judgment because of our different positions.”

Xu Chenghao guessed something after listening to the early notice and said quietly, “please speak to President Ruan.”

Ruan chenxuan didn’t say it directly. Instead, he asked, “president Xu and Jing Yicheng have been working together for so long. Do you know each other’s real identity?”

Xu Chenghao said vaguely, “I heard the other party mention it.”

Ruan chenxuan smiled: “I’m afraid what he mentioned is not his real identity, but something that deceives people… I don’t disclose anything else, but I can definitely tell president Xu that his identity is not simple.”

“In fact, president Xu should be able to see that his itinerary is strictly confidential, and his safety is protected. Those who have this state of life… I believe President Xu should understand what’s wrong.”

Xu Chenghao received his meaning and smiled without any indication.

If Jing Yicheng’s lifestyle is put on others, it must be strange and will attract his attention, but Xu Chenghao knew Jing Yicheng’s identity from the beginning, so Ruan chenxuan even pointed out that it was nothing to him.

Seeing this, Ruan chenxuan could only continue: “it is because his itinerary is absolutely confidential, so I didn’t find a clue to his going to the community… But Xu can always think about why Rouyu went to you. You didn’t see her, but the person disappeared? Has Jing Yicheng been to the community in those days?”

Xu Chenghao asked, “it’s really a coincidence, but President Ruan always believes in the evidence. How can he come to a conclusion this time?”

“The other party hid too deeply and didn’t leave much evidence at all.” Ruan chenxuan said: “moreover, if I believe in the evidence, except for the erased evidence, all the remaining clues point to President Xu. If I believe in the evidence, don’t I have to doubt President Xu?”

Full marks for this reason. Xu Chenghao accepted temporarily: “then why did President Ruan tell me again?”

Ruan chenxuan: “I just want to tell president Xu the true face of Jing Yicheng. I don’t want President Xu to be kept in the dark.”

Xu Chenghao: “thank you for your concern. I will pay attention to it.”

“You’re welcome.” Ruan chenxuan said, “I hope you can tell me anything from President Xu. If I can find Rouyu, I will personally thank President Xu.”

Xu Chenghao: “yes, I wish president Ruan to find it as soon as possible.”

Ruan chenxuan: “thank you.”

After they exchanged greetings for a long time and talked about the price reduction of the Jiangjia project, Xu Chenghao refused Ruan chenxuan’s dinner invitation and sent them away.

When the elevator opened and closed, the corridor was empty.

Jing Yicheng came out of the corner, glanced at the deserted office and the elevator in the distance. His face was gloomy, as if he could wring water out.

He knew that Ruan chenxuan’s coming must be bad! He knew that Ruan chenxuan had a plot against Xu Chenghao, so he always wanted to sow discord and destroy the unstable relationship between him and Xu Chenghao!

What a Ruan chenxuan!

When Jing Yicheng returned to the office, Xu Chenghao was already sitting in his position and busy with the meeting. The little yellow duck duzui flowerpot on the desk is full of green pepper seedlings, dotted with white and lovely little white flowers, which adds a lot of freshness to the serious desk.

Jing Yicheng stood at Xu Chenghao’s desk and poured some water into the little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot.

Xu Chenghao looked up and continued to sign.

After watering the little yellow duck, Jing Yicheng wandered around the desk again.

Xu Chenghao held his head to read the documents without raising his head.

Seeing that the other party didn’t want to talk to him, Jing Yicheng took the initiative to start the topic and pretended to say inadvertently, “is it very busy upstairs? Why are you back now?”

Xu Chenghao turned the page of the document and replied casually, “it’s OK.”

… and then there’s no more.

Jing Yicheng wanted to ask directly, but felt that this would expose his eavesdropping. He had to go back to his seat and count his anger on Ruan chenxuan’s head. He was ready to talk to him tonight!

Xu Chenghao raised his eyes slightly, smiled and lowered his head again. He continued to review the documents happily.

Let him hide his identity and almost suffocate himself! It’s called treating people in their own way!


Xu Chenghao kept a good mood and worked until he got off work. Then he drove Jing Yicheng, who could only rub his car during the driver’s holiday, back to the community, waved goodbye and went home directly.

Jing Yicheng stood silently in the elevator, watched Xu Chenghao enter the house, closed the door, reached out to close the elevator door, and pressed the elevator floor again.


It was getting dark, and Ruan chenxuan, who had been busy all day, finally drove home.

Compared with Xu Chenghao, who left work on time, it has become normal for Ruan chenxuan to work overtime and return home late. When he pressed the stairs to wait, he had to close his eyes and rest for a while. Obviously, he was choked by the huge workload.

After arriving at the floor, Ruan chenxuan fumbled for the key to open the door. Looking at the darkness in the room, I sighed silently.

Since Ann Rouyu left, no matter where he lived, it was cold and deserted. No one was waiting for him at home. When he saw him, he would come and care about him and prepare him a warm dinner

Now only the room is dark and silent.

Ruan chenxuan closed the door and opened the light in the living room in the dark.

Instantly, the bright light was like a sharp sword flashing cold light, splitting the darkness silently, suddenly revealing the youth sitting on the sofa.

Ruan chenxuan was caught off guard. He was frightened and his hair stood up. He took two defensive steps back, but found that the young man sitting on the sofa was actually an acquaintance.

He had black hair and black clothes, as if he could integrate with the darkness, but he could not ignore his existence when the light was turned on. Obviously, he had been waiting for a long time. When he saw Ruan chenxuan, he looked cold and looked at him coldly: “Mr. Ruan, long time no see.”

This is not Jing Yicheng. Who is it?!

Ruan chenxuan gradually regained his composure. He didn’t have a good face for Jing Yicheng, who appeared in other people’s homes in the middle of the night and sat on the sofa more like his master. He almost clenched his teeth and asked, “what does president Jing mean by breaking into private houses?”

Jing Yicheng smiled: “it’s not interesting. I just want to have a good chat with you.”

Ruan chenxuan almost smiled angrily, biting the stress and angrily said, “that’s how President Jing has a good chat with others?”

“Yes,” replied Jing Yicheng, rising gracefully from the sofa and smiling, “not only that, I’m going to talk to you like this -”

When the voice fell, Jing Yicheng began to hunt like a fierce beast waiting for an opportunity for a long time. He suddenly jumped at Ruan chenxuan and hit him on the cheek.

The author has something to say: Jing Yicheng: I’ve endured you for a long time (♪ dish ♪ = 0 (♪ 3 ♪)


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