Spare Tire Chapter 61

Especially Jing Yicheng’s triumphant eyes when he left

Ruan chenxuan slammed his fist down on the steering wheel, and the angry flame turned and burned his reason completely. All he could think about was Jing Yicheng’s proud and provocative villain.

Is it great to win once? Do you think you’re safe after winning once? Do you think you are powerful and invincible after winning once?

Hehe, well, Jing Yicheng’s success aroused his desire to win and lose, and also made him have the idea of robbing people – as long as he wins, even if it’s not brotherhood, it’s better than leaving Jing Yicheng to let Xu Chenghao become his help!

When he comes home to take care of his illegitimate son, he will go and participate in their affairs!

Yes, he’s crazy. Jing Yicheng is crazy. He’s also driven crazy by Jing Yicheng! Now it depends on who is completely crazy!

Ruan chenxuan suddenly stepped on the accelerator and drove home quickly.

The other side.

If Ruan chenxuan is angry or unwilling, Jing Yicheng is very proud – even if he is sitting on the co pilot and has no expression, which is no different from before, it can be seen from his dull eyes that he is remembering Ruan chenxuan’s expression when the car left.

One word: cool!!!

Happy than how much money you earn and excited than completing any research! This is the taste of victory. It’s really irresistible. Jing Yicheng only tasted it once and wanted to catch it forever. He would never let the coveted person succeed and make him black face all his life!

Hehe, fight him? When he guarded the treasure, he paid how many treasures to watch. Do you covet it behind your back and think you can pick up a bargain? Ridiculous!

In the past, Jing Yicheng would worry about whether Ruan chenxuan would kill back and rob people at that time. But now Jing Yicheng is relieved after clearly feeling the gap between Ruan chenxuan and himself.

It has long been said that the fault is thousands of miles away. Jing Yicheng left Ruan chenxuan behind when he first found Xu Chenghao’s good friend and cooperation with him. If he can still be caught up after so much difference, He Jing Yicheng has lived in vain for so many years!

He Ruan chenxuan just stare. He has himself. He doesn’t want to succeed in whatever he wants!

Jing Yicheng was completely immersed in his own world until the moving car suddenly stopped. Xu Chenghao opened the car lock and said, “get off.” he suddenly regained his mind and looked out of the window.

Familiar greening, familiar buildings – actually went straight home.

Jing Yicheng was quite surprised: “isn’t the company busy? Do you just send me back?”

“No matter whether the company is busy or not, you are like this. Am I okay to instruct you?” Xu Chenghao said: “go back to rest… By the way, do you know that you ran out of the hospital?”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Xu Chenghao sighed a long sigh. He had no sense of language with the bear child. “Now call your assistant and ask him to pick you up upstairs.”

Jing Yicheng can only take out his mobile phone. The first step is to turn it on first!

Xu Chenghao began to rub the center of his eyebrows.

Step 2: call.

As soon as the phone was connected, even Xu Chenghao could hear the ghost crying and wolf howling from the phone. The assistant cried miserably: “boss, where are you going! Do you know that I’m looking for you all over the city and have to move back to rescue soldiers! Have you been kidnapped? If you were kidnapped, blink… No, just be kind and I’ll save you!”

Jing Yicheng said in a chilly voice, “curse me?”

The ghost cried and the wolf howled in an instant, and the assistant resumed his normal voice: “how can it be? I mean, boss, where are you now? How’s the wound? Do you need me to bring a medicine box to see you?”

“Yes!” Xu Chenghao answered first, “we haven’t got off in the community yet. Come and pick him up.”

The assistant quickly recognized the voice and said excitedly, “thank you so much, Mr. Xu. We’ll be there soon. Please take good care of our boss and don’t let him — PA!”

The phone was directly pressed to death. Jing Yicheng said impatiently, “long winded.”

Xu Chenghao avenged his assistant: “people are also for you. It really takes nine lives for a boss like you.”

Jing Yicheng said calmly, “the reason why he is so passive is still because of his insufficient ability.”

“Nonsense, if he has the same ability as you, he will use you as the boss?” Xu Chenghao said, taking out a bottle of mineral water from the storage place in the car and giving it to him: “here, it’s a little cold. Make do with it first.”

Jing Yicheng took it, but didn’t unscrew it: “if you’re thirsty, we can go up and drink hot water.”

“Here you are. I’ll have to go back to the company later. I’m too lazy to go up.” Xu Chenghao said, glancing at the mineral water in his hand and wondering, “don’t you like cold water?”

Jing Yicheng: “I’m not thirsty.”

Xu Chenghao pulled out the co pilot’s sun visor and said, “look at your lips before you speak.”

There is a small rectangular mirror on the sun visor. Jing Yicheng looks at his lips and finds that his lips have dried up to white.

Jing Yicheng subconsciously licked his lips: “didn’t you notice… Did you give me water because you saw my mouth?”

Xu Chenghao asked, “otherwise? Do I poison?”

Jing Yicheng suddenly hooked his lips and smiled, “maybe.”

That said, Jing Yicheng’s hand was not slow at all. He unscrewed the cover, drank half a cup of mineral water directly, looked at his normal lips, and raised his hand to plug the sunshade back.

Sometimes being taken care of by people in detail is really a warm thing. No wonder Ruan chenxuan said that details see the hearts of the people… Jing Yicheng agreed with him for the first time.

Xu Chenghao knew that the other party was joking. Seeing that he drank water, he stopped caring about him and leaned back in his chair waiting for the assistant to come quickly.

As a result, I don’t know whether it’s too comfortable to bask in the sun or really tired. Xu Chenghao waited. Originally, he closed his eyes and rested, but finally he fell asleep.

Seeing this, Jing Yicheng silently took out his mobile phone and began typing to send a text message to the assistant: “try to come slowly and don’t appear in front of me in two hours.”

As soon as the text message shows that it has been sent successfully, a very familiar car stops next to it – the brake sounds and the text message notification sounds at the same time.

Assistant: ”

Jing Yicheng: ”

This is very embarrassing.

What’s more embarrassing is that the two cars parked together had a great impact on the road traffic in the community, so the car coming in from behind was unwilling and directly sounded the horn three times to wake up Xu Chenghao.

Jing Yicheng: ”

Did he use all his luck in Ruan chenxuan?

Xu Chenghao rubbed his face twice, barely recovered his spirit, looked out with the sound of the horn, and said in surprise: “Hey, isn’t this your car? Your assistant is coming, so get out of the car and don’t let them get in the way.”

Jing Yicheng: “… Then I’ll go.”

Xu Chenghao: “well, bye.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Finally, I got out of the car and watched Xu Chenghao drive away.

Assistant: I dare not say anything.jpg


Xu Chenghao wandered around for so long that he finally returned to the company and began to be busy. Li Nian has cleaned up the upstairs office and calculated the loss unit to the nearest corner.

Xu Chenghao asked him to send half of the loss amount to Jing Yicheng and Ruan chenxuan for compensation. He sat in his position and buried his head in signing, trying to reduce the folders on the corner of the table.

After a meeting, Li Nian came back and said, “Mr. Xu, after I sent half of the compensation to them, both of them sent full compensation, saying that they paid it all, so there’s no need to tell each other.”

“They all know me very well.” Xu Chenghao didn’t raise his head and said, “charge as much as the amount, and return the rest.”

Li Nian: “OK.”

Xu Chenghao: “wait a minute. If they don’t accept it, you can tell them directly that I don’t want anyone.”

Li Nian: “OK, I’ll say it.”

Xu Chenghao: “go.”

After Li Nian left the office, he was rejected when contacting for a refund, so he was ready to move out of Xu Chenghao’s original words. He said it to both of them once and solved it directly. Li Nian can only sigh: President Xu is president Xu. It’s OK to predict!

So busy to work, Xu Chenghao drove home with fatigue. Unexpectedly, he was unlucky to meet the man when he was out of the garage.

Xu Chenghao was too lazy to talk. After nodding, he directly entered the elevator and leaned against the corner to rest.

Ruan chenxuan also followed into the elevator: “I may have to move back recently.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him sideways and said, “where’s Han Haofeng? Aren’t you afraid he’s living in Ruan’s house?”

Ruan chenxuan: “maybe I was worried before, but now it may be difficult to shake me.”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s right. I haven’t congratulated president Ruan on the great success of the project. Congratulations!”

Ruan chenxuan: “Mr. Xu should be happy together.”

Two people are very hypocritical. You praise me and I praise you. Finally, they stayed up until they reached the floor of Ruan chenxuan. Ruan chenxuan smiled, nodded and left the elevator.

Xu Chenghao was relieved and closed the elevator door.

The door closed little by little. When there was only a gap, a hand suddenly reached in and squeezed the elevator door open. Ruan chenxuan stood at the door and said, “sorry, Mr. Xu, I forgot to take the key. It may take a few minutes for the assistant to send it. Can you go upstairs?”

Xu Chenghao didn’t believe it: “really…”

“This is definitely an accident.” Ruan chenxuan said he was innocent and blocked the elevator door he tried to close again: “of course, if President Xu is embarrassed, I don’t want to force it. It’s good for me to stand here and wait for a while.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at his hand, smiled and thought: you don’t want to force you, but let me close the elevator door! I really believe your evil!

Xu Chenghao restrained his impulse to roll his eyes and said helplessly, “Ruan always wants to come. Anyway, if there is no gentle rain in my family, it won’t change our relationship.”

Ruan chenxuan came in with a smile: “Mr. Xu, don’t worry, I really forgot something at Ruan’s house this time, which has nothing to do with the previous things.”

Xu Chenghao: “I hope so.”

Ruan chenxuan: “of course.”

The two men came to Xu Chenghao’s floor. Ruan chenxuan finally entered Xu Chenghao’s house for the second time. Before raising his smile, he saw two legs flashing outside the window. When he looked at it, he saw Jing Yicheng hanging out the window in his home clothes. He smiled at him and said, “what a coincidence, Ruan, Chen, Xuan!”

The author has something to say: a few minutes ago.

Seeing the monitored Jing Yicheng, press the elevator madly.

Ruan chenxuan: I block, I block, I block!


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