Spare Tire Chapter 7

Li Nian looked at him and could only pat him on the shoulder with silent encouragement, then turned and continued to be busy.

Xu Chenghao also devoted himself to his work, trying to numb himself with busyness and forget his failure.

It was a busy morning.

When the alarm clock rang at 11 o’clock, Xu Chenghao rubbed his temples and struggled out of the mountain of documents.

Seeing Li Nian looking puzzled, Xu Chenghao got up, put on his coat and explained, “my mother called me to go home early for lunch this morning. I’m afraid I forgot the alarm clock.”

Li Nian instantly changed his expression and said clearly, “madam, I’ve been thinking about you. Be careful on the road.”

“Well.” Xu Chenghao touched the car key and walked out.

Xu Chenghao was still a little embarrassed and nervous about seeing the original owner’s family for the first time. If the system didn’t make it clear that no one would notice anything, he estimated that he would be scared to death.

Life is like a play. It all depends on acting… Well, acting.

Xu Chenghao took a deep breath, opened the door and got off.

“Young master, you are back. Madam is waiting inside. Please come in.” the housekeeper uncle at the door has been waiting for a long time. When he saw him coming, he hurried to meet him.

Xu Chenghao: “where’s my father?”

The housekeeper said, “it’s inside, too. I’ll wait for you to come back for dinner.”

Xu Chenghao: “OK.”

The door opened slowly in front of Xu Chenghao. The housekeeper led the way and shouted, “madam, sir, the young master is back.”

The woman sitting on the sofa immediately got up and looked over with some joy: “Haohao!”

Xu Chenghao looked over quietly and confirmed that this was Xu’s mother according to the comparison of the original owner.

Xu’s mother is 43 years old, but the traces left by years on her are shallow and traceless, and even quite spoiled. The wrinkles on the white and beautiful face are almost invisible. The petite body is wearing light colored clothes and skirts. The temperament is elegant and full of happiness and self-confidence. It is obviously a state used by spoiled women.

The man sitting next to her, wearing light gray casual clothes and a pair of half frame glasses, was four points similar to Xu Chenghao. When he narrowed his eyes slightly, his eyes were stern and somewhat relieved.

“Dad, mom.” Xu Chenghao came over with a smile.

“Well, the company is finished?” Xu’s father’s voice was the same as on the phone, loving and with a bit of his strict father’s habitual coercion.

Xu Chenghao: “almost. Li Nian stared at me in the afternoon.”

Mother Xu was afraid that they would run to business if they talked any more. She quickly grabbed her son and looked at him and said, “what’s the matter with you?”

Xu Chenghao was stunned and subconsciously touched the place where there was a scar before: “I accidentally scraped it. It’s been a long time. You’re really hot eyed.”

“You were born to me. I’m sure I know what’s wrong.” mother Xu said proudly and painfully, “such a big man can still scratch. I really don’t know what to say about you.”

Father Xu interposed, “there is no progress at all. You should pay attention to it in the future, you know?”

Xu Chenghao: “I see.”

Xu’s mother was not happy at once: “Haohao finally came back. Why are you so fierce! Don’t say it, don’t say it, eat first.”

The Xu family usually listen to Xu’s mother for small things and Xu’s father for big things.

So Xu’s mother said to have dinner. Everyone had no opinion and followed her to the dining room.

Getting along with the Xu family is easier than expected. Xu’s father and mother are standard strict fathers and loving mothers. Xu’s father listens to Xu’s mother very much for small things, which leads to Xu Chenghao’s sharp rise in status. He has a great voice and can deal with them freely.

After they had lunch and afternoon tea together, they began to prepare dinner.

Mother Xu’s favorite part – dressing up her husband and son!

Each person chooses a suit. The tie is standard, the Cufflinks should be exquisite, and a brooch with the same necklace. The parent-child outfit gets √

Xu Chenghao looked at himself in the mirror and had to sigh with her mother’s eyes. The black suit matched with the white shirt, the tie tied with the outer color was elegant and expensive under her skillful hand, and the brooch inlaid with diamonds glittered on the left.

Mother Xu also found a watch with a silver bracelet for Xu Chenghao. Looking at her handsome son with satisfaction, she had long forgotten that her husband was still waiting.

Father Xu: “… Cough!”

Mother Xu: “coming, coming ~ ~”

Xu Chenghao looked at their interaction and couldn’t help smiling… The original owners are really in love.

The original work did not describe the family situation of the second man too much. Only when the second man died with the villain, did he use a few strokes to describe the grief of the original owner’s parents and his dislike for the female owner.

Compared with the living parents, Xu Chenghao’s sense of reality began to surge again. He could imagine how mother Xu, who loved her son, would tear her heart and lungs after losing her son. He could also think of how father Xu, who seemed to be strict but had been protecting his son, died in silence.

Contact with the dark gift bag of the female Lord… He really has to try to avoid it!

For the sweet and happy Xu family and for themselves.


At six in the evening, the engagement banquet opened on time.

When the Xu family arrived, it was dark, and the brilliant villa lights flashed, which was particularly dark on Ruan chenxuan’s expressionless face.

He stood at the door to meet the guests. His eyebrows were full of indifference and there was no sense of joy of engagement. Looking at Xu Chenghao standing in front of him, he revealed his irrecoverable hostility.

Xu Chenghao looked at him, calmly looked away and followed his parents into the party.

This attitude made Ruan Chengxuan feel a sense of suffocation when he hit cotton with a fist, and stared angrily at each other’s back.

The young man was handsome and walked calmly behind his parents. He never looked back at him from beginning to end. The scene of striding into the banquet seemed to laugh at him silently.

Ruan chenxuan had not turned black, so he heard another brake behind him, turned around and saw that the door was just opened. A man in a gray suit got off in a high profile, and his slender white fingers slowly buttoned the suit. When he looked up, the light crossed his eyebrows and eyes, which was a little cold for no reason.

Ruan chenxuan’s face became more and more ugly: “… Jing Yicheng!”


The banquet was already full of friends. The guests in exquisite or elegant clothes were talking with each other. No matter what they thought in their hearts, they were laughing and observing quietly.

Xu Chenghao is probably the hardest hit area observed!

After all, before Ruan chenxuan and Xu Chenghao fought for a woman, everyone knew that Ruan Chengxuan won, while Xu Chenghao ended up with a fiasco by withdrawing his marriage.

Now Ruan chenxuan is suddenly engaged, which is equivalent to unilaterally announcing to break up with an Ruoyu. Doesn’t this represent Xu Chenghao’s opportunity? Therefore, the appearance of Xu Chenghao made everyone agree that he came to slap his face and declare sovereignty.

Maybe there will be a good play tonight!

With this in mind, everyone pays close attention to Xu Chenghao’s every move. Even if Xu Chenghao sits in the corner to rest after greeting, he can feel the hot sight around him.

Xu Chenghao began to look around and let those who secretly observed him take the initiative to divert their attention, but after several times, he realized that once he bowed his head, he would return to the original state and simply gave up.

Playing the game of cat and mouse with them is better than using your spare time to deal with the mail accumulated in the afternoon.

It’s not comfortable to check documents on his mobile phone. While Xu Chenghao is frowning and killing time, Yu Guang suddenly catches a glimpse of someone sitting on the sofa next to him.

He subconsciously glanced sideways, and his slightly frowned eyebrows wrinkled tighter. Is it Jing Yicheng? He came to the man’s engagement party?

Shouldn’t he tell the truth to the hostess and then accompany the hostess as a flower escort?

How did you show up here?

Jing Yicheng mistakenly thought he was surprised that he appeared and disrupted his rhythm. He looked at him with appreciation and even satisfaction: “are you surprised?”

Xu Chenghao kept polite and pretended to smile: “I’m very surprised.”

Jing Yicheng said insincerely, “yes, I’m surprised to see you, too.”

Xu Chenghao: “…” he bowed his head and continued to deal with the mail. He didn’t want to talk to the madman at all.

Who knows what kind of wind he took this evening and suddenly came to the party. Anyway, it’s right to have less contact with him.

When Xu Chenghao didn’t speak, Jing Yicheng followed him and calmed down. He is not a talkative and active person, and even likes to be quiet. Even if the other party doesn’t speak, he can sit steadily and Dangdang. He doesn’t feel embarrassed at all, but can look at the other party without covering up.

His eyes ran all the way from Xu Chenghao’s slender fingers holding his mobile phone, and finally fixed on his side face, his fingers moved slightly.

Up to now, he doesn’t know what the other party’s plan is, let alone what the other party’s idea is, how to rob an Ruoyu, and how to kill Ruan chenxuan.

Or… You may think hard to fight yourself.

On this thought, Jing Yicheng has a strange sense of satisfaction.

In any case, since he made up his mind to take back an Ruyu, he had made careful and targeted decisions, and everything could not escape his control and plan.

Even if Xu Chenghao had such an accident, as long as he stared carefully, there would be no accident.

He has this confidence.

Xu Chenghao’s attention was not on the other party at all, and he didn’t know what the other party was thinking. Deal with your email carefully, wait until the newcomer comes out and suddenly there is applause and cheers around, and then stand up and observe.

At the moment, the guests are complete and the emcee is on the stage. On the high platform in the center of the crowd, there are tonight’s protagonists, fiance Ruan chenxuan and fiancee Zhou Qian.

To be fair, the fiancee is very beautiful, elegant and generous in a wine red dress. The little bird leans against Ruan chenxuan with a sweet and happy smile.

Standing beside her, Ruan chenxuan was dressed in a well-designed dress and her hair was dressed. Pang’s handsome face was more handsome than usual, but the only deficiency was that he smelled his face from beginning to end and didn’t give his fiancee face at all.

Xu Chenghao looked at it and couldn’t help laughing. Before the corners of his lips started, he heard a madman around him say, “what are you laughing at?”


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