Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 75

Shen Xiuzhu shouted again: \”He Yang?\”

But there was still no answer on the other end of the phone, only a suppressed gasping sound could be heard.

Shen Xiuzhu hung up the phone directly, lowered his head slightly, and hid the emotion in his eyes.

Beside him, Qi Shao asked: \”Is He Shao coming?\”

Shen Xiuzhu raised his head, his face had returned to his usual gentle appearance, and said gently: \”He Yang has something to do, so I don’t have time to come here.\”


Qin Zhou was lying on the man, and the nightgown on his body had slipped down to his waist.

He Yang encircled the person in his arms with one hand and reached into the nightgown with the other hand, his body was already moving.

Qin Zhou turned his head to the side, looked at the phone next to him, gasped for breath, and asked: \”Have you hung up?\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang responded and took the condom from the bedside table.

However, before He Yang could tear open the condom package, his wrist was held.

He Yang raised his head and looked at Qin Zhou.

\”No.\” Qin Zhou sorted out the nightgown on his body and moved it to the side.

The reaction under He Yang had not subsided, but his arms suddenly became empty.

Looking at the young man beside him, He Yang leaned over and hugged him from behind.

\”Hug.\” He Yang’s voice was still a little hoarse, and he slowly waited for the reaction to subside.

Qin Zhou didn’t speak, just took his mobile phone and swiped Weibo.

Habitually clicked on the hot search, Qin Zhou slid down, and suddenly saw the name of the new drama in the back row of the hot search.

Qin Zhou clicked in and took a look around. It should be a hot search bought directly by the crew. The comments are basically robot sailors, or fans of him and Su Tang.

And because the new drama has only been aired for one day, the audience’s reaction is still relatively dull, and the fans who follow the drama are all fans of the actors, who close their eyes and praise directly.

Qin Zhou cut it into a large size and retweeted the Weibo of the new drama to promote it.

There are still a lot of news reminders in the private message list. Qin Zhou flipped through the list and replied to those fans.

And just when Qin Zhou replied to the private message, he noticed a familiar ID.

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Hot search on Zhouzhou! come on! Come on! 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Xiaotao doesn’t look like a good woman, Zhouzhou should not be with Xiaotao. 】

Xiao Tao is the role played by Su Tang in the new drama and is the assistant of the male protagonist.

Qin Zhou recalled the content of Su Tang in the first episode. Although there was no emotional scene, Xiao Tao was also the heroine with the most scenes. In the later editing, she still gave Xiao Tao a lot of shots.

Qin Zhou returned the message——

[Qin Zhou: Thank you for your support! Xiao Tao is very good, I will update it next week]

As soon as Qin Zhou’s message was sent, the other party responded.

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Excited! Zhouzhou is back to me again! 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: keep going! 】

The next day, Qin Zhou was ready to return to the crew.

He Yang’s work has not been finished yet, but Qin Zhou was sent by his secretary.

In the evening, Qin Zhou returned to the hotel.

When Qin Zhou went back, he happened to meet Lin Chixiao finishing work, so he asked Lin Chixiao to eat hot pot by the way.

The two were eating hot pot.

Lin Chixiao said: \”I watched you and Su Su’s new drama yesterday.\”

\”How about it?\”

\”Very good.\” Lin Chixiao nodded, and said with some doubts: \”You guys are of good quality, why didn’t you get a star?\”

Being on a TV show means being broadcast on a satellite TV station.

\”It was originally an online drama, just filmed and played.\” Qin Zhou explained, \”Later, there was an investor with a lot of stupid money. If he had to throw money in, the crew would use it for the later stage.\”

At that time, He Yang spent a lot of money, the crew temporarily changed the script, and the money was spent in the later stage.

It’s not that there is no publicity, but the publicity effect is not great. After all, the leading actors are all 18th-tier stars who are not popular, and he and Su Tang are not popular at all.

Lin Chixiao: \”The quality of this drama is so good, you and Susu will definitely be on fire\”

\”Let’s follow the fate.\” Qin Zhou said, \”Susu told me a few days ago that she would come to visit the class.\”

\”Isn’t she very busy?\”

\”Said I’m almost done.\”

The two chatted, and after eating the hot pot, they returned to the hotel together.

While in the elevator, Lin Chixiao asked again: \”Xiaozhou, do you have time to help me read the song?\”

\”I don’t know much about writing songs, you don’t mind.\”

Lin Chixiao asked politely: \”Does your friend mind?\”

Lin Chixiao remembered the strange man who appeared in Qin Zhou’s room. Later, the man directly asked the crew to delete the **** scene, and he also learned from the director that the man was an investor.

In the circle, it is normal to support celebrities or something.

However, looking at that person’s attitude towards Qin Zhou, it doesn’t look like a foster care, like a boyfriend.

But he asked Qin Zhou before and said that he was not a boyfriend.

Lin Chixiao wasn’t sure whether they were fostering or dating.

\”It’s fine.\” Qin Zhou said, \”I’ll just wait in your room.\”

After getting out of the elevator, Qin Zhou and Lin Chixiao went to the room.

Lin Chixiao’s room was a bit messy. The table on the sofa was full of piano scores, and there were scratch papers scattered all over the floor.

Lin Chixiao hurriedly packed up and made room for Qin Zhou on the sofa.

Qin Zhou helped to read the score, while Lin Chixiao sang with a guitar beside him.

Qin Zhou is really not very good at changing songs, just from the perspective of the audience, he gave Lin Chixiao a few suggestions.

Lin Chixiao wrote it down and listened to Qin Zhou singing a cappella.

Seeing that Qin Zhou’s talent is so good, Lin Chixiao asked: \”Why don’t you come to learn music? The company even made a draft last year. With your level, you can definitely form a group.\”

Qin Zhou just smiled and didn’t speak.

In fact, when he was a sophomore, an agent approached him to sign a contract and wanted to form an idol team.

But at that time, he had already been with He Yang. If he went to sign a contract as an artist, he would be very busy. He didn’t have time to be with He Yang, so he refused to sign the contract.

Later, the agent signed a men’s team with other people. The men’s team became popular in the second year and had a famous song.

At that time, someone in the school asked him if he would regret it, and he always smiled and said that he did not regret it.

Qin Zhou was a little dazed when he thought of the past.

\”Acting is good.\” Qin Zhou chuckled.

He only has two wishes now, one is to take care of his grandma, and the other is to act well.

As for music, he hasn’t touched it for a long time, and now it’s rusty.

Qin Zhou has given up on music.

However, Lin Chixiao was quite optimistic about Qin Zhou’s talent, and said: \”If you don’t want to come to act any day, come to me, and I will show you a song.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

If in the future, he still has a chance to touch music——

In the identity of Xu Chengyan, not Qin Zhou.

Since then, Qin Zhou has been filming in the crew.

Because of the change of the bed scene last time, the assistant director is now very polite to him, and Qin Zhou is somewhat uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the directors and the others helped keep it a secret, so the rest of the crew didn’t know that he had a financial master.

As for He Yang, he would often call.

However, Qin Zhou was busy filming, and every time he said something—

\”I’m very busy, I’ll talk about it in a few days.\”

\”I’m going to shoot a night scene recently, I don’t have time to go to bed, so don’t come here.\”

\”Let’s talk when I’m done.\”

Recently, the role of the pianist has come to an end.

The pianist was originally just a supporting role, and it took a month or two to shoot.

And when Qin Zhou was filming, the Internet drama of the Republic of China had a good response online.

In the beginning, only the fans of the actors were watching, but as the plot unfolded later, more and more passersby came in.

In the fourth week of the broadcast, the Internet drama of the Republic of China exploded.

【I want to give you Amway this treasure drama! Full IQ Online! Every episode is cinematic! Love love love! 】

【I’m so anxious! At the beginning, they came in for Zhouzhou and Susu. Mom fans just wanted to see them fall in love. Now they are halfway through the show, and they don’t even hold hands! Angry! 】

【Too brain-burning! Who would have thought that there would be so many reversals! Never guess the ending! 】

Although the subject matter is relatively cold, and there are no traffic stars in the cast, abruptly relying on reversing the plot and powerful late-stage technology that is not bad for money, it has attracted a lot of passers-by fans.

Even those so-called \”brain burners\”\”reversal\” were the screenwriters who had to make up the plot in order to catch up with the script at that time, and could only forcefully write the reverse plot.

Taking advantage of the small explosion of new dramas, Qin Zhou will also post some daily updates on Weibo from time to time.

Occasionally Qin Zhou will see his little fan in the comment area——

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Good evening Zhouzhou~ I just finished watching the update, I hope Zhouzhou will not be with Xiaotao in the end, Xiaotao is a bad woman! 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Zhouzhou sends more selfies~ There are no new pictures in the phone, crying! 】

Because this Weibo ID is very conspicuous and often appears in his comment area, Qin Zhou has already remembered this fan.

After the piano master was finished, Qin Zhou returned to Nancheng first.

When he came out of the airport, Qin Zhou took a picture of the scenery outside the airport.

After returning to the dormitory, Qin Zhou posted on Weibo and used that photo as a picture.

[Qin Zhou: Go home! 】

After the Weibo was sent, Qin Zhou did not read the comments, but clicked on the private message list.

There are still many unread messages in the private message list, and Qin Zhou replied to those fans one by one.

However, because of the small explosion of the online drama, his fans have increased a lot, and there are more and more private messages, so there is no way to reply as before.

Qin Zhou returned to some fans. When he was about to quit Weibo, a private message reminder popped up on his mobile phone——

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Welcome Zhouzhou home~ Is Zhouzhou in Nancheng? 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: The weather is getting hotter and hotter recently, Zhouzhou pay attention to your body, don’t be too tired! 】

Qin Zhou looked at the private message. The picture he took at Nancheng Airport was indeed recognized by the locals.

[Qin Zhou: Thank you, you also pay attention to your body. 】

Qin Zhou sent it out for a while, and the opposite side replied.

[Favorite Zhouzhou: I received another reply from Zhouzhou! happy happy! I will always love you! 】

In the dark rental room, a fat man wearing a white vest is sitting in front of a computer.

The man held the mobile phone, opened Qin Zhou’s Weibo again, kept zooming in on the photos of Qin Zhou’s Weibo, and smirked at the mobile phone

\”South City…\”

On the wall behind the computer desk, there are single photos of Qin Zhou.


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