Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 100


\”Thank you for that day.\” Qin Zhou’s tone of voice was the same as usual, smiling: \”I owe you a favor.\”

He Yang looked away and didn’t make a sound.

Qin Zhou said again: \”If you need anything, you can tell me, and I will return your favor.\”

He Yang: \”No need.\”

\”I owe you.\” Qin Zhou shook his head, his attitude was more insistent, \”The favor still has to be paid back.\”

The smoke in the fire was so thick that day, it was hard to open my eyes, I couldn’t see anything, I just remembered that someone saved me.

But when he woke up, the person he saw was Pei Yuan.

At that time, many people also took pictures of Pei Yuan holding him out of the fire, and everyone said that Pei Yuan rescued him.

At first, he also thought that Pei Yuan was the one who helped him block the wood, but after thinking about it carefully, he still felt that it was not right.

Once you start to doubt something, you will find a lot of clues.

He was so familiar with He Yang that he could recognize him even with his eyes closed.

The person who saved him should be He Yang.

Later, he searched a lot of live videos on the Internet, watched all the fire scene videos from various angles, and finally found evidence of He Yang’s appearance——

When someone photographed the scene of the most violent fire, a figure rushed in from the outside.

Although the figure was only a back view, Qin Zhou recognized it as He Yang at once.

\”Don’t be a mermaid next time.\” Qin Zhou rolled his eyes and asked again: \”Why didn’t you tell me?\”

\”It will be annoying.\”

Qin Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle and said: \”I have to say anything in the future, or I’ll give others a favor in vain.\”

He Yang stared at the person in front of him and did not speak for a while.

The young man’s tone was gentle and gentle, polite, but also distant.

Keep everything clear and keep your distance.

He Yang lowered his head slightly, and after a long time, he said: \”You don’t owe me anything.\”

That day he would rush in to save people, not to get something in return.

\”No need to pay.\”

After Qin Zhou heard this, he no longer insisted, nodded, and asked again: \”Is your back okay?\”


\”Then you also have a good rest and pay attention to your body.\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang should come down.

Qin Zhou also led Xiao Cheng to turn around and returned to the hospital building.

……………………………………………… ….

The next day, Qin Zhou returned to the crew.

Director He rearranged the resting place, called for security, and added surveillance to the crew.

Qin Zhou found a corner to rest first, and his assistant followed him, always paying attention to Qin Zhou’s movements, for fear that another black fan would come.

Qin Zhou read the script, took out his mobile phone and posted on Weibo, and suddenly saw a hot search——

[#Eternal Love Proposal Success# Gu Yifeng took a selfie and accidentally revealed the sapphire ring, it is suspected that the eternal love proposal was successful! In the lower left corner is a custom engagement ring gift box! Weibo deleted in seconds! 】

The accompanying picture is a selfie. The young man in the photo is smiling at the camera, and his peach blossom eyes are covered.

The young man’s left hand was on the table, inadvertently revealing a sapphire ring on his left hand.

In the lower left corner of the photo, there is also a dark blue ring box showing a corner.

【Gu Yifeng? Who is this, never heard of it]

【It’s actually Gu Yifeng! It was revealed before that there is a big boss who is pursuing Gu Yifeng in a high-profile manner. It seems that he is pursuing success. This is to marry a wealthy family! 】

[Just a blue diamond ring, it doesn’t have to be the 300 million gems, right? 】

[Science for everyone: Eternal love is sent to the KL home to be customized into a ring. The box in the photo is the packaging of the KL customized box, a unique dark blue color. 】

[I watched the melon and I didn’t feel too hammered. If I go to KL to customize a blue diamond ring, I can also say it is eternal love]

[If not, then Gu Yifeng can just deny it directly, why delete it in seconds? Even more suspicious! 】

Qin Zhou looked at the young man in the photo and knew this person as well.

When Su Tang came to see him in the hospital before, he also mentioned that Gu Yifeng and he both share the same style, and they dress very similarly, and there are often marketing accounts that compare the two of them.

Qin Zhou flipped through Weibo, and because Su Tang liked the 300 million gems very much, he took a screenshot of the hot search and sent it to Su Tang——

【Your 300 million ring is gone】

Not long after, Su Tang replied with a message.

【Su Tang:! ! ! Mad! ! ! 】

[Su Tang: The 300 million ring is good for anyone, how can I give it to this scholar! ! 】

[Su Tang: If he can marry a wealthy family, then so can I! 】

Qin Zhou didn’t feel anything, he just watched the fun.

No matter who holds the 300 million ring, it has nothing to do with him.

Qin Zhou chatted with Su Tang for a while before going to filming.

……………………………………………… ………………………………………………

But on the second day, the discussion about Gu Yifeng on Weibo became more and more popular.

And because the marketing account recognized the ring as eternal love, Gu Yifeng’s Weibo gained a lot of followers overnight, and they were all watching the ring.

Just in the afternoon, Gu Yifeng was going to participate in the live broadcast, and a reporter asked questions at the scene——

\”Hello Gu Yifeng, is the ring on your hand eternal love?\”

Gu Yifeng smiled and replied: \”It is not convenient to answer private questions.\”

The reporter continued to ask: \”Excuse me, why did you delete the selfie you posted on Weibo yesterday?\”

Gu Yifeng still has a vague attitude: \”I hope everyone will pay more attention to the works, it is not convenient to answer personal questions.\”

There were several more questions about the ring later, but they were all taken by Gu Yifeng for a reason.

No acknowledgment, no denial.

And this time, the live broadcast content has also been on the hot search, and they are all watching the 300 million rings.

[Basically, it can be hammered, right? If not, it would have been denied long ago! 】

[I wonder which big guy proposed to marry him! Three hundred million gems! The big guy spends a lot of money for love! 】

There are also many netizens who go directly to the KL official blog to inquire about the ownership of the ring, but the attitude of the official blog is also very vague——

[KL Official Weibo: Customer information and custom ring styles are confidential~]

Also because of the official blog’s reply, most netizens also acquiesce that the ring is eternal love.

Qin Zhou also walked around the Internet, watching this incident, like watching the excitement.

After all, the 300 million gemstone was a custom-made engagement ring from a veteran craftsman in KL, with a total value of more than 300 million.

While Qin Zhou was browsing Weibo, the agent came over.

The agent said: \”Qin Zhou, take a leave this Saturday and go back to Nancheng.\”

Qin Zhou asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

\”The KL side needs to find an image spokesperson in China. It happens that their new series is more in line with your style. You can go audition and see.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

The manager brought another document over and said: \”In addition to you, some other male artists will also come here.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, put away the documents, and prepared to take a look at it in the evening.

But the next day, news came from the agent that something had happened.

\”Ah, do you know that Gu Yifeng?\”

\”I saw the hot search.\”Qin Zhou nodded,\”What happened to him?\”

\”The gossip I received, he is also going to audition.\”The agent was a little worried for a while, \”You two have the same style, and you still look like…\”

Qin Zhou’s facial features are the pair of peach blossom eyes and tear moles, and Gu Yifeng also happens to have peach blossom eyes, and when putting on makeup, he often draws tear moles on his face.

Moreover, Gu Yifeng was younger and had that green feeling, but Qin Zhou didn’t have that feeling.

\”Didn’t he say that his ring is 300 million?\” The agent sighed, \”If his ring is really 300 million, it is estimated that KL will choose him.\”

After all, eternal love is custom-made in KL, and this is officially confirmed news.

If the ring in Gu Yifeng’s hand is eternal love, then the official may choose Gu Yifeng as the spokesperson because of this popularity-

Because this new series happens to be the main style of blue diamond.

Since the previous auction of Eternal Love sold for 300 million sky-high prices, even the value of sapphire is getting higher and higher. Many jewelry brands are making sapphire series, and even KL has also taken the opportunity to launch a new series.

The agent was a little worried, if Gu Yifeng was really the owner of the ring, then this audition could basically be made by default.

\”It’s fine.\” Qin Zhou smiled and comforted: \”Just try your best.\”

\”But maybe…\”The agent

The agent stayed by the side for a while, then left first.

And Qin Zhou sat on the chair and continued to rest.

Suddenly, Xiao Cheng came over.

With two candies in his hand, Xiao Cheng ran over and said, \”Give it to brother Qin Zhou.\”

Qin Zhou took it and asked with a smile: \”Whose candy?\”

Xiaocheng divided one for Qin Zhou, ate the rest of the candy, and said: \”It was given by my uncle.\”

Xiao Cheng dangled his legs on the chair and said slowly: \”I just saw my uncle.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, not knowing who the uncle Xiao Cheng was talking about.

After all, Xiao Cheng was young and often called his brother and sister, or uncle and aunt.

Until Qin Zhou got up and was about to go to the dressing room to touch up his makeup, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure outside the crew.

Qin Zhou looked at the man for a while, and finally walked over and shouted: \”He Yang?\”

He Yang stood not far away.

\”Why are you here?\” Qin Zhou smiled.

\”Just come and have a look.\”

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou responded.

\”I don’t want to disturb.\” He Yang quickly explained.

\”It’s okay.\” Qin Zhou smiled.

If it’s just an ordinary meeting and visiting a class, it’s okay.

He Yang suddenly said: \”I will go back to Nancheng tomorrow.\”


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