Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 69

The car fell silent.

He Yang was still holding the grape cake and didn’t speak.

After a long time, He Yang said: \”He will have heart surgery the day after tomorrow.\”

Qin Zhou: \”This is about you and him, no need to explain to me.\”

\”To explain.\” He Yang looked sideways and said: \”He used to be with me—\”

\”He Yang.\” Qin Zhou interrupted a little impatiently, \”I repeat, we have only been in bed, at most a bed partner.\”

\”I don’t care who you like, what is your relationship with Shen Xiuzhu.\”

\”I’ve already said that before, I will accompany you to bed for three months, and you can help me get a doctor.\”

He Yang was quiet, and after a while, he slowly asked aloud: \”Can’t you start over?\”

Qin Zhou: \”No need.\”

\”It is necessary.\” He Yang leaned over, propped up on the seat with one hand, almost wrapped the youth in his arms, and whispered: \”Go back with me.\”

Qin Zhou frowned slightly and didn’t want to continue this topic, he just said: \”If you don’t drive, I’ll be late.\”

He Yang had to go back to his seat and start the car.

Until the car stopped outside the film and television city, He Yang said: \”I’m going back to Nancheng today.\”

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou nodded and reminded: \”Don’t forget to buy a cake with Shen Xiuzhu.\”

He Yang lowered his eyes and said: \”After he finishes the operation, I will come over.\”

Qin Zhou asked while unfastening his seat belt: \”Aren’t you tired of running on both sides now?\”

\”If you really care about him that much, just stay with him.\” Qin Zhou looked up at He Yang, and suddenly reacted, \”Oh no, he is not in good health and has a heart attack.\”

Qin Zhou laughed, \”He can’t go to bed with you, but I can go to bed with you.\”

\”No.\”He Yang wanted to explain more.

Qin Zhou didn’t want to hear it, so he said: \”If you are not too tired, then you can do whatever you want.\”

\”Remember to do a physical examination after returning to Nancheng.\”Qin Zhou took out a spare room card from his bag again, \”You have the room card, and when you want to go to bed, come directly to my room.\”

He Yang took the room card.

Qin Zhou also put on his hat, got out of the car, and went to the studio first.

He Yang was still in the car and did not leave until the figure in his field of vision disappeared.

on the set.

Qin Zhou went to put on makeup first, and sat in the rest room to wait.

Lin Chixiao came over, said hello, and asked again: \”Was that your boyfriend yesterday?\”

Qin Zhou looked at the script and replied: \”No.\”

Lin Chixiao was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t ask any further, and said: \”The director asked me to come over and get to know you more, I’m afraid the two of us won’t be able to let go.\”

Qin Zhou looked over and asked: \”Are you nervous?\”

\”A bit.\” Lin Chixiao nodded.

Qin Zhou thought about it, and then said: \”How about another appointment tomorrow night? Relax.\”

\”Okay.\” Lin Chixiao replied with a smile, and said: \”But don’t order so much, I didn’t finish it last time.\”

Qin Zhou also remembered that when they made an appointment for self-help yesterday, they didn’t see the weight clearly, and accidentally ordered too much. The two of them couldn’t finish it at all, and finally they forced it to eat.

Qin Zhou smiled, \”Let’s learn a lesson this time, less tomorrow.\”

\”Okay.\”Lin Chixiao was beside him and saw that Qin Zhou was still reviewing the script, so he took out the script and read it.

On the set, the lighting angle is still being adjusted, and it is not yet time to start shooting.

Lin Chixiao read the script for a while, took out the pen again, and turned to the blank page of the last page of the script, while writing and drawing.

Qin Zhou saw it, leaned over to take a look, and found that Lin Chixiao was writing the song.

As Lin Chixiao wrote, Qin Zhou was beside him and snorted softly.

Lin Chixiao hurriedly raised his head and said in surprise: \”Do you understand?\”

\”A little bit.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

He used to learn the piano, and he could understand the music.

Lin Chixiao hummed the tune and asked: \”Do you think this sounds good?\”

\”That sounds good.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

Lin Chixiao is indeed very powerful, and the songs he writes are very good.

It’s just that it may not be in line with the public’s aesthetics, and it’s not that kind of traffic star. It has been silent for more than ten years, and only a song broke out this year.

\”I feel that there is something wrong in the middle…\” Lin Chixiao frowned, and drew the middle notes again, \”I have changed it many times, but it still feels strange every time…\”

Qin Zhou took a look and really felt that something was wrong with this place, so he asked: \”Do you want to change this place?\”

Saying that, Qin Zhou took the pen and changed a syllable in the middle.

Lin Chixiao looked at Qin Zhou’s revised version and hummed again, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Lin Chixiao hurriedly wrote another piece of music and asked: \”What about this one? What do you think?\”

Qin Zhou hummed it according to the tune, and then changed a few syllables to make it a little smoother.

And Lin Chixiao looked at Qin Zhou with more and more fiery eyes, hugged Qin Zhou, and said in surprise: \”From today onwards, you are my half-brother!\”

Lin Chixiao hurriedly patted Qin Zhou’s back, \”Dear brother, are you free tonight? There are a lot of songs in my room!\”

Qin Zhou said: \”I want to shoot the interior at night.\”

\”Almost forgot…\” Lin Chixiao retracted his hand and asked again: \”What about tomorrow? Are you free tomorrow night?\”

\”I’m free tomorrow night.\” Qin Zhou nodded, \”But I can’t write songs, I just changed them at random, are you sure you want to find me?\”

\”It’s alright, alright!\” Lin Chixiao said quickly: \”Then make an appointment tomorrow, go to my place after eating the buffet.\”

\”Okay.\”Qin Zhou should come down.

South City.

He Yang bought a cake and came to the hospital.

Shen Xiuzhu was still sitting on the hospital bed, his face was pale and he looked very weak.

Seeing He Yang coming, Shen Xiuzhu showed a smile and said softly: \”It’s troublesome.\”

He Yang walked over and handed the cake to him.

Shen Xiuzhu smiled: \”Thank you.\”

Shen Xiuzhu took it, opened the cake, and asked casually: \”Did you go out to play yesterday? You were not there when I called you.\”

\”Something happened yesterday.\”

Shen Xiuzhu smiled and asked: \”Is it your boyfriend?\”

\”No.\”He Yang sat beside the bed and was distracted for a while.

They haven’t confirmed their relationship yet, it’s just a fostered bed partner relationship.

He Yang asked: \”How is your body?\”

\”The past few days have been very good.\”Shen Xiuzhu narrowed his eyes and smiled, \”The surgery is at nine o’clock in the morning the day after tomorrow, and then—\”

He Yang suddenly interrupted: \”I won’t be here the day after tomorrow.\”

Shen Xiuzhu was stunned for a moment, but after reacting, he still kept a smile on his face and nodded: \”Okay.\”

\”Tomorrow I will go out of town for a while, temporarily not in Nancheng.\”

Holding a small fork, Shen Xiuzhu asked while eating the cake: \”Are you busy at work? I’m always bothering you during this time, sorry.\”

He Yang said: \”I will let the nurse come over.\”

\”It’s okay.\”Shen Xiuzhu smiled softly,\”Just go do your work, I’m used to it in the hospital by myself.\”

Shen Xiuzhu lowered his head, his tone became a little lonely, \”Sometimes I still wish I could have family and friends…\”

He Yang was quiet for a while, then said: \”I’ll let someone else come to accompany you on Monday.\”

\”It’s okay, I don’t need to bother.\”Shen Xiuzhu held the small cake and said with some nostalgia: \”Maybe I’m still young.\”

\”My parents always said that I stick to you every day, like a little follower.\” Shen Xiuzhu recalled the past and couldn’t help laughing.

He Yang just listened quietly without making a sound.

Shen Xiuzhu looked up and asked, “Are you going out of town tomorrow?”


Shen Xiuzhu stood up, got a little closer, held the man’s wrist, and asked, “Then, can you stay with me tonight?”

He Yang met Shen Xiuzhu’s gaze and did not speak.

Shen Xiuzhu said slowly: \”I’m about to have an operation, but I’m still very afraid that the operation will fail.\”

\”Doctors are the best.\”

\”But it’s not guaranteed to be 100% successful, is it?\”Shen Xiuzhu smiled somewhat self-deprecatingly, \”Sometimes I really hate hospitals, and I don’t like surgery.\”

\”I’m afraid that one day, I will suddenly die on the operating table.\” Shen Xiuzhu’s tone was still a little low.

He Yang: \”No.\”

Shen Xiuzhu raised his head, as if he wanted to say something.

However, before Shen Xiuzhu could speak, he suddenly coughed violently.

Shen Xiuzhu lowered his head, his hands tightly grasped the front of his shirt, his expression was painful, and even breathing became a little difficult.

He Yang quickly patted Shen Xiuzhu on the back, and took the water cup and medicine next to him.

After Shen Xiuzhu took the medicine, the situation improved a little and gradually calmed down.

It’s just that his eyes are still red, and he looks very weak.

Shen Xiuzhu held the water glass, looked at the man beside him, and asked again: \”Then can you stay with me?\”

\”Just the last time.\” Shen Xiuzhu looked at the man in front of him and waited for the other party’s reply.

Film City.

Qin Zhou finished filming the night scene and went back to the hotel.

It was already past eleven o’clock in the evening. Qin Zhou went to remove his makeup first, and when he was about to take a bath in his pajamas, he suddenly noticed a watch on the bed.

Qin Zhou walked over, took the watch, and recognized that it was He Yang’s watch.

It is estimated that when he went to bed last night, He Yang forgot to be here.

Qin Zhou sat beside the bed, held the watch and looked at it for a while, but still took out his mobile phone and called He Yang.

After a few seconds, the call was connected.

Qin Zhou said directly: \”You forgot your watch on my bed, when will you come and get it? Or should I send it to you?\”

After speaking, Qin Zhou waited for a while, but couldn’t wait for He Yang’s reply.

Qin Zhou shouted again: \”He Yang?\”

The phone was still very quiet, and after a while, a male voice came——

\”Are you looking for He Yang?\”

The male voice was soft and gentle.

When Qin Zhou heard this voice, he immediately recognized the voice of the young master.

Qin Zhou responded: \”Yeah.\”

\”I’m sorry…\” The weak young master held the phone and smiled gently.

\”He Yang is in the bathroom and may not be able to answer the phone.\”


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