Spare Tire Chapter 93

After the news came back to a certain place, it was not long before the identity of the female escort was sent – “Qian Yuyu, a private professional bodyguard, is currently employed. It is preliminarily determined that the employer Ruan chenxuan is inconsistent with Li Nian’s original medical identity. Please pay attention to protect the patient from any accidents.”

Male escort: “copy!”

Just as the message was sent out, a bell rang. The female escort sitting at the door took out her mobile phone to check the message, looked at the blank data file, and her eyes sank slightly.

——”The advanced encryption of the identity file cannot be detected. Congratulations, you have encountered a hard stubble.”

Female Escort: ”

She looked up at the male escort, looked at him for a few seconds and smiled back. When she dropped her eyes on the ground, her eyes were cold again – even if some people were successful in disguise, the bloody smell and body movements floating on his body would betray him.

This is why they can find each other’s abnormalities from the beginning.

It seems that I really have a hard stubble

The atmosphere of the living room gradually changes in mutual temptation, just like the bow and arrow that will be full of strings, sharp arrows will erupt at any time, penetrating each other, full of a tight sense of crisis.

Just as they were about to do it, a happy voice suddenly came from the ward: “Ga ~ GA ~ GA GA ~ I’m a lovely little yellow duck ~ ~”

The two escorts who nearly reached the waist: “??”

In the ward.

Compared with the fierce atmosphere outside, Xu Chenghao’s ward alone was as quiet as dead water without waves. There was no warm feeling of laughter and bustle in the past. The ward finally revealed its original cold and lonely side.

Therefore, Xu Chenghao took the initiative to play the song of the little yellow duck for the first time, and put the TV at the maximum sound, so that the magical quack filled the whole ward. Although still not much effect, but at least lively.

But a person will still think

Xu Chenghao even felt that if he didn’t find something to do, he would explode in situ! He lay in bed for half an hour, worried about Jing Yicheng’s safety, angry that he took all the pepper seeds away, afraid that he couldn’t come back, and began to think about what to do when the task of little pepper failed

Xu Chenghao finally sat up and called Li Nian, “do you have a job? Give me something to do.”

Li Nian is almost busy. Hearing such hateful words, he is really itching: “do you think I don’t want to give it to you? If it weren’t for your patient’s sake, would I have to read the mail when I went to the bathroom!”

Xu Chenghao: “but I’m idle now. I’m always thinking… You might as well let me get busy.”

Li Nian clamped his cell phone and took time to sort out the documents: “you’re thinking about what’s in a mess. Didn’t you say to wait and wait, and treat him as dead without waiting for us?”

Xu Chenghao quietly buttoned up the quilt: “but I want to wait… Don’t I think about it when I wait.”

Li Nian had nothing to say: “OK, I’ll send you an email later, but you have to know yourself. You can’t be too tired.”

Xu Chenghao: “OK.”

After discussing with Li Nian, the e-mail flew in like a fairy scattered flowers, which made Xu Chenghao forget his love for children and women in an instant. He was very devoted to entering the career army, hiding all his emotions and trying to paralyze himself with work.

In the next few days, Xu Chenghao took a day off from changing the plaster. Xu Chenghao was basically busy and seemed to take the ward as his new office.

The male chaperone looked at the patient who was getting tired day by day under his lens. Every time he sent out the photo, his fingers were a little unstable. He always felt that if a great demon saw it, he would not live back to the cliff.

The female chaperone… After she told her employer about the situation, the next day Ruan chenxuan came back with a gift box and bouquet: “good morning, Mr. Xu.”

Xu Chenghao looked up from the computer and became displeased instantly: “Ruan always looks very idle.”

Ruan chenxuan put the gift by the bed and said with a smile, “it’s not bad. I’m just a little tired of the drama at home, so I’ll come out and be quiet.”

Xu Chenghao closed the computer and began to pack up the documents: “I also want to be quiet. Please ask Ruan’s head office for two aspects.”

Ruan chenxuan asked, “why does president Xu always resist me? Have I done anything too much before? I’m sorry I don’t remember now, but as long as president Xu gives me a chance, I’m willing to compensate for everything.”

Xu Chenghao: “our relationship is notoriously bad. Why do you say I resist you? Besides, you’ve done too many things. I don’t want to forgive you and won’t give you a chance to compensate. The farther you stay from me, the better.”

Ruan chenxuan: “I just don’t want to see strangers before I think of ways to compensate. At least in my memory, I have a good sense of you. Your business mind and style are the best of the younger generation I’ve seen. I’ve wanted to be friends with you many times.”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s what you felt a year ago. Now things have changed. You’d better recognize the facts, otherwise living in the past will become the biggest disadvantage that will bring you down.”

Ruan chenxuan’s eyes lit up slightly: “are you reminding me?”

Xu Chenghao turned his face: “who reminded you!”

“Well, well, I said the wrong thing.” Ruan chenxuan quickly changed his words, but Xu Chenghao’s eyes were full of laughter. This is the first VOD he received after losing his memory. It can be regarded as an alternative concern

Ruan chenxuan was warm in his heart. At the same time, he wondered why he clearly appreciated him so much, and the other party was willing to mention himself. Why did they end up like this.

Thinking of the videos on the computer and mobile phone, Ruan chenxuan tentatively said, “president Xu is so resistant to me. Is it because I have hurt you before?”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him coldly and didn’t speak.

Ruan chenxuan took this reaction as the default and continued: “I found a lot of your videos on my computer…”

Xu Chenghao paused with his fingers: “what do you want to say?”

Ruan chenxuan: “did I like you before?”

“No.” Xu Chenghao denied very quickly: “the relationship between us has deteriorated because you dug my corner and robbed my fiancee for more than ten years. As for what you like about me, you are not amnesia, you are delusional!”

Ruan chenxuan frowned: “I don’t know your fiancee, and no one around me has mentioned it.”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s because you broke up with your family, and it’s also because of an Ruyu. Your family doesn’t like her. Of course, they won’t take the initiative to mention it.”

Ruan chenxuan didn’t give up: “but my friend didn’t say it either.”

Xu Chenghao: “it depends on what friends you make.”

“Besides, Ann Ruyu has just left for a few months. Before, there were newspapers and web pages for your noisy things. You can check them yourself.”

Ruan chenxuan: “it is not advisable to exaggerate the composition of newspaper Web pages.”

Xu Chenghao mocked: “how exaggerated, you were like this.”

Ruan chenxuan suddenly smiled: “your tense debate makes me more sure that there must be something between us.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Xu Chenghao patiently broke it and suddenly smashed the little yellow duck pillow: “nonsense, you TM dug me several times!”

Ruan chenxuan received this treatment for the first time. The whole person was stunned. He was stunned for a long time before silently picking up the little yellow duck pillow and returning it to bed: “I’m sorry, but I really don’t remember.”

Xu Chenghao looked at the other party’s humility. His anger suddenly dispersed. He said helplessly, “if you don’t remember, you don’t remember. Why do you have to hold on to the past? Maybe you’ll regret it when you recover your memory?”

Ruan chenxuan said seriously, “I’m not holding on to the past. I just want to know what happened between us.”

Ruan chenxuan said: “in fact, from waking up to now, apart from you, I haven’t asked anyone about the past, and I haven’t remembered how it was a year ago. I’m so kind to you. I just want to know what I did wrong and why we became like this. This really bothers me and makes me can’t let go of what I don’t understand.”

Xu Chenghao: “then why do you care so much about me?”

Ruan chenxuan was asked. After thinking for a long time, he was not sure: “I don’t know, but I just subconsciously care about you and will habitually observe you and pay attention to you… This may be my habit before I lost my memory, so my attention to you began to increase, and I became more and more curious about your resistance.”

Ruan chenxuan looked sincere: “I really want to know.”

Xu Chenghao stared at each other’s sincere expression and didn’t know what attitude to face each other for a moment.

Want to be cruel to him. He is amnesic. Ruan chenxuan doesn’t know those things at all, and he is very sincere, serious, modest and polite. You are embarrassed to be fierce; But it’s impossible to be a friend. This face is right here, and the other party is only temporarily amnesic. How embarrassing is it if he recovers his memory at that time?

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment and deliberated; “I told you, will you stop coming to me later?”

Ruan chenxuan thought for a moment and said uncertainly, “if I really go too far, I won’t appear in front of you.”

That’s easy. Xu Chenghao said what happened between him and Ruan chenxuan according to the original plot. With a slight change and the description of words, it was easy to outline a big villain who robbed not only his fiancee but also his contract partner

Ruan chenxuan frowned, looked serious and said, “sorry.” he got up and left.

Xu Chenghao felt a sense of great liberation in an instant. He cheered and lay in the hospital bed – Ruan chenxuan was more rational and sincere a year ago. I believe he won’t appear in front of him again after he knew he was so bad!

However, facts have proved that the reason why Ruan chenxuan left that day is not guilt, but also urgency of urination!

Because after three days, the other party made a comeback again and attached a contract: “I’m sorry about the Jiang family, so I can only compensate you for a contract. Whether the division of interests or the investment amount of this contract is almost the same as the Jiang family project, it’s just a matter of time.”

“As for me digging at the foot of the wall and causing you to lose your fiancee…” Ruan chenxuan said and smiled at Xu Chenghao.

Xu Chenghao black question mark: “??”

Ruan chenxuan continued to smile: “Mr. Xu can have a look. How about the person who sent the contract?”


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