Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 103

in the hotel.

Qin Zhou leaned on the sofa and flipped through Weibo, and had already seen the hot search.

The agent was next to him and hurriedly said: \”What happened to you and Pei Yuan yesterday!\”

\”I accidentally drank too much.\” Qin Zhou rubbed his eyebrows.

\”Why don’t you call me when you’re too drunk! I’ll pick you up!\”

Qin Zhou explained patiently: \”It’s not too far away, He Dao and the others all walked back.\”

The location of the finale banquet is not far from the hotel, and it is more convenient to walk back.

And it wasn’t just him and Pei Yuan at the time, the rest of the crew also came back together, but the paparazzi only took pictures of him and Pei Yuan in the mirror.

\”Then why are you two still hugging!\” The agent was so angry that he pointed to the photo on the phone.

Qin Zhou glanced at the phone screen and said: \”No hugs, it’s Teacher Pei who is holding me.\”

Qin Zhou leaned over, specially enlarged the photo, pointed to a certain place and said: \”Look, Brother Fan, Teacher Pei’s hand is not on me.\”

The agent took a closer look and still didn’t see any difference.

Anyway, if you just look at the photos, Qin Zhou and Pei Yuan are hugging each other.

\”What’s the difference between you and hugging!\”

\”I really didn’t hold it, how did I know that the paparazzi were photographed like this…\” Qin Zhou also had a headache.

\”Then why did you go to his room with Pei Yuan!\”

Qin Zhou: \”I feel uncomfortable after drinking too much, so Mr. Pei will take me to his room first.\”

The agent quickly asked: \”You really did it?\”

\”How is that possible.\” Qin Zhou rubbed his waist and said: \”I was a little sleepy yesterday, I slept as soon as I went in, the room where Teacher Pei slept.\”

\”Then why do you keep rubbing your waist!” The agent’s eyes became sharper, staring at Qin Zhou’s rubbing his waist.

Qin Zhou explained: \”The sofa I slept on didn’t sleep well.\”

He didn’t sleep well last night, and when he woke up, his waist and back were a little sore.

Qin Zhou continued to rub his waist, then simply lay down on the sofa, pointed to his back, and said to the manager: \”Brother Fan, help me beat it.\”

The manager frowned, but he still came over to help Qin Zhou beat his back.

Qin Zhou lay on his stomach lazily, continued to flip through Weibo, and glanced at the hot search comments.

[Do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, everyone waits to refute the rumors]

[Thank you for your concern for Pei Yuan, everyone pay more attention to Pei Yuan’s new work “Jianghu”]

[The eighteenth line is coming back and posting again, it must be on the hot search]

[Before, I was just secretly rubbing and frying CP, good guy, and now I forcibly expose the relationship? ? ? 】

In the comments, there are people who knock CP, some who eat melons, and many who scold him.

However, Qin Zhou has now become accustomed to these negative comments, and asked again: \”Brother Fan, when will this be explained?\”

\”Wait first, the company will handle it.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

The agent warned again: \”Today, you also stay in the hotel honestly and don’t go out.\”

Because I was secretly photographed by the paparazzi last night, there are still many reporters squatting outside the hotel, all squatting gossip.

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou should come down and continue to rest on the sofa.

In the afternoon, Qin Zhou went to Weibo and saw Pei Yuan’s clarification.

He did go to Pei Yuan’s room for the night last night, but they were not alone in the room. Pei Yuan also had an assistant in the room all the time.

And he wasn’t the only one who got drunk at the banquet yesterday. Another actor in the crew also drank too much and was helped back to the hotel.

But when the paparazzi took pictures, they deliberately cut off other people and found some tricky angles to take pictures.

But now Pei Yuan has sent a refutation and clarification, and even Director He has posted a Weibo to help refute the rumor.

Dispelling the rumors on Weibo has become a hot search, and fans are also accusing and commenting, giving popular science to passers-by who eat melons.

In addition to fans, most passers-by and netizens are watching the excitement, and a small number of passers-by are still questioning, no matter how fans make science clarifications, it is useless.

The topic of refuting rumors is getting hotter and hotter, and fans are quarreling with each other a lot.

Fortunately, at night, a topic suddenly appeared in the hot search——

[Gu Yifeng: I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect everyone to pay so much attention to eternal love. That diamond ring was made by me in KL and has nothing to do with eternal love. I hope everyone will stop spreading rumors. 】

[If you don’t refute rumors sooner or later, do you wait until this time to come out and clarify? ? ? 】

[Absolutely, the 18-line paste coffee relies on 300 million rings to gain popularity. After the popularity is over, it is fake to come out to refute rumors, or you are amazing]

【Trust brother! Brother never said that the ring is eternal love, boycott unscrupulous marketing accounts, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors]

[In the beginning, it was obvious that those unscrupulous marketing accounts were deliberately rhythmic, and our brother was also very innocent! 】

[Hahaha where is the innocent? Didn’t it buy the draft before, all the major marketing accounts are blowing 300 million rings into the giants? It’s fake, it’s always fake, laugh to death]

Gu Yifeng posted on Weibo to clarify that the matter of the 300 million ring was aired on the hot search, and the ranking was also rising rapidly.

When Qin Zhou saw this Weibo, he immediately thought of Gu Yifeng taking \”300 million ring owner\” as a gimmick to buy marketing.

Qin Zhou didn’t have a good impression of Gu Yifeng, and Gu Yifeng kept learning from him, even if he still bought marketing and pretended that he had a ring.

However, thanks to Gu Yifeng, the airborne hot search helped him change the topic.

At least netizens will devote their energy to watching this Weibo, and will not continue to stare at him and Pei Yuan.

The next day, Qin Zhou returned to Nancheng, and he had to prepare for the promotion of “Troubled Times”.

Qin Zhou came to the company and met Lin Chixiao.

The two hadn’t seen each other for a few months. Qin Zhou went over to say hello and smiled: \”How are you doing?\”

Lin Chixiao nodded.

Qin Zhou still remembered the song writing by Lin Chixiao before, so he asked: \”How is the writing of the new song?\”

Lin Chixiao scratched his hair and said: \”No more writing.\”

\”Ah?\” Qin Zhou was stunned, and quickly asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

Lin Chixiao sighed softly and explained: \”It’s been more than ten years, and I don’t know if I should persevere.\”

After Qin Zhou heard it, he didn’t know how to comfort him for a while.

At the beginning, Lin Chixiao’s new song became a hit, but the update speed of the Internet was very fast, and the popularity of the new song dropped quickly, and there was no splash.

Lin Chixiao: \”Acting is also very good, I will try it out.\”

\”It’s good to try something else.\” Qin Zhou nodded, feeling that Lin Chixiao was very suitable for playing that kind of stiff and loyal role.

However, Qin Zhou thought of Lin Chixiao’s talent for songwriting, and persuaded him: \”Actually, your songs are really good.\”

\”Too unpopular.\”Lin Chixiao felt helpless,\”I’m not as old as those seventeen or eighteen year olds.\”

Now there are more and more fresh meat in the circle, and they are all young.

Youth is the capital.

Qin Zhou also nodded and said: \”I’m getting old too.\”

Lin Chixiao looked at Qin Zhou, \”You are not old.\”

Qin Zhou smiled, \”Too tired.\”

He didn’t learn to perform, he has no obsession with the entertainment industry, and he is not used to the life of an artist.

When artists are busy, they don’t have much time to rest all day, and they only sleep for a few hours.

When I am free, I have no work and no work.

He still prefers a quieter life—

Go out for a walk every day, raise a few pots of flowers and water, and bring a few students to play the piano.

\”Have a good rest when you are tired.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, \”I’ll retire after taking a few more plays.\”

\”So fast?\” Lin Chixiao was a little surprised. After all, Qin Zhou is still young and his career is on the rise, with great potential.

Qin Zhou smiled: \”I want to go back to retirement.\”

Lin Chixiao joked: \”And then go back to your hometown to get married?\”

\”Maybe.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

Later, he will consider the matter of falling in love.

After running several times to promote “Troubled Times” without a break, Qin Zhou finally had some breathing time and went back to the apartment to rest.

Lin Chixiao went to film, Su Tang went to record variety shows, and Jiang Lin went on a trip with her boyfriend.

Qin Zhou was alone in Nancheng, and he couldn’t find anyone to come out to gather for a while.

However, Qin Zhou still took more than half a month’s leave from his manager and stayed at home to rest.

On the last day of the holiday, Qin Zhou suddenly received a call from Lin Chixiao.

\”Qin Zhou, I have a script here, do you want to try it?\”

Qin Zhou was a little surprised and asked: \”What script?\”

\”The film of the Republic of China is a bit rushed, and I will join the group this month.\” Lin Chixiao explained, \”The original male protagonist of our crew has an accident and is missing someone.\”

This time, Lin Chixiao took up a movie script written by an actor of the Republic of China, playing the second male lead of a warlord, and the male protagonist is an actor.

It’s just that the actor who originally played the male lead has recently been exposed to a scandal of cheating and promiscuity. It has been filming for half a month, and the director can only temporarily change the male lead.

The director also has some requirements for the male lead actor’s appearance. The facial features should be softer, but they should not be girly, and the eyes should be good-looking.

Hearing the director’s request at that time, Lin Chixiao immediately thought of Qin Zhou, and recommended Qin Zhou to the director. The director also felt that it was suitable after seeing the photos.

Qin Zhou: \”Let me read the script.\”


After hanging up the phone, Lin Chixiao sent the script over.

After reading the script, Qin Zhou felt that the subject matter was quite interesting and wanted to try it.

Qin Zhou told the agent about this, and the agent contacted the director and signed the contract after negotiating.

Soon, Qin Zhou packed his luggage and was ready to join the group with his agent.

The filming location was in an ancient town in the next province.

\”It’s good here!\”The agent followed Qin Zhou and couldn’t help sighing:\”When I get old, I will also find a place like this to retire.\”

Qin Zhou looked around and nodded.

The scenery of this town is good, it has the charm of the Republic of China, and the pension is very good.

\”Then I will also come to retire.\” Qin Zhou smiled.

Not long after, the director came to pick up Qin Zhou.

The director was very enthusiastic and took Qin Zhou to the studio, introducing the surrounding ancient town attractions along the way.

Qin Zhou looked around all the way, and suddenly noticed a large yard in the distance, covering a large area and looking very grand, like the kind of place where the big family of the Republic of China lived.

So Qin Zhou asked: \”What is that over there?\”

The director noticed it and hurriedly warned: \”There is the private area of ​​Qi’s family, you can’t go there.\”


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