Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 73

And the young man in the hat has come to the man.

Qi Shao didn’t ask any more questions.

After all, in their circle, it’s normal to look for a substitute to find a lover or something.

Qi Shao asked again: \”Is He Shao really not coming tomorrow? It’s been a long time since everyone got together.\”

He Yang just replied: \”Not necessarily.\”

After speaking, He Yang looked at the young man beside him again, \”What’s wrong?\”

Qin Zhou: \”I’m going back.\”

\”I see you off.\”

He Yang turned around and sent Qin Zhou back first.

Qi Shao saw that He Yang was walking away, so he asked Shen Xiuzhu: \”Who is that person next to He Shao? He is so similar to Yan Yan…\”

\”I don’t know.\”Shen Xiuzhu lowered his head slightly, hiding the emotion in his eyes, \”It seems to be some kind of star.\”

Qi Shao nodded, not paying attention.

Just a little star.

in the car.

Qin Zhou leaned on the back of the chair and closed his eyes, resting.

He Yang was beside him and asked: \”There is a party tomorrow, do you want to come over?\”

Qin Zhou frowned slightly and said slowly: \”This is your party, don’t call me.\”

He Yang: \”Just to introduce you to others.\”

Qin Zhou opened his eyes and didn’t make a sound.

He and He Yang are completely different living classes, and the resources and connections in their hands are completely different.

Although before, he was taken by He Yang as a substitute lover, but He Yang did bring him to make friends with many big people.

And now that he is a star, he needs such connections even more.


Qin Zhou remembered that when he was taken to a party by He Yang before, someone would be angry in front of him every time.

So Qin Zhou said: \”Forget it, I won’t be angry anymore.\”

Qin Zhou closed his eyes and continued to rest.

Not long after, the car stopped outside the apartment dormitory.

But just when Qin Zhou was about to get off the car, his wrist was pulled.

He Yang held the young man’s hand and whispered: \”Sorry.\”

\”I won’t make you angry in the future.\”

He Yang lowered his head slightly and leaned over, as if he wanted to hug.

\”Don’t always apologize.\”Qin Zhou pushed the man in front of him away,\”It doesn’t make any sense.\”

He Yang: \”I won’t be there tomorrow night to accompany you.\”

\”Are you going to bed? Then remember to bring a condom.\”

After that, Qin Zhou got out of the car and went back to the dormitory alone.

The single apartment was still a little deserted. Qin Zhou took off his hat and went to the window to open the curtains. He saw that He Yang’s car was still parked downstairs and did not leave.

Qin Zhou ignored the car, went back to the living room, and cleaned up the room.

Until evening, when Qin Zhou went to the window again, the car had already left.

Qin Zhou took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Jiang Lin.

Not long after, Jiang Lin came over to eat.

Jiang Lin also carried several bags of ingredients, put them on the table, and hurriedly walked towards Qin Zhou.

\”Brother Zhou!\”Jiang Lin gave Qin Zhou a hug,\”Finally back!\”

Jiang Lin was still full of energy, like a little sun.

Qin Zhou patted Jiang Lin’s back and couldn’t help laughing.

Jiang Lin let go of his hand and hurriedly asked: \”Brother Zhou, how long will you be back this time?\”

\”Just two or three days.\”

Qin Zhou said, put on an apron, and took the ingredients to the kitchen to process.

Jiang Lin also gathered in the kitchen to watch, and said, “Brother Zhou, I went to the haunted house last week!”

Qin Zhou asked casually: \”Going alone?\”

\”Yuan Lie accompanied me.\”

\”Is it fun?\”

\”It’s fun! It’s quite exciting!\”Jiang Lin nodded quickly,\”Brother Zhou, when are you going to finish it, I’ll take you to play!\”

Qin Zhou smiled and asked: \”Didn’t you already play? Do you still want to play?\”

\”Playing once is not enough!\” Jiang Lin shook his head, \”Last time Yuan Lie and I went a bit late, and there are several attractions that we haven’t played yet.\”

Qin Zhou said: \”Wait until I finish it.\”


Qin Zhou made dinner and had dinner with Jiang Lin.

Although there were only two people, Qin Zhou still cooked a lot of dishes and fried a large pot of fried pork with green peppers.

Qin Zhou divided the stir-fried pork with green peppers into two parts, one large and one small, and packed the big one separately. He said, “Bring this back, you can reheat it tomorrow.”

Jiang Lin nodded quickly.

He is a picky eater and is not used to eating outside food, so he only likes what Qin Zhou cooks.

After the two of them had dinner, Jiang Lin lay on the sofa, hugged the pillow, and asked: \”Brother Zhou, do you want to watch the drama tonight? I read the official blog and said the first episode will be launched tonight.\”

Qin Zhou asked: \”Which one?\”

Jiang Lin said a name, and Qin Zhou also remembered that it was the Republic of China drama he and Su Tang played, which will be launched today.

Before, the crew also asked him to cooperate with the promotion, but he gave the Weibo account to the agent, and the account was managed by the agent for him to cooperate with forwarding or something.

The Republic of China drama has been completed for a long time, and Qin Zhou is also a little curious about what the finished product of this drama will be.

It was originally just a love drama in the Republic of China, but because of investor He Yang, it was abruptly changed into a suspenseful reasoning drama.

Qin Zhou took the notebook and waited for the first episode with Jiang Lin. The first episode started on time at eight o’clock in the evening. Jiang Lin kept clicking refresh. After the first episode came out, he couldn’t wait to click in.

The title is over a minute long.

Sometimes you can judge the quality of a play based on the quality of the title.

Generally speaking, due to the low production cost of web dramas, the quality of the titles is not very high.

But when Qin Zhou saw the title, he was a little surprised.

The opening song is very good. It should be that the crew specially invited a singer. Even the editing of the opening title is very good, and the transitions are very natural.

After the end of the film, it is the opening of the main film. The first episode begins with a funeral.

There was no sound at the funeral, only the sound of rain in the background was heard, and the raindrops kept falling.

Everyone stayed beside the coffin until a footstep sounded, and the male protagonist appeared.

Qin Zhou stared at the screen, probably because he acted in this drama and knew all the plots that followed, so when he watched the finished product, he was a little bored.

Qin Zhou held his head and was not interested in the plot, but he admired the editing in the later stage. At first glance, he paid a lot of money to invite it, and abruptly packaged the online drama into a movie level.

Qin Zhou watched the screen for a while, but couldn’t help but look at Jiang Lin next to him.

Jiang Lin was very serious and focused. After the first episode was over, Jiang Lin couldn’t wait for the second episode, so he quickly asked: \”Brother Zhou, who is the murderer?\”

Originally, Jiang Lin just asked casually, thinking that Qin Zhou would not spoil him.

But Qin Zhou replied directly: \”That housekeeper.\”

Jiang Lin was shocked, \”Brother Zhou, why did you spoil it directly!\”

\”Didn’t you ask?\” Qin Zhou smiled.

Jiang Lin was annoyed for a while, \”I just asked casually…\”

Jiang Lin continued to squat in the second episode, but halfway through the second episode, he leaned over to Qin Zhou’s side and asked in a low voice: \”Is he really the housekeeper? Why do I feel like that chef?\”

Just as Qin Zhou was about to speak, Jiang Lin hurriedly said: \”Forget it, don’t spoil it, I’ll see for myself!\”

Jiang Lin watched the drama seriously, Qin Zhou was beside him, took out his mobile phone and swiped Weibo.

Qin Zhou boarded the tuba and found out a lot of news reminders.

He didn’t have many fans, and he had a small fire after Lin Chixiao’s popularity, but the popularity gradually decreased, and there was no water splash.

Qin Zhou flipped through the comments. Basically, some fans expressed their opinions or urged new dramas.

There is also a lot of news in the private message list. Qin Zhou noticed an ID, so he clicked it and took a look——

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Zhouzhou’s new drama is online today, the door is open, congratulations~]

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Zhouzhou, I really like you so much! 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Although I am a new fan, I started paying attention to the MV after the fall, but I will continue to like you in the future, come on~]

Qin Zhou clicked on the fan homepage and found that the fan Weibo was full of his photos and all kinds of fancy confessions.

This fan should be a young star-chasing girl.

So Qin Zhou returned the message.

[Qin Zhou: Thank you, you also do your best. 】

Very quickly, the other party responded to the message in seconds.

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Happy! Zhouzhou is back to me! 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: I like Zhouzhou very much! Come on Zhouzhou! 】

When Jiang Lin watched the update, it was almost ten o’clock in the evening.

\”Brother Zhou, remember to make me wontons next time…\” Jiang Lin took the packaged fried pork, and was a little reluctant to go back.

\”I’ll do it for you next time when I come back.\” Qin Zhou smiled and sent Jiang Lin downstairs.

\”What plan does Brother Zhou have tomorrow?\” Jiang Lin asked.

\”Tomorrow I will go to the hospital to accompany my grandma, and the day after tomorrow I will return to the crew.\”

Jiang Lin nodded and hurriedly warned: \”Brother Zhou must call me when he comes back next time.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou should come down.

After Jiang Lin returned, Qin Zhou also returned to the room to rest.

The next morning, Qin Zhou went to the hospital to visit his grandmother.

The sun has been out in the past few days, and my grandmother’s mental state is also relatively good. She basks in the sun by the window and listens to opera.

Qin Zhou accompanied his grandmother and went to the office to find the attending doctor.

It’s just that the attending doctor gave Qin Zhou bad news.

Doctor: \”Although the operation was successful, the old man is old now and his health is not very good. He can last for a year or two at most.\”

Qin Zhou lowered his head slightly and looked at the table, feeling a little lost for a while.

A year or two…

\”It would have been better if I could have come to the hospital earlier. If I had been treated a few years earlier, the situation might have been better.\”The doctor sighed, \”It’s too late now, it’s too late.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, \”Trouble the doctor.\”

When he took his grandmother to the hospital for a check-up, it was already late.

He has tried his best.

Qin Zhou got up and returned to the ward.

Qin Zhou stood outside the ward and looked at the figure in the room.

The old man smiled and was still chatting with the nurse beside him.

\”This was bought for me by Zhouzhou.\” The old man’s tone was a little proud, \”My grandson is filial…\”

Qin Zhou looked at the figure in the ward, his eyes were bent, and he laughed.

Grandma is really nice.

Even if there is only one or two years left, he has to take good care of his grandma.

Qin Zhou stayed in the corridor.

Suddenly, Qin Zhou heard a familiar male voice——


The male voice was gentle.

But when Qin Zhou heard this voice, it was instinctive disgust.

Qin Zhou frowned slightly, turned his head sideways, and saw the sick and weak young master not far away, walking towards him with a smile.

Qin Zhou, still wearing his hat, glanced at the other party, then looked away, ignoring it.

The sick and weak young master came over and asked with a smile: \”Are you He Yang’s friend? I saw you two times before.\”

Qin Zhou ignored it, as if he hadn’t heard the other party’s words.

However, the weak young master didn’t mind, he still smiled and said: \”There is a party tonight, would you like to come over with He Yang?\”

\”Sorry, I don’t know Mr. He very well.\” Qin Zhou was a little cold.

After that, Qin Zhou turned around and prepared to leave.

And just when Qin Zhou was about to leave, he heard a cough behind him.

As soon as Qin Zhou looked back, he saw that the young master was already squatting on the ground, clutching his chest, struggling to breathe.

At this moment, the young master’s nurse rushed over and quickly took out the medicine from his pocket and fed it to the young master. He didn’t even care that the medicine bottle fell to the ground.

Qin Zhou didn’t touch the young master, but he still called a nurse for help.

The nurse was a middle-aged woman in her forties. After feeding the young master, she immediately said to Qin Zhou: \”How did you do it! I don’t know if the patient can’t be stimulated!\”

The nurse arrived late, and only saw Qin Zhou and the young master standing together and talking. As a result, after Qin Zhou said a word to the young master, the young master suddenly fell ill.

Qin Zhou frowned slightly after hearing this.

And the weak young master also stood up, held the nurse’s hand, with a smile on his face, and said softly: \”Aunt Wang, it’s okay, I was not careful…\”

Qin Zhou stood not far or near, and said: \”There is surveillance in the corridor, I have never touched you from beginning to end.\”

Qin Zhou stepped forward, came to the young master step by step, and squatted down slowly.

\”Shen Xiuzhu, I know you.\” Qin Zhou smiled and picked up the medicine bottle on the ground, \”But I’m not familiar with you, so please don’t disturb me again.\”

He rarely hates others.

Someone like Shen Xiuzhu was the first.

He used to be stupid, and he didn’t see how yin and yang this young master was.

Maybe when the young master was allergic to seafood, he was all directed and acted by himself.

\”Put away your little thoughts, what are you pretending to be with me?\” Qin Zhou laughed softly, \”Didn’t you say that on purpose on the phone that day?\”

Shen Xiuzhu’s eyes suddenly turned red, and he felt a little overwhelmed, \”I didn’t…is it because of that phone call?\”

\”If you like He Yang, go after He Yang generously, don’t come over to answer me.\” Qin Zhou put the medicine bottle in Shen Xiuzhu’s hand, and said with a low laugh: \”You might as well guess, he is going tonight. Party, or will it be in my bed?\”

With a smile in his eyes, Qin Zhou turned and left.

Shen Xiuzhu held the medicine bottle in his hand, lowered his head, and said nothing.

Seeing this, Aunt Wang on the side had an even worse impression of Qin Zhou, and muttered: \”Who is that person?

Aunt Wang supported Shen Xiuzhu and slowly returned to the upstairs ward.

Shen Xiuzhu sat beside the hospital bed and was silent for a long time, but still took out his mobile phone and dialed He Yang’s number.

\”He Yang, can you come to the party tonight?\”


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