Spare Tire Chapter 98

Jing Yicheng looked at the young man’s red eyes. He was covered with guilt and remorse. He said painfully, “I’m sorry, Haohao, it’s hard for me to leave for so long. If you’re angry, hit me? Don’t cry…”

Xu Chenghao felt a little ashamed and immediately shouted, “who cried!”

Jing Yicheng stopped and coaxed softly, “it’s me. As long as I think Haohao doesn’t want me, I want to cry. I don’t want to leave Haohao at all.”

Xu Chenghao was unmoved: “it’s too late to say this now. Don’t bother me again in the future.”

How could Jing Yicheng listen and continue to beg for mercy with his wheelchair: “Haohao, I don’t want to leave you.”

Xu Chenghao: “I don’t want to see you yet. Let go!”

Jing Yicheng: “Haohao…”

Xu Chenghao: “let go!”

The two men fought with each other in anger, and one finally saw someone who was unwilling to let go. He was stunned and deadlocked in the underground garage for more than 20 minutes. Xu Chenghao was completely angry. He got up directly, abandoned his wheelchair and walked towards the elevator with pain.

Jing Yicheng was startled. He quickly picked up the man and said in a panic, “can you walk now? Did your leg hurt just now? You were angry and ruined your body. Do you want to love me to death, don’t you?”

Jing Yicheng was angry and anxious. He simply took the man to his car and pressed the struggling young man on the co pilot: “don’t move!”

“What are you doing!” Xu Chenghao struggled to free up his hands to beat him. Jing Yicheng fastened his seat belt and tied it around his wrist twice. He put the little yellow duck tuzui flower pot away and said seriously, “I’ll take you to the hospital to check and see if you’ve just been hurt.”

Xu Chenghao muttered reluctantly, “I haven’t been hurt. I can go down and walk long ago.”

Jing Yicheng said, “I still believe more in the doctor’s words.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Finally, Xu Chenghao still didn’t beat Jing Yicheng and was sent to the hospital for film examination again. The doctor said, “Mr. Xu has recovered very well. Simple walking exercise is OK, but don’t exercise too much. It is recommended that you don’t have strenuous exercise and weight-bearing exercise within a year, and you should pay more attention to protection.”

Jing Yicheng carefully wrote down the doctor’s advice. When he saw Xu Chenghao staring at himself, he suddenly bent down and rubbed Xu Chenghao’s with his forehead. He had no choice but to say, “you just scared me to death.”

Xu Chenghao’s heart couldn’t help being soft for a few seconds. Finally, he looked away and said, “everyone who hasn’t left knows what’s going on with my legs, but some people don’t know.”

Jing Yicheng was distressed and guilty. He took his hand and kissed it to comfort him: “not in the future.”

“No later!” Xu Chenghao took back his hand and didn’t kiss him. “Do you think you can be the same as before when you come back? Do you think everyone will stand in place waiting for you? I say repentance is repentance. Who has a future with you?”

Jing Yicheng said, “it doesn’t matter. I can pursue you again as long as you are happy.”

Xu Chenghao was hit by sweet words and almost softened his heart. He tried hard for a long time before pretending to be cold and said, “there are many people chasing me. I won’t be short enough to find my predecessor.”

Jing Yicheng thought of Ruan chenxuan who pried the corner of the wall. The smile on the corner of his mouth suddenly froze and said faintly: “well, I can probably guess that there are many…”

Xu Chenghao said proudly, “when your mobile phone comes back, you’d better see the text message I sent you.”

Jing Yicheng gently held his hand: “OK, I’ll look carefully.”

Xu Chenghao drew back his hand again: “they all said don’t move your manual feet!”

Jing Yicheng looks at his empty palm again and wants to touch Xu Chenghao’s heart more and more urgently. He felt that he was a hungry wolf who saw fat. His eyes were almost green. He wanted to tear people into his stomach now.

But he’s still guilty

Jing Yicheng took a deep breath to control his mood. He said in a warm voice, “it’s more than four o’clock. Are you hungry? Let me take you to eat?”

Xu Chenghao suddenly regained his mind. He looked at his watch and found that it was indeed four o’clock. He immediately took a breath. Mom, his mind was full of Jing Yicheng. Unexpectedly, it was four o’clock unconsciously!

Xu Chenghao immediately called Li Nian: “brother Nian, are you okay?”

Li Nian’s voice was a little empty: “I’ll ask you, where did you have lunch? Antarctica, Arctic or Sanya?”

Xu Chenghao: “I… actually have been busy outside all day.”

Li Nian: “I believe you, ghost. Where are you now?”

Xu Chenghao: “I’m in the hospital. I just finished the examination.”

What Li Nian thought of Tucao was turning to a bend: “make complaints about the hospital? What’s the matter with your leg? Is it hurt again?”

Xu Chenghao: “it’s all right. The doctor said the recovery was good.”

Li Nian was helpless: “then don’t come here. Let the escort take you home and have an early rest. If there’s something really wrong, I’ll take you home to deal with it.”

Xu Chenghao: “OK, by the way, my wheelchair is still in the underground garage. Remember to bring it with you when you go home.”

Li Nian was stunned for a moment and immediately became angry: “shit, what’s the matter with you? Did you start walking without a wheelchair? Can you hold your legs? Xu Chenghao, are you too moist and look for sin!!”

Xu Chenghao silently moved his mobile phone away. He didn’t move back until Li Nian roared and whispered, “just go. Don’t worry.”

Li Nian: “you’ve all gone to the hospital. Don’t worry. Go back and show me the examination results. Next time, I’ll call my aunt and ask her to cut you.”

Xu Chenghao had to be scolded silently. When Li Nian had to hang up because he was busy, he was relieved… Li Nian really fought with Xu’s mother.

Wait a minute… After Xu Chenghao hung up the phone, he realized that the escort had been beaten away by Jing Yicheng, and no one sent him home!!

Xu Chenghao turned out the escort telephone number, “Hello, where are you? Pick me up from the hospital -”

Before finishing a sentence, the mobile phone was suddenly taken away. Xu Chenghao was a little confused and looked at Jing Yicheng along the strength. The other party had quickly hung up the phone and confiscated the mobile phone.

Xu Chenghao couldn’t come back. “What are you doing?”

Jing Yicheng picked him up carefully: “I’ll take you home.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t argue with him. He sat in the car and waited for home with a little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot in his arms. Jing Yicheng also wants to go home with him, but he just thinks about it… Xu Chenghao starts to turn his face and disown people when he comes home. He solemnly declares that he will not allow Jing Yicheng to stay in his house and not allow him to squat at the door, otherwise he will never forgive him again!

Jing Yicheng can only comfort himself that this situation is normal on the first day he comes back. Later, he will try to get forgiveness and live at home again.

It seems a lot more comfortable to think so. Jing Yicheng took the elevator back to his room where he had been away for two months. When he pushed the door, he saw that the assistant had already sat inside waiting. When he came in, he immediately got up and said, “boss.”

The temperature on Jing Yicheng’s face quickly subsided. He sat on the sofa indifferently to check his things. He turned on the turned off mobile phone, and soon the screen lit up, he received messages one by one, jingling.

Jing Yicheng took the lead in opening Xu Chenghao’s SMS page. The last SMS is the number 1. When you turn up, it is basically a small number of 123. There is no rule or meaning. Continuing to turn up is one after another of “liars”, “big liars” and “you lied to me and you didn’t come back”. Jing Yicheng is distressed and guilty. He can’t imagine how sad and scared he is when he suddenly disappears.

Xu Chenghao: “if you don’t come back this month, I’ll go back!”

Sent two months ago.

Jingyi was sincere, and he pressed the lock screen subconsciously… Now he can’t even read the word repentance.

The more guilty Jing Yicheng is about Xu Chenghao, the more angry he is with some people. Holding his mobile phone for a long time, Jing Yicheng suddenly takes off his hat and slams it to the ground.

The assistant looks at the nose, nose and heart.

After a while, Jing Yicheng angrily said, “go and close the research institute!”

The assistant was rarely shocked: “boss, are you going to dissolve the Institute?”

“No,” said Jing Yicheng gritting his teeth, “I want to change it into agricultural machinery!”

The assistant’s brain was running at high speed. After a few seconds, he immediately understood what he meant and got up and said, “OK, I’ll do it right away… But boss, I have to tell you something.”

Jing Yicheng: “say!”

Assistant: “when I went to pick up my things, I found that your pepper and seeds had been broken for too long… You should plead guilty to President Xu.”

Jing Yicheng: “…… @# ¥% & *%*

Jing Yicheng never wanted to curse like this, because he suddenly remembered that he not only took the pepper, but also the seeds! Didn’t he fail Xu Chenghao’s research?

How much Xu Chenghao attaches importance to pepper and this research is the clearest lesson that Jing Yicheng has learned. In the end, he actually led to the failure of Xu Chenghao’s research

Chagrin and guilt fill his heart and reach the peak. Jing Yicheng is so angry that he can’t speak. He suddenly raises his feet, kicks over the sofa and slams the door and leaves.

The assistant stood quietly in the room for a few seconds, silently took out his mobile phone and issued a statement with the Institute’s account. After officially changing to agricultural machinery, he looked at the black question marks below, pushed his eyes and added a fire: “considering the safety problem, we can only make such a decision, and the Institute has not accepted any orders since then.”

The statement immediately fried the pot. In fact, several big people know more or less about Jing Yicheng. I guessed that Jing Yicheng would not like this attitude and would certainly retaliate. As a result, I never thought that Jing Yicheng was so cruel this time and directly closed the Research Institute and replaced it with agricultural machinery!

This is not revenge on one person, but everyone’s interests are dragged down!

When they fell from the watching position to the victim fangdun, they couldn’t sit still. They all know what Jing Yicheng’s temper is. This stall dare not provoke him. It’s only those who know that Jing Yicheng’s temper is extreme and deliberately do so to annoy him!

The assistant was very satisfied with the situation, holding the mobile phone and paying attention to guiding the wind at any time.

And Jing Yicheng who slammed the door and left

He stood in front of Xu Chenghao’s house for a long time. The idea of seeing Xu Chenghao went crazy in his heart. He wanted to see him. He wanted to see him crazily! But Xu Chenghao’s warning still hovered in his mind. He didn’t dare to go in and didn’t want to leave. He struggled for a long time. Finally, he turned back to go home and opened the window as soon as he entered the bedroom.

Haohao said he couldn’t stay at home or guard at the door. He should be able to climb the window!

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: @# ¥%&**


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