Spare Tire Chapter 66

This sentence is different from the feeling of meeting in the past. It not only makes up for the regret in the morning, but also has other meanings. Speaking it will make him feel happier. So he smiled and said again, “good morning.”

Although Xu Chenghao thought it was strange to say it twice, he nodded in response: “morning, you look in a good mood?”

After Jing Yicheng and others came in and pressed the elevator floor, they whispered, “yes, I’m in a good mood.”

Xu Chenghao wants to ask why, but then he thinks that the other party’s good mood may be related to his identity and work – after all, last night he meant that there were people at home. Maybe he went back this morning and received some good news.

As for the identity of the other party, Xu Chenghao has always avoided suspicion if he can avoid suspicion, and will not take the initiative to pierce the other party. If you are in a good mood, it has something to do with your identity and work… Xu Chenghao thought about it and finally chose to be silent without asking.

Silence returned to the elevator. Jing Yicheng stared at his image reflected from the inner wall of the elevator and began to manage his expression – he found himself laughing so silly! In addition, there are slight scars on the face, and the appearance of laughing can be described as ugly!

Did he just smile at Xu Chenghao? It’s over… No wonder Xu Chenghao doesn’t speak now. He must be frightened by himself!

Jing Yicheng was deep in an instant and raised his hand to press down the brim of his hat silently.

Don’t laugh until you get better.

All the way to work in silence. As soon as Xu Chenghao sat down, Li Nian sent a lot of project summary reports, reminding him, “now wait for you to implement rewards and punishments and enter the maintenance period. Come on.”

Xu Chenghao nodded to show that he knew. After Li Nian left, he turned his signature pen and suddenly remembered something: “Jing Yicheng.”

Jing Yicheng: “well?”

Xu Chenghao leaned back in his chair and looked at him: “the project is over. Congratulations on your freedom tomorrow.”

Jing Yicheng, who was knocking on the computer, looked at him: “what does that mean?”

Xu Chenghao explained, “it’s from tomorrow… No, you won’t work from this afternoon, so you’re free.”

Jing Yicheng stopped. His first reaction was what reason he should find to continue to rely on – he didn’t want to go, and there was nothing more aboveboard to contact him than working in the company.

He has to find a way.

Xu Chenghao didn’t get a response for a long time and took the initiative to say, “are you very happy now? If you’re in a hurry, you can leave in the afternoon. We can finish the summary meeting at 12 o’clock.”

Jing Yicheng couldn’t laugh. He said stiffly, “I’m very happy… Ha ha.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “I knew you were happy, so I specially told you.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

He is not happy at all. He doesn’t want to leave the company at all, let alone leave the summary meeting in advance!

Now he began to doubt whether the smile in the morning was too terrible to scare Xu Chenghao and let the other party have a shadow, so he was anxious to drive himself away.

Jing Yicheng is very depressed. His good mood in the morning is gone. What’s more, before he found a suitable reason to stay, he vaguely heard Xu Chenghao seem to be calling others and said he would try on the dress this afternoon.

Jing Yicheng: “!”

He didn’t breathe and nearly choked himself!

You see, I’m still around now. I can’t wait to eat, live and work together. It takes up most of his time. Unexpectedly, someone still wants to dig the foot of the wall at any time!

Jing Yicheng can’t imagine what Xu Chenghao’s side would look like if he didn’t occupy his time!

All kinds of ideas flew in my mind, which led to my fingers hanging on the keyboard for a long time. I didn’t press it for a long time. I almost pulled out the key cap. Finally, Jing Yicheng simply gave up working and found his mobile phone to send a message to his assistant: “find out who invited Xu Chenghao and who is on the list!”

Assistant: “OK, just a moment, please.”

Seventeen minutes later, the assistant replied: “the invitee is Zheng yunyun, the eldest miss of the Zheng family. This banquet is her sister’s 18-year-old adult banquet, so most of the list are insiders of the younger generation, including Ruan chenxuan, Jiang Changming, etc.”

Jing Yicheng: “!”

There is Ruan chenxuan! What do you want to do at the party without saying a word!

Jing Yicheng was so angry that he was full of Tang Monk Xu Chenghao falling into the spider hole. A group of goblins surrounded him and wanted to eat two. What’s more, Ruan chenxuan, a bastard, was waiting to dig at the foot of the wall!

No, he must go too!

Jing Yicheng typed and sent a message: “look for the invitation, I’ll go too!”

Assistant: “OK.”

One after another, the news broke all Jing Yicheng’s good mood. When the meeting was held, he had a black face all the way, so he didn’t get angry.

This also indirectly led to the meeting that was clearly a celebration and reward. As a result, Jing Yicheng’s terrorist pressure turned into a cautious criticism meeting. No one dared to cheer and clap the table. Even Xu Chenghao took the lead in clapping.

At the end of the drive, Xu Chenghao saw that they couldn’t let go. He simply handed it over to Li Nian, patted Jing Yicheng on the shoulder and motioned him to come out with himself.

Jing Yicheng got up and left the meeting room. Listening to the instant jubilant voice inside, he always felt that they were celebrating that they were about to leave, and his mood became more and more unhappy.

“Hey, what are you doing!” Xu Chenghao reached out and grabbed Jing Yicheng, who wanted to go back again, dragged him to the direction of the office: “it’s right for everyone to celebrate after so long. What’s your temper?”

Jing Yicheng half covered his face under the brim of his hat and pursed his lips without talking.

Xu Chenghao sat down on the sofa, poured him a cup of angry tea and asked, “you were very happy this morning. Why did you suddenly change your face? Did something wrong happen to you in our company? Tell me.”

Jing Yicheng said in a dull voice, “No.”

Xu Chenghao tilted his head and looked at him: “no, you’re still angry with us.”

Jing Yicheng: “I’m not aiming at you.”

“Who was that?” Xu Chenghao tried to find clues from his expression, but the other party wore a hat to cover most of his face, so he couldn’t see anything at all.

Jing Yicheng was silent and didn’t answer. He was thinking about what he said. First, he exposed himself to investigate the banquet. Second, he seemed childish and stingy. Third, what if he accidentally woke up Xu Chenghao and let him run away with the goblin?

So he can’t say.

I don’t know that my childishness is well-known. Jing Yicheng is trying to maintain his high and cold personality, and pursed his lips firmly.

Xu Chenghao said reluctantly, “OK, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say it. But you can’t destroy others’ good mood, can you? If you’re really unhappy, don’t stay here and ask your assistant to pack up and leave.”

Jing Yicheng suddenly raised his head: “are you driving me away?”

Xu Chenghao retorted, “I didn’t.”

Jing Yicheng accused: “you just said to pack up and leave!”

Xu Chenghao: “and the previous words, don’t take them out of context! I mean, if you’re unhappy in the company, you might as well go home and have a rest. Anyway, we don’t need to attend the meeting now. Both the contract and the agreement are over. You can leave first and return to your original life and work. It’s not driving you away, it’s sending you away.”

Jing Yicheng reluctantly accepted the explanation, but still firmly said, “I won’t leave. I’ll go with you in the afternoon.”

Xu Chenghao said, “I don’t need it. I made an appointment this afternoon.”

Jing Yicheng: “… Then I want to go together!”

Xu Chenghao felt strange: “why do you go when I meet others? You don’t know.”

Jing Yicheng said, “it’s enough for me to know you.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t believe that he had no purpose. He thought for a moment and said tentatively, “do you think it’s Ruan chenxuan? Don’t worry, it’s not him. I can guarantee it.”

Jing Yicheng said, “I’ll see who it is. Anyway, I’ll go with you.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

This is unreasonable. Xu Chenghao rubbed his eyebrows with a headache. For the second time, he began to regret why he promised to be friends with him. What did he think at the beginning? You see now, where is this as a friend? This is to be a kindergarten teacher watching bear children!

However, the stately Tucao is much more than the cheek of Jing Yi Cheng. At last, when Xu Chenghao drove to the appointed place, he was rubbed onto the copilot and make complaints about his meeting with Zheng Yunyun.

Zheng yunyun was very happy to meet more handsome guys, but she couldn’t laugh at the back – because she found that this handsome guy didn’t come because of her, but because of another handsome guy!

When Xu Chenghao tried on the dress, Jing Yicheng basically stood by and looked at it, praised it for its beauty, and selected accessories such as Cufflinks and brooches. But when Zheng yunyun tries on her dress… The other party not only sits on the sofa without expression, but also looks a little disgusted.

Zheng yunyun once doubted whether she was so despised because her makeup was not painted well, which led to her lower appearance value, or whether she was not good-looking?

Zheng yunyun decided to change another one!

As a result, I didn’t expect to go too far this time. When the curtain was opened, no one was waiting for her to come out!!

Zheng yunyun:???

Is this what a gentleman can do? Which gentleman would leave the girl to choose his own clothes? Shouldn’t you wait outside to praise her? Didn’t you come to try on the dress with her??

Xu Chenghao also felt bad. He came and said a few words to Zheng yunyun. It was not easy to boast that Zheng yunyun was happy. Jing Yicheng came out from one side and said, “president Xu has a good eye. Please choose one for me.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him: “are you going to a party recently?”

Jingyi Chengen said yes and thought it was the same one with you.

Xu Chenghao: “then what do you want? Tell me about it.”

Jing Yicheng: “just like you… Let’s go and have a look first.”

Xu Chenghao felt that he didn’t know much about women’s clothes, so he nodded sorry to Zheng yunyun, turned around and followed Jing Yicheng to the men’s dress area to help him choose clothes,

Zheng yunyun: I can’t laugh. Jpg

Who can tell her what she’s doing here? Why did she think she was more than enough to meet this time?

The author has something to say: Jing Yicheng: the third article of the little book records that “it is incumbent on you to stop peach blossoms for your friends.”

Well, he has absolutely no selfishness, absolutely not!


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