Spare Tire Chapter 97

Ruan chenxuan suddenly froze. In just a few seconds, countless thoughts flashed through his mind. The clearest thing was the gun behind his forehead!

He looked at the window quietly. From the image reflected on the window, he saw that behind him was a tall man. His heart suddenly clicked and became more vigilant.

What’s the meaning of this? To kidnap yourself? Did he provoke any enemies during the year?

The thoughts in my mind haven’t landed yet, and the muzzle behind my head is close to a bit. The man’s voice of suppressing anger is like a heavy weapon about to explode, gritting his teeth with a strong sense of killing; “Tell me again!”

Ruan chenxuan observed his movements. His body was tight and ready to resist at any time: “what did you say?”

The man’s finger was always on the trigger, and the gun bore was ready: “didn’t you just say something? Go on!”

Ruan chenxuan’s cold sweat began to decline, because he couldn’t find each other’s flaws: “do we have a feud? I don’t know where I just said offended you?”

The man angrily said, “you TM dig my corner again, what do you say!”

Because he was too angry, the roaring volume continued to rise. Xu Chenghao, who had pretended to be dead in the car and kept his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and looked out of the car. He saw a man in black with a duck tongue hat hijacking Ruan chenxuan with a gun. How familiar is his body.

Xu Chenghao slowly grows up and lies in the trough!!!

This can’t be Jing Yicheng

Although he thought about the other party every day and hoped that he would come back and appear in front of him, Xu Chenghao couldn’t help being stunned when the other party came back. He didn’t return to his mind for a long time.

Is Jing Yicheng really back?

Xu Chenghao bit his lip and looked carefully, but he couldn’t really see through the glass. In addition, the other party’s brim buckle was very low. Xu Chenghao was stunned because he didn’t see what his face looked like.

Look at this figure… Why don’t you open the window?

Although it was very dangerous, Xu Chenghao still believed his feeling, reached down the window, ignored Ruan chenxuan’s hint of danger to him, and said tentatively, “Jing Yicheng?”

The man in black looked up slightly. The cold and handsome face under the cap was not Jing Yicheng. He said softly, “it’s me, I’m back!”

Xu Chenghao stayed for a few seconds because of this sentence. Suddenly, a burst of grievances surged in his heart. He wanted to say that you still know to come back. After opening his mouth and seeing the gun in his hand, he immediately held his emotions and frowned: “what are you doing!”

This sentence was like poking a hornet’s nest. It immediately reminded Jing Yicheng of the confession he had just heard. His eyes were angry and said, “he’s seducing you!”

Xu Chenghao couldn’t stand the injustice. He patted the window and said, “you’re cruel to me!”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Jing Yicheng instantly lowered his voice and said softly, “he dares to seduce you while I’m not here. I’m angry!”

Xu Chenghao listened to his gentle explanation. Instead of being happy, he raised an unknown fire in his heart and said angrily, “you know you’re not here, so why are you angry!”

Jing Yicheng immediately said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll explain this to you later. I’ll solve him first.”

Even when talking to Xu Chenghao, Jing Yicheng did not relax his vigilance against Ruan chenxuan. The muzzle of the gun was against the back of his head, and the other hand seemed to hang on his side. Once there was a situation, it could be stopped at any time. This is also the reason why Ruan chenxuan couldn’t find a flaw and escape.

Xu Chenghao looked at Ruan chenxuan and said in a low voice, “just beat up and don’t kill anyone.”

Ruan chenxuan suddenly stared at him and looked at him incredulously: “president Xu?”

“What are you shouting?” Jing Yicheng was immediately angry. The gun revolved in his hand, and the back seat suddenly hit Ruan chenxuan behind his head. The huge impact pain made Ruan chenxuan unconsciously bend over and hold his head. Jing Yicheng kicked people off and rushed up to continue beating them.

Xu Chenghao lies on the window watching Jing Yicheng beat people. Although he feels that Ruan chenxuan is very happy to be beaten, he still pays more attention to Jing Yicheng, and the more he looks, the more angry he becomes!

When people are away, they always think of him and worry about him for fear that he will not come back in case of an accident; But if a person comes back, Wei Qu’s strength will start to surge after waiting so long, and the unknown fire will run around with him. The more he sees, the more angry he becomes… Especially his little pepper task is still because he failed!

Now, people don’t have to worry when they come back. It’s time to calculate their small books!

Xu Chenghao motioned for the escort to get on the car after delivering the pepper. He rose to the window and said coldly, “go back to the company.”

He decided to hang Jing Yicheng for a few days!

So, when Jing Yicheng, who was beating people, heard the sound of the car and turned back, Xu Chenghao’s car had left heartlessly and disappeared in place.

Jing Yicheng was flustered. He immediately left Ruan chenxuan and drove up by himself.

After the chaos, only Ruan chenxuan was left. He got up with scars, watched the direction of the two cars leaving, and tried to analyze the current situation with a blank brain… Who is this person? What the hell is going on now?


The car drove all the way to Xu’s group. When Jing Yicheng arrived, he just saw the male escort take Xu Chenghao out of the car and put him in the wheelchair. It was still the princess!

Jing Yicheng almost exploded in situ. He touched and touched his hand on the gun, but considering that he would fall to Xu Chenghao, he had to give up and stare at his hand with his eyes.

Male escort: ”

Xu Chenghao felt his suddenly stiff body and wondered, “what’s the matter?”

The male escort shook his head silently, put the person safely in the wheelchair, closed the door and pushed the person towards the elevator.

“Hao Hao!” Jing Yicheng followed him. He punched the male escort in the face and kicked him: “get out!”

The male escort tried to escape, but the demon king punched quickly and ruthlessly. Finally, he got a punch and retreated quickly along the strength of being kicked – he was afraid that he would lose his life if he continued to stay.

Xu Chenghao said, “Jing Yicheng, what are you doing? He is the escort who takes care of me!”

“He’s not an escort.” Jing Yicheng squatted down and explained, “he has a task to monitor you. He’s sent by his superior.”

Xu Chenghao looked again at the direction the escort left, but he didn’t return to his mind: “monitor me with a task? Why?”

After asking Xu Chenghao, he realized that he had a chance to explain to the other party. He immediately turned his face and said, “forget it, I don’t want to know. You should go quickly.”

Jing Yicheng was most afraid that he would leave without giving himself an opportunity to explain. Hearing the speech, he immediately clicked in his heart, grabbed the wheelchair and said anxiously: “No, I want to explain. Do you remember when I told you that there was an order for me and I refused? In fact, they came to me again after the accident of the later order. I didn’t trust you when you were injured, so they took the risk and took me away this time.”

“It’s also because I don’t cooperate with their research at all. At most, I will be in a good mood when your photos come. So this goods is to monitor you and secretly take your photos.”

Xu Chenghao thought something was wrong: “didn’t you participate in the research?”

Jing Yicheng thought of something and looked gloomy: “I haven’t participated in the research from beginning to end, because I’m completely different from the person in charge. Once I participate in it for two months, I can’t get out at all. Moreover, I hate their attitude and can’t bother to study for them.”

Xu Chenghao: “how did you get out?”

Jing Yicheng: “it took me two months to wake up the person in charge.”

Xu Chenghao: “……”

This move is tough enough. Xu Chenghao has nothing to say.

Jing Yicheng looked at the silent Xu Chenghao and tentatively touched his hand, but Xu Chenghao still avoided. He became more and more depressed. Squatting in front of the wheelchair, he seemed to be a large dog about to be abandoned. His ears fell down and said wrongly: “Haohao, I miss you so much…”

Xu Chenghao subconsciously raised his hand and silently took it back when he thought of something. He stretched his face and said coldly, “have you seen the text message I sent you?”

Jing Yicheng was even more sad: “my mobile phone hasn’t been taken back. The assistant is dealing with the follow-up. When he comes back, I can see my mobile phone.”

Xu Chenghao frowned: “you are usually very powerful. Why did you plant it this time?”

Speaking of these, Jing Yicheng was angry and said, “I was careless. I didn’t expect that they dared to do it to me. I’ll close the research institute tomorrow and never take any orders from them again. I’ll see if he can support everyone’s attack and how to get on top!”

Xu Chenghao raised his eyebrow: “really close?”

“Off!” Jing Yicheng affirmed, “tomorrow, the license will be officially changed to Agricultural Machinery Research Institute!”

Xu Chenghao was amused, but caught a glimpse of the other party’s outstretched hand and avoided again: “don’t move with me!”

Jing Yicheng’s outstretched hand was frozen in place, and he was stunned and wronged and said, “I can kiss before I leave. Why don’t I touch it when I come back.”

Xu Chenghao said coldly, “before leaving, it was because you chased me. I gave you a chance, but now I have repented. It doesn’t matter. Of course we can’t start!”

“Repent?” Jing Yicheng’s unbelievable voice suddenly rose and echoed in the underground garage: “Haohao, how can you repent? We agreed that you can’t repent after eating strawberries!”

Xu Chenghao: “then I’ll tell you. If I can’t come back that month, I’ll go back!”

Jing Yicheng was really confused: “when did you say that?”

Xu Chenghao: “I sent a text message after you disappeared.”

Jing Yicheng: “I didn’t see it. It doesn’t count!”

Xu Chenghao: “I don’t recognize and count the strawberries.”

Jing Yicheng choked on his chest and almost blushed: “Haohao, you can’t scare me. You said you wouldn’t want me.”

Xu Chenghao sneered: “you said you wouldn’t leave me.”

Then Xu Chenghao suddenly got angry, followed by red eyes and accused: “you told me you would take care of me until my legs are ready to leave the hospital, set off fireworks and make a snowman with me for the new year, and you also said you would help me deal with my work and plant pepper. I don’t have to worry about it. Which one did you do?”

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: turn over the small account book, I remember it!


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