Spare Tire Chapter 6

At the end of the conversation, Xu Chenghao and his father said good night to each other. After hanging up, Xu Chenghao fell into bed and pretended to be dead.

One advantage of attending the male Lord’s engagement banquet is that you can say that you have stepped out of an Ruyu’s emotional injury and live a positive life.

But there are two disadvantages: one is that it can cause the male owner’s anger, and the other party may feel that he is here to provoke and declare war.

Second, the villains always pay attention to the whereabouts of men and women, and it is estimated that they will soon find themselves going to the man’s engagement banquet. He doubted whether Xu Chenghao really gave up an Ruyu, so he would pay attention to him again.

A little at a loss

Xu Chenghao’s sleepy mind surged up. While sleeping in a daze, he thought: it’s better to hide less mistakes when booking the wedding banquet

Just counsellor. Just be complete.

About what he thought before going to bed was not good. Xu Chenghao slept restlessly all night. For one moment, he dreamed of losing his legs in a car accident, and for another, he dreamed of falling off the plane.

For a while, I dreamed that I was lying in the hospital with unconscious legs, and for a while, I dreamed that I was lying in the wilderness with severe pain… Green eyes and approaching wolf howling, sharp canine teeth salivated and rushed to his head——


Xu Chenghao suddenly sat up, gasped, covered his face and tried to find the truth that he was still alive.

There is no so-called wolf howling around quietly. There is a faint incense between the nose and breath, not the smell of soil. Although the back is full of cold sweat, the quilt attached to the body temperature is still warm

Xu Chenghao’s tight body gradually relaxed and his head became clearer and clearer. He rubbed a few on his face, looked up at the room with his messy hair… Well, it’s a dream.

But this dream is really ups and downs, real and terrible!

What are you reminding yourself of? Not far from the end of the characters?

Xu Chenghao thought about going back to bed, tossing and turning several times, and finally got up without sleep and got out of bed to wash.

Today is not Sunday. The work should be busy. After wearing a tie and leaving the room, Xu Chenghao came back before going out and silently took away the little yellow duck duzui flower pot. He decided to hold it at work today.

It feels safe.

He put the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot on his desk and had fun studying pepper seedlings in his spare time. Touch and touch, and try to relieve your uneasiness with the task of small pepper.

Li Nian couldn’t help asking, “is this any precious flower? Why are you so rare?”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him and said calmly, “it’s pepper seedlings.”

Li Nian: ”

“Why are you raising pepper seedlings?”

Xu Chenghao: “I’m in a hurry!”

Li Nian: ”

Where’s the man who can’t lift his head just now? How did you have the face to say that?

Still so righteous!

Li Nian put a pile of speechless documents on the table: “it doesn’t matter. You’re not free now. Come on.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Life is loveless.jpg

Meeting in the morning to deal with documents, meeting with customers in the afternoon to talk about business, coming home tired in the evening, he had long forgotten about flowering and fell asleep. Xu Chenghao was really stunned when he faced the white little flower the next day.

… pretty good.

After counting, all the five pepper seeds he had planted were successfully cultivated. The green pepper seedlings are clustered together, and three or four small white flowers can appear on one root.

Xu Chenghao cheered in his mind and watered the pepper seedlings with expectation.

With so many small flowers, there is always a real pepper in one tenth of the probability!!

And when he got up in the morning and went for a walk in the morning, Xu Chenghao was pleasantly surprised to find that all the pepper seeds in the big flowerpot had been successfully bred. More than 20 pepper seedlings grew well. Even if one of them had a small flower, one tenth of the probability could always be met by himself!

The dawn of victory is in sight. Xu Chenghao carries a small yellow duck tuzui flower pot. The whole person is radiant and very happy.

This doesn’t look right in some colored glasses.

Li Nian glanced at him for several times. He saw that the rippling surroundings of the other party were almost full of small flowers. Suddenly, he coughed and asked, “did someone give you this little yellow duck?”


Li Nian was so nervous that he pretended not to ask, “who?”

Don’t tell him it’s an Rouyu, or he won’t let him go out in the rain and take a shower again – it’s ok if his head gets water again?!

Xu Chenghao looked at him strangely: “of course, the aunt of the flower and bird market gave it to me… Didn’t I tell you? I went to buy some big flower pots, and she gave me a small one.”

Li Nian: “well… Very good.”

As long as it’s not an Rouyu, aunt is also gorgeous!

Xu Chenghao said, “by the way, I’m going to a dinner party tomorrow afternoon.”

Li Nian: “whose?”

Xu Chenghao: “Ruan chenxuan’s.”

The atmosphere was eerie silent for a moment. Facing Li Nian’s complex eyes, Xu Chenghao whispered and added, “going with my parents has nothing to do with an Ruyu.”

Li Nian: “ha ha.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Have you reached the point where you don’t believe what you say?!

The point is not only that Li Nian doesn’t believe it, but also that a big villain who has been paying silent attention doesn’t believe it!

Jing Yicheng looked at the photos and news from his subordinates. His breath was low and his eyes were angry. He wanted to burn the smiling youth to ashes through the screen.

He knew the other party must be hiding a big move! I didn’t give up Ann Rouyu at all!

He knows!

Look at how happy Ruan chenxuan is now engaged! The things in the little yellow duck are also blooming. Do you want to give it to an Rouyu?!

The more you think, the more angry you are. Jing Yicheng suddenly turns on the computer. He has no pride and joy after guessing, but is more angry.

Maybe it’s because the other party is not as free and easy as he imagined, which makes him a little disappointed, or the other party covets an Ruyu and wants to rob others with him, which angers him.

In short, Jing Yicheng is not! Chang! Sheng! Gas!

He was so angry that he wanted to catch someone… Jing Yicheng looked very angry and hit him on the table. He said coldly, “find me an invitation for Zhang Ruan’s family to order a wedding banquet. I want to see closely what he wants to do!” the last three words have reached the point of gnashing teeth.

The bodyguard couldn’t help looking at him silently: “yes!”

Mr. Jing doesn’t seem to have found that his anger has begun to disperse from an Ruyu. Instead, he has paid all his attention to Xu Chenghao because of his habitual attention for more than a month.

However, facing Jing Yicheng’s cold face, the bodyguard didn’t dare to interrupt. He bowed his head and walked away silently to find the invitation to the Ruan family to order a wedding banquet.

On the eve of the engagement banquet, wind and rain are coming.

Xu Chenghao was the only one who kept the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot and waited for its results. His eyes were looking forward to it.

The small white flowers are pure and flawless. They grow on the pepper seedlings. They are fresh. With the passage of time, they begin to wither, leaving only the pedicel, and then… Then there is no then.

Xu Chenghao: ”

He kept waiting until the biological clock began to yawn. There was no movement in the little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot.

After the pepper flower withers, it withers, and there is no fruit!!!

Xu Chenghao felt a lump in his heart and nearly vomited blood. Five pepper seedlings have more than ten small white flowers, but none of them succeeded!

This is not one tenth probability at all. This TMD is one percent, okay!

How big the expectation is, how deadly the gap is.

Xu Chenghao choked in his heart with his old blood. His sleep was gone. He didn’t give up pulling the pepper seedlings to see if he didn’t find the hidden pepper.

An hour later, Xu Chenghao finally found a deformed pepper less than the size of the nail cap on one of the pepper seedlings.

It’s really small and green. It’s very hidden under the green leaves. If Xu Chenghao hadn’t flashed a flashlight, he would have almost ignored it.

Xu Chenghao wakes up the system: ask, should this also be regarded as pepper?

It’s like knowing what Xu Chenghao was thinking. As soon as the system opened its mouth, it directly cut off his last hope: [Ding – I’m sorry, this is just a failed pepper and can’t be harvested as a crop to complete the task.]

Xu Chenghao didn’t die: but you only said pepper didn’t fail. It’s all pepper. How can you discriminate against it!

[Ding – ask the trigger to complete the task. Don’t daydream. Good night.]

Xu Chenghao:

It’s all said that he’s daydreaming. It seems that this deformed pepper can’t pass the system.

Xu Chenghao can only regret to throw the deformed pepper into the flowerpot. But he watched it wither with the pepper seedlings. Three seconds later, it turned into powder and fell on the soil of the flowerpot.

I knew the task of crossing back would not be too simple!

It doesn’t matter. It’s just the first time to plant. He has 27 days left in the past three days. He’s not in a hurry… He’s not in a hurry!

Xu Chenghao bit his back teeth, re buried five seeds in the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot, watered them and put them on the bedside table.

Not once. There are nine more opportunities!

Since it is a task, it is impossible to let himself die. He is sure to succeed!

I’m sure I can go back!!

When he got up in the morning, Xu Chenghao looked at the flowering pepper seedlings on the balcony, reluctantly regained some confidence, and went out with the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot again.

Li Nian was surprised to find that someone who was still in high spirits yesterday seems to be in a very bad mood today. The little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot is also clean, and the previously flowering pepper seedlings have disappeared.

Li Nian felt strange and was afraid of poking Xu Chenghao’s sadness. He could only vaguely ask, “good morning. Why is your spirit not very good today? Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

Xu Chenghao put the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot on his desk and said sadly, “I really didn’t sleep well. I’m so angry… Anyway, I’m in a bad mood recently. Don’t provoke me.”

Li Nian was surprised and said, “Why are you suddenly in a bad mood? Who provoked you?”

Xu Chenghao: “it!”

Li nianshun looked in the direction of his fingers and saw a yellow little yellow duck on the table staring innocently with big eyes and pouting. He didn’t realize that his master had complained that he was black all over.

Li Nian: “this is… The previous pepper seedlings are dead?”

“That’s right.” Xu Chenghao was even more angry at the thought of what he experienced last night, and his mood was depressed for a few minutes.

It was comforting to say that he didn’t care. In fact, Xu Chenghao was still vomiting to death. He choked with blood, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t spit out, and it was good to die without choking.

Li Nian can only comfort: “it’s good for you to live two days when you first touch something. Keep up your efforts.”

Xu Chenghao sighed faintly: “forget it, work first!”

He is very busy now and needs to deal with some urgent things so that he can make time to attend the man’s wedding banquet in the afternoon – although it’s not a good thing, since there must be corresponding etiquette, Xu Chenghao also needs to do his hair and change his clothes.

Xu Chenghao is even more frustrated when he wants to participate in the plot and contact the characters with their own aura.

Life is just ups and downs, ha ha!


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