Spare Tire Chapter 8

I think I found Xu Chenghao’s smile is to see his secret. In addition to his usual indifference, Jing Yicheng’s voice also has a trace of pride.

He stared at every change in Xu Chenghao’s look and thought that if there was anything wrong with the other party, he would be able to catch and find his plan!

But Xu Chenghao’s response was a suddenly enlarged smile.

He seemed to be stabbed with a smile, not only on his lips, but also on his eyebrows and eyes. The bright light of the living room flashed a fine light in his black pupil, which was dazzling for a time.

Jing Yicheng was stunned for a moment, and then heard the other party say, “I just think it’s a good thing for a person who doesn’t love himself by any means and two people who don’t love each other but use each other to get engaged.”

Jing Yicheng stared at his side face all the way and didn’t speak. Until Xu Chenghao looked puzzled, he subconsciously turned his attention to Ruan Chengxuan in the crowd and calmly said, “you’re right.”

Xu Chenghao bent his eyes and said, “well.”

In the banquet center, the master of ceremonies invited the Ruan family owner to the stage to deliver a speech, and then the marriage seeker gave a speech. The couple read out the experiment and exchanged engagement rings… Ruan chenxuan had a black face all the time. When she coaxed around and kissed her fiancee, she just kissed her cheek perfunctorily.

Ruan Chengxuan cares more about the two people sitting in the corner – Jing Yicheng and Xu Chenghao than his fiancee who doesn’t care about each other’s feelings at all!

Because today, Ruan chenxuan was already at a disadvantage and embarrassing position. Ruan chenxuan’s psychological sensitivity also increased sharply. When they were watched by the other party, they would doubt whether they were mocking themselves in their hearts; Looking at them as if they were talking, they began to doubt whether they would conspire to cooperate and tell Rouyu about their engagement.

In short, the two people in the corner affect all his attention. Ruan chenxuan not only cares, but also over interprets their every move, and then his mood is even worse.

He has to find a way to solve these things at home as soon as possible and make it clear to Rouyu… And Jing Yicheng, don’t think he doesn’t know that he’s playing tricks on these things! If Xu Chenghao dares to rob others with himself, he will wait for his revenge!

It will be much more comfortable to threaten again in my heart. But looking at the two people who still talked and laughed completely, Ruan chenxuan soon caused a second dissatisfaction.

Today is his good Friday!

The hands hanging on the side of the body clenched their fists silently. Ruan chenxuan stared angrily at the two people in the corner and vented all his anger on them.

Xu Chenghao in the corner: “??”

He hasn’t done anything since he entered the party. Why stare at him!

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help rolling his eyes. He and Jing Yicheng sat here and were bored with each other. The other party was still staring at each other in the air! Crazy!

I don’t know if the madman has seen it. It’s better to see a fight with him… Thinking that Xu Chenghao silently looked at the people around him, he saw that Jing Yicheng looked cold and calm throughout the whole process, and his eyes were dark, which made people can’t see anything.

Forget it, it’s better to think about how to leave him quietly.

When Xu Chenghao was thinking about how to get away, his mother suddenly waved to him in the distance.

Xu Chenghao was immediately happy and thought that this was the reaction between his mother and son. After nodding with Jing Yicheng, he left briskly without noticing that there was something wrong in the eyes of a madman.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” when Xu Chenghao came over, there were people around Xu’s mother. He nodded to each other, and then turned his attention back to Xu’s mother.

“This is your aunt Zheng, do you remember?” mother Xu’s smiling introduction immediately gave Xu Chenghao a bad feeling. Sure enough, mother Xu turned to the girl around and continued: “this is yunyun. When you were young, you went to kindergarten and primary school together. Unfortunately, aunt Zheng’s family went abroad, otherwise you must have grown up.”

Aunt Zheng and mother Xu are about the same age. Holding hands with each other, they can see their close relationship at a glance. They also said, “no, the children who were still wearing diapers are so tall in the twinkling of an eye. They are good-looking. It’s reasonable to say that you have to shout your brother.”

The little girl standing opposite stretched out her hand very generously and said, “Hello, brother Xu, I’m Zheng yunyun.”

Xu Chenghao shook hands with her and said politely with a smile, “hello.”

After introducing them, mother Xu happily patted Xu Chenghao on the arm and said, “you young people go and play by yourself. Anyway, you’re not willing to sit with us… Yunyun just came back from abroad. Do you remember to take good care of others, do you hear me?”

Xu Chenghao looked at his mother and finally reluctantly bowed his head and promised: “I know.”

Although he felt that his blind date at the man’s engagement banquet was very unreasonable, his mother Xu spoke, and the other girls were waiting. Out of a gentleman’s demeanor, he politely took Zheng yunyun to one side to rest and asked her whether she wanted to eat.

Zheng yunyun looked covetously at the table and finally waved her hand and said, “no, I’ve lost weight recently, otherwise I’ll have a small stomach in my dress.”

Xu Chenghao sat beside her and took a glass of Champagne: “you can exercise properly, and the effect may be better.”

Zheng yunyun’s surprised side eyes: “I thought you would persuade me to say it doesn’t matter.”

Xu Chenghao: “No. I’ve been exercising recently. I’m very resentful and want to drag people into the water.”

Zheng yunyun chuckled, and soon the lady’s lips covered only a pair of crescent eyes: “you’re more interesting than I thought.”

Xu Chenghao: “I’m not kidding. I’m serious.”

Zheng yunyun: “ha ha.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

All right, just make the other person happy.

Mother Xu, who has been paying attention here, was very satisfied. After looking at Aunt Zheng, they smiled and quietly left with their wine glasses.

The other two people who were watching Xu Chenghao were surprised and angry.

Ruan chenxuan completely didn’t expect that Xu Chenghao not only didn’t take the opportunity to ridicule himself, but also robbed Rouyu, but also flirted with his sister at his engagement banquet?!

What are you trying to do? Doesn’t he like Ann Rouyu very much? Why did he suddenly move his target when he was very likely to be engaged?

Ruan chenxuan couldn’t understand it, but his vigilance was deeper. Some people you don’t need to be on guard at first sight, but one day when you don’t understand them, they will become all kinds of variables and have to be on guard.

Ruan chenxuan was worried that Xu Chenghao wanted to play tricks again, so he took the time to contact his men and asked them to keep an eye on Xu Chenghao. Anything wrong should be reported.

After his subordinates agreed, he was a little relieved and returned to the banquet to continue to pay attention to Xu Chenghao – he must have a trick he didn’t find!

Jing Yicheng in the corner has also been paying attention to Xu Chenghao. He began to think that the other party couldn’t hold back and wanted to take action. He kept staring at the situation. As a result, he never thought that the other party didn’t care about Ruan chenxuan at all. He actually ran to a blind date!

This sense of suffocation when the heavy fist hit the cotton made Jing Yicheng angry in an instant, and there was an illusion of being played. The dangerous thought of “why doesn’t he like an Rouyu” appeared again, which made him want to drag people back to the pit with his own hands.

He knew he was in a bad mood and stared at Xu Chenghao for a few seconds. Finally, he fixed the reason that Xu Chenghao deviated from his predetermined track and was out of control, so he was unwilling to change his mind.

Xu Chenghao is the only variable in his plan.

Jing Yicheng holds the red wine glass in his hand, slams it on the table, gets up and leaves.

Since the other party has completely abandoned an Ruyu, he doesn’t need to pay too much attention to the other party’s actions. As long as the other party no longer has an Ruyu’s idea, they can cooperate.

Thinking, Jing Yicheng gradually regained his indifference and strode away from the banquet.

Without stopping, he went straight back to the car and whispered, “go.”

The car slowly started, the brightly lit villa gradually left behind, Jing Yi Cheng’s eyes remained for two seconds and calmly recovered, the faint way: “with Xu Chenghao’s eyeliner can be collected, do not need to tell me about him later.”

“Good.” the special assistant on the assistant driver began calling the contacts, and he would look back at the weird way: “boss, the eye liner said that just now, Ruan Chen Hsun also sent people to track Xu Chenghao, and put a bug in his car.”

Tezhu cautiously glanced at his face: “do we still withdraw?”

Jing Yicheng: “… Don’t withdraw! Keep staring! You must tell me something!”

Special help: “OK.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t know that anyone who followed him could gather up a table of mahjong. He also hid in the banquet and pretended to smile to deal with the toaster and Zheng yunyun. When his father said he was leaving, he was like a negative release. On the way home, he said that he didn’t consider getting married recently and didn’t delay others.

Xu’s mother responded well on the surface, but the discerning person didn’t take it to heart.

Xu Chenghao was tired. After drinking some wine, he simply rested at the Xu family for a night and waited until the next day to get up and continue to deal with things in the company.

The legendary bully is also a mortal who works five nights and nine nights and needs to eat, drink and Lazar. How can he be so beautiful as imagined… Alas!

Xu Chenghao, the general manager of mortal bully, went to work with his little yellow duck tuzui flower pot. Early in the morning, he got all kinds of rainbow farts from Li Nian: “brother, you can do it. I heard that last night was brilliant and solved all the previous things at one time.”

“What are you talking about?” Xu Chenghao glanced at him, sat back to his position and arranged the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot: “you’re not busy, are you? If you have time to listen to some gossip without shadow, you’d better read more documents with me and go to work quickly.”

Li Nian was not afraid at all. Instead, he sat across from him in high spirits and said, “don’t pretend. Everything was going on last night. I heard everyone say early in the morning that it’s inappropriate for you to hide it from me again?”

Xu Chenghao had a bad hunch: “what’s going on? What’s going around?”

Li Nian looked at him suspiciously: “don’t you know?”

“I don’t know.”

“You didn’t do it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Xu Chenghao urged, “tell me what you’re talking about. Don’t sell it.”

Li nianding looked at him for five seconds before saying, “you didn’t do it. Who is it…”


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