Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 70

Qin Zhou laughed when he heard the voice on the phone.

\”Is he taking a shower?\”

The young master didn’t answer directly, he just said softly: \”Is something wrong? When he comes out, I’ll tell him for you.\”

The young master’s tone was gentle and polite throughout.

In theory, the young master’s attitude is fine.

But for some reason, Qin Zhou felt very uncomfortable listening to it.

When you feel that a person speaks yin and yang and makes you feel very uncomfortable——

Do not doubt, that person is yin and yang strange.

Qin Zhou rubbed the watch in his hand and squinted slightly.

He has been in the circle for two years, he has been with many crews, and he has met many people who are yin and yang.

He only answered the young master’s call last night, saying that He Yang was taking a bath.

As a result, today, the young master returned this sentence to him.

Qin Zhou chuckled, \”It’s nothing.\”

Qin Zhou glanced at the dial, it was half past eleven in the evening.

It was already this time, the two were still together, and He Yang was taking a shower again.

It’s easy to guess what will happen to the two of them next.

After all, they are all adults, just go to bed, tacit understanding.

\”Have a great evening both of you.\”

Qin Zhou hung up the phone.

Shen Xiuzhu put the phone back to the side and didn’t care.

The sound of water in the bathroom continued, Shen Xiuzhu leaned against the bed, took the thermos cup again, and slowly drank the hot water.

Shen Xiuzhu squinted, with a smile on his face, as if he was in a good mood.

Soon, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped.

The bathroom door opened and a man came out.

He Yang held a suit jacket in his hand and wore a white shirt on his upper body, but the front part of the white shirt was wet and the sleeves were rolled up.

Seeing the man coming out, Shen Xiuzhu said with a smile: \”Your clothes are dirty, why don’t you put on my clothes first?\”

\”No need.\” He Yang came over, put his suit jacket on the back of the chair, and glanced at the floor again.

The floor was clean and no traces were seen.

Shen Xiuzhu explained: \”Just now the nurse has cleaned it up.\”

\”I’m sorry, I didn’t hold it steady, so I accidentally soiled your clothes…\” Shen Xiuzhu seemed to feel a little guilty, and lowered his head.

\”It’s ok.\”

Originally, the nurse prepared a bowl of porridge and sent it to the ward.

It’s just that when He Yang was about to give the bowl of porridge to Shen Xiuzhu, Shen Xiuzhu accidentally missed the connection, the porridge bowl overturned on the ground, and even He Yang’s suit jacket was soiled a little, and the shirt inside was also soiled. Just have to clean it first.

\”Are you still drinking porridge?\”

\”Forget it, I don’t drink anymore.\”Shen Xiuzhu shook his head and said casually: \”A phone call came in just now, it seems that I have something to ask you.\”

He Yang didn’t care very much, and asked casually: \”Whose?\”

\”Note is a banquet.\”

He Yang was stunned, quickly took the phone, and clicked on the call log.

Shen Xiuzhu noticed the man’s movements and frowned slightly.

Shen Xiuzhu lowered his eyes and said nonchalantly: \”I said you were in the bathroom and it was inconvenient to answer the phone.\”

Anyway, the bathroom and toilet are connected together, meaning the same.

\”But he seems to have misunderstood, do you want to explain?\” Shen Xiuzhu said softly.

He Yang looked at the call log and didn’t pay attention to what Shen Xiuzhu said, so he just called back the number.

But after the call was made, no one answered.

He Yang made several calls in a row, but still couldn’t get through.

He Yang got up, picked up his suit jacket, and turned to leave.

Seeing that the man was leaving, Shen Xiuzhu hurriedly shouted: \”He Yang——\”

\”It’s so late, are you leaving?\”

He Yang turned around and glanced at the figure on the hospital bed, and said: \”Have a good rest.\”

After speaking, He Yang hurriedly left.

When He Yang arrived at the hotel, it was already past three in the morning.

It was quiet all the way, the first floor of the hotel was deserted, and there were only a few staff on duty.

He Yang went directly to the elevator, found Qin Zhou’s room, and took out the room card.

He Yang entered the room, lightened his movements a little, and turned on the light at the entrance.

On the bed not far away, a figure fell asleep.

He Yang walked over, lay beside the young man, stretched out his hand, and hugged him from behind.

\”Yanyan.\” He Yang called out very softly.

However, the person in his arms seemed to be sleeping soundly, he had not woken up yet, and his breathing was steady.

He Yang listened to the sound of breathing in his ear, and his mood gradually stabilized.

He Yang hugged the person in his arms a little tighter and continued to shout his name over and over again.

Qin Zhou, who was still asleep, moved his body in a daze, and was finally awakened by the sound of movement beside him.

His eyelids were still heavy, and Qin Zhou didn’t want to open his eyes, so he could only hear the familiar male voice and the familiar breath around him.

\”He Yang?\” Qin Zhou shouted a little tiredly, and asked subconsciously: \”What time is it…\”

He Yang leaned over and kissed the young man’s face with his lips, and said in a low voice: \”Three-thirty.\”

Qin Zhou was a little annoyed by the noise. He felt a warm touch on his lips, opened his eyes, and frowned slightly.

\”He Yang.\”Qin Zhou turned his head to the side and sat up from the bed,\”I gave you the room card, not for you to come to the bed in the middle of the night.\”

Qin Zhou rubbed his brows, his chaotic brain gradually sobered up.

\”What are you doing in my bed at night? Aren’t you going to bed with Shen Xiuzhu?\”

\”I didn’t touch him.\”He Yang explained,\”The clothes got dirty accidentally.\”

Qin Zhou was so sleepy that he lay back on the bed and wrapped the quilt tightly, \”Aren’t you tired of running around every day?\”

He Yang came over again, wrapped his arms around the youth’s waist, and said softly: \”Don’t go.\”


He Yang: \”I will accompany you in filming.\”

Qin Zhou turned his head to the side, and immediately smelled the perfume on He Yang’s body, and immediately said: \”Don’t touch me.\”

Qin Zhou removed the hand on his waist and turned his back to He Yang, \”I am allergic to perfume.\”

He Yang looked at the back of the young man’s head, finally got up and went to the bathroom.

After He Yang took a shower, because he didn’t bring any clothes, he only wore a bathrobe and went back to bed again.

Qin Zhou hadn’t fallen asleep yet, when he noticed that there was one more person beside him, and there were two more hands on his waist.

Qin Zhou thought He Yang wanted to have **** with him, but he didn’t have that interest now, so he said: \”No.\”

\”Well, no.\”

Qin Zhou: \”Don’t disturb me.\”

He Yang responded and continued to stay by the side quietly.

Maybe it was just after taking a shower, and now He Yang wasn’t very sleepy, he just hugged the person in his arms, lowered his head and sniffed the young man’s breath, and his body relaxed.

Qin Zhou closed his eyes and wanted to sleep, but because he was tossed by He Yang at night, he didn’t feel sleepy anymore.

Qin Zhou lay down for a while, and found that he couldn’t sleep, and his brain became active.

Qin Zhou changed his position to fall asleep, but because of insomnia, he was not in a good mood.

He will be filming tomorrow, so he needs to go to bed quickly.

However, there was a man with a strong sense of presence lying beside him, and he couldn’t sleep at all.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, and because he couldn’t sleep, he looked at the person beside him.

Qin Zhou suddenly asked: \”Have you done a physical examination?\”

\”I have a physical examination in the afternoon.\” He Yang responded and said: \”It’s clean and not sick.\”

\”Where’s the checklist?\”

He Yang was silent for a while before replying: \”In the hospital, I forgot to bring it here.\”

Qin Zhou thought about it for a while, but he still reached out and reached out from the neckline of the man’s bathrobe, and said lazily: \”Do you?\”

He Yang didn’t answer, he just hugged the young man and pressed him under him, bowed his head and kissed his neck, and answered with action.

Qin Zhou raised his head, hugged his head on his chest, and suddenly thought of something, and said, “I haven’t had a physical examination yet, aren’t I afraid that I’m sick?”

He Yang’s movements stopped, he leaned over slightly, put his ear to the young man’s ear, and said in a low voice: \”Don’t look for that Anan.\”

\”The people outside are not clean.\” He Yang gasped, his voice hoarse: \”He will hurt you.\”

Qin Zhou listened to the voice in his ear, and the tip of his ear was itchy, and he urged: \”Hurry up.\”

He Yang stopped talking and followed Qin Zhou’s request.

It’s just that He Yang’s movements are a bit slow, he intends to take it slow, and his movements are also very light and not exerting any force.

But Qin Zhou was impatient and didn’t like the slow pace, so he kept urging He Yang to hurry up.

After the end, Qin Zhou lay on the bed, his chest heaving violently.

And because he had vented his energy, Qin Zhou finally felt tired, closed his eyes, and quickly fell asleep.

When Qin Zhou woke up again, it was already noon.

The surroundings were empty, Qin Zhou moved, and when he got up, he saw He Yang sitting at the table not far away.

He Yang had changed into the new clothes sent by the secretary and was working on the notebook.

Qin Zhou went to wash up first, changed his clothes, and was ready to go to the studio.

He Yang came over and said: \”I will send you.\”

\”No, your car is too ostentatious.\” Qin Zhou tidied up his collar in the mirror and said: \”I don’t want our relationship to be discovered by the rest of the crew.\”

\”Okay.\” He Yang responded and asked again: \”Would you like to have dinner together at night?\”

\”I have something to do tonight.\”

After that, Qin Zhou went out and left.

He Yang stayed in the hotel room alone and did not leave.

After finishing the work, He Yang came to the window and looked out the window.

From this angle, you can see the road outside.

It was already six or seven o’clock in the evening. He Yang took out a cigarette and was about to light it when he suddenly saw a familiar figure on the road——

The young man wore a hat and mask, covering his entire body tightly.

However, He Yang could still recognize it at a glance, because in the morning, the youth was dressed like this.

It’s just that at this moment, there is another man next to the young man, and the distance between the two is very close.

He Yang looked at the two figures, frowned slightly, and watched the two enter the hotel.

He Yang opened the door and came to the corridor.

After a while, He Yang heard the sound of the elevator and the conversation from the corridor——

\”Is that still an appointment?\”


\”Come to my room that night? I agreed yesterday.\”



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