Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 104

Qin Zhou glanced at the Qi family courtyard, nodded, looked away again, and went to the studio with the director.

When he came to the set, Lin Chixiao was there with a little boy.

The little boy was wearing a costume and drinking from a bottle of Coke.

When the little boy raised his head inadvertently, he noticed the director and Qin Zhou, and quickly got up and waved.

“Brother Qin Zhou!” Xiao Cheng jumped off his chair and ran towards Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou took advantage of the situation to catch Xiao Cheng and rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head.

At that time, when filming “Jianghu”, his drama was finished early, and Xiaocheng was finished a few days later than him. I didn’t expect to cooperate for the second time so soon.

The director took Qin Zhou to the dressing room, ready to let Qin Zhou try makeup first.

The director took the costume and sighed: “Because the time is a little short, it is too late to make the clothes again, so I changed it a little.”

Qin Zhou took it and went to the locker room to change clothes first.

After changing his clothes, Qin Zhou stood in front of the full-length mirror and sorted his clothes.

Through the mirror, Qin Zhou saw Xiao Cheng sitting on the sofa with a bag of candy in his arms.

Xiao Cheng opened a candy and inadvertently raised his head, he met Qin Zhou’s gaze.

Xiao Cheng was holding the candy, feeling a little guilty, and explained, “I didn’t eat too much, it was given to me by Uncle Sheep.”

Qin Zhou tidied up his collar and asked with a smile, “Uncle Xiaoyang?”

Xiao Cheng ran over and handed Qin Zhou a candy, and said in a milky voice, “Uncle Little Sheep is here too.”

“Uncle Sheep has a big sheep, what is the big sheep, and a big dog.”

When he said this, Xiao Cheng gestured and said in a very exaggerated tone: “The dog is so big, bigger than me—”

Qin Zhou couldn’t help laughing when he heard Xiao Cheng’s description.

Sometimes children talk like this, the foreword does not match the afterword, and the tone is particularly exaggerated.

However, Qin Zhou still cooperated with a surprised expression and asked, “Really? Are you older than you?”

“Yes!” Xiao Cheng nodded and said excitedly, “Uncle Sheep and Kitten and Cat!”

“The cat is so small and soft!”

“Uncle Sheep buys me a lot of things every time! I like Uncle Sheep so much!”

Xiaocheng chanted beside Qin Zhou and said a lot about Uncle Xiaoyang.

It wasn’t until Qin Zhou was about to put on makeup that Xiao Cheng stopped.

“Brother Qin Zhou, I went to find Uncle Xiaoyang to play.”

Xiao Cheng waved his hand and slipped out of the crew.

Qi Family Courtyard.

A small car was parked outside with the doors open.

Yuan Lie got out of the car, and the old housekeeper was already waiting at the gate of the courtyard.

The old housekeeper took Yuan Lie into the yard, passed through the front yard, and came to the small yard at the back.

There is a pavilion in the middle of the courtyard, and a figure sits inside.

Yuan Lie walked over, sat opposite the man, and asked with a smile, “How are you doing recently?”

Facing the laptop screen, He Yang said casually, “Very good.”

Yuan Lie was on the side, looking at each other carefully.

He Yang’s face was still a little cold, but he looked much better than before.

Yuan Lie also felt relieved, and said with a smile, “It’s better to put it down.”

Yuan Lie picked up the teacup and inadvertently looked to the side when he noticed something and asked, “Any child?”

He Yang stopped for a while, followed Yuan Lie’s line of sight, and saw Xiao Cheng.

Xiao Cheng was sitting on the sofa in the living room, playing with a tablet.

He Yang: “The crew next to me.”

The scenery on this side of the town is very distinctive, and the crew often come to shoot the scene.

I happened to see that Xiao Cheng was also filming, so he asked Xiao Cheng to come over and play.

Xiao Cheng would often go to his side to play on the tablet, watch cartoons and so on.

He Yang retracted his gaze and continued to work.

Yuan Lie continued to look at Xiao Cheng, still a little surprised, and sighed, “I thought you would hate children very much…”

Suddenly, Yuan Lie felt something fluffy on his feet, and when he looked down, he found that it was a kitten.

The kitten is chubby and small. It should be only a few months old. It has brown and yellow fur with black markings on it. It looks a bit like a little leopard.

The kitten moved over from Yuan Lie’s feet, slowly came to He Yang’s feet, raised his head.

“Meow~” the kitten called softly.

Yuan Lie was a little surprised and asked, “Have you got a cat?”

He Yang responded and replied, “Uncle Wen brought it here.”

A few weeks ago, Uncle Wen brought a Bengal cat over, saying that keeping a pet can relax the mind and be a companion for Qiqi.

Looking at the kitten at his feet, He Yang leaned down and touched the kitten’s head.

Seeing this, Yuan Lie couldn’t help sighing, “I feel like you’ve changed a lot recently.”

“Huh?” He Yang raised his head.

“I can’t tell you either…” Yuan Lie smiled, “I should say, I’ve become mature.”

We haven’t seen each other for a month or two, but He Yang has changed quite a bit—

It feels like it suddenly settles down and becomes mature.

Sure enough, falling out of love can make people grow up quickly.

Yuan Lie asked, “Really let it go?”

He Yang did not speak after hearing this.

To miss is to miss.

Some things are too late to be righteous.

In the evening, Xiao Cheng put down his tablet and ran towards the pavilion.

“Uncle Little Sheep, I’m going back.” Xiao Cheng said in a milky voice, “Can I come and watch the cartoon again tomorrow? Big Sheep hasn’t finished watching yet.”

“Well.” He Yang responded and asked the servant to send Xiao Cheng back to the crew first.

Before going back, He Yang brought a bag of snacks to Xiao Cheng.

“Thank you, uncle!” Xiaocheng waved to He Yang with the snack bag in his hand, “Uncle Xiaoyang, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

The servant took Xiao Cheng away and sent Xiao Cheng to the crew.

On the other side of the crew, filming is almost done, and they are finishing work.

Xiaocheng walked around the set, found the director, and asked, “Uncle, where is brother Qin Zhou?”

Director: “In the dressing room.”

So Xiao Cheng walked towards the dressing room and saw Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou was still removing his makeup, Xiao Cheng came over with a snack bag, and distributed a few packets of snacks to Qin Zhou, “For brother Qin Zhou.”

Qin Zhou took off his makeup and looked at the snack bag, “Buying so many snacks?”

“Uncle Little Sheep gave it to me.” Xiao Cheng sat on the chair and shook his legs, “I watched Big Sheep baa today, but I haven’t finished it yet. I’ll go to Uncle Little Sheep tomorrow.”

Qin Zhou also didn’t understand what Xiao Cheng said, and asked again, “Then have you thanked Uncle Xiaoyang?”

“Yes.” Xiao Cheng nodded, then jumped off his chair and ran to the window, pointing in a certain direction, “Uncle Sheep lives over there.”

Qin Zhou walked over and looked in the direction of Xiao Cheng.

The direction Xiaocheng pointed is an approximate direction. From this angle, you can see the residential houses over there, and you can also see the sign of Qi’s courtyard.

However, Qin Zhou only thought that Xiaocheng was referring to the residential house over there, so he rubbed Xiaocheng’s head and went back to his seat to continue his make-up.

Xiao Cheng stayed in the room for a while, and was a little bored, so he ran outside to play.

But not long after, Xiao Cheng ran back again.

“Brother Qin Zhou!” Xiao Cheng was panting and a little anxious, and pointed to the outside: “The kitten and cat are here too!”

“What’s wrong?”

Xiao Cheng simply pulled Qin Zhou and walked outside.

After coming out of the dressing room, Qin Zhou saw a kitten in the corner outside.

The kitten was a little dirty and seemed to have rolled on the ground several times. It was also very small, and it was estimated that it was only a few months old.

I just don’t know if it’s a domestic cat in someone else’s house or a stray cat.

And Xiao Cheng ran over, squatted in front of the kitten, and said to Qin Zhou, “kitten cat came with me.”

Xiao Cheng took out another candy from his pocket and handed it to the kitten, and asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want candy?”

The kitten just squatted against the wall, looking pitiful.

Qin Zhou stared at the brownish-yellow kitten, but he didn’t know much about cats. Seeing that the cat was a little dirty and had no collar, he just thought it was a stray cat.

Seeing that the kitten didn’t eat candy, Xiaocheng asked, “Brother Qin Zhou, what does the kitten eat?”

Qin Zhou didn’t know either. He took out his mobile phone and searched the Internet. He saw that he could feed the stray cats some bread, so he got up and went back to the lounge, and took out a bread and a plastic bag.

Qin Zhou spread the plastic bag flat on the ground, and shredded the bread into small portions and placed it on the bag.

The kitten stared at the crumbs for a while, or leaned over and ate slowly.

But the kitten didn’t eat much. After eating half of it, it turned and slipped away and went back alone.

Qin Zhou also returned to the dressing room.

By the time the studio was finished, it was almost dark outside.

Because there are important people in the Qi family recuperating here, the crew generally try to rush to finish work before dark, and do not shoot much at night for fear of being disturbed.

Qin Zhou changed his clothes and prepared to go back to his residence.

When passing the Qi family compound, Qin Zhou glanced over there from a distance.

Just in time, Qin Zhou saw a car parked outside the Qi family compound, and a man got out of the car and entered the courtyard.

Qin Zhou looked at the man and recognized that he was the eldest young master of the Qi family and a friend of He Yang.

Qi Shao went into the yard and found He Yang.

In the living room, He Yang was leaning on the sofa, and Qiqi was squatting beside He Yang’s legs.

Qi Shao walked over and asked with a smile, “He Shao, do you want to come out and play?”

Recently, He Yang’s condition is much better than before, and occasionally Qi Shao will come over and call He Yang to go out to play.

Although the town is relatively isolated, there are still bars in town where you can relax.

“Stop playing.” He Yang shook his head and took the wine glass from the table.

Qi Shao also brought a glass over, poured himself a glass of wine, and smiled: “How boring it is to drink alone.”

He Yang shook the glass and said softly, “I’m used to it.”

A lot of things, just get used to it.

Qi Shao leaned on the sofa and asked, “What’s your plan in the future?”

He Yang: “I have no plans, I will go back to the company then.”

Qi Shao nodded and sat beside He Yang drinking wine.

Qi Shao glanced around the room and asked, “By the way, where’s Xiao Wen? Didn’t Xiao Wen accompany you?”

“In the room.” He Yang glanced at the direction of the room and said lightly, “I just fell asleep.” The transition chapter will be added tomorrow. The transition chapter must exist and cannot be skipped. After thinking about it, if I write a transition chapter in the future, I will try my best to write a chapter of five or six thousand words and finish it in one breath.

Uncle Wen: The old housekeeper

Qi Shao: He Yang has a fox friend named Qi, who appears in chapter 56

Xiao Wen: New role, first appearance


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