Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 105


Qin Zhou stayed in the lounge and practiced opera with the opera teacher.

The male protagonist he plays is the pillar of the troupe, and there are a few scenes where he wants to sing.

And because the time was relatively short, he took the script temporarily for emergency help, and it was too late to go to learn the opera, so the director temporarily invited an opera teacher to come over to guide him, and then he would repair the sound later.

Qin Zhou practiced for a while, and when he came out of the lounge to breathe, he saw the stray cat from yesterday.

This time, the stray cat was still squatting in the corner outside the lounge, staring at the people coming and going.

Qin Zhou walked over to take a look, then turned back to the lounge, took out a ham sausage from the snacks on the table, and found a clean disposable lunch box.

After cutting the ham, Qin Zhou put the lunch box in front of the stray cat.

The stray cat came over to sniff it, lowered its head and started to eat.

Qin Zhou stood beside him, looking at the stray cat carefully.

The kitten’s body is cleaner than yesterday, and the hair is well groomed. It doesn’t look like a stray cat, but it is probably domestic.

The kitten is still obediently bowing its head to eat ham, with brown-yellow hair and some gray-brown lines on it——

Like a little leopard.

Qin Zhou touched the kitten’s head, turned around and went back to the lounge first.

More than half an hour before the end of the filming, Qin Zhou sorted out the accessories on his head in front of the mirror, and placed a small fur ball on the chair next to him.

But when Qin Zhou finished tidying up his headdress and inadvertently lowered his head, he suddenly saw a kitten beside him.

The kitten slipped in at some point, and climbed onto the chair, playing with the little fur ball with its paws outstretched.

The kitten looked up, hugged the furball with two small paws, and called to Qin Zhou: \”Meow~\”

The kitten seems to use the furball as a toy and wants to take it away.

However, Qin Zhou was a little worried that the kitten would accidentally eat the hairball, so he took the hairball out of the kitten’s arms and put it on the table.

The kitten was still squatting on the chair, staring at the furball on the table.

Qin Zhou touched the kitten’s head again, but still said: \”I can’t play.\”

Qin Zhou got up and went to the side shelf to look over it, ready to look for toys suitable for kittens.

But when Qin Zhou turned around, he saw that the kitten on the chair disappeared, as if it had already left.

Even the little fur ball on the table disappeared.

The kitten returned to the Qi family compound with the hairball in its mouth.

Crossing the front yard, the kitten came to the pavilion.

In the pavilion, He Yang was working on the computer.

At He Yang’s feet, there was a big dog with black and white hair.

The big dog was still a little lazy, and suddenly noticed something, the ears on his head moved slightly, he raised his body slightly, and looked to the side.

The kitten slowly came over, climbed onto the table, lowered its head and put the hair ball aside, softly calling: \”Meow~\”

He Yang heard the cat meowing, glanced at the hairball, and frowned slightly: \”Where did you get it?\”

\”Meow~\”The kitten is very innocent.

He Yang wasn’t interested in that hair ball, and he didn’t pay any attention to it, so he withdrew his gaze.

Kiki came over, approached the table, and sniffed the smell on the hairball.

Then, Kiki stretched out his claws and pulled the hairball down.

He Yang didn’t care about the big or small next to him, and continued to deal with the work.

Until evening, the servant came to remind: \”Young Master He, it’s six o’clock.\”

He Yang stopped working, and when he got up, he looked around and didn’t see Kiki and Kitten. He probably went to play elsewhere.

He Yang walked towards the house, and when he passed the corridor, he saw the housekeeper and the servant were talking together, and vaguely mentioned \”Xiao Wen\”.

The housekeeper noticed that He Yang was coming, so he stopped talking and shouted: \”Young Master He.\”

He Yang asked casually: \”What’s wrong with Xiao Wen?\”

The housekeeper was a little helpless, \”I didn’t eat at night.\”

He Yang’s footsteps stopped.

After a few seconds, He Yang still said: \”I’ll go take a look.\”

The next morning.

When Qin Zhou came to the crew, he saw Xiao Cheng squatting outside the lounge.

Qin Zhou walked over and saw a kitten in the corner of the wall.

Xiao Cheng touched the kitten’s head and played with the kitten.

Qin Zhou also went to the lounge first, applying makeup and styling.

His scenes were in a hurry, and the whole morning was full of his scenes.

By the time Qin Zhou finished filming, it was already twelve noon.

Qin Zhou returned to the lounge, quickly took off his jacket, and sat in front of the electric fan to blow air.

Although it is still autumn, but the sun has come out recently, and the clothes are relatively heavy, I will sweat every time I finish shooting.

Xiao Cheng was also in the lounge, and came over and said: \”Brother Qin Zhou, the kitten is back.\”

Qin Zhou responded, took the lunch box next to him, and prepared to eat.

Xiao Cheng shook his legs and whispered: \”I want to find Uncle Sheep.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t know who that Uncle Sheep was, and saw that Xiao Cheng often mentioned Uncle Sheep, they should have a good relationship, so he said: \”I’ll take you there after dinner.\”

Xiao Cheng nodded and sat beside him to eat obediently.

After eating, Xiao Cheng packed up his schoolbag and went to find Uncle Sheep.

Qin Zhou also got up and led Xiao Cheng to the outside.

Qin Zhou asked: \”Where does Uncle Little Sheep live?\”

\”Over there!\”Xiao Cheng pointed to a certain direction excitedly,\”Uncle Little Sheep can watch the big sheep baa, as well as big dogs and kittens!\”

Xiaocheng pulled Qin Zhou and hurriedly walked towards Uncle Yang’s house.

At first, Qin Zhou thought it was on the side of the residential house, but as he walked, Qin Zhou found that something was wrong with this road, leading to the Qi family compound.

Seeing that the Qi family compound was in front of him, before Xiao Cheng stopped, Qin Zhou asked: \”Did you go the wrong way?\”

\”No.\”Xiao Cheng shook his head,\”Uncle Sheep lives inside.\”

Xiao Cheng took Qin Zhou to the outside of the Qi family compound.

Qin Zhou was still slightly puzzled, and was a little stunned when he saw the person who came to open the door.

\”Uncle Wen!\” Xiao Cheng beckoned.

The housekeeper came over to open the door and was surprised to see Qin Zhou outside.

\”Uncle Wen.\” Qin Zhou greeted and asked: \”Why are you here?\”

\”Come and rest with Young Master He.\” The housekeeper smiled and brought Qin Zhou and Xiao Cheng into the yard.

As soon as he entered the yard, Xiao Cheng let go of his hand and ran towards the house very happily.

In the room, as soon as Xiao Cheng saw the figure on the sofa, he rushed over: \”Uncle Little Sheep, look at the big sheep!\”

Xiao Cheng kept thinking about the sheep cartoon, climbed onto the sofa, and sat beside the man.

He Yang also took the tablet aside and clicked on the cartoon.

Xiao Cheng held the tablet, looked around, and asked: \”What about the big dog and the kitten?\”

He Yang: \”Outside.\”

\”Oh…\”Xiao Cheng nodded, looked down at the cartoon, and said: \”Brother Qin Zhou is here too.\”

He Yang’s movements stopped, looked over, and asked: \”Qin Zhou is here?\”

Xiao Cheng was still watching the cartoon and replied: \”Well, brother Qin Zhou is outside.\”

After He Yang heard it, he got up and walked outside.

In the yard, Qin Zhou chatted with the old housekeeper.

\”Does Xiao Cheng come here often?\”

\”Young He seems to like Xiao Cheng very much.\” The old butler nodded with a smile, and asked again: \”Young He is inside, do you want to go over?\”

\”I won’t go there.\” Qin Zhou stopped and smiled: \”I just sent Xiao Cheng here, and by the way, let’s see who the uncle Xiaoyang he talks about every day.\”

In the past few days, he has been listening to Xiao Cheng mention that Uncle Sheep, and he is also very curious about Uncle Sheep.

But that Uncle Sheep wasn’t a member of the crew, so he was more or less worried about whether that person would treat Xiao Cheng badly.

But now that he knew that \”Uncle Little Sheep\” was He Yang, he was relieved.

Qin Zhou said: \”Uncle Wen, I’ll go back to the crew first.\”

The old butler asked: \”Is that the troupe who filmed the Republic of China opera?\”

\”Yes.\” Qin Zhou nodded and explained: \”The male lead has been temporarily replaced, and I will come to replace it.\”

\”No wonder.\”The old butler nodded suddenly.

When the crew first came to film, he had read the information and there was no Qin Zhou’s name on the cast.

Qin Zhou: \”I’ll pick up Xiao Cheng later\”

After that, Qin Zhou planned to leave.

However, when Qin Zhou turned around, he noticed a figure not far away.

He Yang walked over slowly, looked at the person in front of him, and did not speak for a while.

The two hadn’t seen each other for a few months, and they were a little rusty, and there was nothing to talk about.

Qin Zhou looked at the man in front of him and found that He Yang had changed a lot.

Not to mention the change, it just feels more mature and calmer.

Qin Zhou opened his mouth to break the silence: \”I’ll go back first.\”

He Yang asked: \”Aren’t you going to stay?\”

Qin Zhou thought about it, but still said: \”No need, I still have a play in the afternoon.\”

He had a role in the afternoon, but Xiao Cheng didn’t have a role and would stay here for a long time.

He Yang responded and said: \”I will send you.\”

He Yang led Qin Zhou towards the gate of the yard and asked again: “Why did you come here suddenly?”

\”Come here to film.\” Qin Zhou explained, \”The crew temporarily changed the male lead.\”

He Yang nodded.

Qin Zhou asked: \”What about you? Are you here for work?\”

\”Just come and rest.\” He Yang said casually.

Not long after, the two came to the gate of the courtyard.

Qin Zhou walked outside.

He Yang stood in the yard and looked at the figure of Qin Zhou leaving, and still shouted: \”Yanyan.\”

Qin Zhou stopped and looked back.

He Yang stepped forward and seemed to want to say something.

However, before He Yang could speak, he was interrupted.

\”Young Master He!\” The servant hurried over with a little anxiety on his face.

He Yang looked at the maid, frowned slightly, and asked again: \”What’s wrong?\”

\”Xiao Wen seems to have caught a cold and hasn’t eaten.\”The servant was very anxious.

He Yang’s brows furrowed even tighter, and he looked at Qin Zhou beside him.

Qin Zhou didn’t know who the “Xiao Wen” the servant was talking about, but it sounded like a very important person.

So Qin Zhou said: \”If you have something to do, just go.\”


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