Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 72

The room fell silent, and neither of them spoke again.

After a long time, Qin Zhou looked up and said unhurriedly: \”Mr. He, please let me go, I still have to work.\”

He Yang did not let go of his hand, and still circled the young man in a possessive posture, \”Then continue to make bed scenes with that person?\”

\”Or else?\” Qin Zhou chuckled briefly and tilted his head slightly.

Obviously He Yang is the gold owner, but Qin Zhou’s attitude is even higher than He Yang.

It’s like a gamble —

The gambler He Yang had already gambled all his chips, while Qin Zhou held a good hand and played casually.

In the end, He Yang still conceded defeat first.

\”Don’t shoot.\” He Yang tightened his arms slightly, hugged the person in his arms tighter, and lowered his head to rest on his shoulders.

Qin Zhou said leisurely: \”I’m an actor, and it’s normal to shoot **** scenes and kiss scenes.\”

\”This is my job, it’s just acting.\” Qin Zhou turned his head slightly, just about to push the man in front of him away, suddenly his chin was tightly pinched.

Immediately afterwards, the warm breath leaned over and pressed his lips together.

Qin Zhou snorted and put his hands on the table, the hair crown on his head also fell, and his long hair was scattered.

And because Qin Zhou also drank alcohol before filming the bed scene, when He Yang kissed him, the mellow wine smell spread on the tip of his tongue.

Outside the set, Lin Chixiao was still sitting outside, watching the script and looking up at the lounge from time to time.

Lin Chixiao hesitated for a while, but went to the director’s side and asked: \”Director, just now Qin Zhou——\”

The director interrupted: \”Don’t ask, you just don’t see anything.\”

Lin Chixiao nodded and had no choice but to continue reading the script.

He had seen that person twice before, both in Qin Zhou’s room. The two seemed to be old acquaintances. Now that Qin Zhou was taken away by that person, it should be fine.

Lin Chixiao read the script, and the director was arranging the equipment next to him, and he didn’t say whether to continue shooting.

After a long time, the door on the other side of the lounge was finally opened.

The director looked over there at once, and Lin Chixiao quickly raised his head.

In the lounge, a white figure came out.

It’s just that Qin Zhou looks a little embarrassed now, all his hairstyles are messed up, his long hair is draped over his shoulders, and his clothes are in a mess, and he bows his head slightly.

Behind Qin Zhou, a tall man followed.

The suit jacket on the man is also a little wrinkled, and the tie is also a little messy.

After the two came out, no one paid any attention to the other.

Qin Zhou went directly to the dressing room, while He Yang walked towards the director.

The director got up quickly, moved a chair over, and said respectfully: \”Mr. He.\”

He Yang sat up and said unhurriedly: \”Script.\”

\”Okay!\” The director nodded, handed over the script, and looked at the other side secretly.

The man still looked indifferent, but there was an obvious bite mark on the corner of his mouth.

He Yang was still reading the script, and suddenly said: \”Qin Zhou’s bed scene has been deleted.\”

The director was not surprised by this result, nodded and replied: \”Okay.\”

At the beginning, this bed scene was originally not in the script, and they added it temporarily. Now it is deleted without affecting the script.

The director also thought about He Yang’s attitude towards Qin Zhou today, and it is estimated that Qin Zhou took the **** scene without the gold master He Yang, and now the gold master is unhappy.

After confirming the script with He Yang, the director went directly to the dressing room.

The director knocked on the door, pushed open the door, and saw that Qin Zhou and Lin Chixiao were both inside, and the makeup artist was still helping with makeup.

So the director said: \”I don’t need to shoot today, go back and rest.\”

\”No need to take pictures?\” Lin Chixiao was a little surprised and glanced at Qin Zhou again.

Qin Zhou didn’t have any expression on his face, he just asked: \”Director Li, continue to film the bed scene tomorrow?\”

\”The bed scene will not be filmed, so I will stick to the original script.\” The director waved his hand quickly.

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded, then got up and went to the changing room.

Qin Zhou took off the wig cover, changed his clothes, and when he came out of the dressing room, he saw He Yang still waiting for him on the set.

He Yang came over: \”I will send you.\”

Qin Zhou stared at the man for a while, but in the end he didn’t say anything, and followed He Yang into the car.

Qin Zhou leaned on the back of the chair and looked out the car window.

After returning to the hotel, Qin Zhou took out the room card and went back to the room.

Qin Zhou took off his coat and threw it on the sofa, He Yang was still beside him, leaned over and asked in a low voice: \”Angry?\”

\”No.\” Qin Zhou’s reaction was very indifferent, and he didn’t care about the deletion of the bed scene.

It was not the first time he had encountered the director changing the script temporarily. After all, he was only a minor supporting role, and He Yang was the investor, so it was normal to ask for a script change or something.

What he cares about is another thing.

Qin Zhou turned sideways, looked at the man in front of him, and said slowly: \”But I don’t want what happened today to happen a second time.\”

\”I was still working, but you suddenly broke in and interrupted, and everyone saw it.\” Qin Zhou was not in a good mood.

He was halfway through filming, but He Yang came in directly and took him out. Now the director and the others knew the relationship between him and He Yang at once.

He Yang: \”Only four people saw it.\”

\”Four people, basically means that the whole world knows.\” Qin Zhou smiled a little self-deprecatingly.

The best way to keep a secret is not to tell anyone.

Just tell one person, and everyone will know.

\”Please keep a safe distance from me in public in the future.\”Qin Zhou returned to the sofa,\”I don’t want our relationship to be known by others.\”

\”Can’t make it public?\”

\”What to disclose?\” Qin Zhou took the charger on the sofa, and after charging the phone, he looked up at He Yang, and said calmly: \”Do you want to disclose your bed partner relationship?\”

He Yang lowered his head, habitually touched the ring on his left hand, and said slowly: \”Not a bed partner.\”

\”It’s not a bed partner, what is that?\”Qin Zhou laughed and leaned on the sofa lazily, \”I still have to tell others—\”

\”Are we just having fun?\”

Qin Zhou looked at the man opposite with a smile on his face.


This is what He Yang said to others at the beginning.

Obviously everyone knew that he was a surrogate lover, but they deliberately concealed it from him, and then waited for the main lord to come back and watch him laugh.

Qin Zhou lowered his eyes and didn’t make a sound. He lowered his head and played with his mobile phone without looking at the other party’s reaction.

After a long silence in the room, Qin Zhou heard a male voice——

\”Feel sorry.\”

Qin Zhou said lightly: \”No need to apologize.\”

There is no point in apologizing.

Qin Zhou put down his mobile phone and didn’t want to continue this topic. He took his pajamas and went to the bathroom first.

At night, He Yang stayed overnight.

Qin Zhou nestled in the quilt and glanced at the group news. The director had sent the latest schedule.

Because of the deletion of the **** scene, the subsequent plot has also been slightly adjusted. He has two days of free time and does not need to film.

So Qin Zhou said: \”I’m going to see grandma tomorrow.\”

\”Well, I’ll show you off.\” He Yang responded, stretched out one hand, put it on the young man’s waist, and gently rubbed his fingertips.

Qin Zhou’s waist is more sensitive, and he knows what He Yang’s action means.

But Qin Zhou just said: \”Don’t hug me, I won’t do it today.\”

Qin Zhou moved the hand away, then moved outside, and continued to look at the phone.

He doesn’t have to make bed scenes now, and he doesn’t need to have **** with He Yang anymore.

Qin Zhou fell asleep.

The next morning, Qin Zhou went back to Nancheng with He Yang.

Qin Zhou went directly to the hospital and went to see his grandma first.

Grandma has been in good health recently. When Qin Zhou passed by, the nurse was taking grandma to bask in the sun in the garden.

The two were sitting on lounge chairs in the garden, with a radio on the table, and grandma was still listening to the opera.

Qin Zhou walked over, came to the old man, and shouted: \”Grandma.\”

The old man raised his head, and because he was old and had poor eyesight, he could still see the young man’s blurred figure and the black hat on the young man’s head.

The old man laughed, took Qin Zhou’s hand and patted: \”Xiao Zhou.\”

Qin Zhou sat next to him, talking with the old man.

And He Yang stood not far or near, stayed in the corner, took out a cigarette, and lit it.

A touch of scarlet lit up on his fingertips, He Yang smoked a cigarette, and when he was about to continue smoking, he suddenly noticed several figures walking out of the corridor not far away.

Shen Xiuzhu smiled and talked to the people beside him, walking towards the garden.

Soon, Shen Xiuzhu also saw He Yang and hurried over.

Qi Shao was still beside him, supporting Shen Xiuzhu. After seeing He Yang, he said hello: \”He Shao!\”

He Yang nodded casually, put the lighter in his pocket, looked at Shen Xiuzhu again, and asked, “How is the surgery?”

\”Very good.\”Shen Xiuzhu is gentle and gentle,\”The doctor said, I can exercise slowly during this time, and I will be similar to a normal person in the future.\”

\”Xiu Zhu is just a little weaker. When he recovers, we will take you out to play!\” Qi Shao smiled.

After hearing this, Shen Xiuzhu couldn’t help but say: \”Every time you go out to a party, don’t call me.\”

\”You are not in good health, and some places are not suitable for you to go.\” Qi Shao explained, and simply said: \”Otherwise, I will call them all out tomorrow to gather together to celebrate your successful operation!\”

Shen Xiuzhu responded with a smile, looked at He Yang again, and asked: \”Is He Yang coming?\”

Qi Shao coaxed and said: \”He Shao also came out to get together! Recently, he has rarely come out to gather with us!\”

He Yang didn’t agree immediately, he just said: \”I don’t necessarily have time.\”

Qi Shao was a little surprised, although He Yang didn’t come here every time during the party. But as long as Shen Xiuzhu was there, He Yang would definitely come.

So Qi Shao asked: \”What’s wrong, is there something wrong with the company?\”

Not far away, there was a voice——

\”He Yang.\”

Qi Shao looked over and saw a young man wearing a black hat walking over.

After the young man approached, Qi Shao could see the other’s face clearly, froze for a moment, and looked at He Yang subconsciously.

He Shao is… looking for a substitute?


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