Spare Tire Chapter 94

Xu Chenghao was stunned and forced for a long time to reflect what this sentence meant. For a moment, his face was colorful and could almost be used as a tone plate: “are you recommending yourself to me?”

Ruan chenxuan said quietly, “if you like.”

“Of course I don’t want to!” Xu Chenghao raised his voice: “it doesn’t mean who makes who cheap. You think beautifully.”

Ruan chenxuan retreated and asked for the second: “well, if you don’t want us to talk about the project first, what about the project? If you like, we can sign the contract now.”

Xu Chenghao began to forcibly change the topic: “in your current situation, do you still have the ability to take out the project? If you have time, you might as well care more about your status.”

Ruan chenxuan subconsciously wanted to explain. After opening his mouth, he suddenly thought of something. His words suddenly turned into: “if I can’t, I ask President Xu for help. Is president Xu willing to help me?”

Xu Chenghao sneered: “no, I will join hands with Han Haofeng to kill you.”

Ruan chenxuan: “but you haven’t helped him at present.”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s because it’s inconvenient for me to hurt my leg.”

How could Ruan chenxuan believe such angry words, but he didn’t want to talk more and tried to bring the topic back: “is Xu always not going to cooperate with me?”

Xu Chenghao said expressionless, “No. I wonder if you want to tie me to a rope and let me fight Han Haofeng with you.”

Ruan chenxuan: “he can’t use our joint efforts.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him: “you are so confident that you have to go face to face with Han Haofeng. What are you doing here when you have nothing to do?”

Ruan chenxuan: “of course, he is not as important as president Xu.”

This sentence was natural and easy to say, which led to Xu Chenghao’s look changed. He said, “you really need to talk less, otherwise you will regret it after you recover your memory.”

Ruan chenxuan was unmoved: “I don’t care what happens after recovering my memory. At least I think so now.”

Xu Chenghao: “you’d better go quickly. Don’t answer me here. I wish you recover your memory as soon as possible.”

Ruan chenxuan had no choice but to get up and said, “then I’ll put the contract here. You’re considering it. I’ll go first.”

Xu Chenghao simply said, “I don’t think about it. You take it!”

Ruan chenxuan pretended not to hear: “I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

Xu Chenghao: “don’t come!”

Ruan can’t hear chenxuan: “Mr. Xu has an early rest. Bye.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Numb, I want to beat him! Ruan chenxuan’s skin is getting thicker and thicker!

Xu Chenghao rang the bell and called in the escort outside. He said coldly, “see the man just now? Don’t let him in later!”

The female escort silently bowed her head: “OK.”

However, the female escort promised happily, but next time Ruan chenxuan came, she couldn’t stop it. Xu Chenghao was very annoyed with people who came to brush their sense of existence in three or two days. Finally, he called Li Nian directly and asked him to find two bodyguards at the door. After no one was allowed to enter, he finally recovered his cleanliness and temporarily got rid of the shadow of Ruan chenxuan.

Time passed quickly. When Xu Chenghao was working, he suddenly heard the voice of “task failure” and was stunned for a long time. Only then did he find that the task time had come, but Jing Yicheng still didn’t come back.

[Ding – pepper harvesting expert online!]

[Ding – Detection failed, and the task of small pepper failed to be completed. Your current cumulative number of pepper is 11 / 50000000, please make persistent efforts.]

[Ding – pepper task punishment goes online. Because you failed to complete the task within the specified time, the system is forced to freeze for three weeks. Deduct 10% result rate and confiscate a reward. Your current rewards include: Gay Wang Guanghuan and anti-counterfeiting strong waist. Please choose to be deducted.]

Xu Chenghao put down his pen and sat on the bed in a daze on the surface, but digested it silently in his head… This was his first mission failure.

I had guessed that failure would have the greatest impact on later planting. Sure enough – the freezing system lengthened the task time for three weeks, which was a small knife stabbing the heart, and the result rate was deducted by 10%, which was the death of the big knife!

In particular, something as important as the result rate will definitely have a key impact when the number of tasks gradually increases in the later stage.

Jing Yicheng is really good!

He really didn’t come back!

Xu Chenghao could not say whether he was angry or worried. He held his head for a long time and didn’t speak.

[Ding – please select the deducted reward for the host.]

Xu Chenghao has no good way: take it all.

[Ding – please select the deducted reward for the host.]

Xu Chenghao:… Halo.

[Ding – after successful deduction, the system will automatically enter the punishment freezing state for a period of three weeks.]

Xu Chenghao waited: 2333?

[Ding – system 2333 serves you!]

Xu Chenghao:… Aren’t you frozen?

[Ding – what is frozen is the pepper system bound to 2333. 2333 is the book wearing system and will not be frozen. Strictly speaking, 2333 freezes the pepper system.]

Xu Chenghao: Oh.

White happy.

Disappointed, Xu Chenghao abandoned the system and lay in bed with his eyes closed to sort out his thoughts.

Time passed too fast. When he didn’t notice it, half a month had passed since his car accident, and it was many days since Jing Yicheng left

Xu Chenghao turned out his mobile phone text message and looked at the text message “I will repent if I don’t come back this month” sent by himself on the page, but he was thinking silently: I’ll give him half a year!

For Jing Yicheng, no matter what happens in half a year, he must have the strength and ability to come back. If he hasn’t come back in half a year, it must be what Li Nian said. Jing Yicheng doesn’t care that he won’t come back for him, so he doesn’t need to wait.

Half a year!

After Xu Chenghao made a regret trip reminder, he threw the mobile phone lock screen under the pillow and got up to continue working.

As Li Nian said, now that you have decided to wait, just wait safely and don’t advise. Even if the other party really doesn’t come back or has an accident, it’s time to be sad if you don’t see anyone. At least there’s hope now!

In my heart, I silently thank my life mentor Li Nian. Xu Chenghao devoted himself to his work and worked hard to reduce the burden for Li Nian.

One’s own life is so boring. Although it is difficult to move from extravagance to thrift, it is good for him not to rely on people in the future!

The new year is coming quietly in the frost. The good news is that Ruan chenxuan seems to be busier, and even the telephone harassment is less than half. The bad news is… The second old man of the Xu family is back.

For fear that they might not play well, Xu Chenghao hid things from them. As a result, he didn’t expect the second old man to return suddenly. The surprise turned into a shock, and the accident was completely exposed.

Mother Xu almost didn’t cry angrily. “How dare you hide such a big thing from us? You smelly boy wants to annoy us, don’t you? Do you know how sad we are to see this?”

Xu Chenghao could only laugh and be scolded silently.

Father Xu said, “well, the child is afraid of you… Call the doctor first and I’ll ask about the situation.”

Xu Chenghao whispered, “my car accident is because of bad luck. Only my leg is stuck in it, so it’s so serious. The rest are bruises.”

Xu can’t hear. The second old man was absorbed in waiting for the doctor to come and determined Xu Chenghao’s physical condition for 20 minutes. Then he was relieved: “it’s good if people are all right.”

Xu Chenghao was helpless: “I said it’s okay. Don’t you believe it.”

Mother Xu: “hehe, you said it was okay when we were traveling. Who dares to believe you?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

All right, he deserves it.

Xu’s mother frowned and looked at Xu Chenghao working at a small desk in bed. She said painfully, “you’re hurt like this. You’re alone in the hospital, no one takes care of you, no one speaks, and you still have to work, don’t you?”

Xu Chenghao looked at his mother’s face and said, “my son has suffered.” he smoked at the corners of his mouth and quickly explained, “no, no, I have escort care. Li Nian has been supporting me in the company. I work only when I have nothing to do.”

Mother Xu: “your father is also free. Let him do it.”

Xu Chenghao raised his head and glanced at Xu’s father. Xu’s father said deeply, “well, you’ll recover first.”

Xu Chenghao is helpless: “let you bother.”

Mother Xu: “knowing that we care about you, you should take care of yourself and have more rest. The doctor just said that you recover slowly and need to stay in the hospital for observation for at least two months.”

Xu Chenghao sighed, “I see.”

With the addition of the second elder of the Xu family, Xu Chenghao’s life suddenly became smoke and fire. Xu’s father goes to work in the company. Xu’s mother is a full-time wife. She can basically accompany her son all day. If she has nothing to do, she can chat with Xu Chenghao and watch TV. This also causes Xu Chenghao to be more distracted although she is not busy at work.

As mother Xu’s favorite girl, Zheng yunyun appeared in the ward more frequently. It’s not that she didn’t give up trying to continue the marriage, but her mother likes Zheng yunyun very much. She thinks that even if she can’t become a husband and wife, making friends between the younger generation can be regarded as inheriting the good fortune of their elders.

So when Xu Chenghao was alone in the ward, Xu’s mother wanted to find a young man to accompany her son, so she quickly targeted Zheng yunyun.

Zheng’s mother agrees with Xu Chenghao that her daughter’s contacts can catch up with the future. So every time mother Xu feels bored, she calls mother Zheng. Mother Zheng will bring her daughter to the party, and then they go to the living room to leave a separate space for the younger generation.

Zheng yunyun sat on the bench beside the bed, eating oranges and said, “since I knew I was going out to find you, Zheng Xiaoxiao looked at me and wanted to eat me.”

Xu Chenghao: “happy?”

Zheng yunyun: “of course, I’m happy if she’s not happy.”

Xu Chenghao: “have you ever thought about what you will do when you use me as a Shield now?”

Zheng yunyun couldn’t eat any more. She took the orange and sighed, “yes, where can I find such a good husband like you.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “thank you for your praise.”

Zheng yunyun looked at him silently: “that…”

Xu Chenghao wondered, “well?”

Zheng yunyun hesitated and asked, “did you break up with Jing Yicheng?”

Xu Chenghao looked slightly restrained: “why do you ask?”

“I haven’t seen him here recently. I thought you didn’t intend to tell your parents, but there seems to be no news about him in the circle recently…” Zheng yunyun whispered: “he just disappeared.”

Xu Chenghao was silent and didn’t answer.

Zheng yunyun’s voice continued to drop: “sorry, I shouldn’t mention your sadness. But people say that the quickest way to forget a relationship is to break another relationship. Well… If you have this plan, can you consider me? Ruyi husband.”

The author has something to say: how many people want to dig the foot of the wall when Jing Yicheng is away!


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