Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 101

Xiao Cheng also held He Yang’s hand, looked at He Yang, and then looked at Qin Zhou on the other side.

Qin Zhou quietly stood aside, silent.

Xiao Cheng leaned over again, holding Qin Zhou with the other hand and shaking it.

However, neither of the two adults spoke, and the atmosphere was still a little depressed.

After a long time, He Yang shouted: \”Yanyan.\”


\”I still want to ask again, can we get to know each other again?\” He Yang’s voice sounded a little hoarse.

Rediscover, rediscover.

Everything starts over.

Qin Zhou looked down at Xiao Cheng, brought Xiao Cheng over, and said unhurriedly: \”We already know each other.\”

He Yang was silent for a while before he said: \”Okay.\”

Qin Zhou raised his head again and asked: \”Do you have a cold?\”


He Yang was a little absent-minded and didn’t care about the cold.

\”You…\” Qin Zhou wanted to say something, but it was hard to say.

In the end, Qin Zhou sighed and said, “Remember to take your medicine and wear more clothes.”


Not far away, a staff member came to remind: \”Mr. Qin Zhou, it’s time for makeup.\”

Qin Zhou also said to He Yang: \”I’ll take him there first.\”

Qin Zhou led Xiao Cheng towards the studio.

He Yang stood on the spot and looked at Qin Zhou’s back.

He Yang didn’t turn around until the figure completely disappeared from sight.

After returning to the car, He Yang closed his eyes and rested on the back of the seat.

The driver waited in the driver’s seat for a while, but before He Yang could speak, he tentatively called out: \”Mr. He?\”

He Yang opened his eyes and took out a cigarette from his pocket.

However, He Yang didn’t set it on fire, he just played with it in his hand.

\”go back.\”

After returning to Nancheng, He Yang went to find Yuan Lie.

He Yang came to the office and sat on a chair from morning to afternoon.

Yuan Lie had become accustomed to it, and he did not ask anything, just grading documents at his desk peacefully and arranging things in the company.

Yuan Lie read documents all day, took off his glasses, and rested on the back of his chair.

Not far away, He Yang was still looking out the window in a trance, playing with a lighter in his hand.

Yuan Lie saw it, but he still asked: \”Have you come back so soon after visiting the class?\”

He Yang looked down at the lighter in his hand and responded.

\”Is he still on the set?\” Yuan Lie said, \”If you like it, you should chase after him and accompany him more.\”

He Yang said: \”It’s too disturbing.\”

Yuan Lie was a little surprised and asked: \”Are you giving up?\”

He Yang ignored it and continued to stare outside in a daze.

Yuan Lie sighed softly, \”You’re like this, and your condition is getting worse.\”

He and He Yang have known each other for three years.

He Yang, who was so indifferent at the beginning, has become more and more depressed now——

It was as if he was carrying a heavy weight on his back, and he always felt that one day he would suddenly collapse.

\”It’s okay.\”He Yang didn’t feel anything.

\”Lovelorn is very painful.\” Yuan Lie couldn’t help sighing, and persuaded: \”If you have time, go away more often, maybe one day you will suddenly think about it.\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang lowered his eyes and said in a low voice: \”Ready to rest.\”

Yuan Lie asked casually: \”Where to rest?\”

He Yang said a place name.

Yuan Lie nodded after hearing this, but he knew the place.

There is a retro town style, and the pace of life is relatively slow.

Yuan Lie smiled: \”Very good, very suitable for your retirement in the past.\”

He Yang: \”I’ll be there tomorrow.\”

Yuan Lie put on his glasses and smiled: \”Then I wish you come out soon.\”

He Yang glanced at the time, got up, and tidied up his cuffs at will, as if he was planning to leave.

Yuan Lie leaned back on the chair and still said: \”Actually, there’s nothing that can’t get over a broken love, just a little longer.\”

One year, two years…

Given enough time, everything can be cured.

The day after He Yang left Nancheng, Qin Zhou returned to Nancheng and planned to try for KL to audition.

The KL family is planning to shoot a promotional video and needs a male protagonist suitable for the new series.

On the day of the audition, Qin Zhou got in the car and went over with his agent.

In the car, Qin Zhou rested on the back of the chair, and the manager was thinking about it, analyzing the competitors this time with him.

\”A lot of people came here this time, but their style is different from yours. KL has liked your type in recent years.\”

\”The main thing is Gu Yifeng, he has that 300 million ring…\”

\”If the KL side decides to push this series, it may directly appoint him.\”

The agent said a lot in the side.

Qin Zhou was drowsy and didn’t speak.

Not long after, the car stopped.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, kept in good condition, and got out of the car with his manager.

When he arrived at the audition site, Qin Zhou saw that there were already many people here.

Qin Zhou went to get the number plate and sat on a chair to rest.

Taking advantage of the waiting time, Qin Zhou still took out his mobile phone and watched KL’s promotional video last year.

And when Qin Zhou was halfway through watching the video, he suddenly heard the hustle and bustle in the corridor.

Qin Zhou looked up and saw a large group of people coming from the corridor, as well as security assistants and so on, and the stars and the moon surrounded the person in the middle.

This appearance is very exaggerated, and it seems that a big coffee is coming.

However, when the group of people approached, Qin Zhou realized that it was Gu Yifeng.

Gu Yifeng, wearing a hat and sunglasses, sat on the lounge chair, and the two assistants next to him took turns to serve.

Qin Zhou looked at the man and suddenly found that he and Gu Yifeng dress in the same style today.

The agent on the side also saw Gu Yifeng coming. When he saw Gu Yifeng’s dress, he frowned and said: \”Isn’t this the style you posted on Weibo last month?\”

The manager immediately recognized that Gu Yifeng was wearing the same clothes as Qin Zhou, and frowned.

Sometimes Qin Zhou will post some daily photos on Weibo, and the clothes are also selected by their team for a long time, and they are basically some unpopular and niche brands.

As a result, now, Gu Yifeng has an identical coat, but in a different color.

\”People are not popular, why are you so confident…\”The agent doesn’t like this kind of star who deliberately hits the line to get hot, \”If this is released last week, who knows who he is?\”

\”It’s not because the 300 million ring gave him so much heat.\”The agent frowned, \”The heat is annoying.\”

Qin Zhou stopped paying attention and continued to watch the video.

The interview room was not far away, and people were called in one after another.

Qin Zhou counted the time and found that it was his turn.

But I don’t know what happened. Gu Yifeng came later than him, but Gu Yifeng got the number faster than him.

Qin Zhou watched Gu Yifeng enter the room.

Not long after, Gu Yifeng came out.

Qin Zhou looked at the other party, there was no emotional change on the other party’s face, and no information could be seen.

It happened that it was his turn for the next audition, so Qin Zhou got up and entered the room.

There were five people sitting in front of the audition room.

Sitting in the very center was a middle-aged woman in a dark suit, who seemed to be of high status and seemed to be a supervisor.

The female supervisor looked up at Qin Zhou, and took a look at the information on the table.

Qin Zhou stepped forward and introduced himself.

But when Qin Zhou finished his self-introduction, no one in the room spoke.

Behind the desk, the female supervisor and the people beside her were whispering something.

Immediately afterwards, the female supervisor looked up and said: \”Sorry Mr. Qin, your image does not match our series.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, feeling very calm.

However, before Qin Zhou had time to leave, he suddenly heard a voice——

\”Although you are not suitable for our series, we have another series that we would like to work with you.\” said the female executive.

Qin Zhou was stunned.

The female supervisor got up and said to Qin Zhou: \”Mr. Qin, let’s talk in another place.\”


So Qin Zhou followed the female supervisor to the small cubicle next to him.

The female supervisor sat on the sofa, handed over a document, and explained patiently: \”That’s right, we want to be able to collaborate with you on this series.\”

Qin Zhou took a look and found that it was KL’s engagement ring series.

However, Qin Zhou was still a little surprised and asked: \”Are you sure it’s me?\”

The female supervisor nodded and said: \”In addition, we also want to shoot eternal love. I wonder if it is inconvenient for you to authorize us to show it?\”

\”This ring is the last series customized by the master, and it is of great commemorative value.\”

\”So we wanted to shoot a promotional video for this ring and hope you can wear it for a shoot.\”

After the blue diamond ring was photographed for a sky-high price of 300 million, the buyer found the chief designer of the KL family and asked for a custom-made engagement ring.

In addition to the wedding ring, the buyer also made an appointment with the designer for accessories such as brooches and cufflinks, which is a complete set of \”eternal\” series.

It’s just that the jewelry designer is already old, and this is the last time the master will accept private customization, and he will not accept orders in the future, so KL wants to use this series for publicity.

The female executive said: \”If you’d like to license our Eternal Collection, we’d be willing to pay the licensing fee, just for publicity.\”

Qin Zhou was a little confused, and quickly said: \”Did you find the wrong person? I’m not Gu Yifeng.\”

But the female supervisor said: \”Mr. Qin Zhou, we did not find the wrong person, the ring is indeed customized for you.\”

\”You can rest assured that your information has always been confidential.\”The female supervisor explained.

Qin Zhou: \”I didn’t quit—\”

Halfway through, Qin Zhou suddenly stopped.

He remembered.

When He Yang proposed to him in the restaurant that day, the proposal was a sapphire.

Qin Zhou lowered his head and was silent for a while, then asked: \”Can I ask… what does that ring look like?\”

The female supervisor took out her mobile phone, flipped through it, and found a photo and handed it to Qin Zhou.

The photo is a design sketch, the lines are a bit messy.

The female supervisor said: \”Because it is a private order, we have no real photos, only the first version of the master’s sketches.\”

Qin Zhou looked at the sketch and fell silent.

Although the style on the sketch is somewhat different from the actual ring, Qin Zhou still recognized it. This is the ring He Yang gave him—

Eternal Love.


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