Spare Tire Chapter 55

Li Nian looked at him and began to weigh whether he would be angry if he said he bought it… Well, it’s estimated that he would die miserably.

So Li nianfei praised the current affairs with common sense and said, “it’s very beautiful. President Xu must have worked very hard to give you the same little yellow duck gift.”

Jing Yicheng showed a satisfied smile: “it’s also very comfortable to use.”

Nonsense, when he bought it, he thought Xu Chenghao wanted to lie on the table and rest. Don’t you pick the best and softest one to buy! Li Nian make complaints about himself, but smile on the surface, “see it.”

Jing Yicheng looked at his business appearance and decided to force a smile. He felt that he was almost showing off. Then he turned back to his office area to work.

Li Nian kept smiling and watched him leave. After turning around, he immediately broke down and rubbed his face against Xu Chenghao: “I want to apologize for my previous ignorance!”

Xu Chenghao was putting the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot. He was absent-minded and said, “it’s not the first time you’re ignorant. What’s your apology?”

Li Nian took a mouthful of old blood and almost gushed out: “can you have a good chat!”

“Talk.” Xu Chenghao straightened his attitude: “you say, why are you ignorant?”

Li Nian: “I used to think Jing Yicheng was a crazy person. Now I think I really wronged him… This goods is clearly an invincible and childish bear child!”

Li Nian shared what had just happened, covered his chest and said, “you know how much I want to tell him that I sent someone to buy this little yellow duck. I took photos and told him to buy this kind of pattern and buy soft and good! This is equivalent to what I chose! He showed me a ghost!”

Xu Chenghao was quite surprised to see the direction of Jing Yicheng, and saw the other party holding the little yellow duck pillow to review the document.

To tell the truth, Jing Yicheng’s image has indeed changed greatly in his heart. From the original indifference, gloom and extreme dislike to the current childish childishness, Xu Chenghao thinks the other party is good. If he hadn’t experienced it all the way, Xu Chenghao doubts whether the other party has also been worn.

The change is really too big. Big enough to make Xu Chenghao wonder… Whether the other party is imitating who again.

Xu Chenghao thought and took back his sight: “brother Nian, who do you think Jing Yicheng looks like now?”

Li Nian thought for a moment: “to tell you the truth, it looks like you.”

“Me?” Xu Chenghao was very unhappy: “I’m not so naive!”

Li Nian hehe: “you two are half weight.”

Xu Chenghao firmly refused to admit, “impossible, I’m not naive at all… I think he’s a little like you now.”

Li Nian said first: “I know, as handsome as me.”

“Bah!” Xu Chenghao said, “it’s true to be shameless like you!”

Li Nian: ”

The topic changed from serious discussion to mutual injury. In order to prevent everyone from mending too much, Li Nian hugged his fist to say goodbye to the Jianghu, got up and left to forcibly terminate the topic.

Xu Chenghao was speechless and funny. After seeing the other party off, he took advantage of the situation to see jingyicheng. The other party is understanding what hasn’t happened in the past few days. One hand holds a pen and the other hand unconsciously rubs the fluff on the pillow, looking serious.

Xu Chenghao looked back and took a deep breath – forget it, no matter why he became like this, as long as he sat here to help himself complete the task of pepper!

Leaving the mess behind, Xu Chenghao began today’s work.

After making trouble with Li Nian, but things at work are not vague. Coupled with Jing Yicheng’s return, Xu Chenghao obviously feels that the burden of work has been divided in half, which is not the rush to deal with things intensively before.

Moreover, when Jing Yicheng is here, they can discuss many things, look at problems with more different lines of sight and directions, and make up for loopholes that are easy to ignore each other.

This is also the tacit understanding of the work that two people had after running in for two months.

After all, at the beginning, their personalities were really different. Xu Chenghao was a steady type, and Jing Yicheng was a bold and unique type. It’s no exaggeration that the two people handled the same thing in the same way.

Xu Chenghao thinks he is rash, Jing Yicheng thinks he is conservative, Xu Chenghao thinks he should move forward steadily, one bite can’t make a fat man, and Jing Yicheng thinks the person who takes the first bite of crab is always at the forefront!

At the beginning, the two people had to try their best to persuade each other. Later, when they got familiar with each other and found out their temper, they could also try to accept each other’s plan… Then they didn’t know what happened halfway. In two months, it evolved into that it took one person and half to write the plan.

This also makes their painting style very clear. Each arrangement is either bold forward in the early stage, hard braking in the later stage, or the bicycle speed in the early stage and the rocket soaring in the later stage.

Don’t say outsiders can’t understand it. Even Li Nian complained several times that he was almost flashed to his waist.

But it has to be said that this method is very effective many times – it can be seen from the progress of the project.

Maintaining this way of cooperation, the two were busy all morning. Without Jing Yicheng talking, Xu Chenghao decided to invite him to dinner and asked Li Nian to drive them.

Jing Yicheng is very satisfied. He even thinks it’s a good experience to go to work with an injury – at least he doesn’t have such treatment at ordinary times! Abnormal spicy lunch box to understand!

Upon hearing that President Xu invited him to dinner, the assistant obviously remembered the fear of being dominated by abnormal pepper. So when everyone got on the bus and Li Nian adjusted the navigation, the assistant couldn’t help reminding: “our boss is not well and may not be suitable for eating too exciting things.”

The assistant was also frightened by the previous dinner. He was very worried that President Xu was unhappy and would take them to Sichuan food dinner.

Li Nian looked up at Xu Chenghao in the rearview mirror.

Xu Chenghao in the back seat nodded. Li niancai raised his smile and said, “don’t worry, this time we’ll take a warm and tonic medicated diet to ensure that we take good care of President Jing.”

The assistant was relieved: “thank you very much.”

Li Nian: “you’re welcome.”

The way they get along in front is still in the stage of politeness and hypocrisy, and the two in the back seat are more direct.

Holding the little yellow duck flowerpot, Xu Chenghao wiped the dust and said, “I’ll let you go this time when you’re hurt, but if you make me angry later, I’ll invite you to eat chili! Eat abnormal spicy red chili!”

Jing Yicheng leaned against the little yellow duck pillow and seemed to close his eyes for rest, but after Xu Chenghao said, “if you’re not angry, you can invite me to eat. I’d like to.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him speechless: “you really don’t want your voice?”

Jing Yicheng: “you said pepper is precious.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t respond: “so?”

Jing Yicheng said calmly, “I can’t bear to waste such a precious thing.”

Xu Chenghao: “never mind, I can…”

Jing Yicheng seemed to know what he was going to say and directly interrupted: “for me, as long as it’s not pepper for me, no matter how to deal with it, it’s a waste!”

Good. That’s a strong answer.

It’s a pity

Xu Chenghao looked at the band aid on his forehead and said expressionless, “wait until you get well!”

Jing Yicheng: ”

The car was once very quiet.

Ten minutes later, the party arrived at the restaurant. Li Nian has studied all the eating places in the city very much. He chooses places with fame, grade and high standards. The only bad thing is that there are only a few people in the consumer layer. It’s really easy to meet acquaintances.

When Xu Chenghao saw Ruan chenxuan, the other party obviously found him, not only not embarrassed, but also nodded generously. As soon as he made a move, the young man sitting opposite him immediately looked back. Xu Chenghao found that it was Jiang Changming.

Xu Chenghao looked at them with a smile and turned away without any expression.

Jing Yicheng followed him until there were only a few of them left in the box. “It seems that we have determined our cooperation.”

Xu Chenghao: “well, I guessed when I saw Ruan chenxuan yesterday.”

Jing Yicheng thought of the monitoring picture he saw yesterday and slightly pursed his lips: “you observed very carefully.”

Xu Chenghao: “obviously, if you had seen him at that time, you would have guessed.”

Jing Yicheng: “not necessarily. I’m too lazy to see him.”

Xu Chenghao asked with a smile: “you’re too lazy to look at others and you can still find powder on their faces?”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Give yourself the feeling of digging a hole. Don’t be too sour.

Xu Chenghao killed Jing Yicheng and had a very happy lunch after he couldn’t speak.

Of course, Xu Chenghao didn’t ignore the project. When they returned to the company after dinner, Xu Chenghao began to inquire about the news and pay close attention to all the trends of the male owner.

At present, the Ruan family and the Jiang family have determined to cooperate. They announced to the public after the business banquet yesterday. This morning, they boarded the report titled “strong cooperation in the business community”. We will wait and see.

The people in the circle were very turbulent when they heard the news. Those who are not well informed may only know that the Jiang family and the Xu family have close contacts, and they have speculated about why the Jiang family suddenly chose to cooperate with the Ruan family opposite to the Xu family. After all, this is putting themselves on the Xu family’s side.

Well informed people may have heard about the Jiang family project. They know that the Jiang family was pursued and cooperated by the Xu family and the Ruan family a few days ago. They are simply proud.

But just because he knew that everyone was even more strange, what did Ruan chenxuan rely on to catch up from behind and step on the Xu family again? Can the Xu family really bear it after this time? The key point is how should the Xu family face the common encirclement and suppression of the Ruan family and the Jiang family?

Maybe Xu Chenghao really angered master Jiang before. After they decided to cooperate with the Ruan family, they felt that they were on the same front with the Ruan family, so they recorded all their losses and anger on Xu Chenghao’s head.

——Yes, they think the reason for the loss is that Xu Chenghao suddenly announced to give up cooperation and kept the price down.

As for conscience? It is worthless in the face of interests.

Therefore, both Mr. Jiang and Mr. Jiang Changming said on many public occasions that the relationship between the Jiang family and the Xu family was general, and evaluated Xu Chenghao as young and energetic, and did not know how to advance or retreat.

This is public hostility.

In the business world, enemies turn against each other because of interests everywhere. Not to mention partners and friends, even father, son and brother can live and die because of interests. Therefore, people in the circle just sigh and care more about the reaction of the Xu family.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for everyone to wait. On the third day after the Jiangs announced the project, Xu group directly made public the progress of their 18 Street project, which severely frustrated Jiang Group’s spirit.

Xu Chenghao didn’t need to make any comments, nor did he need to fight with the other party in the air. He directly crushed all the voices with his own strength, and used an understatement attitude to trample on the soles of the feet of the young man Jiang who didn’t know how to advance and retreat.

——Father Xu has been waiting for the scene to come!

No one will sympathize with the Jiang family. They will only fall into the well, ridicule the Jiang family for mistaking pearls for fish eyes, and ridicule the old man Jiang for being so old that he can’t even compare with a younger generation. In the end, he is old.

They pay more attention to the winner and look at him with appreciation, vigilance, covet or admiration. They envy Xu’s family for having such an heir. They envy Xu’s father for being able to provide for the elderly with peace of mind and don’t bother to nurse the children. They envy Xu’s mother and son for being so powerful and filial here. The little girl has aimed at Mrs. Xu’s seat early and wishes to marry Xu Chenghao now.

Of course, more people still smell an unusual smell from this game and think that the shopping mall may change in the future – after all, the Xu family played too beautifully this time. They not only played tricks with the Jiang family and the Ruan family, but also took this opportunity to move forward and leave everyone behind.

Sometimes this sentence is also tried in shopping malls, not to mention that Xu’s group has opened such a big distance. Anyone who sees this scene can imagine that Xu Jiarong will become a dominant commercial giant in the future.

For a time, the Xu family was very hot. Not to mention how many times his father called and visited his old friends every day, even his mother’s invitation was almost three months later.

However, one wave did not calm and another wave arose. Just when everyone focused on the Xu family, Ruan group suddenly appeared a new hot spot.


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