Spare Tire Chapter 95

Because she was worried that she was too serious, even her friends didn’t have to do it. At the end, Zheng yunyun also joked. However, Ruyi’s husband Xu Chenghao was unmoved and said faintly, “I remember I told you that I like men.”

Zheng yunyun: “when I say feelings, I want to find someone to maintain the family. I don’t need to be too sweet or too cold. I can spend the rest of my life together in a long stream.”

Xu Chenghao frowned: “you are young. Why are you so pessimistic about love?”

Zheng yunyun: “I call it living understand.”

Xu Chenghao was expressionless: “Oh, then you need to find someone who is as clear and pessimistic as you. Sorry, I’m not.”

This is a direct refusal. Zheng yunyun can only continue to peel oranges: “Hey, I know a golden turtle son-in-law like you is not easy to fish. Forget it.”

Xu Chenghao: “I want to tell you one more thing.”

Zheng yunyun wondered, “what?”

“Jing Yicheng and I didn’t break up.” Xu Chenghao smiled at her: “when he comes back, I’ll tell him about it.”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Zheng yunyun almost choked on the orange petal. After coughing for a long time, she finally spit the orange into the trash can. His hands folded and said, “Mr. Xu, spare my life. I won’t dare again next time!”

Xu Chenghao said calmly, “what’s the panic? You’re not the only one to confess.”

“President Xu is good-looking, has a family background and has ability. Many people must like ha ha……” Zheng yunyun flattered first, and then whispered: “so, can you delete my paragraph?”

Xu Chenghao leaned against the head of the bed and said, “peel me an apple.”

Zheng yunyun pretended to smile: “OK!”

Xu Chenghao: “cut it into leather.”

Zheng yunyun began to grind her teeth: “I won’t.”

Xu Chenghao deliberately said, “Zheng Xiaoxiao will do it. Do you know why she was suppressed? It was because she wanted to peel apples for me last time…”

Zheng yunyun admitted: “OK, no, I can learn. If Xu always dares to eat, I dare to learn!”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “come on.”

Zheng yunyun thought she was unlucky. She could only peel the apple and swear in her heart that she would never come again next time!

The right man, give up!

Xu Chenghao smiled, picked up his cell phone and sent a text message to Jing Yicheng: “two.”

He wants to let Jing Yicheng know how popular he is and give him a sense of crisis. See if he dares to disappear for so long next time!

Thinking, Xu Chenghao will send figures to Jing Yicheng whenever anyone confesses to him or has an intention to marry him. Especially at the end of the new year, Xu Chenghao is visiting relatives and friends. Everyone knows that Xu Chenghao comes back to visit him after he is in the hospital, no matter whether his relationship is good or bad. More people come and go, and more people have the intention of marriage!

In previous years, although Xu Chenghao was also one of the best young talents in the circle, he had a fiancee who was a famous grass owner. Even if everyone wanted to move his mind, they had to worry about coming secretly.

But this year is different. Xu Chenghao has retired. As Zheng yunyun said, he is the ideal husband in the girl’s heart and the perfect son-in-law in the eyes of the elders. It’s like Tang Monk’s meat. Who doesn’t want to bite?

In particular, Ruan chenxuan, who has always been optimistic, doesn’t know why he hasn’t made efforts up to now, resulting in his current situation is still at a disadvantage and mixed up, so more people want to eat Tang Monk’s meat. People bring seven or eight year old children to visit. These children range from 18 to 25 years old. When they enter the door, they begin to introduce, just like a blind date in the hospital.

In the past, Xu Chenghao may have been too lazy to deal with it, but now he is very happy. Some say he will send text messages, others say he will send text messages. He has a lot of fun.

In this way, until the new year’s Eve, because Xu Chenghao’s legs could not move, the location of the new year’s Eve dinner was finally determined in the hospital. With the nurse on duty and two escorts, he also had a noisy meal.

The only regret is that the hospital needs to keep quiet, so Xu Chenghao didn’t see fireworks or hear firecrackers.

This is probably the quietest year he has ever had.

Xu Chenghao couldn’t sleep. He looked at the moon with his chin in a daze. When he silently counted how much time he had to spend six months, a long lost mechanical sound of the system suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Ding – end of punishment. The little pepper task is automatically saved to version 3.0. The task requires that the trigger must plant 100 peppers within one month after the task is started, and can not harvest overtime. [a package of low-level pepper seeds is attached, enjoying a 20% result rate]]

[Ding – please start your task.]

The result rate dropped to 20, but the number did not change. Xu Chenghao looked at the pepper seeds in his hand and hesitated: can the system give me more pepper seeds? I’m afraid not enough.

System: 10% over budget delivery, please rest assured.

Xu Chenghao:

He is really not at ease, and he has no confidence to complete the task.

Xu Chenghao sighed. He first took the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot that had been vacant for a month and planted it. When he woke up the next day, he called the greenhouse to make sure that someone was on duty, and then asked someone to send the seeds to large-scale planting.

The only advantage of seeds with 20% fruiting rate is that they grow fast and die fast. They can be planted once in three days. But the result rate is not proportional to the number. It’s really fatal. From the results of the sudden drop of small yellow ducks to a few sporadic ones, it’s really far from the result rate of 30.

Fortunately, the greenhouse is large enough. The unused land was fully developed last time. How many kinds can be planted? Finally, we won by quantity and successfully completed the task by the end of the month.

Xu Chenghao looked at the small chili peppers full in the fresh-keeping box. His first reaction was not the excitement of completing the task, but that another month had passed and Jing Yicheng had not come back.

Although I don’t know why the other party left, if the other party wants to come back but can’t come back, and hasn’t come back for two months, it can only blame the plot for blowing the villain too seriously, making him think how powerful the villain is and his expectations are too high

[Ding – 2333 system reminds you that it’s not the plot that blows badly, but the male leader’s aura is even stronger.]

Xu Chenghao instantly changed color: what do you mean?

But there was no sound in the system, as if it had just appeared, just defending the plot.

Xu Chenghao knocked it and didn’t respond. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve finished my task. You come out and collect the pepper!”

[Ding – pepper harvesting expert online!]

Xu Chenghao: what did you just mean?

[Ding – the detection is successful. The task of pepper 3.0 has been successfully completed. At present, the cumulative number of pepper is 111 / 50000000. Please continue your efforts.]

[Ding – pepper task reward goes online. Congratulations on completing the task within the specified time and getting a reward of ‘fast and light leg’. [warm tip: the reward is generated according to your personal body transformation needs. Please stop any dangerous thoughts]]

Xu Chenghao was not in the mood to talk to him. He angrily said: don’t pretend you can’t hear me? What did you just mean!

[Ding – system 2333 can only tell you that the halo function of the male master’s last touch is’ bringing the dead back to life and making a new turn ‘. The rest cannot be disclosed to you.]

Xu Chenghao frowned and thought repeatedly about what a new turn from the dead meant, and what turn was necessary for Jing Yicheng to leave? Are you afraid he will join hands with Han Haofeng? It shouldn’t be. Ruan chenxuan didn’t see Han Haofeng from the beginning. He didn’t need it at all.

What’s that about? What is Ruan chenxuan’s strong idea to trigger the halo?

Xu Chenghao thought hard for a long time. Suddenly, he looked up in a daze – isn’t it because of him?

Although it’s a bit narcissistic to think so, the man suddenly ran over and recommended himself. The pillow can also be right. In particular, the biggest obstacle for Ruan chenxuan to see him is Jing Yicheng. Only when Jing Yicheng leaves him can he come in.

If you think so, it’s likely that the male leader wants to tell him face to face, but the male leader’s strength is still a little immature. If you can’t do it, you unconsciously trigger your aura and take Jing Yicheng away by external forces. At that time, Jing Yicheng had just left. Didn’t he come!!

Xu Chenghao was shocked by his brain hole. Mom, the female owner’s script dare not write like this. He was really crazy.

He quickly pressed the idea of shame and breaking the table to the bottom of his heart. Xu Chenghao wanted to continue to think about what was the reason to calculate Jing Yicheng’s situation. Just now, there was only a faint pain, and he began to climb up along his legs. The pain made him breathe. Finally, he couldn’t stand it. He reached out and pressed the bed bell.

After that, it was half an hour of war and chaos. After layers of inspection and treatment, Xu Chenghao felt that he could take a bath in a cold sweat. He didn’t want to say anything painful.

Ma, there must be something wrong with the reward given by the system!

Just now he was attracted all his attention by the first sentence of the system. When I think of it now, what ghost’s fast and light leg is afraid to hurt him to death!

However, the results of pain return examination were surprisingly good. The doctor said: “the patient’s recovery is very good. Now he is in the period of fracture healing. It is normal to have occasional pain. As long as he has a good rest, he can be discharged immediately.”

Xu Chenghao just swallowed the pain killer and drank water. He heard the doctor’s eyes and said, “you make complaints about this sentence every time.”

The doctor smiled and said, “it’s true this time. Mr. Xu recovered very well.”

Xu Chenghao asked, “when can I leave the hospital?”

Doctor: “now remove the plaster, but you’d better not take vigorous activities and keep quiet in the near future. You must be patient. I’m sure Mr. Xu is not willing to lie down for another three months.”

Xu Chenghao nodded silently and looked at his legs he hadn’t seen for two months. Otherwise, he wanted to wash his legs first!!!

The female escort was careful. Seeing this, she immediately brought a basin and wanted to scrub Xu Chenghao.

Xu Chenghao and his male escort frowned at the same time: “wait…”

“I’ll come!” the male escort smiled, took the towel to clean Xu Chenghao, and pushed away the female escort.

It’s easier for a man to wipe than a girl. Xu Chenghao breathed a sigh of relief. After cleaning, he did functional exercise under the guidance of a doctor.

In this way, after holding in the ward for two weeks, Xu Chenghao was finally discharged by the doctor!!

Although he still couldn’t do strenuous exercise and needed a wheelchair, Xu Chenghao was very happy to leave the ward. When he got out of the hospital, he took a deep breath and felt the cool breath gradually seeping into his body. He felt comfortable all over: “Wow, so happy!”

“Wow, it’s snow. I didn’t see it until spring!”

“Ah, the life outside is great!!!”

The author has something to say: the trapped birds fly out of the cage~~~~

The day after Jing Yicheng’s absence, someone finally missed him. Don’t worry, come out tomorrow~


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