Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 192

Xu Chengyan stretched out his hand, hooked He Yang’s tie, and asked slowly, “What’s the benefit?”

“A salary increase.”

Xu Chengyan laughed, untied his tie, and asked, “Is there any other benefit?”

“Promotion, become the boss’s wife.” He Yang exerted a little force on his hand and asked, “Are you considering it?”

“Then please hurry up Mr. He.” Xu Chengyan smiled, threw the tie aside, and hugged He Yang’s shoulders.

The temperature of the indoor air conditioner was a bit low, and Xu Chengyan was wearing nothing on his upper body, and his naked skin was exposed to the air with a hint of coolness.

The temperature on He Yang’s body was relatively high, and the warm big hand fell on the cold back, slowly sliding down the spine and touching the waist.

He Yang wrapped his arms around the person in his arms, using his hands hard, he directly picked him up and put it on the table next to him.

The table was also cold, Xu Chengyan shrank and couldn’t help complaining, “The air conditioner is a little cold.”

He Yang raised the temperature of the indoor air conditioner a bit, took off his jacket, and unbuttoned his shirt.

Xu Chengyan looked at He Yang’s movements and asked, “Are you on the table?”

“Yeah.” He Yang responded.

“It will dirty the table.” Xu Chengyan was a little careless.

“Go to bed?”

“It will stain the bed.”

He Yang stopped unbuttoning the button, stepped forward, put his hands on the youth’s side, and asked, “Where do you want to do it?”

“Let’s take a shower, take a shower when you’re done, save time.” Xu Chengyan touched He Yang’s face and said slowly, “If you hurry up, I can finish the form before I get off work.”

Xu Chengyan was still thinking about the forms that he had not finished, and always kept in mind his identity as an intern secretary.

It’s just that Boss He frowned, as if he didn’t want Secretary Xu to be too diligent.

“As much as possible.” He Yang replied vaguely, reaching out to the young man in front of him.

Xu Chengyan leaned over cooperatively and was picked up by He Yang, thinking that He Yang was going to take him to the bathroom.

It’s just that with He Yang’s actions, Xu Chengyan found himself being held by the window, and suddenly had a bad premonition.

The lounge has floor-to-ceiling windows and is dozens of stories high. When you look outside, the city becomes smaller.

He Yang put the person in his arms by the floor-to-ceiling window, and pressed the young man’s hands on the window, pressing them up.

Xu Chengyan turned his head and asked, “Don’t you want to go to the bathroom?”

“I haven’t tried the window yet.” He Yang lowered his head, and a delicate kiss fell on the back of the young man’s neck.

“Pretty bells and whistles…” Xu Chengyan let out a short low laugh, still tacitly acquiescing to He Yang’s actions.

He Yang was still kissing the nape of his neck, and he stretched out a hand towards the young man.

The only remaining suit pants were taken off, Xu Chengyan closed his eyes and pressed his chest against the cold window.

The posture of kneeling on the ground was not pleasant, Xu Chengyan still opened his eyes and looked out the window.

There are high-rise buildings outside the window, and cars come and go on the road.

From this angle, you can overlook most of the city and see the river in the distance.

Xu Chengyan was a little lost for a while, and saw his own reflection from the window.

He Yang had already taken off all the clothes on his body, but He Yang was still wearing clothes, which was a little unfair.

Although he told himself rationally that no one outside would see him like this, but now that he was lying on the window, he still felt an inexplicable sense of shame.

Xu Chengyan was a little nervous, his body tense subconsciously.

He Yang also sensed the youth’s nervousness, stopped for a while, put it to his ear, and called out softly, “Yanyan.”

Xu Chengyan felt the heat falling in his ears, and couldn’t help lowering his head, trying to avoid it.

It’s just that now there is a cold window in front of him, and a man’s warm chest behind him, and there is nowhere to escape.

One ice and one hot, the body is between two extremes.

“Relax.” He Yang gently kissed the soft earlobe.

Xu Chengyan’s breathing became rapid, and his earlobes went numb.

The man’s gasping sound was close to his ears, Xu Chengyan was even more nervous, he couldn’t relax, he muttered: “Don’t bite my ear…”

“Good.” He Yang lightened his tone and coaxed softly, “Relax a little more.”

He Yang was very patient, and the delicate kisses kept falling on the young man’s earlobe and side face.

But the more He Yang appeases, the more Xu Chengyan can’t relax, as long as he opens his eyes, he can see out the window and the reflection on the window.

“He Yang…” Xu Chengyan couldn’t help it anymore, his voice was intermittent: “Don’t do it… Change place…”

“Relax first.” He Yang continued to soothe, occasionally exchanging a deep kiss with his head sideways.

It wasn’t until he noticed that the young man’s body finally softened that He Yang backed away a little, picked him up, and put him on the big soft bed.

He Yang covered the young man in the most traditional face-to-face posture.

Xu Chengyan reached out and hugged He Yang’s shoulder tightly, regaining a sense of security.

After the intense affair, the two on the bed hugged tightly, immersed in joy.

He Yang was still a little unfinished, so he leaned over to the young man’s lips and asked for a kiss.

Xu Chengyan responded cooperatively at first, until he felt his lips were swollen, and then he pushed the person away slightly.

Both of them were sweating, Xu Chengyan thought the temperature in the room was too low before, but now he thought the temperature was too high.

He Yang got up and turned down the temperature of the air conditioner before returning to the bedside and asking, “Clean up?”

Xu Chengyan didn’t move, and still lay lazily on the bed.


Xu Chengyan just said, “I’ll lie down for another five minutes.”

He Yang lay down and put his arms in his arms.

Xu Chengyan turned over and complained in a low voice, “The knee is a little uncomfortable.”

He Yang got up and sat on the bed, holding the young man’s calf, and saw that his knees had been rubbed red, it should have been red when he was in the floor-to-ceiling windows.

He Yang frowned, rubbed lightly on his knees, and said, “Next time, buy a cushion and put it by the window.”

“Why buy a mat?”

“Cushions can be used by the window later.”

Xu Chengyan reacted, he couldn’t help raising his legs, and stepped on He Yang’s abdomen, “You are the only one who has so many tricks.”

“There are not many tricks.” He Yang grabbed the young man’s ankle and said slowly, “I can try something else next time.”

“Do you want to try something else?” Xu Chengyan moved his ankle, and found that he couldn’t pull it back, so he simply gave up, and patiently persuaded: “It’s fine just in bed, don’t try.”

Xu Chengyan still prefers a more traditional way, doing it on the bed.

“Try more.” He Yang let go of the young man’s ankle and glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table again, reminding: “Five minutes are up.”

Xu Chengyan didn’t move, and said, “I’ll lie down for another three minutes.”

“Yanyan.” He Yang increased his tone.

“No.” Xu Chengyan continued to lie on the bed.

He Yang had to forcibly carry the bear child to the bathroom to clean up.

But even when it was being cleaned up, the bear boy didn’t cooperate at all and kept moving around.

He Yang was helpless and had no choice but to say, “Staying inside is not good for your health.”

“It’s okay.” Xu Chengyan sat in the bathtub and touched his stomach, “The child is gone again.”

He Yang had no choice.

I don’t know since when, the bear child became less and less like to clean up and insisted on staying in the body.

Even if he wanted to wear a condom, he wouldn’t let him.

He Yang sighed, his fingertips unknowingly touched the young man’s flat belly, and followed the young man’s words and replied, “I’ll be pregnant again next time.”

When the two of them came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, it was already time for get off work.

He Yang straightened the sleeves of his suit and prepared to go home from get off work.

Xu Chengyan looked at his desk and subconsciously said, “I haven’t finished my form yet.”

“No need to do it, come back tomorrow.”

Xu Chengyan teased: “Then he will be subverted by Mr. He tomorrow?”

He Yang coughed lightly and did not deny it.

Xu Chengyan laughed, stepped forward to help He Yang straighten his collar, and reminded: “Mr. He, I am here to be the secretary.”

“It’s a personal secretary.”

He Yang specially emphasized the word “close to the body”, then opened the drawer and put a form in front of the young man.

Xu Chengyan took a look and found that he had written the entry application form himself. At that time, he filled it out according to He Yang’s requirements, and the title column was “Personal Secretary”.

“The personal secretary is to accompany the boss to eat and rest with the boss. The closer you are, the better.” He Yang was serious.

Xu Chengyan: “Do you have to sleep with the boss that night, preferably without clothes?”

“Yes.” Boss He was very frank, “So hard-working Secretary Xu worked overtime at night and slept with him.”

It was already evening, and the two left the company after get off work.

Secretary Xu accompanies Boss He to a western restaurant for dinner, and then accompanies Boss He for a walk. Finally, he returns to the old house with Boss He in the evening, ready to sleep with him.

Secretary Xu is very dedicated and sits on Boss He.

It’s just that the posture above is too exhausting, and the back is sore and the legs are sore.

After a few minutes, Xu Chengyan was too lazy to move, so he leaned down and lay in front of He Yang’s chest.

He Yang put his arms around the young man’s waist and chuckled softly, “Are you out of strength?”

Xu Chengyan was angry and took a bite on He Yang’s shoulder.

He Yang rolled over and pressed the young man under him, changing into a traditional posture.

It should be Secretary Xu serving Boss He, but in the end it was Boss He who contributed, and Secretary Xu just lay on the bed and enjoyed it.

After the sleeping service ended, He Yang leaned on the young man, lowered his head and touched his lips, and asked, “Is Secretary Xu still satisfied?”

“Satisfied.” Xu Chengyan felt He Yang’s chest muscles and poked, and was very satisfied.

He liked He Yang’s body very much, and he was very comfortable when he was on the bed.

The only downside is that the frequency is a bit frequent.

Obviously they only did it in the afternoon, but they did it again in the evening, and it would definitely lead to kidney deficiency in the long run.

Xu Chengyan reminded: “It’s better to be restrained.”


“Doing too much will consume too much physical strength, and it will cause kidney deficiency.” Xu Chengyan reached out and touched He Yang’s face, and asked, “How about once in three days in the future? Work for one day and rest for two days.”

He Yang held the hand beside his face, “I have good physical strength, so I don’t need to rest.”

Xu Chengyan tentatively discussed, “Once every two days?”

He Yang did not speak.

So Xu Chengyan acquiesced when He Yang, and decided unilaterally: “Then once every two days, it’s good for your health.”

He Yang directly leaned over and blocked the young man’s lips, proving with his actions that he had good physical strength and would not suffer from kidney deficiency.


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