Spare Tire Chapter 58

When Jing Yicheng spoke, he didn’t lower the volume at all. His directly pointed words made the scene quiet.

Han Haofeng smiled slightly and probably understood the natural disadvantages of illegitimate children. He was neither angry nor argued. He just said: “identity is not something I can choose. If I can, I don’t want to be an illegitimate child hated by everyone.”

Jing Yicheng said coolly, “an illegitimate son will not be hated. Only the illegitimate son who knows his identity and is pretentious and greedy for things that don’t belong to him will be hated by everyone.”

Xu Chenghao looked up at Jing Yicheng, smiled and answered, “I don’t know. What’s Mr. Han waiting for me?”

This is basically what you said to me. Han Haofeng specially waited for Xu Chenghao’s meaning. In fact, everyone can understand it – the heat of rumors these days has not subsided. Everyone in the circle knows the disagreement between Xu Chenghao and Ruan chenxuan.

Han Haofeng came to Xu Chenghao just to think that the enemy of the enemy is a friend, so he came to make friends and wanted to join the alliance to bring down Ruan chenxuan.

However, Jing Yicheng did not play cards according to the routine and directly opened up the problem, which made people unable to say.

It’s obvious to say it, but if you don’t say it, you miss the opportunity.

Han Haofeng was quiet for a few seconds. Suddenly, he sighed helplessly, “I can’t help but obey orders.”

These simple eight words pushed everything onto uncle Ruan, picked himself clean, and even put him on the weak side that is easy to arouse sympathy.

Xu Chenghao has no waves in his heart and even wants to laugh. To tell the truth, the Ruan family’s ability to turn back to the water is really inherited. Ruan chenxuan turned against the Jiang family and Han Haofeng turned against uncle Ruan. It’s strange that he’s not his own brother.

And Xu Chenghao didn’t have the idea of participating in their family affairs. When the other party finished, he just made a faint sound. It doesn’t matter. Don’t slow down: “who wants to see me first, but since there is something to talk about, please take the formal way to make an appointment and queue up. Don’t fix these small means that can’t get on the table.”

“If Mr. Han succeeds this time, anyone who wants to see me will stop me in the restaurant in the future, will I still eat? Mr. Han, what do you say?”

Xu Chenghao refused everything inside and outside his words. Hearing Han Haofeng’s look, he almost didn’t hold his head. After a long time, he said, “I’m abrupt.”

Xu Chenghao nodded with satisfaction: “Mr. Han is light.”

Without waiting for Han Haofeng to answer, Xu Chenghao patted Jing Yicheng’s arm and took the lead. Jing Yicheng, Li Nian and others immediately followed and entered the restaurant.

Han Haofeng stared at them and watched the whole process. When he turned back, Shen Sidon sank and held his fist hanging on his side.

Since he was taken back to the Ruan family to be crowned illegitimate son, he suffered from white eye discrimination, as if everyone was watching him step on the soles of his feet, so what’s this verbal irony! When he climbed to Ruan chenxuan’s position, he wanted to see who dared to tell him what to do!

It’s better for him to go back to the slums!

Han Haofeng slams the door and drives away with anger.

At the same time, the mobile phone placed on the desk tinkled to remind the new news, and the keyboard in the office immediately heard the news. Ruan chenxuan left the keyboard with ten fingers and picked up the mobile phone to check the new news three seconds later.

This is a video. After clicking to play, it’s what happened just now. Although their mouth shape could not be seen from a secret angle, their conversation was not very pleasant from the final state of Han Haofeng.

Ruan chenxuan leaned back in his chair and played the video again. It was right to pay attention to illegitimate children, but his eyes unconsciously deviated and fell on the young man holding the little yellow duck flower pot.

It seems that since the last fight, he has never sent anyone to follow Xu Chenghao under the threat of Jing Yicheng’s words, and the video stored on his computer or mobile phone has not been updated… Ruan chenxuan feels a little nostalgic when he sees his figure again this time.

Habit is really a terrible thing.

Ruan chenxuan clicked the play again, watched Jing Yicheng put his arm on his shoulder, looked at the young man, looked up at him, then looked away with a smile and said something

Ruan chenxuan’s previous thoughts began to flow again. He always felt that the relationship between Jing Yicheng and Xu Chenghao was not general. Wouldn’t they all be gay?

How could it be… Xu Chenghao has a fiancee for 20 years. If it’s gay, he can’t hide it so well. Not to mention the crazy things Jing Yicheng did for an Ruyu.

Ruan chenxuan guessed boldly: is it difficult that Jing Yicheng likes Xu Chenghao, so he wanted to rob an Ruoyu deliberately at the beginning, and gave up immediately after he found that he was robbing an Ruoyu, and contacted Xu Chenghao to bend him?

It seems that only in this way can everything be perfectly explained!

Maybe that’s the truth!

Ruan chenxuan felt that he had found something wonderful. When his mobile phone received the second message of the illegitimate child, he suddenly remembered that he had sent someone to track the illegitimate child. The message was also checked because it was related to the illegitimate child! He should pay attention to illegitimate children!

Ruan chenxuan pinched the center of his eyebrows with chagrin and could only click on it for the fourth time. After watching all the actions of the illegitimate son, he became more and more sure that the illegitimate son failed to talk to Xu Chenghao.

Xu Chenghao refused him.

Ruan chenxuan couldn’t help smiling bitterly. As an enemy, he refused the illegitimate son, but as a relative, he took the illegitimate son home and cooperated with the illegitimate son… This gap makes people don’t know what to say.

Sure enough, the most cruel people who insert knives are close people.

Ruan chenxuan closed his eyes and raised his mind. After precipitating all his bad emotions, he resumed his work calmly again.

If you want to drag him down from his position, it depends on their ability!


The male Lord Jedi counterattack that Xu Chenghao had been worried about finally began.

Ruan chenxuan gave full play to his commercial strength, made use of Jiang’s foreign resources, opened foreign trade in the international market, and took the lead in seizing a broader market territory. He directly jumped out of the jurisdiction of Xu’s group and turned the hot potato project evaluated by everyone into treasure, which not only stabilized Ruan’s group, but also his position.

It was not until the day the news was announced that Xu Chenghao understood why Ruan chenxuan had to cooperate with the Jiang family.

Jiang family has rich foreign resources. Ruan chenxuan looked at it more broadly from the beginning and wanted to work with Jiang family to complete a very huge project. But in the middle of the journey, the Jiang family’s impatience and greed for money led him to change the project, and the Jiang family’s identity changed from an ally to an available candidate.

So in the later stage, Ruan chenxuan almost stepped on the Xu group that the Jiang family caught up with. Jiang’s group was trampled on – it thought it was dangerous to cooperate, but it was trampled on and became a stepping stone before it caught its breath.

This is a fatal blow to the Jiang family. In the end, the cooperation not only failed to get oil and water, but directly retreated from the front line to the third class in the circle, which was ridiculed.

They didn’t regret that they didn’t keep their promise to cooperate with the Xu family, nor did they regret that they shouldn’t sit down and start the price to embarrass Ruan chenxuan. However, when things happen, it doesn’t help to stay upset.

Mr. Jiang was seriously ill because of this incident. Since then, he has rarely appeared on any occasion. Jiangjia group is still in the charge of Jiang Changming, but it is difficult to smooth the heavy damage without warmth.

In less than a month since the project was launched, the project has gone through ups and downs and has been greatly reversed. People in the circle are too busy to see it. Finally, they can only sigh that today’s young people are amazing.

Xu Chenghao also sighed with emotion: now the protagonist is really amazing.

What about the overbearing President? It’s obviously a one-sided display of the plot. It’s difficult to do anything when you really live in it!

The supporting role is not easy, and the leading role is not easy. Under such circumstances, it is no wonder that there are always women in the plot who are crazy when they see the male Lord, and will be willing to marry him with their body… Xu Chenghao just wants to say: if such a powerful male Lord is a woman, he will also be willing!

Xu Chenghao has no doubt that if he hadn’t cooperated with the villains, he would have been killed by the male leader – as poor as the Jiang family!

Think about it, Xu Chenghao looks at Jing Yicheng. He gives him all the pepper planted in two weeks’ free time, together with the rest of the deformed pepper last time.

Jing Yicheng was flattered to get so many peppers for the first time. Without Xu Chenghao’s words, he picked up one and put it into his mouth and ate it first

Seeing that he wanted to take the second one, Xu Chenghao hurriedly said, “Hey, don’t eat it raw. There are a lot this time. You can cook when you take it home.”

Jing Yicheng still put the second pepper in his mouth: “OK, the last one.”

Xu Chenghao was speechless: “are you addicted to eating?”

Jing Yicheng bit the pepper in his mouth and said vaguely, “recently, many people say that my ability to eat spicy food has improved significantly. I haven’t thanked president Xu yet.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t know how to answer. It happened that Li Nian came in to break the atmosphere. Xu Chenghao hurriedly returned to his position and continued to work: “what’s the matter?”

Li Nian looked at Jing Yicheng, who was collecting pepper, and was shocked. “Why did you give him so much pepper? Aren’t you in a hurry?”

Xu Chenghao was guilty and said, “those are all deformed peppers that have been eliminated.”

Li Nian hehe: “don’t bully me. I don’t have good eyes. I saw the whole pepper in it.”

Xu Chenghao: “… What the hell happened when you came in!”

Li Nian immediately covered his chest: “you have changed. You don’t love me anymore. You already have other sweets!”

Xu Chenghao looked at him speechless and pointed to the door: “it’s okay to go out!”

Li Nian regained his seriousness in a second: “come on, I really have something to report.”

Xu Chenghao opened the folder again and said concisely, “say!”

Li Nianqing cleared his throat and said deeply, “now there is a choice in front of you. You should cherish it… You can choose to see Ruan chenxuan you hate very much or Han Haofeng you don’t like equally?”

The author has something to say: river god Li Nian: what did you lose is this annoying Ruan chenxuan? Or this annoying Han Haofeng?

Xu Chenghao: I haven’t lost anything!


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