Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 109

When Qin Zhou came to the crew, he could still feel that the staff’s eyes were falling on him.

I don’t know if he is too sensitive, he always feels like other people are discussing him.

Qin Zhou hurriedly returned to the lounge, and stayed inside first, wanting to read the script with peace of mind and not to think about the black and hot search.

But the more you don’t want to care, the more you care.

And because the mobile phone was given to the agent, Qin Zhou now has no mobile phone, and he does not know how the public opinion on the Internet is, and he is getting more and more anxious.

Qin Zhou leaned on the sofa, unable to read the script at all.

Not long after, Jiang Lin came to the crew.

As if he didn’t know anything, Jiang Lin approached Qin Zhou and handed a cup of hot soy milk over, “Brother Zhou, I bought the soy milk.”

Qin Zhou took it, was silent for a while, and said: \”Jiang Lin, I forgot my phone, can you lend me a little?\”

Jiang Lin didn’t think much about it and lent his cell phone to Qin Zhou.

And when Qin Zhou got his mobile phone, he immediately started a hot search.

However, there were no plastic surgery-related topics in the front row of the hot search, so Qin Zhou went directly to search for keywords.

[#Qinzhou Plastic Surgery# Good guy, it was still on the hot search before, but now it’s gone all of a sudden! I admire you】

[#Qin Zhou Plastic Surgery# Did the plastic surgery monster have such a backstage? I don’t think he is popular. This is why the gold master is distressed for his little lover. The hot search is so fast? ! 】

[#Qinzhou Plastic Surgery# Wow, until now I have eaten melons, I feel that the gold master has taken care of the real hammer]

Although the hot search has been withdrawn and the breaking news posts have been deleted, the memory of netizens is still there, and the discussion will continue.

Some netizens have even found out the first drama he played in the circle, and cut his scenes into moving pictures separately.

[#Qinzhou Plastic Surgery# Let everyone see the first time the plastic surgery monster acted, the acting is terrible]

Qin Zhou looked at the moving picture and was a little lost for a while.

When he acted for the first time, he couldn’t let go, and his acting skills were poor.

After all, he has never studied acting, and he is slowly groping for acting.

And Jiang Lin came over, glanced at the screen at random, and frowned suddenly: \”Brother Zhou, don’t look at it.\”

\”The marketing accounts that spread rumors will definitely be dealt with.\”Jiang Lin put away the phone,\”It’s just a group of keyboard warriors, just spraying them across the screen.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t speak, he just lowered his head slightly.

Jiang Lin hugged Qin Zhou, patted Qin Zhou, and comforted: \”Brother Zhou, it’s alright.\”

Qin Zhou lowered his head and buried his head on Jiang Lin’s shoulder, and said in a muffled voice: \”There are pictures…\”

At that time, he lived in Anshi for a while after the car accident.

At first, he was working in Anshi under a pseudonym that he made up to save money. Fortunately, the local government is not strict with ID cards, and there are many black households like him working in the local area.

After that, he worked part-time and saved some money, so he took his grandmother to other places and put on his ID card.

Later, he entered the entertainment industry, and he also deliberately avoided Anshi during some interviews, only saying that he was from the north.

After all, both the tour guide and the grandmother moved from the north, and they have no relatives or friends in the local area. Even if someone from Anshi sees \”Qin Zhou\” on the Internet, they will only think they have the same name and surname.

However, I didn’t expect that the old photos have been picked up now, and they have been recognized.

\”It’s all right.\”Jiang Lin quickly comforted, \”It will be dealt with.\”

Qin Zhou calmed down for a while, and then went to the dressing room first.

It’s just that Qin Zhou was more or less affected by the black hot search, and his state was always wrong when filming.

\”Card!\” The director looked at Qin Zhou on the stage and knew about the black hot search, so he still said to Qin Zhou: \”You should rest today, and we will shoot this tomorrow.\”

\”I’m sorry, Director Wang…\” Qin Zhou stepped down and said quickly: \”I didn’t act very well.\”

Director Wang shook his head: \”No, you act very spiritually.\”

Director Wang thought of the comments on the Internet, patted Qin Zhou on the shoulder, and said, “Don’t think too much about those things on the Internet, it’s easy to doubt yourself if you read too much.”

\”Even if it’s plastic surgery, it’s nothing, I didn’t steal or rob.\” Director Wang sighed, \”As long as you don’t mess with those relationships…\”

After all, the original male lead of their crew was exposed to a scandal because of promiscuity, misbehavior, and was boycotted by the entire network.

As for plastic surgery, it’s not a big deal, it’s normal.

Director Wang didn’t mind the hot searches, he just felt that netizens were busy.

And Qin Zhou also went back to the lounge to remove his makeup, ready to go back to rest.

After removing the makeup, Qin Zhou and Jiang Lin returned to the residence together.

However, when Qin Zhou was still concerned about the hot search, his mobile phone was still with the agent. Now he doesn’t know what the online public opinion is, and the agent is not in the room, so he should have gone out.

So Qin Zhou asked Jiang Lin to borrow his mobile phone, but Jiang Lin didn’t agree and didn’t let him read Weibo.

Until evening, the agent came back.

The agent gave Qin Zhou the phone and said: \”Okay, it’s alright.\”

\”Troublesome brother Fan.\”

\”That person is not you, just deal with it as a rumor.\” The agent waved his hand.

Qin Zhou cautiously did not speak.

After the agent left, Qin Zhou quickly went on the hot search and saw that the agent had made a statement on his Weibo, and the studio also sent a lawyer’s letter to those marketing accounts, ready to go through the legal process.

The public opinion on the Internet has also calmed down. The marketing accounts that were chaotic at the beginning have all apologized, and the focus of netizens has also been on the same name and surname.

[When I saw the hot search before, I thought it was strange, it was just the same name… that’s more of a celebrity collision]

[Comparing the two carefully, the difference is really big, and the bones are different. I am curious about which cosmetic surgery clinic can change my head, and I want to go too]

[It’s gone, it’s a rotten melon, I want to pick up other people’s black materials, but I have the same name and the same surname and pick up the wrong person]

[Damn, I thought it was a big deal, even if it was plastic surgery, it would be fine]

Public opinion has turned around, but there are still many black fans.

[Being backed by the gold master is a real hammer, right? 】

[I don’t comment on this melon, but Qin Zhou’s backstage is really tough, all those tough marketing accounts have posted on Weibo]

Although the studio has clarified that it is only the same name and surname, there will still be black fans who will hold on to it.

Qin Zhou flipped through Weibo and suddenly received a call from Yuan Lie.

Qin Zhou connected, \”Mr. Yuan.\”

\”Your identity is no longer a problem, and some small tails have been cleaned up.\” Yuan Lie said, \”You have been to Anshi, but the person in Anshi is not you, just happens to have the same name as you.\”

Yuan Lie also knew Qin Zhou’s identity, and it was actually easy to find out the replacement.

However, when he checked again today, he found that Qin Zhou’s identity was complete and there were no loopholes. It was obvious that someone had already helped.

Also because the identity has been dealt with a long time ago, it is also easy to deal with today’s hot search.

Yuan Lie: \”Wait for me to send you a document, and you will remember the information on that document in the future.\”

\”Thank you Mr. Yuan.\”

After hanging up, Qin Zhou received the document sent by Yuan Lie.

When Qin Zhou downloaded the file, he saw that it was full of \”Qin Zhou\”‘s more than 20 years of detailed experience, without any omissions or mistakes.

The black hot search has been satisfactorily resolved, and Qin Zhou has finally relaxed.

At night, Jiang Lin stayed in Qin Zhou’s room and wanted to sleep with Qin Zhou.

The two huddled together on a bed, covered with a quilt, and chatted a lot.

But most of the time, Jiang Lin was talking and Qin Zhou was listening.

Jiang Lin talked a lot about daily life, but when the topic went around, he would always come back to Yuan Lie.

But after talking too much, Jiang Lin was also a little tired, so he leaned beside Qin Zhou and whispered: \”Brother Zhou, you don’t talk?\”

\”I’m listening to you.\” Qin Zhou couldn’t help laughing.

\”Brother Zhou can talk about his own affairs.\”

Qin Zhou thought about it, but still said: \”It seems that there is nothing to say, just filming every day.\”

\”It’s also fun to film.\”

Qin Zhou rubbed Jiang Lin’s head and said nothing.

Filming is just work for him.

At first, he entered the circle and acted because filming was the fastest way to get money, and he could save for medical expenses.

It’s just that I don’t need to save medical bills now, and I suddenly feel a little confused.

\”Jiang Lin.\” Qin Zhou lowered his head and muttered: \”I regret it a bit.\”

Regret replacing someone else’s identity caused the photo of the little tour guide to be posted on the Internet.

I also regretted telling the driver and tour guide that day that I was going to the stockade, and in the end I was the only one who survived.

Jiang Lin asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

\”Just a little tired.\” Qin Zhou whispered.

Sometimes, he didn’t even know what he was holding on to.

The tour guide had already left, and his grandmother was gone, so he was the only one left.

He remembered that the tour guide’s wish was to act, to act with Pei Yuan——

However, he has cooperated with Pei Yuan now, and his wish has come true, but he still feels a lot of pressure now.

It was he who stole other people’s identities, stole other people’s names, and stole other people’s lives.

He was supposed to have died in the car accident that day.

\”If only I didn’t go to the stockade that day…\”

Jiang Lin stretched out his hand, touched Qin Zhou’s head, and comforted: \”Brother Zhou, don’t think about it.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t speak, closed his eyes, his consciousness became lighter and lighter.

If only it hadn’t been for that car accident.

In early January, “Pear Garden” was completed.

It was just before the annual vacation, just right.

Qin Zhou returned to Nancheng.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Qin Zhou has some free time.

However, there are quite a lot of arrangements after the year, and some endorsements and photos are all placed after the year.

Jiang Lin called and asked: \”Brother Zhou, do you want to come to my place for the New Year?\”


\”But you are alone…\”

Qin Zhou: \”It’s okay, and Su Tang, I’ll make do with her this year.\”

He used to go back to accompany his grandma during Chinese New Year.

But now that grandma isn’t there, it just so happens that Su Tang’s relationship with the family is rather tense. He has been with Su Tang this year.

Jiang Lin had no choice but to say: \”Then I will come to you after the year.\”


\”Time to go to Twilight Restaurant together!\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou should come down.

The Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer, and Qin Zhou is also preparing to buy New Year’s goods.

It just so happened that Su Tang also moved to Nancheng, not far from Qin Zhou’s place, so the two made an appointment to visit the supermarket together.

Many people went out to the supermarket to buy New Year’s goods. The two of them wore hats and masks and walked among the crowd.

There are fried fried dough sticks in the supermarket, but there are many people who buy them and need to queue up.

Su Tang wanted to eat a little, so he pulled Qin Zhou to the back of the line, and then played with his mobile phone.

Suddenly, Su Tang frowned when he saw a dynamic.

Su Tang tugged at the corner of Qin Zhou’s clothes, handed over the phone, and said impatiently: \”Look at this scholar, it’s so annoying!\”

Qin Zhou took a look and saw a selfie.

In the photo, the young man with peach blossom eyes is smiling, and a small tear mole is drawn under his right eye.

[Received an invitation to the Black Gold Gala, see you later in the year~]

Qin Zhou recognized who this person was at once, and was a little surprised, and asked: \”Have you added him as a friend?\”

\”The last time we participated in an event together, he insisted on adding me.\”Su Tang frowned, \”It’s really annoying to look at it, and show off your wealth every day.\”

Su Tang looked at that dynamic, and the more she thought about it, the more angry she became.

\”Why does he have an invitation letter, I don’t have one!\”

The standards for issuing invitation letters to the Black Gold Gala are very strict, and those who can receive invitations are generally rich and prestigious guests, especially those young ladies, rich second-generation sons and so on.

Artists who are second- and third-tier in the circle are not eligible to be invited, let alone an internet celebrity like Gu Yifeng.

Su Tang: \”You don’t know, the self-portraits he sends every day, just look at the clothes and learn from you!\”

Qin Zhou frowned slightly and did not speak.

He didn’t have any intersection with Gu Yifeng, and he didn’t even say a word, but Gu Yifeng looked a bit like him and dressed in the same style, which was a little uncomfortable.

\”Thinking about it makes me feel so disgusted!\”Su Tang still feels angry, \”I take you for heat every day.\”

\”Forget it, I can’t control it.\”Qin Zhou comforted, \”Just don’t watch his dynamic.\”

\”No, I want to see him.\”Su Tang shook her head,\”I was angry when I saw him live so well.\”

Qin Zhou changed the subject and asked: \”How many fritters do you want?\”

Su Tang hurriedly looked up and saw that it was their turn, so he said: \”I want two, and I will bring one to Chi Xiao later.\”

Su Tang still lives in the dormitory apartment arranged by the company, very close to Lin Chixiao.

It’s just that Lin Chixiao has been busy these days and is still chasing announcements, and is not in the apartment during the day.

Qin Zhou asked: \”Isn’t he still busy? It might be cold if you take it.\”

\”It’s okay, I asked, he got off work at six o’clock today, and I took it just right!\”

So Qin Zhou bought three pieces of fried dough sticks, one for each person.

On the way back, Su Tang carried the big bag and muttered: \”Wait, I will ask Chi Xiao if she wants to celebrate the New Year together, then the three of us will eat hot pot together!\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou should come down.

Soon, the two separated at the intersection, and Qin Zhou also returned to the apartment.

This time he bought a lot of New Year’s goods, Qin Zhou put the bag on the table and slowly sorted things out.

And just when Qin Zhou was in the middle of finishing, the phone rang.

Qin Zhou took a look at the mobile phone and found that it was a call from the broker.

After getting through the phone, the agent asked directly: \”Qin Zhou, I have a party invitation here, do you want to go?\”

Qin Zhou asked: \”Which party is it?\”

\”Black Gold Party.\”


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