Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 108

Qin Zhou was on the side and did not speak.

In this world, where can there be so many ifs.

Qin Zhou lowered his head slightly, and after a while, said: \”If you have time, you can go outside to relax.\”


Qin Zhou: \”Maybe I will meet other suitable people one day.\”

He Yang didn’t refute, just asked: \”Is there a place to recommend?\”

Qin Zhou thought about the Holy Land of Aventures for a moment, so he replied: \”Paris? Rome? Las Vegas can also be.\”

He Yang nodded.

Qin Zhou glanced at the time and said again: \”I’ll go back to the crew first.\”

He Yang stood there and watched the other party leave.

After Qin Zhou’s figure disappeared from view, He Yang turned around and returned to the house.

Xiao Cheng was still watching the cartoon, and when he saw He Yang coming in, he looked behind He Yang and saw no one, so he asked: \”Uncle Little Sheep, where is brother Qin Zhou?\”

\”He went back.\” He Yang’s tone was very calm.

\”Oh…\”Xiao Cheng nodded in understanding, then continued watching the cartoon.

It wasn’t until after four o’clock in the afternoon that Xiao Cheng finally finished watching the Big Sheep cartoon.

Xiao Cheng got up, ready to go back.

The housekeeper brought a lot of snacks over, and Xiao Cheng also consciously opened the zipper of the small schoolbag and put the snacks in.

But before Xiao Cheng left, He Yang stopped Xiao Cheng.

\”Xiao Cheng.\”He Yang handed over a bag of strawberries,\”Bring this with me too.\”

Xiao Cheng glanced curiously and took the strawberry bag obediently.

He Yang: \”Give half of this to Qin Zhou.\”

\”Okay.\” Xiao Cheng nodded.

\”Don’t say I let you share.\”

\”Okay.\” Xiao Cheng obeyed obediently, followed behind the servant, and was sent back to the crew.

The crew was still filming, Xiao Cheng walked over with his schoolbag on his back and stood outside watching from a distance.

On the stage, costumed actors sang over and over again.

However, the audience was deserted, and there was only one audience.

Xiao Cheng watched for a while, then went back to the lounge first and took the strawberry out of his schoolbag.

The strawberries had been washed, so Xiao Cheng sat on the chair and ate the strawberries by himself.

Not long after, Qin Zhou came back after filming.

Xiao Cheng also came over with a bag of strawberries, and said softly: \”Brother Qin Zhou, eat strawberries.\”

Qin Zhou took off the headdress, rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head, took a strawberry out of the bag at will, and asked, “Who gave the strawberry?”

Xiaocheng shook his head and said: \”Uncle Xiaoyang said that he couldn’t tell brother Qin Zhou.\”

Xiao Cheng’s face was serious, but his expression was still serious.

Qin Zhou’s movements stopped.

Xiaocheng continued to hold the strawberry bag and said seriously: \”Half of it will be given to brother Qin Zhou.\”

Qin Zhou couldn’t help laughing and said, “You can eat, I’m not hungry.”

At noon the next day, Xiao Cheng went to He Yang again.

This time, the staff in the crew sent Xiao Cheng over, and Qin Zhou stayed in the lounge.

There was a small single bed in the lounge. Qin Zhou took off his coat and lay on the bed, ready to take a nap.

However, just when Qin Zhou was about to fall asleep, he suddenly heard a slight rustling sound in the room, as if some small animal had entered.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, looked to the side, and saw a fluffy little head beside the bed.

Xiao Wen stretched out his paws and was crawling onto the bed very hard.

So Qin Zhou simply hugged Xiao Wen, gave Xiao Wen a smooth hair, and asked: \”Why did you come here?\”

Xiao Wen also lay in Qin Zhou’s arms, and called out softly: \”Meow~\”

Qin Zhou slept on the bed with Xiao Wen in his arms, rubbing his palms on Xiao Wen’s body.

One person and one cat slept.

Until Xiao Cheng came back, Qin Zhou woke up slightly disturbed by the sound of closing the door.

Xiaocheng still carried a bag full of snacks from He Yang, and when he saw Qin Zhou awake, he happily came over with a box of chocolates and asked: \”Does brother Qin Zhou eat chocolate?\ ”

Xiao Cheng came to the bed, noticed the kitten in Qin Zhou’s arms, and exclaimed: \”The kitten is here too.\”

Xiao Cheng stretched out his hand, touched the kitten’s head, and sighed again: \”But the kitten is leaving.\”

\”Huh?\” Qin Zhou looked over and didn’t quite understand.

\”Uncle Little Sheep said he was leaving.\”Xiao Cheng sighed,\”The big dog is leaving, and the kitten and cat are leaving too.

Qin Zhou listened quietly beside him, didn’t speak, just looked at the kitten in his arms.

He also wants to get a Bengal cat.

So when the crew finished work in the evening, Qin Zhou couldn’t help but say to the agent: \”Brother Fan, I want to raise a cat.\”

The agent asked casually: \”Do you have time to support it?\”

Qin Zhou was taken aback and nodded: \”That’s right.\”

He doesn’t have time for cats.

In the next few days, when Qin Zhou came to the crew, he didn’t see Xiao Wen again.

Xiao Cheng didn’t go to the Qi family compound again, He Yang had already left.

And Qin Zhou also received a notice from the director, and the filming time has been adjusted.

Director: \”Work hard tonight and try to shoot a night scene!\”

Qin Zhou took a look at the schedule and found that there were a lot of night scenes scheduled this month, so he asked: \”Director Wang, can you shoot night scenes now?\”

Qin Zhou still remembered that Director Wang said before that the Qi family would not allow the crew to film night scenes here.

\”It’s alright, it’s alright.\”Director Wang smiled,\”In the past few days, new investments have been made, and the scenic spots here can be taken casually, and can be taken at night!\”

Qin Zhou wanted to ask more about investment, but was interrupted by the staff on the side—

\”Mr. Qin Zhou, someone is looking for it.\”

Qin Zhou got up, and when he came outside, he saw Jiang Lin.

As soon as Jiang Lin came over, he gave Qin Zhou a hug.

\”Brother Zhou!\”

Qin Zhou hugged the person in front of him and patted Jiang Lin on the shoulder.

There was still some time left before the shoot, Qin Zhou took Jiang Lin to the lounge first.

Jiang Lin thought to himself: \”Brother Zhou, I will stay with you for a few weeks and accompany you in filming.\”

Qin Zhou asked: \”I saw your post, where have you been this month?\”

\”I’ve been to a lot of places! I even soaked in hot springs!\” Jiang Lin came over, took out his mobile phone, and showed Qin Zhou a lot of photos.

Most of Jiang Lin’s photos are landscape photos, and there are also some photos of him and Yuan Lie.

Qin Zhou looked at the photos by the side, while listening to Jiang Lin talking about tourism.

\”There is a new store in the east port, Twilight Western Restaurant! It’s delicious!\” Jiang Lin urged, \”Brother Zhou, let’s go together when you come back!\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou responded and said again: \”But it will take me a few months to finish filming, and I may not have time recently.\”

\”It’s all right.\”Jiang Lin waved his hand,\”Just wait until you are free!\”

Jiang Lin held Qin Zhou and said a lot, until Qin Zhou was about to start filming, and then he let go.

Qin Zhou went to film, and Jiang Lin watched from outside.

And because there was a night show today, Qin Zhou didn’t finish work until after nine o’clock in the evening.

After a busy day, Qin Zhou returned to his residence to take a bath, and then lay down on the bed early to sleep.

And when Qin Zhou woke up from a sleep, he took out his mobile phone and found that he was on a hot search.

Only this time, it is a black hot search.

[#Qinzhou Plastic Surgery# I am a native of Anshi, and I can say something responsibly. I met Qin Zhou a few years ago, and we worked in Anshi together at that time. I guarantee that Qin Zhou will never be like this now! Let me show you what Qin Zhou was like before, black and ugly! 】

The accompanying pictures are several group photos, and the faces of others are coded.

The only young man in the photo who was not coded has a dark complexion, ordinary facial features, and old clothes and shoes. It can be seen that the family conditions are not very good.

【It’s too ugly! At first glance, it is a poor ghost, and it is so dark, it looks really disgusting! It’s just a head change! Qin Zhou is a plastic surgery freak! 】

[Finally someone picks him up! I have long suspected that Qin Zhou had plastic surgery. His information clearly stated that he came from a small rural area. That place was so poor that it was still a poverty-stricken area. Where did he get the money for plastic surgery! 】

[You can watch those Mary Su dramas he acted in the past, he is a paralyzed face hahaha, it is estimated that he has just had plastic surgery and dare not move hahaha]

【what? I remember that Qin Zhou has always been this face? Is this plastic surgery before entering the circle? Good guy, I guess he fell asleep! After all, the gold master likes that kind of face-lifting]

[Shh, see through and don’t tell through]

At first, it was news that broke on an entertainment forum. Someone went to Qin Zhou’s hometown to inquire, saying that Qin Zhou’s family moved to Anshi many years ago, but there has been no follow-up.

Until early this morning, someone suddenly broke the news that he knew Qin Zhou from Anshi, and also got a photo of Qin Zhou’s plastic surgery. The topic was inexplicably hyped, and it rushed to the front row of hot searches in the morning, and major marketing accounts also reprinted it.

In the hot search, the photos of \”Qin Zhou before plastic surgery\” are spread everywhere.

Qin Zhou looked at the photos on the hot search, his mind went blank, and he was completely stunned.

Just the comments on the hot search are already bad, and his private messages are already full, Qin Zhou dare not open it.

And just when Qin Zhou was staring at the phone, there was a sudden knock at the door.

Qin Zhou went over and saw that the agent was outside.

As soon as the agent came in, he opened his mouth and said: \”Have you seen the hot search too?\”

Qin Zhou was still in a state of confusion and nodded.

The agent asked again: \”Tell me first, is the person in the photo not you?\”

Qin Zhou didn’t know how to answer for a while.

That person is him and not him.

He is the replacement, this matter cannot stand scrutiny, and a careful investigation can reveal it.

But even if he \”admit\” is plastic surgery, the time is not right, because he does not have a period of repair after plastic surgery.

\”I…\” Qin Zhou opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

The agent on the side saw Qin Zhou’s hesitant appearance, so he asked: \”Is that person you? Have plastic surgery?\”

However, before Qin Zhou could answer, the agent received a call.

The agent glanced at the remarks and went to the balcony to answer the phone.

Qin Zhou was sitting on the sofa watching Weibo, and as soon as he refreshed the interface, he could see new netizens join the topic and start discussions.

The manager also quickly ended the call and came over and said: \”Keep the phone for me, don’t go online today.\”

Qin Zhou gave the phone to the agent.

Agent: \”You go to film first, don’t worry about other things.\”


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