Spare Tire Chapter 9

Xu Chenghao was still confused and didn’t know what had happened.

Li Nian frowned and said, “the engagement banquet was very noisy last night, and it was published in the newspaper this morning…” he described all the things he knew, and Xu Chenghao finally figured out what happened here.

In the final analysis, the banquet last night was so smooth that the onlookers didn’t believe it. Even Ruan chenxuan had an untrue illusion – after all, neither Xu Chenghao nor Jing Yicheng had a good relationship with him. He didn’t believe that the other party would choose to stop when he caught the chance to fall into the well!

But in fact, whether it was Xu Chenghao, who had been watched closely by the onlookers, or Jing Yicheng, who was very defensive by Ruan chenxuan, they didn’t make any movement. It seemed that they were only attending an ordinary banquet. They were calm and calm from arrival to departure. There is no imaginary dog blood to tear or fall into a well.

This made Ruan chenxuan alert, but also made all the onlookers feel strange and puzzled, and whispered: is it difficult for Xu Chenghao to get out of the emotional shadow so soon?

There is humanity: “sure, Xu Chenghao is at least the eldest son of the Xu family. He is rich, powerful and good-looking. He will not lack women who rush up.”

“I also think he must not care about someone, so he can calmly come to the engagement banquet, otherwise he must accompany someone.”

“Don’t say it. I suspect that when Xu Chenghao dissolved his engagement, he didn’t let the other party free at all. He felt tired of being brought a green hat and directly withdrew from his marriage!”

“Can it be that some people want to cover up and show up, so they say it on purpose?”

“Hahaha, don’t talk nonsense. If you are heard in the future, you will cry.”

For wealthy women who have money and time, this gossip after dinner is their favorite thing. At the beginning, Xu Chenghao withdrew from his marriage and there was a lot of noise. Now there is no excitement to watch. People pay attention to Ruan chenxuan and an Ruoyu.

No way, who let Ruan chenxuan rob someone else’s fiancee, but he was suddenly engaged again. Xu Chenghao’s attitude and an Ruyu, who didn’t show up, must have some stories.

In order to preserve her relationship with Ruan chenxuan and Ruan chenxuan’s image, Zhou Qian later said in public that an Ruoyu pestered her fiance because she didn’t want to face and pushed everything directly on an Ruoyu.

It can be imagined that an Rouyu’s reputation of “being contested by two male gods and admired by everyone” has become a reputation of “pestering men who are unwilling to want it”. The gap is what a cliff like split.

It can also be imagined that an Ruyu had a bad life in her home. It is estimated that it will be more difficult to have such a scandal suddenly.

In this regard, Xu Chenghao only said: “lying in the trough.”

When he went to the engagement banquet, he didn’t do a word or even a superfluous action, but the gossip suddenly spread quickly, and he picked himself out to consolidate his reputation. In any case, he was the most suspected. No wonder Li Nian thought so.

If he were not a party, he would think so, okay!

Xu Chenghao felt a headache, covered his head and began to think about everything that happened at the wedding banquet last night. Suddenly he had a flash of inspiration and thought that all this could not be done by villains, could it?

After all, if this thing continues, it will only make the male and female owners misunderstand and and hate themselves. Moreover, the hardship of the female owner is in line with his courtship plan. He is the one who benefits the most, so… It must be him!

Drag yourself into the water again… Madman!

Xu Chenghao bit his back teeth: “these psychopaths!”

Li Nian looked at him: “do you know who did it? What are you going to do?”

Xu Chenghao waved weakly: “I don’t want to talk to them… Don’t worry, go to work.”

Li Nian: “aren’t you angry?”

Xu Chenghao’s face was expressionless: “I’m too lazy to quarrel with neuropathy.”

Li Nian wanted to stop talking. Seeing that Xu Chenghao really didn’t want to talk, he got up silently and left the office.

As soon as the office door was closed, Xu Chenghao immediately drew out A4 paper and outlined the outline of a madman. Then he filled it with words such as madman, neuropathy and so on. He vented his anger for as long as one minute, covered the whole paper, and then hummed and dropped his pen.

I don’t care because I’m incompetent and not angry!

Xu Chenghao took out another piece of A4 paper and filled it again. When he was satisfied, Li Nian went back and knocked on the door and said, “president Xu, I’m in.”

Xu Chenghao suddenly felt guilty. In a hurry, he threw two pieces of A4 paper into the drawer, locked it and pretended to say, “come in.”

Li Nian opened the door and sent the documents in: “the above is the documents accumulated yesterday afternoon, and the following is this morning; there is a high-level meeting at 2:30 p.m. and a video conference at 5 o’clock…”

After piling up documents on his desk and reporting today’s trip, Li Nian left again.

Xu Chenghao poured half a cup of water into the little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot and picked up his spiritual work again.

He also needs to live, work and plant pepper to go back. Anyway, he is very busy and has no time to pay attention to these madmen, and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

What is an engagement party! After spending it, it only belongs to the episode of life!!


In the secret Research Institute, researchers in white coats with work cards and protection teams with anesthesia guns and earphones can be seen everywhere. They are moving like teeth, loyal and rigorous to their own work.

As for the person who controls the gear… He is sitting in the office, looking strangely at the computer in front of him, and hasn’t moved for a long time.

On the screen is a suspended video. The picture shows the back of a young man in a suit. His left hand is pressing A4 paper and his right hand is holding a black paint pen. He is writing. A word “Crazy” is about to take shape. His handwriting is slightly deeper. His anger and sadness can be felt across the screen.

Jing Yicheng rubbed the porcelain cup in his hand. For a moment, he couldn’t tell what it was like in his heart.

He has behaved perversely over the years, which is really disgusting. I laughed with him openly and scolded him as a madman in private, but it was the first time I met someone who painted him on paper.

The means are slightly… Childish.

Childish enough to make people laugh, completely angry.

He lowered his head to drink tea. When the corner of his mouth touched the edge of the cup, he was surprised to find that he had just smiled.

The tedious work and increasingly heavy feelings made him gradually immersed in the darkness. It seemed that he had not held a cup of tea like this for a long time.

… it’s really memorable.

The tea invading the tongue gradually smells bitter. Jing Yicheng subconsciously wants to recall the last sweet candy in his heart to wash away the pain now.

But the girl who thought of handing sugar became indifferent now. Instead of washing it, she felt that the bitter taste had been passed to her heart, turning the candy in her memory into bitter fruit, and there was no sweetness anymore.

Jing Yicheng’s mood suddenly failed. He found the sweets he carried in his pocket and stuffed them into his mouth one by one. He tried hard to recall the sweetness he had tasted before, but the more so, the more his head can recall the indifference and rejection of the sugar delivery girl.

——”I don’t like you. Don’t pester me!”

——”Please let me go. Can’t I change what you like about me?”

——”Jing Yicheng, you are a madman! Why did I give you candy at the beginning! If I do it again, I will hide far away!”

Bang! The porcelain cup was knocked on the table, pressing Jing Yicheng’s chaotic mind to the bottom of his heart.

He got up, took off his white coat and went out. He was eager to see an Ruoyu immediately to calm his mood – otherwise, he didn’t know what to meet him.

At the moment, it is the peak of people flow at noon. Office workers go out to eat, and even the office building of Xu group is lively.

Xu Chenghao and Li Nian took the elevator downstairs and walked through the hall. When they were discussing what to eat, they saw an Rouyu, a very familiar person standing at the door.

She also saw Xu Chenghao. Her haggard face suddenly showed some grievances, and her eyes said with tears: “brother Hao…”

Xu Chenghao thought it was no good for her to come to him. He looked cold and said, “miss an.”

It’s only a week since they last met. But an Ruyu’s haggard and Xu Chenghao’s indifference give people an illusion of the next year.

An Rouyu couldn’t accept the memory of the gentle brother Hao’s cold face to himself. Subconsciously, she stepped closer and said, “brother Hao, why did you do this to me… Did you do the banquet last night? You said you would protect me, but why did you hurt me last?”

Xu Chenghao was very upset about the banquet last night. At the moment, he was mentioned face to face. His face suddenly sank. He said in a cold voice, “miss an is self-respect. I think I will not embarrass you in the past, but I don’t want you to splash dirty water. If you come to me because of this, you’d better go back quickly.”

An Ruoyu was frozen in place, and some could not believe: “brother Hao, you are cruel to me? You, why do you treat me like this?”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “why can’t I do this to you? What’s my relationship with you, miss an?”

“I’m you -” an Rouyu opened her mouth, but suddenly found that she had lost her fiancee’s protective shell for more than ten years.

An Ruoyu was suddenly a little frightened, because she knew clearly what would happen if she lost this protective cover before she confirmed her relationship with Ruan chenxuan. She felt afraid and wanted to make up for her fault: “brother Hao, are you angry with me? I’m sorry, I also heard others say you came to question. I was impulsive. I’m sorry, brother Hao, don’t be angry.”

Xu Chenghao sneered: “don’t you make me angry by splashing dirty water on me? Who do you think you are!”

The more Xu Chenghao mentioned his identity, the more worried an Ruyu became. She completely forgot that she came to question the other party this time, and cried about her family’s condemnation and exclusion from the outside world. Her mind was full of restoring the relationship: “brother Hao, I’m sorry, I know I was bad before. How can you not be angry? Can you tell me? I apologize to you, I’m sorry, can’t you do this? I’m afraid.”

If she had been soft and spoiled before, Xu Chenghao would have forgiven her and began to comfort her in a soft voice. But today, no matter how much an Ruyu hopes to look at each other, what he gets is just a cold sentence: “miss an is self-respect.”

An Ruyu’s tears in her eyes immediately flowed down and sobbed softly: “brother Hao, don’t do this. We agreed to be friends. You’re still my brother and I’m still your sister… Are we as bad as before? Brother Hao, have you really forgotten our feelings for so many years?”


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