Spare Tire Chapter 70

What happened when they turned over for Ann Ruyu? What happened to the project problem a few days ago? Love each other, kill each other, and cherish each other from the enemy?

Zheng yunyun felt as if she had found something terrible. She stood in place at a loss and didn’t know how to react.

Now, what should I do now

An ruotong and Zhou Qian are still scolding each other. Every sentence is inseparable from the fox spirit. They are shameless and want to seduce men and seduce Ruan chenxuan. The hero they have been talking about is deadlocked with Xu Chenghao and is doing something shameless to pry into the corner.

The scene was once very chaotic.

At this time, a sudden gunshot banged, directly smashing the crystal lamp above the banquet, causing the whole banquet to fall into darkness. One after another scream sounded in my ears, and everyone pushed and ran out. The already chaotic scene became more and more chaotic.

In this case, Zhou Qian and an ruotong both screamed and jumped at Ruan chenxuan, hoping to be protected. Ruan chenxuan grabbed Xu Chenghao and dragged him to his side, whispering: “now is not the time to get angry. Stay with me and I’ll protect…”

Before he finished, his wrist suddenly hurt and his strength could not be controlled. Xu Chenghao took the opportunity to break free from his hand and took Zheng yunyun away in the dark without hesitation.

Ruan chenxuan still held his hand and stared at the other party in the dark. His thoughts were flying in his mind until the light came on again. He looked back at the red mark on his wrist and clenched his fist.

It’s Jing Yicheng again!

When the lights were on again and the Zheng bodyguards blocked the scene, Xu Chenghao and Zheng yunyun had been taken out of the banquet hall and stood in a safer place.

Xu Chenghao kept staring at the back of the leader in front of him. As soon as he came out, he tried to catch the other party. As a result, the other party was as slippery as a loach. He turned sideways and had to run away.

Xu Chenghao shouted, “stop!”

His protector didn’t look back. He was about to run into the dark. Xu Chenghao said in a hurry, “if you dare to go, I’ll tell Jing Yicheng you hit me!”

The man who had run half way stopped and stood where he was.

Xu Chenghao continued to attack: “will you come back? If you don’t come back, I’ll tell you, it depends on who he believes at that time!”

The other party froze in place for a long time. Finally, he took back his legs and silently looked back: “good evening, Mr. Xu.”

“Assistant?” Xu Chenghao was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect to stay with Jing Yicheng all the time. The gentle man with glasses not only has a gun, but also has such good skills!

The assistant was also very embarrassed. He walked back silently and whispered, “I didn’t call president Xu. I hope President Xu won’t talk nonsense.”

Xu Chenghao laughed: “I just scared you. Even if I said it, he would not believe it.”

The assistant whispered, “that’s not necessarily.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t hear clearly: “en? What did you say?”

The assistant said seriously in an instant, “I said that if President Xu is all right, I’ll go first.”

Xu Chenghao shouted to him, “wait, tell Jing Yicheng where you are before you go.”

Assistant: “ah?”

Xu Chenghao: “ah, what, where is Jing Yicheng? Or you can take me to him!”

Assistant: ”

Xu Chenghao stared at him: “don’t you want to?”

The assistant forced a fake smile: “… Yes, very much. Mr. Xu, please follow me.”

Xu Chenghao was satisfied. When he was ready to follow him, he suddenly remembered that there was someone behind him and turned to look at Zheng yunyun.

Zheng yunyun stood in the cold wind in an open shoulder evening dress. Although it was very cold, she was more stunned and didn’t respond to what was happening now. She felt that her head was not enough for tonight, and did she know too much? Are you going to be killed now?

When Zheng yunyun became more and more nervous, Xu Chenghao, who had been staring at her, finally took back his sight, raised his hand, took off his suit and coat and put it on her shoulder. He whispered, “now that the banquet has been blocked, don’t go back. Let my driver take you home. If someone asks you what’s going on, what should you say at that time? You should know?”

Zheng yunyun nodded, “Mr. Xu, don’t worry, my mouth is still very strict.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “I’m sure miss Zheng won’t say much. Bye.”

Zheng yunyun: “… Bye.”

Xu Chenghao nodded and turned to follow his assistant to leave. Wearing a white shirt, Qingjun’s figure moved Zheng yunyun and couldn’t help his heart.

She pulled her suit coat and wrapped herself tightly. She screamed silently: Xu Chenghao is really a good gentleman!!

Such a strong and gentle man with a good family background, who doesn’t care! Just ask who can restrain the girl’s heart when getting along with him!!

Zheng yunyun covered her face and longed that if she became his lover, she would be very happy… As long as she thought about it, the girl’s heart pounded and couldn’t help laughing.

No wonder Xu Chenghao is very popular not only in the world of women, but also in the world of men. This is entirely because of the charm of others!

It’s a pity… Xu Chenghao likes men and has no chance

With a faint sigh, Zheng yunyun found Xu Chenghao’s driver and asked him to take him back.

The driver should have received the notice. After waiting for a stable seat, he started without hesitation and left quickly when the Zheng family blocked the outside road.

When the car left Zheng’s villa, Xu Chenghao finally saw Jing Yicheng who had disappeared all night——

The time goes back to the scene when Jing Yicheng just got the little yellow duck. This time should be his happiest time. Even if Xu Chenghao is not around, he has a rare shallow lip hook and can’t help smiling.

Who could have thought that the little yellow duck who once knocked a mark on his head would fall into his hand and be touched and hugged by him!

Who could have thought that Xu Chenghao, who used to be angry when he saw him and didn’t allow him to get close to the little yellow duck, would one day entrust the little yellow duck to his own care?

This is not what trust is! This is not to recognize what you are! The first time I entrusted little yellow duck, I gave it to him without hesitation. Doesn’t this prove that I have the highest position in Xu Chenghao’s heart?!

Even Li Nian can’t match the highest position!

In contrast, being a boyfriend is nothing! What a party meeting! Can you meet the little yellow duck? Can you gain such trust from Xu Chenghao?

You can’t! You’re just stones that don’t move after two splashes. You can’t toss the wind and waves at all! Ruan chenxuan, in particular, wants to rob people with him. It’s just a dream! Dreaming!

Jing Yicheng is full of self-confidence. It seems that having a little yellow duck means having the world. Sitting on the sofa, holding the little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot in one hand and the red wine cup in the other hand, he drinks happily to celebrate.

When the empty glass was put back on the table, Jing Yicheng confiscated it and saw that the glass was refilled with red wine. The woman in a low cut evening dress bent over to fill him with wine and looked up and smiled softly at him.

Jing Yicheng’s expression quickly freezes, takes back his hand and pulls away. His eyes look at her without fluctuation: “Ruan chenxuan’s girlfriend?”

Zhuo Meixue sat beside him, picked up the glass and said, “Jing doesn’t have to shout so strange. My name is Zhuo Meixue.”

Jing Yicheng stared at her coldly and said directly without nonsense: “what did Ruan chenxuan ask you to do?”

Zhuo Mei Xuedun stopped and looked up at his eyes. In the cold and murderous eyes, her back quickly burst into a chill, straight to her hands, making her hands holding the wine cup tremble: “I… he wants me to buy president Jing a drink.”

Jing Yicheng glanced at the glass in her hand and said slowly, “do you know what the crime is to give me medicine?”

“I… I am…” Zhuo Meixue’s hands began to tremble. She felt for the first time how terrible the momentum of the rumored great demon king was.

Jing Yicheng was too lazy to listen to her and said coldly, “it’s still time to roll now!”

Zhuo Meixue immediately got up and wanted to leave. As a result, the high-heeled shoes stepped on the skirt of the evening dress. The whole person staggered and fell to Jing Yicheng. The red wine cup that had been held in his hand slipped from his heart and spilled Jing Yicheng’s red wine. He rolled twice and pressed on the pepper seedlings in the little yellow duck flowerpot before he stopped rolling.

Jing Yicheng quickly picked up the red wine cup, his eyes touched the two small white flowers stained on the cup wall, paused and coagulated, crushed the red wine cup two seconds later, smiled and looked at Zhuo Meixue: “you are very good!”

Zhuo Meixiang wanted to explain, but Jing Yicheng suddenly put his hand over her nose, pressed his head with one hand, pressed the man on the sofa and took a look at a certain position.

The assistant immediately emerged from the corner and whispered, “boss.”

Jing Yicheng: “find a place to drag her over.”

The assistant quickly called someone to knock Zhuo Meixue out and carry her away. Then he bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at the boss, waiting for the next command.

Jing Yicheng stood up with the little yellow duck in his arms. He looked at Xu Chenghao’s back from a distance and said faintly, “you stay to protect Xu Chenghao.”

Assistant: “yes.”

Jing Yicheng looked at Xu Chenghao’s back again, left the stage in a low-key way in the name of changing clothes, walked slowly to the room where Zhuo Meixue was left, sat on the sofa and quietly waited for people to wake up.

When Zhuo Meixue woke up, she was frightened to find herself lying on the ground of a dark room, while Jing Yicheng sat on the sofa opposite her, bowed his head and gently sorted out the crooked pepper seedlings.

“Wake up?” although Jing Yicheng didn’t look up, he easily caught all her movements and said slowly, “I said it’s still time for you to leave early. You have to listen to Ruan chenxuan’s words to design me. Do you guess he will come to save you?”

Zhuo Meixue sat up from the ground and stepped back in a panic: “I didn’t mean to. I was just taking medicine. I really fell behind. You believe me, Mr. Jing -”

The silenced bullet shot at Zhuo Meixue’s right leg knee and burst the blood marks. Zhuo Meixue screamed with her leg in her arms and rolled around in pain.

Jing Yicheng turned his gun and smiled, “what did you just say?”

“Ah ah -” Zhuo Meixue almost fainted in pain. The severe pain was like the waves that broke her inner defense line, drowning her whole person, so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

Jing Yicheng looked at all this faintly, loaded with one hand, and shot again without blinking.

The bullet silently cut through the air and suddenly stabbed into the flesh and bones, causing the people lying on the ground to burst into greater screams and fainted directly.

Jing Yicheng was ruthless: “wake her up!”

The bodyguard standing in the shadow came out and found a bottle of red wine. He threw his head on Zhuo Meixue’s head and forcibly woke people up.

Zhuo Meixue weakly curled up on the ground and stared at the light above her head. Her fear, despair and hatred were mixed together. She was in pain and hated to the bone. It hurts… It really hurts

The suffocating pain in her legs constantly reminded her of her current situation. She wanted to beg for mercy, but her mouth was full of fragmented cries of pain.

She was crying, but her hatred in her heart was stronger than the pain… She hated… She hated Ruan chenxuan and Jing Yicheng, who made herself like this. She hated Jing Yicheng’s ruthlessness, the use of Ruan chenxuan, and they made him like this!

But in the face of the cold face of Jing Yicheng like Luocha, she was afraid that she could not live tonight. She died here silently. No one cared and no one could find

When Jing Yicheng loaded again, there was a sudden sound of footsteps and a faint warning: “Mr. Xu, don’t worry, you’ll be here soon!”

Jing Yicheng stopped and immediately threw the robbery to the bodyguard, motioning him to clean it up quickly.

Several bodyguards dragged people out of the corner, cleaned up the ground, and quickly became invisible after restoring the room to normal in the fastest time.

As soon as the front foot had finished all this, Xu Chenghao, the back foot, pushed the door and came in. The last bodyguard had no time to hide at the door. His right foot was stuck by the open door for a moment, and his face was twisted and quietly put away.

Fortunately, Xu Chenghao didn’t pay attention to the position behind the door. When he entered the door, he looked at the man on the sofa: “Jing Yicheng?”

Jing Yicheng looked up at him: “you come… Why do you wear so little?”

Xu Chenghao glanced at the room and observed carefully: “my coat is for Zheng yunyun.”

With a dark face, Jing Yicheng took off his coat and put it on him: “do you take care of others with your body?”

Xu Chenghao: “after all, I’m a man… En? Your coat smells of wine.”

Jing Yicheng said half true and half false: “it was splashed by Zhuo Meixue. I wanted to change my clothes, but I forgot to bring it. I’ve been waiting for the party to end.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him suspiciously: “really?”

Jing Yicheng said, “otherwise?”

Xu Chenghao: “but Zhuo Meixue is gone.”

Jing Yicheng: “she dares to do this. Shouldn’t I teach her a lesson?”

Xu Chenghao asked, “what lesson?”

Jing Yicheng: “splash her with red wine.”

Xu Chenghao: “?”

Jing Yicheng: “she poured a glass on me and I poured a wine cabinet on her!”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

It seems that he can do it!

Xu Chenghao breathed a sigh of relief: “I wish nothing had happened. By the way, where’s the little yellow duck? Give it to me.”

Jing Yicheng froze in an instant: “….”

Seeing that he didn’t move, Xu Chenghao came forward and picked up the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot and looked around carefully to determine whether it was intact.

Jing Yicheng suddenly became nervous and felt that his trust with Xu Chenghao might come to an end.

Xu Chenghao checked it, hugged the little yellow duck flowerpot and said, “something happened to the party. It’s estimated that it can’t go on. Let’s go first.”

Jing Yicheng subconsciously said, “I was wrong. I didn’t take good care of… En? What did you say?”

Xu Chenghao was also stunned: “I said we go home.”

Jing Yicheng: “…”

It’s a little embarrassing.

The author has something to say: little yellow duck: the master doesn’t love me anymore. He didn’t find that I was almost bent!


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