Spare Tire Chapter 56

If the Jiang family has been ridiculed a lot these days, the Ruan family has not escaped a disaster, especially the fact that Ruan chenxuan intercepted the Hu would have lost. If you win, no one dares to say anything, but if you lose, the people will only ridicule more.

Therefore, when ridiculing the Jiang family for taking pearls as fish, some people will ridicule Ruan chenxuan for stealing chickens and not eroding rice, waiting to see how he can solve the hot potato he just got.

In the eyes of many people, this project is basically a failure. First, you can’t catch up with Xu’s group. Second, even if you develop it, the market is preempted and controlled by others everywhere. In any case, you are a hot potato and don’t please your efforts.

To this end, the senior management of Ruan group has been greatly impacted. Ruan chenxuan, as president, is very dissatisfied with Ruan chenxuan, who has brought such a huge crisis to Ruan group. If Ruan chenxuan hadn’t held shares and management rights in his hand, he would almost have to vote for people.

However, this is not the most coquettish.

The most coquettish thing is Ruan chenxuan’s uncle, who is also a senior leader of the company. When he knew that Ruan chenxuan was in a bad situation, he actually brought back an illegitimate son and brother whose half mother is only one year younger than him!

When Xu Chenghao knew the news, his mouth opened wide: “what?”

Jing Yicheng sat on the sofa and drank tea slowly: “no doubt, you heard right.”

Xu Chenghao still had a black question mark on his face: “where’s the illegitimate son? How do you know“

Jing Yicheng said, “the illegitimate son was found by Ruan chenxuan’s uncle ‘specially’. As for why I know… I naturally have a way to know. You don’t need to doubt his authenticity. Just be happy.”

Xu Chenghao: “there’s nothing to be happy about.”

Jing Yicheng: “Ruan chenxuan’s fists are hard to defeat four hands. At least he won’t bother you again in the near future. Even you still have the chance to defeat him at one stroke. Isn’t it worth being happy?”

Xu Chenghao wants to say it’s not worth it! Because no one knows the power of the male Lord’s aura better than him. You, a peerless villain, are dead against the male Lord. How many episodes can a bastard of xiaopao ash in the plot persist?

Xu Chenghao suspected that the illegitimate son’s role was to put pressure on the male Lord, and finally let the male Lord have a beautiful Jedi counterattack to defeat them one by one.

——According to marisu’s halo law, it is not impossible.

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help sighing. Youyou said, “what happiness, only shock.”

Jing Yicheng looked at him in surprise and said, “are you unhappy?”

“Of course.” Xu Chenghao pointed to his face: “you see, I don’t seem happy.”

Jing Yicheng felt a little strange: “what are you worried about?”

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment and said vaguely, “unknown people and things are always the most dangerous.”

Jing Yicheng nodded: “I agree with that, so you should make yourself strong. You’d better stand on the peak and be invincible, because only in this way can you face all the unknown things with pride and confidence.”

Xu Chenghao added silently in his heart – only in this way can he plant pepper safely.

But… Xu Chenghao leaned on the single sofa and said lazily, “today is the weekend. Let’s put this chicken soup first. Now I just want to have a safe rest.”

Jing Yicheng said, “this is not chicken soup. We are mainly talking about illegitimate children. What are you going to do?”

Xu Chenghao held his chin and pondered: “I don’t plan for the time being. At present, it’s only three days since we announced the project. Even if we have changes, we haven’t had time to start. We’re waiting and waiting. Don’t worry.”

Jing Yicheng thought for a while and had no opinion. He bowed his head and continued to drink tea.

The room was quiet again. Xu Chenghao put his eyes on the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot and silently looked at the pepper seedlings full of small white flowers.

Compared with what happened outside, Xu Chenghao’s attention is obviously focused on the task of small pepper. He is full of expectation for the arrival of his last pepper.

The pepper seedlings have blossomed… We can harvest fruit tonight… We should be able to complete the task… It’s almost one… We can certainly complete it… The villains are sitting at their own house drinking tea. If we don’t get along for so long, it won’t give face!

Xu Chenghao kept reading in his heart. He didn’t know if he hinted too much. Staring at the pepper seedlings in the little yellow duck flower pot, he always felt that the pepper seedlings were very energetic at first sight. At first sight, they could produce results and harvest complete pepper!

Really, just give him one!

Come on, little yellow duck, you can, you are the best!!

Xu Chenghao cheered in his heart, as if he had returned to the state of little pepper task 1.0. He wanted a pepper, really, one. Giving him one is also love!

In his uneasy mood, time always passes more slowly. Xu Chenghao looks up at 6:30 every time he feels that the time is about the same.

Aunt came out of the kitchen, “Mr. Xu’s dinner is ready, you see…” she said and looked at Jing Yicheng, who had not left, with a slightly inquiring look.

Xu Chenghao also looked at Jing Yicheng: “do you have dinner?”

Jing Yicheng put down his teacup gracefully: “that’s trouble.”

“It’s all right.” it’s OK to stay a little longer. Xu Chenghao thought to himself, but quietly got up on his face, picked up the little yellow duck and said, “let’s go to the dining room for dinner.”

Jing Yicheng: “OK.”

The two entered the dining room one after another. Xu Chenghao glanced at the dinner placed on the table and obviously noticed the increase in quantity and weight. It seems that Aunt Jing Yicheng is not sure whether she will stay or has done a lot more.

Xu Chenghao thought, putting the little yellow duck on the table as a green plant, sitting and inviting Jing Yicheng to dinner.

Jing Yicheng sat down and said, “this is the aunt cooking that Li Nian has been thinking about?”

Xu Chenghao looked at him strangely: “when did he say he was worried?”

Jing Yicheng reminded: “last time you had a fight over porridge.”

When Xu Chenghao heard the speech, he suddenly burst into an unknown fire: “you’re okay to say, I knew you were intentional.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Jing Yicheng couldn’t help but start to reflect on what happened to him recently and why he always dug a hole to bury himself!

Xu Chenghao also said, “I should have let my aunt fry Sichuan food for you if I knew it. Forget it!”

Jing Yicheng began to forcibly change the topic: “speaking of, are your pepper seedlings going to bear fruit?”

Xu Chenghao subconsciously glanced at the little yellow duck flowerpot: “yes, so you go quickly after dinner.”

Jing Yicheng was helpless: “I promised I wouldn’t pick it casually.”

Xu Chenghao cold hum: “you have no credit value with me.”

Jing Yicheng was more helpless. He had to bow his head to eat and end the topic again.

People always have to pay for their previous behavior. Jing Yicheng feels that all the stupid things he used to do have become big pits, waiting in line for him to jump.

There is no worst, only worse.

After a fairly pleasant dinner, although Xu Chenghao kept saying that he wanted to drive people away, when Jing Yicheng really proposed to leave, he began to regret and began to worry about whether the little yellow duck would not bear little pepper because he didn’t have enough time to get along with each other.

Numb, he actually wanted him not to go, and even fantasized about whether he could knock people out and stay for one night!

Of course, wishful thinking is wishful thinking. Xu Chenghao thought to himself that asking him to fight with Jing Yicheng is basically looking for death – he can’t even beat Li Nian. He still wants to fight Jing Yicheng. All four words are engraved on his forehead, okay!

So Xu Chenghao could only send people away with a smile and watched the elevator door close and float home like a ghost.

Ah, little yellow duck——

Xu Chenghao has never been so nervous. He turns around on the balcony with the little yellow duck. It’s almost difficult to sit and stand. He’s almost one. Come out, little pepper!!

Maybe Xu Chenghao’s idea is too strong. As soon as the result time comes, the small white flowers dotted in the green pepper seedlings wither and change into a fiery red color. They are deformed and complete!

Xu Chenghao picked up the freshness box he had already prepared, harvested the little yellow duck and the pepper in the big flowerpot, and counted – two deformed big flowerpots, one deformed little yellow duck and one complete!


Xu Chenghao was immediately relieved. Although he really only gave himself a pepper, he still completed the task!!

Xu Chenghao began to knock on the system: system, I have completed the task!! ”

[Ding – pepper harvesting expert online!]

[Ding – the test is successful, and the task of pepper 2.0 has been successfully completed. At present, your cumulative quantity of pepper is 11 / 50000000. Please make persistent efforts.]

[Ding – little pepper task reward goes online. Congratulations to the host on getting a ‘anti creation strong waist’.]

[Ding – when the task of pepper 2.0 is completed, it will be automatically upgraded to the task cooling time, with a time limit of two weeks.]

The system news is still as dense as last time, but this time Xu Chenghao has been on guard, listened carefully to each content, distinguished it, and quickly caught the key point: anti manufacturing strong waist? If you come out of the system, I promise I won’t kill you!

[Ding – do not use violence against staff.]

Xu Chenghao is grumpy: I haven’t accused you of bullying me! Can’t you give me a normal reward? What noble man doesn’t have the aura of carrying Koi!

[Ding – please don’t be impatient. The intelligent system rewards you based on the data analysis. It doesn’t bully people. Please face up to your needs.]

Xu Chenghao:????

Who the fuck didn’t face himself!! why doesn’t he know what he needs to build a strong waist! He doesn’t have such an idea in his mind, okay!

[Ding] – according to the data analysis, the number of chili peppers is gradually increasing, and the difficulty is escalating. At the same time, it is also a great test for the grower’s physical fitness. So far, the host has not asked others to help with the planting business, but his physical fitness is weak. The system will automatically analyze and transform it to send you the strong waist that farmers need. This is the whole process , what doubts does the host have?]

Xu Chenghao:… Oh, this waist.

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: I didn’t think wrong, I really didn’t think wrong!!

System: Ding, yellow waste warning!


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