Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 102

Supervisor: \”In addition to the marriage proposal series, we would like to invite you to be our brand ambassador.\”

Qin Zhou was a little lost for a while.

There are also many levels of spokespersons. KL is now asking him to be the brand spokesperson, which is much more attractive.

\”Sorry.\”Qin Zhou is still confused,\”I’ll think about it…\”

\”Okay, we look forward to working with you too.\”

The two exchanged contact information, and Qin Zhou also got up and left the room first.

The agent was still waiting in the corridor, and when he saw Qin Zhou coming out, he went over and asked: \”How is it?\”

Qin Zhou did not speak.

When the agent saw Qin Zhou like this, he also knew that it was a failure. He patted Qin Zhou on the shoulder and comforted: \”It’s okay, it’s just starting now.\”

The agent took Qin Zhou back first.

After returning to the apartment, Qin Zhou found the engagement ring from the drawer.

The ring box is pure black. Qin Zhou turned to the bottom of the box and found a signature in the lower left corner, which was left by the chief master.

Open the box, and the sapphire on the diamond ring sparkles.

Qin Zhou sat on the bed, looked at the ring, and thought about it for a long time.

In the end, Qin Zhou took the mobile phone, contacted the supervisor and refused the authorization, and also refused to cooperate with the brand spokesperson.

The KL brand spokesperson is very tempting to him. After all, with his current status, he is not even qualified to be a KL series spokesperson.

And now KL is looking for him as a spokesperson because he has \”eternal love\”, which is the last series of works by the master.

But this ring belongs to He Yang.

He didn’t agree to the marriage proposal at the beginning, and now he shouldn’t use this ring as a gimmick to accept the endorsement.

Qin Zhou put the ring back in the drawer, as if he didn’t know the ring had 300 million.

After all, it has been several months since the last marriage proposal. He Yang didn’t tell him that this ring is eternal love, and let him deal with it casually, then he will continue to keep it as it is.

The next day, Qin Zhou returned to the crew.

His role has come to an end and is about to be finished.

After finishing the modeling, Qin Zhou stayed in the lounge to read the script.

Jiang Lin came to visit the class, bought a lot of fruits and snacks, and sat next to Qin Zhou.

Xiao Cheng noticed that there were snacks, so he leaned over eagerly, staring at the snacks on the table.

When Jiang Lin saw it, he generously took a lot of snacks from it and distributed them to Xiao Cheng.

Xiao Cheng was holding the snacks, with a smile on his face, milky voice: \”Thank you brother.\”

Xiao Cheng was very obedient, sitting on the sofa beside him, eating snacks.

The lounge is quiet.

One is concentrating on reading the script, one is concentrating on eating snacks, and the other is concentrating on playing with the phone and answering messages.

Qin Zhou read the script for a while, and when he raised his head inadvertently, he saw that Jiang Lin was still replying to the news, and asked casually: \”Whose news?\”

Jiang Lin put down his phone and scratched his hair a little embarrassedly, \”Boyfriend’s.\”

Qin Zhou was stunned, and even Xiao Cheng raised his head curiously and looked over.

Qin Zhou asked: \”Did you fall in love?\”

\”Yeah.\”Jiang Lin nodded, \”I promised recently, try it out.\”

Qin Zhou laughed and asked: \”Who? Do I know?\”

\”Yuan Lie.\” Jiang Lin smiled shyly.

Qin Zhou nodded, but he didn’t have much contact with Yuan Lie, so he asked: \”How is he?\”

\”Yuan Lie is very good.\”Jiang Lin nodded quickly,\”He helped me a lot!\”

Jiang Lin rambled about a lot of things about Yuan Lie, as well as some things about getting along with each other.

Qin Zhou also listened quietly, noting that when Jiang Lin mentioned Yuan Lie, his eyes were shining and his tone was very cheerful.

Jiang Lin was happy when he mentioned the person he liked.

Qin Zhou couldn’t help rubbing Jiang Lin’s head, \”Congratulations.\”

so good.

Jiang Lin has someone he likes.

Qin Zhou thought that Jiang Lin had been chatting and sending messages to Yuan Lie just now, and said: \”Then do you want to go back today? You don’t need to visit the class, spend more time with your boyfriend.\”

But after Jiang Lin heard it, he shook his head and said: \”No, no, I want to come over.\”

\”I still want to film, maybe I don’t have time to accompany you, and you will be boring here alone.\” Qin Zhou was a little helpless.

\”It’s okay! I’m not afraid of being bored!\”Jiang Lin smiled,\”Brother Zhou, I’ll accompany you to finish.\”

Qin Zhou: \”I still have a few days to finish.\”

\”It’s only a few days away!\”Jiang Lin was looking forward to it, and then asked: \”After the completion of this time, Zhou Ge, do you want to come out and play?\”

Qin Zhou thought about it and said: \”Maybe I don’t have time, so I have to run an activity.\”

“In Troubled Times”, which he filmed with Lin Chixiao before, is about to start broadcasting, and the promotion is about to begin.

\”That’s it…\” Jiang Lin nodded, \”Brother Zhou, when do you have time to go out to play together? You promised me to accompany me to the haunted house…\”

Qin Zhou also remembered the haunted house, but still said: \”Wait for me to finish this time, there should be more time later.\”

\”Okay.\” Jiang Lin nodded and said again: \”You can also call on Sister Su Su at that time.\”

\”Okay.\”Qin Zhou should come down.

At the weekend, Qin Zhou’s role was finished.

And because Qin Zhou was framed by black fans several times in the crew, Director He still felt a little guilty for Qin Zhou, so he arranged a dinner for Qin Zhou to celebrate.

This dinner was for Director He, and it was in a restaurant near the crew.

After finishing work in the afternoon, Qin Zhou took Xiao Cheng and went there together.

It was very lively in the box, Xiao Cheng sat next to Qin Zhou and drank a bottle of Coke.

He Dao opened a few bottles of wine and hurriedly said: \”Come on! All drinking!\”

Director He came over and poured wine for Qin Zhou and a glass for Pei Yuan.

Xiao Cheng leaned over and stared curiously at the wine glass, looked at the dark liquid inside, and glanced at the cola in his arms, and found that the colors were similar.

So Xiao Cheng held the cola in front of Qin Zhou and said happily: \”I also have wine to drink.\”

Qin Zhou also simply brought an empty wine glass and poured Coke into it for Xiao Cheng.

Xiao Cheng took his own \”wine glass\” to clink glasses with Qin Zhou, and ran over to clink glasses with Pei Yuan.

Pei Yuan sat not far away and smiled gently after seeing Xiao Cheng.

Pei Yuan is the biggest coffee in the box, but Pei Yuan has no air in private and gets along well with everyone in the crew.

Qin Zhou also went over to toast with a wine glass, \”I have troubled Mr. Pei during this time, thank you Mr. Pei.\”

The dinner didn’t end until after nine o’clock in the evening.

And because it was Qin Zhou’s banquet, Qin Zhou drank the most alone, and his face was a little red.

The director also drank a lot of wine, his eyes swayed around slowly, his eyes stopped on Pei Yuan, he waved his hand and said: \”That Pei Yuan, look at Qin Zhou and send him back.\”

\”Well.\” Pei Yuan should come down and support Qin Zhou.

On the other side, in a small town.

In the yard, He Yang sat alone on a reclining chair, looking at the night sky.

A **** and white dog squatted beside He Yang and arched He Yang with its head.

However, He Yang didn’t react, he just kept in a trance and seemed to be thinking about something.

The housekeeper was in the corridor, looking at He Yang’s figure and sighing softly.

Qi Shao was also next to the housekeeper, and said with some concern: \”How long has he been like this?\”

\”It’s been a long time.\”The housekeeper was a little helpless.

He Yang has been like this for the past few days, sitting in a chair for a whole day, the whole person looks very depressed.

Qi Shao watched for a long time in the corridor, and finally walked over, \”He Shao.\”

He Yang turned his head slightly, glanced at the other party, and responded.

Qi Shao sat next to He Yang, thought for a while, but still said: \”He Shao, why don’t you chase after him more?\”

He Yang still didn’t respond.

Qi Shao was also in a hurry next to him, and he had no experience in this kind of thing.

After all, if the people around him, if they like someone, they go after them directly, and there is nothing they can’t catch up with.

Even if you are broken up, you will be sad for a few days at most. After that, you will eat and drink as usual, and you should continue to play.

But He Yang’s situation is not the same. It was like this three years ago, and now it is like this again after a breakup.

And this lovelorn is more serious than three years ago——

He Yang has been planted twice in a row.

Qi Shao thought about it for a while, but still persuaded: \”Is he not single now? There is still a chance to chase after him.\”

But He Yang listened, but said: \”He doesn’t want to fall in love yet.\”

When Qi Shao heard this, he couldn’t help but waved his hand and said quickly: \”What’s not to love, just chase after it.\”

\”Don’t chase.\”He Yang lowered his eyes,\”Too disturbing.\”

Anyway, it has been explicitly rejected many times, and it will be very troublesome for Qin Zhou to pursue it again.

He Yang sat on the chair and continued to be in a daze.

It wasn’t until it was almost early morning that He Yang got up and went back to his room to rest.

However, He Yang was not yet sleepy and didn’t fall asleep until the early morning.

At ten o’clock in the morning the next day, He Yang woke up.

He Yang got up, took the phone habitually, and clicked on Weibo.

However, He Yang had just been on Weibo, and before he could search for keywords, he saw the hot search——

[#Pei Yuan Qin Zhou Overnight# At 9:35 last night, after the dinner, Pei Yuan and Qin Zhou returned to the hotel room together, and the two did not come out overnight. Until seven o’clock this morning, Qin Zhou left the room. 】

He Yang stared at this Weibo, and read it word by word for a long time. After reading it many times, he was sure that he was not mistaken.

After a long time, He Yang slowly woke up and clicked on the picture on Weibo.

It was revealed that Weibo posted several pictures, and the quality of the pictures was still a little fuzzy.

【Wow! When they were on variety show, I thought they had a good relationship! Very tacit! 】

[Not necessarily, don’t see two men in the same room and press their heads as a couple, what if they are good friends or something? 】

[Have a real hammer, a real hammer, right? They are all adults, hugging each other and staying in the same room at night! 】

【do not care! I have a new year! Happy CP fans! My cp is real! 】

After He Yang looked at the photos one by one, he suddenly understood something.

At the beginning, Qin Zhou said that he would not consider falling in love for the time being, because he did not want to fall in love——

I don’t want to fall in love with him.


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