Spare Tire Chapter 84

Jing Yicheng didn’t know which half of the words he heard. He suddenly showed a sudden look and said in an entrusted tone: “you, stay and work overtime.”

Ten minutes later, the assistant sat on the sofa and looked at the large fantasy love film played on the computer screen. His smile was a little stiff: “boss, my overtime pay is very expensive. Are you sure you want me to watch these with you?”

Jing Yicheng said without blinking: “hold on, I’ll show you ten times the success!”

The assistant immediately corrected his attitude: “good boss, you can see as much as you want. I’ll stick to it!”

Jing Yicheng: “you can’t sit all the time. Don’t you have any suggestions for me?”

The assistant was very energetic. He took out his computer and said, “wait a minute. I’ll find you some learning materials.”

Jing Yicheng nodded and waited, and his learning attitude was very serious.

They stayed up late at night and studied until dawn. The assistant worked hard to improve the boss’s EQ and flirting skills. Fortunately, Jing Yicheng didn’t disappoint him. He got a high score of 98 in the last EQ test – which is much better than the 19 he got for the first time!!!

And after dawn, Jing Yicheng looked at his watch and said, “you help me take care of Xu Chenghao here first. I’ll buy some gifts and come back soon.”

We all know to buy gifts! The assistant was very satisfied: “OK, you remember to call the driver. Don’t drive tired.”

Jing Yicheng made a sound, opened the door of the ward, looked at the young man who had not woken up, closed the door silently and left quietly.


Xu Chenghao was in poor physical condition. In the past, the biological clock that woke up on time failed to shake him. He didn’t open his eyes until 10:30 and sighed weakly.

I’m so tired… I feel uncomfortable after lying for a long time. It’s even worse if I can’t move

Xu Chenghao vaguely raised his hands and did chest expansion several times before he sat up slowly: “is there anyone?”

The assistant opened the door and came in: “good morning, Mr. Xu.”

Xu Chenghao said slowly, “morning.”

The assistant went into the bathroom silently, found the washing utensils and brought them out. After helping Xu Chenghao wash, the meal was just delivered.

Xu Chenghao ate white porridge. After admiring others’ assistant for a while, he suddenly reacted: “where’s Jing Yicheng?”

The assistant said quietly, “the boss has something to do. He will be back soon.”

Xu Chenghao was unhappy: “I knew he couldn’t be trusted…”

When the assistant hesitated whether to say a few good words to the boss, Xu Chenghao had entered the next topic: “haven’t you sorted out the accident? Can you bring it to me first?”

Assistant: “it needs the boss’s consent.”

Xu Chenghao frowned, “aren’t you going to show me?”

Assistant: “Mr. Xu misunderstood. The boss didn’t want you to see this kind of thing, so he didn’t let go.”

Xu Chenghao: “it’s bad enough for me to face these legs every day. What else can’t I see? You call him!”

The assistant said, “the boss will be back soon. Why don’t you wait.”

Xu Chenghao was even more unhappy. He put down his bowl and said, “please contact Li Nian for me and let him come as soon as possible. Thank you.”

The assistant promised happily, “OK, right away.”

Xu Chenghao had no appetite and continued to eat. He lay in bed and closed his eyes.

Twenty minutes later, there was a sudden knock at the door. Li Nian’s loud voice suddenly burst out: “Xu Chenghao, are you okay? I heard you had a car accident. What’s the matter? How can I be wrapped into a mummy? How about my legs? What did the doctor say? Do my uncles and aunts know?”

Xu Chenghao’s head hurt because of the noise. He stretched out his hand to push away his head, frowned and said, “keep your voice down!”

Li Nian whispered in an instant: “you scared me to death. I haven’t seen you since yesterday. My mobile phone can’t get through. There are no people in both homes. The pepper base is not in. The staff in the greenhouse said they had seen you, but you left early. I thought you were kidnapped and had been waiting for blackmail letters in the company!!”

Xu Chenghao: “… Why are you so imaginative.”

Li Nian: “nonsense, I don’t have rich imagination. How can I deserve you“

Xu Chenghao laughed and scolded, “go away!”

Li Nian put away his playful smile and said seriously, “well, what’s going on?”

Xu Chenghao said reluctantly, “I don’t know. I was sent here in a car accident when I came out of the shed. Jing Yicheng investigated the matter, but didn’t show it to me. I’m still angry.”

Li Nian frowned when he heard the speech and subconsciously said, “this is about him?” after asking, he remembered that assistant Jing Yicheng was here. Quietly Mimi looked back at others, smiled awkwardly and turned back again: “what’s your condition now?”

Xu Chenghao picked his chin and motioned, “my leg is disabled. Everything else is fine.”

Li Nian frowned: “it’s been a hundred days, you…”

Xu Chenghao also collapsed: “the doctor told me yesterday that he would be hospitalized for three months.”

Li Nian: “I can understand. You can recover. I’ll let you know if the company has anything.”

Xu Chenghao nodded: “that’s the only way… By the way, my mobile phone is broken. First buy me a new mobile phone and make up the mobile phone card. The rest will wait until Jing Yicheng comes back.”

Li Nian: “OK, are you taken care of? I don’t think uncle and aunt Xu are here. I’ll take care of you?”

The assistant immediately coughed a few times to show his sense of existence.

Xu Chenghao and Li Nian looked at him at the same time. The assistant didn’t change his face and said, “my voice is not very comfortable. I’m sorry.”

Li Nian looks back at Xu Chenghao with a sign in his eyes: does he take care of you?

Xu Chenghao nodded silently.

Li Nian: what about Jing Yicheng?

Xu Chenghao also nodded.

Li Nian immediately showed a look of “I don’t worry about me” and looked at Xu Chenghao meaningfully.

Xu Chenghao raised his hand to smoke him. Li Nian immediately stepped back and opened the distance: “you’re all like this. You should calm down and don’t get angry. You’re angry and can’t hit me, can you?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He slammed the pillow and sneered, “can’t hit you?”

Li Nian caught the pillow: “you only have a pillow… Hey, don’t, don’t, the bowl is easy to break!”

Xu Chenghao snorted coldly, put down his bowl and said, “you’re a friend who cares for only five minutes. Get out!”

Li Nian laughed: “I’m not afraid you’re in a bad mood. Do I want to adjust your mood!”

Xu Chenghao: “… I feel even worse when you come.”

Li Nian said shamelessly, “it’s impossible. I’m so cute. You should be happy as soon as you see it.”

Xu Chenghao’s face was unspeakable: “go and buy me a mobile phone!”

Li Nian suddenly woke up: “Oh, yes, I’ll buy you a mobile phone first. What else do you need?”

Xu Chenghao: “you have to play your role as an assistant. Look at other people’s assistants. Why can’t you?”

Li Nian looked at his assistant again. The latter smiled and said, “can I help you make a list?”

“Ha ha, no!” Li Nian responded with a fake smile, turned to Xu Chenghao and said, “what’s the age? Don’t give me this set of other people’s children!”

Xu Chenghao: “go quickly.”

Li Nian gave Xu Chenghao a loud “hum!” and nodded to his assistant. Then he turned and left the ward.

Xu Chenghao reluctantly rubbed his eyebrows and said to his assistant, “I’m laughing.”

Assistant shallow hook lips: “assistant Li is a man of temperament.”

Xu Chenghao smiled and didn’t speak. After all, he still had to protect Li Nian’s face in front of outsiders.

Li Nian’s business ability was always online. In less than ten minutes, he prepared all the things Xu Chenghao asked for. He also brought Xu Chenghao a lunch and smiled at his assistant: “yours is in the living room. Go eat quickly. I’ll take care of president Xu.”

Knowing that he was supporting himself and smiling and thanking him, the assistant left the room to give them space to get along alone.

Li Nian set up a table for Xu Chenghao to have lunch. While watching Xu Chenghao eat, he whispered, “Ruan chenxuan had an accident yesterday afternoon.”

Xu Chenghao was shocked: “what’s the matter with him?”

Li Nian: “you may not believe it. He had a car accident. What’s more tragic is that he was at the door of Ruan’s group. It was well known and published in the newspaper this morning.”

Xu Chenghao subconsciously said, “won’t he lose his memory?”

Li Nian was surprised: “how do you know?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He knew it! The accident of Mary Sue’s classic routine will cause amnesia!! mom, the female owner is not around now, but the male owner suddenly loses his memory. Think about it, it’s a big play with deep-seated cruelty!

Li Nian continued: “however, the news I heard is not necessarily accurate. Anyway, the news I got is that his upper body was seriously impacted in the car accident. His brain was not only moderately concussed, but also accompanied by local amnesia.”

Then Li Nian suddenly said in surprise, “hey? Speaking of it, his car accident is the most serious injury to his upper body, especially his head, and your lower body, especially his legs… What a coincidence?”

Xu Chenghao chewed the porridge in his mouth without expression and said, “this is the difference between the protagonist’s aura and the spare tire’s aura…”

Li Nian didn’t hear clearly: “what are you talking about?”

Xu Chenghao swallowed the porridge and said calmly, “I’m glad we didn’t make a car accident, otherwise we would lie here.”

“Pooh, Pooh, what are you talking about?” Li Nian said disgustingly, “you’d better eat quickly and talk less!”

Xu Chenghao drinks porridge silently. But in his head, he is looking for the story of the male master’s amnesia… No… No… From the beginning to the end, from the female master’s not gone, to go, to come back, there is no amnesia.

Is it the butterfly effect he influenced? What did he do? Where did he start to change?

Xu Chenghao drank porridge one by one. He didn’t even know that there was no porridge in the bowl. He also did porridge mechanically.

Li Nian stared at him and was about to wave his hand to call him back. Suddenly, he covered his mouth with one hand and directly put him out.

Da – a bright red strawberry was placed in Xu Chenghao’s empty spoon. Xu Chenghao stared at it slowly for a few seconds before he suddenly looked up.

The bouquet made of strawberries is placed in front of him. The bright red and tender strawberries are wrapped in pure black wrapping paper, and the roses around are fragrant, which looks delicious. Xu Chenghao looks up and sees the young man holding the strawberry bouquet looking down at him. His handsome face is a little smiling, and the tassels of the brooch are slightly dazzling, showing that the young man has been carefully dressed.

Jing Yicheng carefully observed his look: “don’t you like it?”

Xu Chenghao worried that he was in a bad mood and thought too much. He silently scooped up the strawberries on the spoon and put them into his mouth. He looked at the strawberry bouquet and didn’t speak.

Jing Yicheng coughed softly: “it doesn’t matter. I’m still ready.”

As he spoke, he wound the other hand behind him in front of him. Before Xu Chenghao reacted, he saw a small bouquet of warm yellow flowers sent to him. Chaotianjiao, which is scarlet than strawberries, was closely arranged and surrounded by white stars to form a heart shape. It was unexpectedly beautiful.

Jing Yicheng continued to observe his look: “do you like it? Look at the little yellow duck I specially asked someone to draw on the paper.”

Slender fingers held the bouquet and rotated it twice. There was a little yellow duck on the warm yellow package. Although it was not closely arranged, Xu Chenghao recognized that the little yellow duck was the pattern he painted on the back of Jing Yicheng’s hand that day.

Xu Chenghao still couldn’t help but try: “give it to me?”

Jing Yicheng nodded affirmatively, “of course, I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it to you.”

Xu Chenghao stared at him: “why did you give me these things? Compensation?”

“Yes.” Jing Yi looked back frankly: “you can only be with me for the rest of your life, compensate you for being loved by me, can’t love others, compensate you… Can’t refuse.”


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