Spare Tire Chapter 91

Spare Tire Chapter 91

Xu Chenghao is more than murderous. Now he is dying of anger. He feels that this matter is very serious. He must give Jing Yicheng a warning, or he will suffer from his possessiveness in the future.

So after hanging up the phone, Xu Chenghao carried Jing Yicheng’s ear for a serious education: “do you know you’re wrong?”

Jing Yicheng: “I see.”

Xu Chenghao: “what’s wrong?”

Jing Yicheng hesitated for a few seconds and said tentatively, “shouldn’t I kiss you?”

Xu Chenghao’s efforts to pull his ears instantly increased: “think again!”

Jing Yicheng took a breath: “I shouldn’t kiss you at the meeting.”

Xu Chenghao was reluctantly satisfied and added, “what’s wrong with you is that you shouldn’t disturb my work, and you are jealous and irrational under inappropriate circumstances. You are infringing on my work and freedom. Will you be angry if I disturb your work?”

Jing Yicheng wanted to say that he was not angry, but he decided to tell the truth: “you may not be able to get into the place where I work.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

The hand pulling the ear couldn’t help but automatically increase: “don’t talk, just ask if you hear me?”

Jing Yicheng admitted his mistake and had a good attitude: “I heard you!”

Xu Chenghao: “how dare you do it in the future?”

Jing Yicheng: “I dare not.”

Xu Chenghao: “what if you commit it again?”

Jing Yicheng: “promise not to make it!”

Xu Chenghao stared at him for a few seconds, determined that his attitude was sincere and serious, and then let go of his ear: “even this time, I’ll turn against you next time.”

Jing Yicheng rubbed his ears silently and didn’t dare to say anything.

Xu Chenghao leaned back to bed and continued to chat with Li Nian. He sent a message and asked, “what’s the situation in the company now?”

Li Nian replied after a long time: “after the meeting, everyone unanimously forgot about your injury and was discussing your love relationship with the mysterious man.”

Xu Chenghao sent six dots.

Li Nian: “how’s your side? How’s your communication with the mysterious man?”

Xu Chenghao looked at Jing Yicheng uncertainly: “it should be OK.”

Li Nian: “don’t think it’s OK. You have to speak well, otherwise there will be another time!”

Xu Chenghao: “I’m trying to be reasonable.”

Li Nian: “if the child doesn’t obey, beat him!”

Li Nian withdrew a message.

Li Nian: “I didn’t say anything.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Li Nian counseled in front of Jing Yicheng.

Thinking, Xu Chenghao looked at Jing Yicheng sitting by the bed rubbing his ears, and deeply understood what is “one thing down one thing”. Li Nian is afraid of Jing Yicheng. Jing Yicheng is afraid of him

Xu Chenghao suddenly got close to the scene, kissed his swollen earlobe and asked, “does it still hurt?”

Jing Yicheng subconsciously shakes his head and quickly nods his head. He puts his ears together again. The meaning is very obvious.

Xu Chenghao smiled and came closer again – Jing Yicheng suddenly turned his head to catch the kiss. When his lips collided, Xu Chenghao suddenly stared and wanted to step back, but one hand had already climbed up his shoulder along his back and firmly held the back of his head.

Kissing is strange to both of them. Originally, Xu Chenghao thought it would be good to stick his lips to his lips for a while. However, Jing Yicheng had seen too many idol dramas and materials. He tried to attack without much meeting. He gently licked the corners of his mouth, then crossed the teeth and entangled the tip of his tongue hidden in it.

Jing Yicheng was more gentle than Xu Chenghao thought. He took care of his feelings all the way. Seeing him frown, he immediately withdrew, held people in his arms and patted him on the back to give him comfort.

Xu Chenghao buried his head silently on his shoulder, blushing to the explosion.

Jing Yicheng kissed his earlobe: “do you feel all right?”

Xu Chenghao humed stiffly, “it’s not good at all. You cheat.”

Listening to the soft tone, Jing Yicheng knew that he was playing coquettish and held people tighter: “I’ll play tricks. How can I sit here if I don’t play tricks.”

Xu Chenghao was amused: “you still know.”

Jing Yicheng’s tone was very proud: “yes, as long as I can get you, what’s the face?”

Hearing the sweet words, Xu Chenghao’s heart was warm and sweet. The temperature on his face began to rise, and he quietly nestled in Jing Yicheng’s arms.

Jing Yicheng likes when he depends on himself most. When he holds him tightly, his heart is warm and swollen. He is almost burst by happiness, and his whole body is full of sweetness.

The meeting was just a very subtle episode for them. There was no quarrel, and it was soon buried in an unknown place.

Jing Yicheng takes care of Xu Chenghao after lunch. After lying down for a daily lunch break, he quietly leaves the ward and sits busy in the living room.

The assistant handed over the recent affairs of the Institute. Jing Yicheng checked them one by one, asked about the recent orders, and signed after confirming that there were no mistakes.

The assistant said with concern, “is your head all right?”

Jing Yicheng subconsciously touched his forehead: “it’s all right.”

The assistant couldn’t help reminding: “president Xu was injured. You should always take care of and care about him. Don’t always make President Xu angry. In case he gets angry and ignores you one day, it depends on what you do.”

Jing Yicheng threw his pen on the table and said faintly, “I know.”

Assistant: “I’m afraid you don’t know the number of times we eat pepper.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

The assistant was also afraid of talking too much, and the boss was angry. When he saw that the boss stopped talking, he shut up silently and ate buccal tablets for himself every day.

Jing Yicheng raised his hand and said, “give me a piece!”

Assistant: ”

In this cold afternoon, they shared buccal tablets and worked silently.

And Xu Chenghao… He slept until more than four o’clock before he opened his eyes.

The treatment is so unfair, but no one dares to complain. We have to coax the people in the hospital bed for fear that he will be unhappy.

Xu Chenghao eats and drinks every day. When he is happy, he takes the initiative to kiss Jing Yicheng. When he is unhappy, some people coax him. Otherwise, his legs can’t move with plaster. It’s really an immortal day when clothes come to hand out and food to open his mouth.

The mobile phone rang on time. Xu Chenghao looked at his mobile phone and found that the time to harvest pepper for the fourth time had come unconsciously, that is to say, he could finish the task today!

Xu Chenghao was so excited that he suddenly sat up and looked at the little yellow duck flowerpot.

Sitting on one side, Jing Yicheng subconsciously held his waist: “what’s the matter? I’ll get you what you want?”

“It’s time to harvest peppers!” Xu Chenghao said excitedly, “if I can harvest 20 peppers today, I can finish the task!”

Jing Yicheng: “Congratulations, I’ll pick it for you later.”

Xu Chenghao nodded: “take the pepper and plant it together. If you complete the task, the next batch of pepper is yours.”

Jing Yicheng kissed his hand: “OK, I’ll be back soon.”

With the last experience, Xu Chenghao believed that Jing Yicheng’s harvest of pepper would be more smooth. After sending off the people, he was relieved to hold the little yellow duck and wait for the results of pepper seedlings.

As soon as four o’clock arrived on time, the little yellow duck suddenly burst into a red color, with the same number as the last time, a full 11 intact peppers and 13 deformed peppers. Nine more peppers will complete the task!

Xu Chenghao put the whole pepper in the fresh-keeping box and was satisfied. I look forward to Jing Yicheng bringing back the pepper harvested in the greenhouse. There must be more than nine at that time. He is sure to complete the task!

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help sending a message to Jing Yicheng: “what’s the situation over there?”

Jing Yicheng replied, “go back now.”

Xu Chenghao said, “OK, I’ll wait for you.”

At the same time, outside the ward, the assistant looked slightly changed at the news and got up and walked out.

“Don’t move!”

As soon as I went out, I saw the black muzzle in front of me. The assistant closed the door of the ward without changing his face and said faintly, “it seems that you are ready to cooperate only once.”

The captain smiled bitterly: “I’m sorry to be ordered by my superior.”

The assistant frowned, “where’s my boss?”

Captain: “someone else answered. Please come with us first.”


When Xu Chenghao was looking at his mobile phone with his chin propped up, the door of the ward was suddenly opened. Xu Chenghao suddenly looked up in surprise: “you’re back – why are you?”

Looking at Ruan chenxuan standing at the door of the ward, Xu Chenghao took back his smile and said calmly, “how did you get in?”

Ruan chenxuan put the flowers and fruit basket in his hand on the bedside table: “I knocked on the door outside and no one answered. I came in. I’m sorry I didn’t bother you.”

Xu Chenghao was stunned: “no one outside?”

Ruan chenxuan definitely nodded: “did your escort leave? I didn’t see anyone.”

Xu Chenghao turned out his number and called his assistant. The other party didn’t answer. After hanging up, he quickly sent a message: “something has been withdrawn. Don’t worry.”

What’s the meaning of this?

Xu Chenghao’s call to his assistant was already turned off. He immediately had a bad feeling in his heart. He immediately called Jing Yicheng. No one answered the same call until the final shutdown, but he didn’t send him a message.

What happened?

Xu Chenghao frowned and called the greenhouse. Chen Long answered the phone. He said, “just after President Jing answered the phone, he was very anxious to go out. He only took the pepper and didn’t have time to plant a new crop. He hasn’t come back yet. The machine is still on.”

Xu Chenghao was worried and flustered. If his assistant hadn’t sent him this message, he wondered whether Jing Yicheng had made too many enemies and was caught and killed by protection loopholes!

He wanted to find Jing Yicheng, but until now he found that he had not contacted Jing Yicheng’s friends circle and work circle. He even knew Jing Yicheng’s assistant, but now the assistant is gone, leaving only a message to report peace.

Xu Chenghao didn’t know who to contact with with his mobile phone. He realized for the first time that Jing Yicheng couldn’t find him even if he evaporated from the world!

How could it suddenly disappear

What should he do now

Xu Chenghao looked at his legs. For the first time, he felt powerless and helpless. His heart was blocked and his whole body was uncomfortable. Xu Chenghao held his head and didn’t speak for a long time.

Ruan chenxuan also noticed that the situation was wrong and took the initiative to make a voice and care: “is something wrong? I can help at any time if necessary.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t bother to pay attention to him. He called Jing Yicheng again. After confirming that it was turned off and couldn’t be dialed, he called Li Nian directly: “come here, right away!”


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