Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 107

Qin Zhou lowered his head to avoid sight, and unconsciously touched the kitten with his fingertips, trying to divert his attention.

But even though he lowered his head, Qin Zhou could still feel that the line of sight had been falling on him, and he had a strong sense of presence, and it was difficult to ignore it.

Qin Zhou couldn’t help it for a while, and his eyes were slightly red.

The person he likes so much, the person he has loved for five years.

His love was not wrongly paid, and he also got the same love——

But it was three years later.

Three years…

Everything has changed.

How did the two of them become like this?

Qin Zhou was silent and did not intend to speak.

He Yang stared at the person in front of him, stretched out his hand slightly, rubbed his fingertips on the young man’s face, and whispered, “Don’t cry.” m.

“I didn’t cry.” Qin Zhou blinked and controlled his emotions.

He didn’t cry.

Qin Zhou said in a muffled voice: “You will make me very stressed.”

This feeling is too heavy and makes him very stressed.

“Don’t be under pressure.” He Yang rubbed against the corner of Qin Zhou’s eyes, “You can be a little bit bad, be a little bit selfish, as long as you enjoy it.”

It’s like a deal.

He does not need any benefit by giving all the dominance to the other party.

“I don’t need you to promise me anything.”

Qin Zhou shook his head: “I’m not worth it…”

“It’s worth it.” He Yang was serious, “This is what you should.”

His feast is the best treasure in the world.

He Yang leaned over, as if he wanted to kiss the young man’s face.

However, Qin Zhou reached out and pressed against He Yang’s chest, blocking He Yang’s movements.

“Don’t say it anymore.” Qin Zhou resisted a little, his mind was confused, “Give me a little time, I’ll take it slow…”

“Okay.” He Yang withdrew his hand, returned to the seat opposite, and did not bring up the topic again.

Qin Zhou hugged the kitten in his arms, bowed his head and said nothing, he just smoothed his hair over and over again, and it hasn’t calmed down yet.

The atmosphere in the pavilion was a little depressed, and no one spoke.

After a long time, Qin Zhou said, “I’m going back.”

“I’ll take you off.” He Yang got up.

Qin Zhou walked in front with the kitten in his arms, and He Yang followed behind.

Along the way, the two did not speak.

The two didn’t stop until they came to the vicinity of the crew.

He Yang hugged the kitten and whispered, “You can think about it after you go back.”

Qin Zhou responded and walked towards the crew.

He Yang looked at Qin Zhou’s figure, turned around, and returned the same way.

The two went in completely opposite directions and went further and further away.

the next day.

Qin Zhou, wearing a costume and heavy makeup, finished a scene on the stage.

And the warlord sat in the off-stage position, watching the performance on stage.

After the show was over, the warlord came to the backstage to find the actor and took the initiative to show his favor.

However, the actor took a step back and said somewhat rusty: “Sorry, you and I have different identities.”

“Card!” The director stared at the monitor screen and said to Qin Zhou, “You’re not in the right state.”

Qin Zhou also quickly apologized.

“You two are too different, you have to reject him.” The director gave Qin Zhou a play.

“Even if you like each other, you may not be able to be together.”

“You have feelings for him, but you have to say no, you have to act out that feeling.”

Qin Zhou listened by the side, nodding from time to time.

The director waved his hand: “You go and get a feel for it first, I shot this part of Lin Chixiao first.”

So Qin Zhou first went back to the lounge and sat on a chair to read the script.

The agent came over and reminded: “I sent you the template, remember to post on Weibo at night.”

“Okay.” Qin Zhou nodded in response, took out his mobile phone and glanced at the news.

The agent had already sent him the template, which was a Weibo to promote “Troubled Times”.

Qin Zhou copied the content of the template, and when he posted on Weibo, he saw that “In Troubled Times” was on the hot search again.

Now “The Troubled Times” has been broadcast halfway, because the plot is restored, the overall quality level is high, the reputation is getting better and better, and it is often on hot searches.

It just happened that the drama of the piano master and the general was broadcast recently, so there are many fans of the original book and drama fans on Weibo discussing this pair of CPs.

[I’ve been looking forward to the bed scene for a long time, but there’s no such thing! 】

[Welcome to watch the original episode! The piano master and the general are super sweet! 】

[Specially went to make up the extras, and I just found out that these two are a couple! Difficulty deducting candy! 】

Qin Zhou saw that many netizens were praising him and Lin Chixiao, and his Weibo also gained a lot of fans.

Qin Zhou put down his phone, feeling a little tired, so he rubbed his brows.

The agent on the side asked again: “I have a few variety show scripts here, do you want to read them?”

“Let’s not pick it up for now.” Qin Zhou leaned on the back of the chair and said, “Brother Fan, I want to rest for a while next year and do less activities.”

“Okay.” The agent should come down and see that Qin Zhou’s condition is not very good, he patted Qin Zhou on the shoulder, “You take a rest first.”

After speaking, the agent turned around and left.

Qin Zhou was the only one left in the lounge.

Qin Zhou sat in front of the vanity mirror and looked at himself in the mirror, feeling a little lost for a while.

He was really in a bad state today, and he was still thinking about He Yang.

I have to say that what He Yang said yesterday was very tempting to him.

He doesn’t need to respond to feelings, and he doesn’t need to give credit.

But somehow, he was still very stressed.

Qin Zhou closed his eyes and rested on the back of the chair for a while.

After the state was adjusted, Qin Zhou returned to the studio and finished filming the rest of the scenes.

By the time the filming of the singing drama was over, it was already afternoon.

Qin Zhou removed his makeup and prepared to go back to his residence first.

At this moment, Xiao Cheng ran over, tugged at the corner of Qin Zhou’s clothes, and said softly, “Brother Qin Zhou, I want to find Uncle Xiaoyang.”

Qin Zhou took off his makeup for a while and said, “I still have something to do. You can ask my aunt to take you there.”

Xiao Cheng asked, “Isn’t brother Qin Zhou going?”

Qin Zhou remembered what happened yesterday, so he should come down: “I’ll take you there.”

Qin Zhou took off his makeup, changed back to his clothes, and took Xiao Cheng to the Qi family compound.

Xiao Cheng came to the yard very skillfully, and after seeing the man in the pavilion, he ran over quickly.

“Uncle Sheep!”

He Yang sat in the pavilion with a laptop on the table, a kitten in his arms, and a **** and white dog at his feet.

Qin Zhou was at the back, walking towards this side unhurriedly.

He Yang also saw Qin Zhou and looked at Qin Zhou.

And Xiao Cheng had come to He Yang’s side, squatting on the ground, rubbing Qiqi’s head.

He Yang retracted his gaze and said to Xiao Cheng, “The tablet is inside, you can just get it yourself.”

“Okay!” Xiao Cheng cheered and hurriedly ran towards the living room.

Qin Zhou also came over and sat opposite He Yang.

But when Qin Zhou came over, the black and white dog who was lying lazily on the ground suddenly got up, moved to Qin Zhou’s side, and continued to lie down.

Even Xiao Wen jumped out of He Yang’s arms, moved to Qin Zhou’s side, and crawled into Qin Zhou’s arms.

So Qin Zhou held a cat in his arms and a big dog beside his feet.

On the contrary, He Yang, the master, was empty.

However, He Yang didn’t mind at all, looking at the young man opposite, he slowly said, “Have you thought about it?”

Qin Zhou slowly smoothed the hair on Xiao Wen’s back and said softly, “Well, I’ve thought about it.”

Qin Zhou looked up, met He Yang’s gaze, and replied, “I still think it’s easier to be alone, and other things won’t be considered.”

He Yang didn’t react much, as if he had already guessed the ending.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been rejected a lot and you’ve gotten used to it.

He Yang nodded and asked, “When will you consider it?”

“I’m not sure either.” Qin Zhou thought about it, “Maybe… wait until I get the best actor.”

It may take two or three years, it may take decades, or even never.

He Yang nodded and asked, “I will fall in love after I get the best actor?”

Qin Zhou didn’t give a positive answer, he just replied: “Let’s talk about it later, I’m not sure right now.”

After all, his current identity is “Qin Zhou”, not “Xu Chengyan”.

He still wants to act first, at least not thinking about other things in the short term.

Qin Zhou said again: “Today is the last time I come here. I will avoid suspicion and not delay you in the future.”

“Okay.” He Yang responded calmly.

Qin Zhou smiled and said, “I’ll go back to the crew first.”

He Yang got up and prepared to send Qin Zhou back.

The two walked towards the door of the yard, and He Yang suddenly asked, “Do you think it’s too late to like someone?”

Qin Zhou looked over and replied, “It will be a waste of time.”

“I also delayed you.” He Yang lowered his eyes, “It wasted five years.”

Qin Zhou also remembered those five years, and said softly: “Actually at that time… I thought you liked me too.”

He thought that He Yang also liked him.

In those five years, he was a little self-indulgent—

He thought that He Yang was a little nicer to him, a little special, because he liked him.

Even if he only liked it a little bit, he was very happy.

So those five years were actually quite satisfying for him at the time.

He never regretted it and followed He Yang for five years.

Those five years were also his best memories, and he loved someone without reservation.

However, in the last few months, a little unpleasant happened.

Thinking of this, Qin Zhou chuckled a little self-deprecatingly: “A bit self-indulgent.”

He Yang suddenly replied: “No.”

Not self-indulgent.

He Yang sent Qin Zhou to the gate of the courtyard and stopped.

He Yang looked at the young man beside him and said in a low voice, “If only it could have been earlier.”

If he had discovered his feelings earlier, the two of them would not have become what they are now.

Occasionally, he also thought about what they would be like if there were parallel worlds in this world.

Maybe they still live in that apartment, and the balcony will be full of potted plants.

When he goes out in the morning, the person next to his pillow will carefully help him tie his tie.

When he comes back from overtime late at night, he will eat a bowl of hot wontons.

Maybe at this time, both of them are already married and wearing rings.

Then bring Kiki from the old house and live in the apartment together.

Everything will be so beautiful.



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