Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 106

Qin Zhou returned to the crew alone.

He still has a play in the afternoon, but Xiao Cheng’s role is a bit later.

It wasn’t until after four o’clock that Xiao Cheng was sent back.

With a snack bag in his hand, Xiao Cheng rushed towards Qin Zhou: \”Brother Qin Zhou!\”

\”Uncle Little Sheep bought it for me.\”Xiao Cheng put the snack bag on the table,\”I also touched the big dog.\”

Qin Zhou laughed and rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head.

The big dog Xiao Cheng said should be Qiqi.

\”I haven’t finished watching the big sheep, so I’ll go to Uncle Sheep tomorrow.\”Xiao Cheng was still thinking about the things he hadn’t finished watching the cartoon.

Qin Zhou took Xiao Cheng to the dressing room and asked Xiao Cheng to change clothes first.

After the filming, Xiao Cheng sat on the chair and shouted: \”Brother Qin Zhou, I want to drink water.\”

Qin Zhou habitually looked at the table and didn’t see Xiao Cheng’s water cup, so he asked: \”Where’s your water cup?\”

Xiao Cheng: \”In the bag.\”

Qin Zhou got up and looked around, but didn’t see the schoolbag, so he asked: \”Where is the schoolbag?\”

\”My schoolbag is in…\” Halfway through, Xiao Cheng suddenly got stuck.

After a while, Xiao Cheng said with a guilty conscience: \”At Uncle Sheep’s place…\”

Qin Zhou also remembered that when Xiao Cheng went to find He Yang at noon, he was carrying a schoolbag.

Xiao Cheng: \”I want to get my schoolbag…\”

After saying that, Xiao Cheng jumped off his chair and was about to find He Yang.

Qin Zhou held Xiao Cheng and said: \”You shoot the next scene first, and I will call you and ask.\”

His roles are staggered from Xiao Cheng’s, and Xiao Cheng has more scenes to film later.

\”Okay.\” Xiao Cheng nodded.

Qin Zhou found a disposable water cup in the lounge to pour water for Xiaocheng, and called Uncle Wen again.

Uncle Wen should also come down, saying that the servant will bring the schoolbag over.

Qin Zhou sat on the side of the rest area, waiting for his schoolbag.

It’s just that when Qin Zhou waited for the schoolbag, he found that it was not the servant who delivered the schoolbag, but He Yang.

He Yang took his schoolbag and came to the crew.

Qin Zhou went over and took the schoolbag.

It just happened that Xiao Cheng finished filming a scene, and when he saw He Yang coming over, he trotted over, \”Uncle Little Sheep!\”

\”I want to see the big sheep tomorrow!\”Xiao Cheng raised his head, still a little excited.

\”Yeah.\”He Yang should come down,\”Just come directly at noon.\”


He Yang rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head and looked at Qin Zhou on the side.

However, before He Yang could say anything, he suddenly received a call.

He Yang frowned when he heard the voice on the other end of the phone.

Qin Zhou held Xiao Cheng by the side and did not make a sound to disturb him.

Vaguely, Qin Zhou heard the words \”Xiao Wen\”\”cold\”.

Xiao Cheng also heard some.

So after He Yang hung up the phone, Xiao Cheng asked: \”What’s wrong with Xiao Wen?\”

He Yang: \”I’m sick.\”

\”Oh…\”Xiao Cheng nodded, \”I hope Xiao Wen gets better soon.\”

Xiao Cheng waved to He Yang again and said: \”Then I will come back to Uncle Sheep tomorrow.\”

It just happened that the filming was about to start on the other side of the studio, so Xiao Cheng took Qin Zhou and walked towards the studio.

\”Xiao Wen is sick.\” Xiao Cheng sighed.

Qin Zhou didn’t know who Xiao Wen was, so he listened quietly beside him.

Xiao Cheng was still muttering: \”I also saw Uncle Xiao Yang and Xiao Wen sleeping together at noon.\”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, and then he instantly understood something.

Children speak innocently, and they will say it directly when they see a picture.

And that Xiao Wen should be He Yang’s new boyfriend.

At noon the next day, Xiao Cheng pulled Qin Zhou again and wanted to find Uncle Sheep.

Qin Zhou originally wanted the rest of the crew to bring Xiao Cheng there, but Xiao Cheng refused.

\”Brother Qin Zhou accompany me!\” Xiao Cheng insisted.

Qin Zhou had no choice but to take Xiao Cheng to the Qi family compound.

However, Qin Zhou just sent Xiao Cheng to the gate of the yard and did not go in.

The housekeeper was waiting at the door, Xiao Cheng walked inside, turned around suddenly, and saw that Qin Zhou was still outside and had not come in.

Xiao Cheng was still a little puzzled and asked: \”Isn’t brother Qin Zhou coming?\”

But Qin Zhou just said: \”I have something to do at noon.\”

It would be embarrassing if he met He Yang and his new boyfriend inside.

Xiao Cheng nodded in understanding, but he didn’t say anything, and followed the housekeeper in.

Qin Zhou also turned and left.

Behind Qin Zhou, there were intermittent conversations——

\”Uncle Wen, where is Uncle Sheep?\”

\”Take Xiaowen to the hospital.\”

\”Is Xiao Wen still ill? Seriously?\”

\”It’s not serious, I’ll be back in the afternoon.\”

Xiao Cheng nodded, and went inside the room first, holding the tablet to watch cartoons.

At two or three o’clock in the afternoon, Xiao Cheng heard the noise outside, looked up and saw that He Yang was back.

\”Uncle Little Sheep.\”Xiao Cheng ran over,\”Where’s Xiao Wen? Is Xiao Wen okay?\”

He Yang was sitting on the sofa with a blanket in his arms, and replied: \”It’s better.\”

Qiqi was still following behind He Yang, and squeezed onto the sofa, and his head was in He Yang’s arms.

Xiao Cheng moved to the other side of He Yang and looked at the blanket in He Yang’s arms.

Inside the blanket was a small Bengal cat.

When Xiao Cheng returned to the crew, it was already evening.

The crew was finishing work, Xiao Cheng ran to Qin Zhou and said: \”The big sheep has only left the last bit of it.\”

Xiao Cheng put down his backpack again and unzipped it, revealing the snacks inside.

\”Uncle Sheep bought me a lot of food again.\”

Xiaocheng rummaged through his schoolbag and took out a packet of candy and gave it to Qin Zhou.

\”Uncle Sheep brought Xiao Wen back, but Xiao Wen slept in the room for an afternoon…\”

Xiao Cheng took Qin Zhou’s hand and told Qin Zhou a lot about Uncle Yang.

And because He Yang would buy him snacks every time and show him cartoons, now Xiao Cheng has been completely bought off.

\”I like Uncle Sheep the most.\”

The two, one big and one small, held hands and returned to their residence.

Qin Zhou rested for the night.

In the morning, I came to the crew to prepare for makeup.

Qin Zhou came very early, and the first scene was his.

Qin Zhou put on his makeup, and when he checked the look in the mirror, he suddenly saw something in the mirror.

So Qin Zhou turned around and saw a kitten squatting at the door.

Qin Zhou got up and came to the table very skillfully to take out the ham and feed the kitten.

After feeding the ham, Qin Zhou told the staff and went over to film first.

When the morning scene ended, when Qin Zhou returned to the lounge, he saw that the kitten was still inside and did not leave.

It is already the noon break, the staff in the crew are eating, and the smell of food is everywhere.

The kitten also came to the table, staring at the others to eat.

When Qin Zhou saw it, he simply went to get the bread and ham and fed the kitten a little.

And Qin Zhou also went to the locker room first and changed the Republic of China clothes on him.

The temperature has been a bit high these days, and the costumes of the crew are relatively heavy and too hot, so Qin Zhou simply changed back to his own clothes first.

After changing clothes, when Qin Zhou came out, he saw that the kitten had finished eating.

The kitten jumped off the chair and left with short legs.

Qin Zhou looked at the figure of the kitten leaving, thought for a while, but still followed behind the kitten, wanting to see whether the kitten was a domesticated cat or a stray cat.

If it is a stray cat, he wants to bring the cat back to raise it.

Qin Zhou wore a hat and followed behind with a short distance.

The kitten in front would also stop from time to time to look back and wait for Qin Zhou to follow before continuing to walk.

Until he was walking, Qin Zhou suddenly noticed that the road was getting more and more familiar, leading to the Qi family compound.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the Qi family compound, Qin Zhou stopped.

The kitten turned back and saw that Qin Zhou hadn’t followed, so he stopped in place and glanced at the door of the yard again.

At the gate of the courtyard, a figure came out, holding a rope in his hand.

The other end of the leash was put on the big dog, and the big dog walked unhurriedly.

Suddenly, the big dog noticed Qin Zhou who was not far away, and suddenly snorted happily.

He Yang also saw Qin Zhou and walked slowly with the rope.

And the kitten also came to the man’s feet, raised its head, and called softly: \”Meow~\”

Qin Zhou was a little surprised and asked: \”You raised it?\”


\”I followed it, I thought it was a stray cat…\” Qin Zhou looked at the kitten and sighed a little: \”I often come to our crew to eat.\”

He Yang glanced at the kitten at his feet and whispered: \”No wonder Uncle Wen told me these days that it doesn’t eat at home.\”

Qin Zhou looked at the patterns on the kitten’s body again, and the more he looked at it, the more cute he felt, like a little leopard, and he wanted to keep one.

So Qin Zhou asked: \”What kind of cat is this?\”

\”Bengal cat.\”

Qin Zhou nodded in understanding but not understanding, wrote down the variety, and asked casually: \”Is there a name?\”

\”Xiao Wen.\”

\”Huh?\” Qin Zhou was taken aback.

\”It’s called Xiao Wen.\”He Yang’s tone was still the same as usual, and asked again: \”Don’t you need to film?\”

Qin Zhou: \”Break at noon, my play is in the back.\”

Qin Zhou squatted down, couldn’t help but touched Xiao Wen’s head and scratched his chin.

Xiao Wen squinted his eyes and made a grunting sound in his throat, as if he was enjoying it.

Qiqi, who was on the side, also came over, arched Qin Zhou’s body with his head, lowered his head slightly, and wanted to be touched.

Qin Zhou reached out and rubbed Qiqi’s head, looked at He Yang again, and suddenly felt a little envious——

There are cats and dogs, and I live in a comfortable Chinese-style courtyard villa, which is really suitable for old age.

And He Yang handed over the traction rope and asked: \”Would you like to walk together?\”

Qin Zhou looked at the traction rope in He Yang’s hand, but did not take it for a while.

However, Qiqi leaned forward and grabbed the rope, forcing the rope to Qin Zhou’s hand, trying to stuff it into Qin Zhou’s hand.

Qin Zhou still took it.

There is a lake nearby, and the two came to the lake pavilion.

Kiki lay on the chair, stuck out his head curiously, and looked at the lake outside.

Qin Zhou looked at the thick and slippery fur on Qiqi’s back, but he couldn’t help it, so he reached out and smoothed it.

Qiqi feels good to the touch, soft and comfortable.

Xiao Wen also climbed into Qin Zhou’s arms, shrunk his body into a ball, and lay on his stomach lazily.

He Yang was sitting on the stone chair opposite Qin Zhou and asked: \”How are you and Pei Yuan?\”

\”Huh?\” Qin Zhou looked up.

He Yang: \”I saw your hot search.\”

Qin Zhou thought about it, it should be that he was secretly photographed with Teacher Pei after he was drunk last time.

Qin Zhou said lightly: \”It was filmed on purpose by the paparazzi, and it has been clarified.\”

\”Yeah.\”He Yang lowered his eyes,\”I just want to hear your clarification.\”

Qin Zhou asked: \”Is there any difference?\”

\”Yes.\”He Yang’s voice was very soft, and he said:\”I’ve thought about it a lot these past few months.\”

Qin Zhou looked over.

\”I don’t have any experience, so I won’t deal with this kind of emotional problem.\” He Yang lowered his eyes and said calmly: \”Every time I want to listen to you, keep a distance, and don’t disturb you.\ ”

\”But I can’t seem to do it.\”

He clearly told himself that he should not appear again, but his body still couldn’t control it.

Time and time again, I can’t help but appear.

Obviously every time we meet, it will be very painful.

But not seeing each other is more painful.

Time is the biggest lie and won’t cure everything.

But over time, he learned how to hide these emotions.

He Yang met Qin Zhou’s gaze, looked at the familiar pair of peach blossom eyes, and said slowly: \”Yanyan, I can’t do it.\”

Qin Zhou just said: \”I have no plans to fall in love yet.\”

He Yang: \”I don’t need a relationship.\”

Qin Zhou stared at the ground and shook his head: \”This is unfair to you.\”

Qin Zhou lowered his head to try to divert his attention, but suddenly noticed that the shoelace of his right foot was loosened.

It’s just that Xiao Wen is still in his arms, so it’s not convenient for him to lean over now.

On the opposite side of Qin Zhou, He Yang said: \”No need for fairness, this is your privilege.\”

He Yang got up, squatted down in front of Qin Zhou, and slowly tied his shoelaces.

\”You have the privilege.\” He Yang raised his head and whispered: \”You don’t need to respond to me.\”

Qin Zhou was silent, and after a long time, he still said: \”We are not suitable.\”

He Yang asked: \”Where is it not suitable?\”

Qin Zhou looked away hastily, \”You don’t know what I like.\”

\”Then tell me.\”He Yang raised his hand slightly and held Qin Zhou’s hand,\”I will write it down.\”

\”We are more suitable to be ordinary friends.\” Qin Zhou moved his wrist and tried to draw out his hand.

However, He Yang’s strength was very strong, and he held that hand tightly and did not let go.

He Yang got up, put his other hand on Qin Zhou’s side, leaned over and approached.

\”But I don’t want to be your friend.\” He Yang almost trapped the young man in front of him in his arms, his voice hoarse:\”I can’t be your friend either.\”

\”I don’t want a name, and I don’t need you to be responsible.\”

Just like eight years ago, the 18-year-old boy ran up to him and confessed to him awkwardly.

He should have refused.

But after seeing those tender peach eyes, he suddenly changed his mind.

The love at the age of eighteen is so strong.

He said at the time that he would not promise any name and would not be responsible.

And the big boy replied with a gentle smile—

[Sir, I will. 】

He Yang approached slowly, using a very aggressive posture to surround the young man in his territory, but his tone was cautious.

\”As long as you need me, I can give you everything.\”


\”I will.\”

He was willing.


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