Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 76

In the evening, Qin Zhou went to the hospital.

Grandma’s state has been up and down recently. When Qin Zhou passed by, grandma was already asleep.

And the doctor also brought some bad news—

“The condition has deteriorated recently, and it may not last long.” The doctor said very euphemistically.

Qin Zhou was silent for a while and asked, “How long will it take?”

“It’s hard to say… Maybe three or four months.”

Qin Zhou nodded, “Thank you doctor.”

Qin Zhou returned to the ward and continued to stay by the bedside.

Not long after, He Yang came over.

Qin Zhou looked up and asked, “Why are you here?”

He Yang came over, sat next to Qin Zhou, and said in a low voice, “Come and see you.”

“Do you want to go to bed?” Qin Zhou glanced at his phone and said, “But I have work tomorrow, so if I have to do it, go to my place.”

He Yang did not speak.

Qin Zhou only regarded He Yang as the default, got up, and was ready to go back.

However, when the two returned to the apartment and lay on the bed together after taking a shower, He Yang did nothing but quietly hugged the young man in his arms.

Qin Zhou waited for a while, but he didn’t wait for He Yang’s next move after a while, so he asked, “Aren’t you going to do it?”

Qin Zhou’s tone was too calm, as if he was just asking about work, without any emotion.

He Yang slightly tightened the strength in his hands, hugged the person in his arms tighter, and said in a low voice, “Hold me.”

“If you don’t do it, then I’ll fall asleep.” Qin Zhou rolled over, turned his back to He Yang, closed his eyes, and prepared to fall asleep.

He Yang leaned over, wrapped his palm around the youth’s waist, and suddenly said, “Twenty days.”

“Huh?” Qin Zhou responded.

“Twenty days.” He Yang repeated it again, his lips pressed against the young man’s neck, kissing little by little.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, calculated the date, and then realized that He Yang meant that they hadn’t seen each other for 20 days.

“A little busy.” Qin Zhou said casually.

“I can visit you.”

Qin Zhou just said, “Farewell, don’t disturb me when I have work.”

When he was filming before, He Yang planned to come to visit the class, but he didn’t want the relationship to be too high-profile, so he didn’t let He Yang come. And the director already knows their relationship, so it’s better to avoid it a little.

After all, it is disgraceful to support such a thing.

Qin Zhou: “I’m on the rise now. It would be very troublesome if I was photographed. I don’t want to be affected.”

During this period of time, the Republic of China drama has become more and more popular, and the reputation is also very good. Netizens are often seen playing memes on Weibo. He and Su Tang also have traffic and are on the rise.

Actors and stars who are on the rise are also the easiest to be targeted.

He Yang lowered his head slightly and asked again, “Would you like to move to my side? The security is very good.”

Qin Zhou still refused: “No need.”

He Yang wanted to say more, but Qin Zhou didn’t have the patience to chat, so he said, “I’m going to sleep, don’t make any noise.”

After speaking, Qin Zhou closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The next day, Qin Zhou woke up early and was about to go to the company.

This time he is going to shoot a set of cover photos with Su Tang, and the shooting location is in the studio of the headquarters.

Qin Zhou got up at six o’clock, while He Yang was still asleep.

And just when Qin Zhou was packing up, He Yang woke up.

Qin Zhou sorted his clothes in front of the mirror, and said to the man on the bed, “I’m going to the company. Remember to lock the door when you go out.”

After that, Qin Zhou went out and left.

The driver arranged by the broker was already waiting downstairs in the dormitory apartment. Qin Zhou got in the car and came to the company.

It was still a little cold in the morning, and when the car was halfway through, it was raining outside.

The sun was still shining a few days ago, but it suddenly cooled down today.

Not long after, the car stopped outside the company.

Qin Zhou came to the company and went to the dressing room first.

When Qin Zhou was doing the styling, Su Tang also came over.

Su Tang only got off the plane to Nancheng last night, and came here early this morning. The schedule was very busy, and her face was a little haggard.

“I’m sleepy…” Su Tang yawned and sat next to Qin Zhou, looking like she wasn’t full of energy.

Qin Zhou asked, “Didn’t you sleep well?”

“I’ve been sleeping for four or five hours this week, and I’m so tired…” Su Tang complained, “It’s rare to come here, and I wanted to play with you and Jiang Lin’s brother…”

Qin Zhou comforted: “It’s okay, don’t worry, I’ll make an appointment when you’re done.”

Su Tang sat on the chair and continued to put on makeup.

Qin Zhou finished the modeling first, then came to the window alone, looked out the window, and took a picture of Zhang Yujing.

Qin Zhou posted on Weibo and posted news—

【Qin Zhou: Going to work】

Not long after it was posted on Weibo, there were many comments.

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Is Zhouzhou working now? It’s raining in Nancheng, Zhouzhou remember to bring an umbrella~]

Qin Zhou glanced at the comments, and the staff just happened to be calling him, so he put down the phone and went over to take the cover picture first.

Because the popularity of the Republic of China drama is very high, the cover picture this time is a double picture of him and Su Tang.

When the two finished shooting the interior scene, it was already afternoon.

Su Tang had another interview in the evening, but the car arranged by the agent had not arrived yet and was stuck on the road.

So Qin Zhou said, “I’ll send you off.”

“Okay.” Su Tang nodded.

The two went downstairs together, and Qin Zhou’s nanny car was also waiting outside.

But just when the two came to the first floor, it started to rain lightly outside.

Qin Zhou borrowed an umbrella from the little girl at the front desk, held the umbrella, and got into the car with Su Tang.

After sitting in the car, Qin Zhou leaned on the back of the chair and habitually swiped Weibo.

There are still a lot of confessions in the private message, Qin Zhou picked out some familiar old fan IDs to reply,

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Zhouzhou wear more clothes, don’t wear too little~ The weather forecast says that it will rain tomorrow in Nancheng, Zhouzhou should pay attention to your body. 】

【Qin Zhou: Thank you】

Qin Zhou replied to some private messages.

Not long after, the car stopped.

Su Tang’s interview was in a high-end restaurant. Su Tang got out of the car and left alone, ready to go for the interview.

Qin Zhou was free at night, so he went back to the apartment first.

After returning to the apartment, Qin Zhou got some food, then lay on the sofa and played with his mobile phone and swiped Weibo.

Just brushing and brushing, Qin Zhou suddenly saw the gossip between him and Su Tang.

[Qin Zhou and Su Tang share an umbrella! Go on a date together after get off work! The screen couple model worker is real! 】

Qin Zhou clicked on the picture and found that he and Su Tang were photographed by the paparazzi when he and Su Tang came out of the company in the afternoon.

Later, the paparazzi also took pictures of the nanny car parked outside the high-end restaurant, saying that the two of them were going on a date.

However, because he and Su Tang were playing couple CPs before, and his and Su Tang’s Republic of China dramas are now very popular, so Qin Zhou didn’t care much, and just mentioned it to his manager a little.

But on the second day, this gossip news was topped in the front row of hot searches, and the comments were also captured by CP fans.

[I knew Zhouzhou and Susu were real! Back then, I was chasing the two of them! 】

[Isn’t this my second male Bai Yueguang! He and Susu are really in love! We have been chasing Susu for many dramas! Finally up! 】

[Yeah, my two little darlings are on the hot search, so I’ll give everyone a look at Zhouzhou and Susu’s new drama, which will be updated on time every Saturday~]

Qin Zhou looked at the hot search comments, and was about to reply to the private message. He saw the familiar ID in the private message list at a glance, so he opened the dialog box and was ready to reply—

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Zhouzhou, don’t be with Su Tang! She is not good! 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: My Zhouzhou! Can’t be with other people! Cried! 】

Qin Zhou stared at the content of the message and only thought that this fan was his girlfriend’s fan.

For girlfriend fans, it is impossible to accept idols with other people, and their emotions will be a little excited.

It was not convenient for Qin Zhou to reply to this private message, so he skipped this fan and returned to the others.

It took Qin Zhou a long time to return more than half of the private message list.

However, because Qin Zhou replied to the private message, some fans took screenshots of Qin Zhou’s reply, and then made super words to show off.

[Actually received Zhouzhou’s reply! Today is also the day to be flopped by Zhouzhou! 】

[I was also flopped by Zhouzhou! So happy! 】

【Wow! You’ve all been flopped! I’m going to send a private message too! 】

There was a lot of excitement in the super chat.

At this time, a dynamic appeared in the super talk-

[Favorite Zhouzhou: I also sent a private message to Zhouzhou, why did you all receive a reply, but I was the only one who didn’t? 】

[First floor: Maybe there are too many private messages, Zhouzhou can’t reply all of them~]

[Second floor: Touch the sisters! I didn’t get flopped either! It’s alright, Zhouzhou is very busy]

in a rental room.

The fat man stared at his private message list, frowning.

“Why didn’t you call me back…why didn’t you call me back…”

The slightly fat man kept thinking.

At this moment, the mobile phone suddenly sounded a special message reminder sound, which was the dynamic voice of Qin Zhou.

The fat man hurriedly clicked on Qin Zhou’s homepage.

【Qin Zhou: Good night】

There is also a picture at the back of Weibo, which is a night scene photo, which looks like it should have been taken from the window of the house.

The man was holding the mobile phone and quickly zoomed in the photo, constantly zooming in again…

In the lower left corner of the photo, the name of a restaurant appeared.

The name of the restaurant occupies only a small corner, and if you don’t look carefully, no one will notice it at all.

The man hurriedly went to Baidu to search for the name of the restaurant, but the results of the computer search were messed up.

So the man added the keyword “Nancheng” at the back, and clicked search again.

The results of this search were very accurate, and even the detailed address was found.

The man quickly located the hotel on the map and searched for the names of nearby apartment complexes.

From the perspective of Zhouzhou’s photo, Zhouzhou should be living opposite this hotel…


in the apartment.

Qin Zhou was lying on the bed while swiping Weibo.

Suddenly, Qin Zhou saw that there were more comments in the Weibo he posted—

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Zhouzhou good evening~]

[Favorite Zhouzhou: I will see Zhouzhou soon~ Happy! 】

Just as Qin Zhou was about to cross this comment, he suddenly heard a knock at the door.


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