Spare Tire Chapter 78

Li Nian stared at Xu Chenghao in disbelief for a few seconds. He made sure he was not joking but serious. He immediately covered his chest and got up with a ferocious face and walked out.

Xu Chenghao looked at him: “where are you going?”

Li thought: “your EQ is hopeless. Bye.”

Xu Chenghao patted the table: “come back!”

Li Nian: “I don’t know. It’s so sad to be an emotional master for you. This is what I regret most in the past three years.”

Xu Chenghao said, “I’ll double your salary!”

Li Nian suddenly became a standstill: “really?”

Xu Chenghao: “three times the year-end bonus!”

Li Nian rubbed back to his position and said seriously, “I told you I don’t look at money. I just look at our brothers and continue to talk to you. Do you know?”

Xu Chenghao was too lazy to argue with him and continued the topic: “am I going too far?”

Li Nian: “nonsense, I’ve known you for decades and haven’t gotten along like this. Besides, you and I can go to bed and get a certificate. Believe it or not?”

Xu Chenghao questioned: “is there such an exaggeration?”

Li Nian coughed and said, “I can really get angry and hurt myself.”

Xu Chenghao poured him tea: “don’t be angry, take your time.”

Li Nian took a cup of tea and stared at Xu Chenghao. After looking at it for a long time, he suddenly said, “Oh… Do you think it’s normal for friends to rent and sleep together?”

Xu Chenghao: “yes, you also came to my house.”

Li Nian: “do you think he didn’t explicitly pursue you, and you didn’t break through the boundaries within an appropriate distance, so you are friends?”

Xu Chenghao nodded: “yes, yes.”

Li Nian put down his teacup: “Xu Chenghao, I have to say that you have preconceived.”

Xu Chenghao’s heart thumped: “yes?”

Li Nian: “why not? Every time I say that Jing Yicheng approaches you purposefully, you bite him to death. He is your original rival in love. You don’t want to admit that you’re not preconceived. What is it?”

Xu Chenghao recalled that before Li Nian explained it to himself, he even felt that Jing Yicheng’s feelings for him were supplemented by YY from other human brains, because in his cognition, the villains liked the female owner and could not like him… Oh, it seems that he really gave priority to the preconceived plot.

Xu Chenghao suddenly said, “it seems so.”

Li Nian breathed a sigh of relief: “that makes sense. It scared me to death. I thought you were really a fool at first.”

Xu Chenghao: “… Can you have a good chat?”

Li Nian stood up and said, “do you still need to continue talking? After putting aside your preconceptions, you can see for yourself that you two are getting along like an old husband and wife now. You don’t need me as an emotional master.”

Xu Chenghao was very suspicious of Li Nian’s business ability: “is that so?”

Li Nian: “otherwise? If you replace Jing Yicheng with Ruan chenxuan, would you like to go to work with Ruan chenxuan, go home for dinner after work, or even let him enter the bedroom and become an old husband and wife?”

Xu Chenghao did not hesitate: “No.”

Li Nian: “yes.”

Xu Chenghao: “no, the positions of Ruan chenxuan and Jing Yicheng are different. There is no comparison at all.”

Li Nian: “Why are they different? Strictly speaking, they started from the same starting line. At least they had a bad relationship with you at the beginning, and even were rival lovers.”

Then Li Nian turned and said, “speaking of it, the turning point to change the history is in the project. At that time, I wondered why Jing Yicheng signed the contract for such land cutting compensation. At that time, people are much more resourceful than me“

Xu Chenghao recalled, “he didn’t think so much at that time, just wanted to compensate.”

Li Nian rolled his eyes: “look at your own tone.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help holding his head and wailing: “I always think you brainwash me again. When I get along with Mingming, I don’t feel anything. Mingming is very normal.”

Li Nian said coolly, “that’s how terrible it is. Do you understand the truth of boiling frogs in warm water? It’s too late to understand. Let me see that you’re almost cooked now. You’re used to the current water temperature and take getting along as a routine. When he leaves, you’ll know something’s wrong.”

Xu Chenghao’s heart jumped. Li Nian’s words were translated into his heart – he doesn’t feel anything now. He will regret it when he chooses to leave here and Jing Yicheng.

Xu Chenghao silently recalled his life before he didn’t wear a book. In fact, it was very dull, but compared with the world in the book, it was more real. Moreover, people often said that the Golden Nest and silver nest were not as good as their own dog’s nest. Staying in an unrealistic book would certainly be more practical than returning to their own world.

Just like falling leaves and returning to their roots, people always have this feeling. Of course, Xu Chenghao is no exception.

However, if the world is mixed with other things, the proportion begins to increase, and there are feelings that can hinder him, it will not be so easy to distinguish the two worlds.

This is a world problem for Xu Chenghao! A big choice in life! He is almost worried about his white hair.

Li Nian snapped his fingers in front of him and called back his attention: “what else haven’t you figured out?”

Xu Chenghao took out two pens from the pen holder and put them on the table. He motioned, “now, there are two difficult choices about the future of life in front of me.”

Xu Chenghao picked up the pen on the right: “this choice is like a dream of absurdity, full of all incredible things. Maybe one day he will wake up and make people feel very insecure.”

Xu Chenghao put down the pen on the right and picked up the one on the left: “this choice is much more real. He is the environment I am familiar with and the option I firmly wanted to choose at the beginning. But…”

Xu Chenghao suddenly stopped, took the pen and didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, he put it down and said calmly, “that’s it.”

Li Nian was quiet for a long time. Suddenly, he felt around his body. After a long time, he took out a coin and put it on the table: “here, front right, back left.”

Xu Chenghao hesitated: “is it so casual?”

Li Nian: “you can’t make any decision anyway. You might as well gamble.”

Xu Chenghao hesitated to pick up the coin. After hesitating for a long time, he took a deep breath and suddenly threw it into the air. The coin suddenly soared into the air, rolling like a slow camera in Xu Chenghao’s gaze and falling slowly——

Li Nian suddenly patted the table and said, “pros and cons!”

Xu Chenghao was caught off guard and subconsciously said, “yes!”


The coin fell to the ground, making a crisp sound and rotating to calm.

Xu Chenghao stared and was still in shock. Li Nian smiled and pushed the pen on the right in front of him: “look, you already have the answer in your heart.”

Xu Chenghao was stunned: “is that ok?”

“Yes, the method that emotional masters saw on the Internet is indeed very useful.” Li Nian said as he bent down to find a coin. After three seconds, he finally found it at the foot of the table. He looked at the coin on the opposite side and silently picked it up and put it in his pocket.

Xu Chenghao was curious: “pros and cons?”

Li Nian: “yes, it’s the same as your answer.”

Xu Chenghao always had an unrealistic feeling: “is it so decided?”

Li Nian: “otherwise? Every fork in life is gambling, and throwing a coin is just to find the answer you want.”

Xu Chenghao picked up the pen on the right. He couldn’t tell what it was like. Before he had time to think about it, he heard Li Nian wonder, “does this choice have anything to do with Jing Yicheng? Why do I have a part-time life mentor as an emotion master?”

Xu Chenghao was immediately distracted and retorted, “it doesn’t matter!”

Li Nian showed a subtle look in an instant, shook his pen: “family?” then knocked Xu Chenghao’s pen with his pen: “love?”

Xu Chenghao laughed and said, “you think too much.”

Li Nian: “Oh, that’s it.”

Xu Chenghao: “….”

Li Nian sighed, “if you choose the right because of Jing Yicheng, you’ll wait to be eaten. There’s basically no way to live.”

Xu Chenghao felt guilty: “not really.”

“Why not?” Li Nian got up and said, “you frog will be cooked right away!”

Xu Chenghao was unconvinced: “you are the frog!”

“Then you are a bullfrog, a stone frog and a frog!” Li Nian said and turned and ran out. Sure enough, as soon as he left the office, his front foot hit the door and narrowly wiped his back.

Li Nian poked his head out of the door frame and said, “I’ll say one last word.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him with a folder.

Li Nian: “yes, remember to give me a red envelope.”

Bang – the folder hit the door frame, and Li Nian’s laughter faded away in the corridor.

Xu Chenghao sat back behind his desk and sulked. He held his arms and stared at the little yellow duck for a long time. He suddenly recalled that it was the same scene yesterday, but his choice was completely different at that time

Choosing to go back can’t stop the current changes. If you choose to stay, there will be more problems. What about the original owner? What about the book wearing system? What about the little pepper task? What about the original world?

[Ding – 2333 system will automatically go online to serve you.]

Xu Chenghao was startled: can you not appear and disappear like this!

[Ding – system 2333 heard the call of the host.]

Xu Chenghao: I was… OK, what do you want to say?

[Ding – 2333 system reminds you that if you choose to stay, you are Xu Chenghao. Xu Chenghao was you from the beginning. There is no original owner;

Second, the little pepper task is bound to the book wearing system. After completing the little pepper task, you can release the book wearing system and restore ordinary people’s life, but you can’t unbind if you don’t complete the little pepper task.

Third, there is no after-sales service for the small pepper task. You must complete all tasks before you can terminate it, otherwise you have no authority to terminate the small pepper task.

Fourth, I remind you again that you have been killed in a car accident in the original world. If you complete the task of wearing books, you can go back to save yourself before the car accident. However, if you choose not to go back, I believe that their pain has been healed and nothing will happen after so long.]

Xu Chenghao:???

Wait a minute, there’s a lot of information. Let him digest it!!

The author has something to say: in fact, the third article of the book wearing system itself is a pit. After all, it is also known as: the face hurts


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