Spare Tire Chapter 92

Aware that Xu Chenghao’s tone was wrong, Li Nian immediately indicated that he would arrive in ten minutes, hung up the phone and began to rush here.

Xu Chenghao in the ward could do nothing but wait because of his leg injury.

He stared at his cast legs in a daze. He kept thinking about Jing Yicheng’s recent behavior, words and deeds, and even turned over and over to check the plot, trying to find out what was wrong.

No… no… no

Needless to say, the undetermined answer has been denied first in his heart. Xu Chenghao decadent found that he not only had no way to find the trace of Jing Yicheng, but also could not find the reason why the other party suddenly disappeared.

What is it

Xu Chenghao fiddled with his hair and tried to think.

Ruan chenxuan sat silently with him, silent and undisturbed. It was not until there was a rush of footsteps at the door that I got up and opened the door to check

When Li Nian rushed in, he was almost tired into a dog. He was panting on his knees: “what, what’s going on!”

Xu Chenghao, who had been dead, immediately raised his head: “Li Nian!”

“Yes, let me catch my breath.” Li Nian sat by the bed and tried to calm down. By the way, he looked at the person who opened the door for himself, with a slight look in his eyes: “how is Mr. Ruan here?”

Ruan chenxuan knew that their relationship must be bad. He calmly said, “I heard that President Xu came to see him when he was ill. As a result, I didn’t expect that there was no one around him. I didn’t go until you came.”

“No one?” Li Nian’s focus was unprecedented consistent with Xu Chenghao. Hearing this keyword, he was stunned at first. Then he realized that Jing Yicheng, who was always pestering president Xu, was not in the ward.

That’s right. If Jing Yicheng was there, how could Ruan chenxuan appear in the ward and accompany Xu Chenghao alone!

Li Nian guessed something, turned his head and looked at Xu Chenghao. After two seconds, he quickly converged and showed a professional fake smile: “thank you so much, Mr. Ruan. I didn’t expect to delay you for so long. I happen to be here now. If you are busy, go and be busy. Bye.”

When it came to the end, it was clear that he was in a hurry. Ruan chenxuan also felt that the atmosphere was subtle and not suitable for him, so he got up and left with the water, saying that he would visit again another day.

Li Nian smiles on the surface, but he thinks it’s better for you to come less when you are old, so that everyone is happy.

Ruan chenxuan was finally sent away. Li Nian hurriedly closed the door and returned to the ward: “what happened? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, but Jing Yicheng disappeared.” Xu Chenghao couldn’t explain the identity of Jing Yicheng, so he could only vaguely summarize the causes and consequences.

Li Nian looked at the message and tut tut twice: “if it weren’t for this message, I doubt whether Jing Yicheng had made too many enemies and been killed.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

To be honest, his first reaction was the same. In addition, he didn’t escape the broken leg law. He was worried that the other party could not escape the death outcome, and his heart was half cold. That’s why he is so eager to know the reason why Jing Yicheng disappeared and to determine whether the other party’s current situation is safe!

Thinking more, people become more and more impetuous. The uneasiness and panic that just suppressed for a few seconds hit his reason again. Even if he told himself not to panic, the assistant left a text message for fear that he wanted to show that Jing Yicheng was okay, it was still useless.

He was like being dropped in midair and landed at any time, up and down without landing at all. This kind of unclear and vague state is always the most frightening, which is more frightening than giving a pleasure directly.

More importantly, when getting used to the two person relationship mode, there is no better way for people to see their true thoughts than leaving, and there is no better way for people to clearly understand how terrible habits are

Xu Chenghao is like this now. When Jing Yicheng leaves, he will find that no one can replace the sense of security with the other side. The mood with the other side is always different. At least when the other side is around, he will never be so flustered or even afraid

Xu Chenghao held his head, but he couldn’t restrain the miscellaneous fragments and ideas in his mind. The whole person was in a panic,

After Li Nian determined that Jing Yicheng and his assistant couldn’t get through and even turned out to be out of the service area, he patted Xu Chenghao on the shoulder and comforted: “cheer up.”

Xu Chenghao: “I’m worried… He won’t have an accident.”

Li Nian shook his cell phone: “people’s text messages have been sent to reassure you. If you know what you mean, don’t think about it.”

Xu Chenghao: “but I’m still worried. What if he… Doesn’t come back?”

The second half of the sentence was very low, but Li Nian still heard it: “if he doesn’t come back on the premise of no accident, it means you’re not important and it’s not worth him to come back. What are you worried about him doing?… of course, that’s what I said. It’s best for him to come back for you if he’s okay.”

“Anyway, the result is these two. If you are willing to wait, we will give him a period of time as the deadline. If you are not willing to wait, we will forget this person as if he is really dead. It’s no big deal.” Li Nian said and patted Xu Chenghao on the shoulder.

Xu Chenghao blocked his hand unhappily. “It’s not as light as you said.”

Li Nian was helpless: “what can you do? Apart from him, have you seen his friends? Have you seen his work place? Have you seen his family parents? Can you find his whereabouts?”

Xu Chenghao bowed his head in frustration: “No.”

“Yes, then we can only wait or wait.” Li Nian said and felt something wrong: “shit, I found that Jing Yicheng hid so deeply. Although he is famous in the circle, he really didn’t reveal anything. He disappeared out of thin air. We have nothing to do. Fortunately, you haven’t been cheated…”

After a pause, Li Nian said uncertainly, “you shouldn’t have been cheated?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He really wants to beat Li Nian!!

However, being stirred up by Li Nian, he really doesn’t think it’s a big deal now. It’s just two choices. Wait or wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Xu Chenghao suddenly turns his head to look at the little yellow duck, and the reflection arc is extremely slow. It seems that Jing Yicheng disappeared with his pepper and pepper seeds???

Shit, doesn’t that mean that as long as Jing Yicheng doesn’t come back, he can’t finish the task? Don’t mention pepper. There is no pepper. He can’t do anything for a week!

If Xu Chenghao had just been flustered, there would be only anger left. He really wants to know why Jing Yicheng left! If you leave, you can leave. You can plant the seeds! No, you can put it in the greenhouse!

He almost roared into a groundhog, but in fact he could only sit in bed and do nothing.

I’m so angry with him. If Jing Yicheng doesn’t come back this month, he won’t want him!

Xu Chenghao suddenly raised his hand and threw the little yellow duck pillow on the ground. He was so angry that he exploded: “if he can’t come back this month, don’t come back!”

Li Nian choked at the words he wanted to comfort. He couldn’t understand why people who had just been sad and decadent were suddenly so grumpy… Is this the legendary love IQ?

Li Nian silently picked up the little yellow duck pillow: “well, don’t be angry. We have to take good care of ourselves without him… I’ll find you an escort first. Do you have any requirements?”

Xu Chenghao suppressed his anger and silently remembered in his heart: “no request.”

Li Nian nodded: “OK, I’ll find it for you. If you have something, call me or call a nurse. Don’t be arrogant alone.”

Xu Chenghao nodded to show that he knew it. After Li Nian left, he vented his anger and sent more than a dozen “liar” messages to Jing Yicheng, and finally left a sentence: “if you don’t come back this month, I’ll go back!”

The mobile phone was quiet and never responded. Xu Chenghao tried to call again after calming down, but he was still not in the service area.

Really so completely lost contact

Xu Chenghao threw his mobile phone beside the pillow and lay in bed silently closing his eyes.

He said he would come back early.

A liar.

When Li Nian came back with his carefully selected escort, Xu Chenghao had fallen asleep. The room was a little dark. Li Nian turned on the night light and silently withdrew from the ward. He said to the caregiver, “the patient you need to take care of is him. This room is where you live. You may need to pay more attention in the next few months. The salary will be settled according to our agreed monthly settlement. What else do you think?”

The male escort shook his head: “no more.”

Li Nian nodded: “I hired another escort to take over the shift with you. The purpose is to hope you can rest well and take better care of the patients. I hope you can arrange your time reasonably. As for how to go to work, you can discuss it. He will arrive tomorrow morning.”

The male nurse nodded, “OK.”

Li Nian explained everything she could think of. Finally, worried about Xu Chenghao’s emotional instability, she chose to stay with him for one night and wait until Xu Chenghao met the escort tomorrow.

The escort is a man and a woman, because Li Nian thinks that men are strong, and it may be more convenient for Xu Chenghao who can’t move; As for girls, it must be taking care of people carefully. You can find many places that men don’t notice.

Two people take care of each other for half a day, just complementary, very perfect.

Xu Chenghao’s response to this was flat. He said “just decide” and didn’t say anything.

Li Nian was helpless: “all right, then you have a good recovery. I will come to see you from time to time.”

Xu Chenghao nodded without spirit: “if you have a job, you can call me.”

Li Nian: “OK.”

After the two had breakfast together, Li Nian waved away. The female escort who took office sat silently on one side, waiting for care at any time.

Xu Chenghao glanced at her and said faintly, “go out first. I’ll call you if you have something.”

“OK.” the female escort got up and left without doubt. After the door of the sick room was closed, she looked at the male escort sitting in the living room, silently took back her sight and sat in front of the door.

The male escort quietly took back his sight and sent out the photos of Xu Chenghao and the news——

“In order to enter the life scope of the protector and accompany him as an escort, another person’s identity is unknown.”


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