Spare Tire Chapter 99


Xu Chenghao had just finished washing. He was sitting by the bed with a towel under his head to accept Li Nian’s review: “it’s really all right. Why are you so nervous.”

Li Nian rolled his eyes: “really, if it’s all right, why don’t you explain to me where the escort went? Why is your wheelchair in the underground garage, how did you get to the hospital and how did you come back?”

Xu Chenghao solved all the problems in one sentence: “Jing Yicheng is back.”

Li Nian was shocked: “back?”

Xu Chenghao nodded silently.

Li Nian buffered for a few seconds and suddenly said, “Oh, no wonder you can run back and forth when the escort is gone. It turns out that someone came back… He took you to the hospital for examination?”

Xu Chenghao continued to nod.

Li Nian: “did he explain to you why he left?”

Xu Chenghao continued to nod.

Li Nian looked at him and said, “no wonder you’re in such a good mood this afternoon. I thought you were happy because of your leg injury. I’m really too simple.”

Xu Chenghao touched his face incredulously: “am I happy?”

Li Nian Tucao: “nonsense, you make complaints about eating, and are not happy.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Xu Chenghao said, “I’m just happy. Don’t worry. I haven’t forgiven him yet.”

Li Nian became interested and asked, “what? Are you going to punish others?”

Xu Chenghao: “he suddenly disappeared and suddenly came back. Don’t you allow me to lose my temper? If I talk well, what if there’s another time!”

Li Nian: “what if someone really has something to do?”

Xu Chenghao: “no, he’s just because of his carelessness this time. He must have a long memory. If someone comes next time…” what will he do then?

Xu Chenghao was even more angry when he thought about it and repeated: “you must have a long memory!”

Li Nian felt inexplicably that he was not watching a quarrel, but eating dog food. He suddenly had mixed feelings in his heart. He got up and said, “look at it yourself. Anyway, you know the hidden dangers exposed by Jing Yicheng after he left this time. Everything that should be solved can be solved so that you can go farther. I won’t participate in it. Bye!”

Xu Chenghao nodded, “OK, good night.”

“Good night.”

The door of the room was conveniently closed by Li Nian. Xu Chenghao opened the quilt, put his legs in and covered them. He threw the towel on his head into the dirty clothes basket beside the bed and rested silently for a few minutes. Then he sat up straight again, touched the water cup on the bedside table, and began his daily medication activities when he noticed the drop in water temperature.

Put the tablet into your mouth, drink half a mouthful of water and swallow it quickly. As long as the speed is fast enough, the bitterness will never catch up with him! Xu Chenghao is very satisfied with today’s speed and continues to drink with a water cup to cushion the slight pain at the tip of his tongue. Then… Then he saw a villain hanging outside the window peeping at him silently——

“Poof, cough, cough!” Xu Chenghao almost didn’t choke to death, and the water gushed out of his mouth.

The man outside the window was suddenly surprised. He propped his hand on the edge of the window. After easily prying open the window with one hand for six seconds, he jumped in directly and said tightly, “is it choking his throat? Does it hurt?”

While saying that Jing Yicheng took out paper to help clean up the quilt, Xu Chenghao, who acted naturally, forgot to stop and coughed: “you scared me to death. What are you doing hanging outside?”

Jing Yicheng began to slow down when he heard the speech, bowed his head and said, “you won’t let me in, but I want to see you again.”

These words were pitiful and wronged. Hearing Xu Chenghao’s cold face, he held it for a long time before saying, “don’t be coquettish.”

Jing Yicheng quietly tidies up the quilt.

Xu Chenghao noticed that his mood was not very good. He frowned and said, “what’s the matter?”

Jing Yicheng dared not look up and look at each other: “I broke your pepper and seeds…”

Xu Chenghao said calmly, “I guessed.”

Jing Yicheng lowered his head: “did I fail your experiment?”

Xu Chenghao asked, “what do you think?”

Of course, the answer is yes. Jing Yicheng knows it himself, otherwise he wouldn’t be so guilty: “I’m sorry.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t answer. On this matter, he must be angry when he just learned that the other party took away the seeds and reminded him of the failure of the task, but two months later, Xu Chenghao’s anger was not as big as expected, and the only handful of flames died down under the weakness of the other party.

Xu Chenghao suddenly felt that he also loved him. After the task failed, he was not angry but worried about him and worried about him for more than two months. If this had been left in the past, he was afraid that he would have killed Jing Yicheng. Since then, he has no contact with his old death. Who would worry about him.

Really… Xu Chenghao, who used to work hard for a pepper, never expected to have today!

Xu Chenghao make complaints about the joy and silence of his heart in the eyes of Jing Yi Cheng. He is unwilling to forgive himself, and even he does not want to talk to him.

Jing Yicheng’s mood suddenly became worse. After tidying up the quilt, he also became silent. He didn’t know what to say for forgiveness, but he didn’t want to leave

After a strange silence for a few seconds, Xu Chenghao finally regained his mind, looked at the person sitting by the bed and said in shock: “are you angry with me now?”

Jing Yicheng: “no, I just don’t know what to say except sorry.”

Xu Chenghao was helpless and speechless. He hated iron and steel and beat him with a pillow: “is this your attitude of apology? You won’t fight for it! Won’t you work hard and take more practical action!!”

After Jing Yicheng was beaten, he felt more comfortable. He silently grabbed Xu Chenghao’s waist and buried his head on his shoulder. Even if Xu Chenghao pulled his ear, he didn’t let go, but held people tighter.

He would rather Xu Chenghao lose his temper with him like this, beat him and twist his ears, rather than see the silence and coldness just now. Because he knows that anger is what cares. If his heart is like dead water and sees him unresponsive, he may really lose Xu Chenghao

Xu Chenghao was tired of beating. He wanted to lean on Jing Yicheng’s shoulder for a rest. As a result, he suddenly pushed Jing Yicheng away and said, “don’t hold me before you take a bath!”

Being satisfied with holding people, Jing Yicheng suddenly remembered that he didn’t rest or take a bath for several days in order to get on the road.

For the first time, Jing Yicheng blushed and silently let go. Xu Chenghao said, “I haven’t come back for two months. There’s no water upstairs.”

If Xu Chenghao wanted to drive him away, he was immediately held back and said, “then I’ll wash it for you only once.”

Jing Yicheng rubbed his forehead in full bloom: “OK.”

Xu Chenghao: “you go to the guest room to get toiletries. Don’t use mine.”

Although Jing Yicheng regretted, he did not dare to make Xu Chenghao angry now. He closed the window and went to the guest room to get toiletries.

Li Nian, who hasn’t slept in the living room to drink water: “poof -”

Xu Chenghao suddenly remembered something: “!”

Jing Yicheng was the most calm in the audience. He took the toiletries and went back to his bedroom. He closed the bedroom door against Li Nian’s eyes.

Listening to the voice of Li Nian who was suspected of taking a bath afterwards: “….”

Xu Chenghao began to regret why he promised: ”

Mei Zizi occupies Jing Yicheng in Xu Chenghao’s bathroom: “!”

This evening is so colorful that one can’t sleep.

Xu Chenghao didn’t have to think about it. He knew that Li Nian must be full of yellow thoughts. He couldn’t figure out what he was thinking through the door. Just wondering what to say tomorrow, the bathroom door opens and Jing Yicheng comes out in his bathrobe.

Wrapped tightly… Xu Chenghao’s subconscious thought floated in his mind, and the whole person suddenly exploded. What was he thinking! Isn’t it good to wrap it tightly! He doesn’t want to see it!

Jing Yicheng floated over silently: “Haohao, I can’t climb back through the window.”

Xu Chenghao: “then go through the door!”

Jing Yicheng: “no key.”

Xu Chenghao: “then go to the guest room!”

Jing Yicheng’s expression suddenly complained: “full…”

He saw it when he took the toiletries. One of the two guest rooms is Li Nian’s, and the other has been occupied. It must be accompanied by that bastard!

Xu Chenghao was speechless and even doubted whether the other party had planned this routine before taking a bath. Sure enough, everything can’t start. It’s an exception. It can’t be stretched behind!

Xu Chenghao reluctantly rubbed his eyebrows and looked at each other’s long naked legs in bathrobes. After confirming that he really couldn’t go, he sighed: “then I’ll make do with one night…”

Jing Yicheng’s eyes brightened gradually. He heard Xu Chenghao suddenly turn around: “go and sleep with Li Nian for a night.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

He pressed the quilt corner to prevent Xu Chenghao from lifting the quilt: “you can’t walk too much. Don’t move.”

Xu Chenghao raised his eyebrow: “then you go to sleep with Li Nian?”

Jing Yicheng was silent for a few seconds and said seriously, “I’m afraid I’ll kill him if I don’t recognize him in the middle of the night.”

Xu Chenghao: “what do you want?”

Jing Yicheng: “I think it’s very good.”

Xu Chenghao almost didn’t hold back and said with a smile, “what if you don’t recognize me and kill me?”

Jing Yicheng was particularly serious: “you are so important in my heart. How can I not recognize you.”

Xu Chenghao was immediately bribed by sweet words and said with satisfaction, “then I’ll sleep with you one night and go to bed.”

Jing Yi sincerely relaxed when he got up, checked the doors and windows, and carefully dried his hair to make sure there was no water before he rubbed it secretly and went to bed from the other side.

Xu Chenghao’s room, Xu Chenghao’s bed, Xu Chenghao’s pillow, Xu Chenghao is around!!

This scene is enough to make Jing Yicheng too excited to sleep. He lies in the dark with his eyes brighter than usual.

Xu Chenghao rarely shares his bed with others, especially if he is still an “ex boyfriend”. In fact, he can’t sleep. However, he has a problem that he is sleepy after taking medicine. When peace is restored around him, the sleepiness brought by the medicine can sweep the whole head.

When he was about to fall asleep, Xu Chenghao felt someone holding his hand. His sleepy head was blank. He subconsciously said “good night” and fell asleep completely.

Jing Yicheng silently turned over to him, looked at him quietly in the dark, and held his hand tighter: “good night.”

The author has something to say: quarrels that are not aimed at breaking up are all shows of love – said Li Niang, who has been devastated by dog food.


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