Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 77

It was already past eleven o’clock in the evening.

Qin Zhou looked in the direction of the door and did not move.

Outside, the knocking on the door continued.

Qin Zhou got up, walked over, and looked at Maoyan.

Then, Qin Zhou opened the door.

\”Why are you here?\”

As soon as Qin Zhou finished speaking, he saw the figure outside the door turned towards him.

Qin Zhou took advantage of the situation and reached out to catch it, and then smelled the heavy smell of alcohol on the other side.

\”Hug.\”He Yang put his pillow on the young man’s shoulder.

Qin Zhou brought people into the room and closed the door.

It’s just that when Qin Zhou put the person on the sofa and was about to leave, his wrist was held.

He Yang leaned over again, as if he wanted to hug.

Qin Zhou pushed the man away slightly and said slowly: \”You smell of alcohol, don’t touch me.\”

He Yang released his hand and closed his eyes and leaned on the sofa pillow.

Qin Zhou poured a glass of hot water over and asked, “Why did you drink?”

He Yang opened his eyes and whispered: \”Go out and gather for a while.\”

\”Drink less.\” Qin Zhou put the water glass on the table and didn’t care anymore, and went back to the bed to lie down.

He Yang got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After coming out of the bathroom, He Yang came to the bed and hugged the person on the bed.

He Yang held the young man’s hand and whispered: \”I saw the hot search.\”

\”What hot search?\” Qin Zhou asked subconsciously.

\”You and Su Tang went out on a date.\” He Yang lowered his head slightly.

Qin Zhou: \”She went to interview, I didn’t go to the restaurant.\”

He Yang didn’t speak any more, just held the young man’s hand tightly.

After a long time, He Yang said: \”Move to my place to live with.\”

\”No need, it’s fine now.\” Qin Zhou put the phone aside and said, \”I have work tomorrow, I won’t do it tonight.\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang responded and continued to quietly hug the person in his arms.

The next day, Qin Zhou got up and changed his clothes, and said to the man on the bed: \”Remember to close the doors and windows when you leave.\”

Qin Zhou went out.

The nanny car was already waiting outside the community, and Qin Zhou walked towards the gate of the community.

And because the weather forecast said that the sun would come out today, Qin Zhou didn’t wear a coat.

But it was still a little cold in the morning, so Qin Zhou hurried to the car, which made him feel better.

Qin Zhou leaned on the back of the chair to rest first, and the assistant next to him hurriedly handed over the breakfast.

Qin Zhou took a photo of breakfast and posted it on Weibo.

[Qin Zhou: Another day at work]

Just a few seconds after Qin Zhou’s Weibo post, a comment appeared——

[Favorite Zhouzhou: The wind is so strong this morning, Zhouzhou remember to wear a coat next time, don’t catch a cold~]

When Qin Zhou came to the studio, Su Tang was already doing makeup here.

Su Tang has already changed clothes and is picking out jewelry.

Seeing Qin Zhou coming, Su Tang said quickly: \”Zhou Zhou! Come and help me see!\”

Qin Zhou walked over, and Su Tang also took two rings out of the jewelry box and asked, “Which ring looks good?”

Qin Zhou didn’t know anything about jewelry, so he nodded and said: \”It’s all good-looking.\”

Su Tang struggled for a while, picked a light pink diamond ring to wear, and sighed: \”The diamond ring is so beautiful…\”

Qin Zhou went to do makeup and change clothes first.

This time, he and Su Tang were shooting a magazine together, and the interior scene took a whole day.

When it was time to finish work in the evening, Jiang Lin came over.

Jiang Lin bought two cups of hot milk tea, and Qin Zhou and Su Tang each had a cup.

\”It’s better brother Jiang Lin…\” Su Tang drank the milk tea and said: \”Let’s go out for dinner together at night?\”

When Jiang Lin heard the food, he quickly said: \”What are you eating?\”

\”It’s fine.\”Su Tang nodded and said:\”Aren’t you a local? Do you have any recommended restaurants?\”

Jiang Lin couldn’t help but look at Qin Zhou, eagerly: \”I want to eat what Brother Zhou made…\”

Su Tang also looked over, a little surprised: \”Can Zhouzhou still cook? Then I will eat it too.\”

Qin Zhou smiled and said: \”I didn’t buy vegetables, let’s go out to eat today, do you want to eat barbecue?\”

\”All right.\”Su Tang nodded.

Jiang Lin also had no opinion.

So the three of them got into the nanny car together, ready to go to the barbecue shop.

While in the car, Su Tang took the mobile phone and sent a Weibo.

[Su Tang: He Zhouzhou is off work~]

The picture on Weibo is a photo of her and Qin Zhou.

After posting on Weibo, Su Tang didn’t read the comments anymore, but went to the official website of the jewelry store.

While looking at the diamond ring, Su Tang asked Qin Zhou next to him from time to time, which one looked better.

Hearing this, Jiang Lin couldn’t help but ask: \”Is Sister Su Su getting married?\”

\”No.\”Su Tang shook her head,\”I just liked it, the diamonds are pretty, I bought them for myself.\”

\”Sister Su Su likes diamonds?\”Jiang Lin probed his head and leaned over, and said: \”I have an invitation letter for an auction, which is to sell diamonds, do you want to come?\”

\”What auction?\”Su Tang was a little curious.

Jiang Lin said a name and said: \”An auction sponsored by Vito’s family, at the end of the month, seems to be in Europe…\”

Jiang Lin couldn’t remember too well, so he scratched his hair, “I don’t know about diamonds, so it’s a waste to put me in the invitation letter, and they all sell things like diamond rings.”

Su Tang was curious, went to the Internet to check, and entered the official website.

The official website is in English, and Su Tang really found the introduction to the auction.

On the page, the official website shows some exhibits, one of which is an extremely rare aqua blue diamond.

\”This diamond is beautiful!\”Su Tang handed it to Qin Zhou with her mobile phone,\”There is also a name, eternal love!\”

Qin Zhou glanced at it, and there was a beautiful light blue diamond on the screen.

Qin Zhou nodded, \”It looks good.\”

Jiang Lin also urged: \”Buy it if you like it! I have an invitation letter!\”

\”Can’t afford it.\”Su Tang shook her head quickly, \”It’s a waste of me to go to the auction, I don’t have that money.\”

After Su Tang flipped through the auction introduction, she also knew that this level of auction had nothing to do with her, so she stopped watching it.

Not long after, the car stopped.

The three got off the car and came to the barbecue shop.

Qin Zhou has already booked a private room, sitting on the sofa, waiting for the barbecue while looking at his mobile phone.

Qin Zhou posted on Weibo and saw a lot of news.

Because Su Tang only posted a group photo at night, so fans are all at him.

Qin Zhou flipped through it casually, suddenly noticed the familiar ID in the private message list, and clicked it.

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Why is Zhouzhou with that **** again? 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Zhouzhou, those **** outside are not worthy of you. 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Why didn’t Zhouzhou get back to me? why why? 】

The fans’ tone became more and more excited, as if they were dissatisfied with his interaction with Su Tang.

Qin Zhou was a little surprised. He is not a traffic star, and he has never set up a boyfriend character.

And since he entered the circle until now, he has always cooperated more with Su Tang, and most of the old fans are CP fans. By default, he and Su Tang are a pair, and his interaction with Su Tang is normal.

Qin Zhou didn’t reply, he quit Weibo and didn’t read it again.

When I came out of the barbecue shop, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening.

Qin Zhou returned to the dormitory.

The room was dark, Qin Zhou turned on the light, went to the window, opened the window a little to ventilate, and then went back to the bedroom.

Qin Zhou slept, and when he woke up the next morning, he went to the breakfast shop opposite the community to buy something to eat.

There is a steamed bun shop opposite the door. Qin Zhou wore a hat and mask. After buying soy milk and steamed buns, he went back.

It’s just that when Qin Zhouwo was eating breakfast on the sofa, he suddenly received a new private message reminder——

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Does Zhouzhou like to drink soy milk? I would also like. 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: I just bought baozi soy milk and had breakfast with Zhouzhou! 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: I hope to receive a reply from Zhouzhou today! I want to be flopped by Zhouzhou! 】

Qin Zhou ate the steamed buns for a while, looked at the steamed buns and soy milk on the table, and then read the content of the private message.

The content of this private message… is a bit strange.

And because the fan scolded Su Tang yesterday, Qin Zhou still didn’t reply.

After breakfast, Qin Zhou rested in the room for a while, and then went to the company.

In the afternoon, I will shoot a promotional video, and I will shoot it until the evening.

Taking advantage of the break in the middle, Qin Zhou was sitting next to him and playing with his mobile phone, when he saw Lin Chixiao post a Weibo.

[Lin Chixiao: Finish work! Eat Mala Tang! 】

Qin Zhou hurried over to reply.

[Qin Zhou: There is Mala Tang! I also want! 】

[Lin Chixiao replied: Come quickly, it’s too late to catch the plane, I’ll reserve a seat for you! 】

Lin Chixiao is still filming the role of the general in the crew, and the two of them are only joking and interacting on Weibo, but they don’t take it seriously.

It’s just that when Qin Zhou finished filming at night and was about to go back, he received a private message——

[Favorite Zhouzhou: I just bought Mala Tang and put it outside the door~ It’s a pity that the uncle of the guard won’t let me in, Zhouzhou remember to pick it up~]

Qin Zhou looked at this private message and was stunned.

At this time, the car was parked outside the apartment.

The guard room is next to it.

Qin Zhou said to the driver: \”Don’t go yet, wait for me.\”

After that, Qin Zhou got out of the car.

When Qin Zhou came to the guard room, he really saw the packaged Mala Tang.

Qin Zhou asked the security guard: \”Uncle, who sent this?\”

\”I don’t know, I only came here at night when I changed shifts. This is already here, and I didn’t say who it was for.\” The security guard shook his head and asked again: \”Would you like to ask Lao Li?\”

Qin Zhou responded casually, without taking the Mala Tang, he turned around and went back to the car, reporting the name of the hotel.

The assistant next to him was still a little puzzled and asked: \”Brother Zhou won’t go back at night? Why do you sleep outside?\”

\”I won’t go back.\” Qin Zhou lowered his eyes and said again: \”Can you help me find a better house? I want to move out.\”

The assistant didn’t doubt either. After all, Qin Zhou lives in an apartment arranged by the company, so he can move out and buy a house by himself.

So the little assistant nodded and replied: \”Okay.\”

Qin Zhou stayed at the hotel for one night.

And when Qin Zhou woke up, he received another private message from the fan.

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Why didn’t Zhouzhou go home and stay in a hotel? 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Does Zhouzhou not like the Mala Tang? Then I’ll buy another one next time. 】

[Favorite Zhouzhou: Is Zhouzhou still used to staying in the hotel? What do you want to eat in the morning? I’ll buy it~]

[Favorite Zhouzhou: come back to me, come back to me quickly, Zhouzhou come back to me…]

Qin Zhou just wanted to block directly, but he was afraid that after blocking, the person would take more radical actions, so he had to pretend that he didn’t see the private message.

Now this man knew he was staying in a hotel, and might be staring at him from outside right now.

Qin Zhou didn’t dare to go out, so he called Jiang Lin directly and asked: \”Jiang Lin, is it convenient for you to pick me up? A fan chased me to the hotel where I was staying.\”

When Jiang Lin heard this, he quickly said: \”Okay! I’ll come right now!\”

Qin Zhou reminded: \”Bring a few bodyguards here, my side may… not very safe.\”

Jiang Lin became serious when he heard what Qin Zhou said, and hurried over.

Jiang Lin rushed to the hotel and knocked on the door outside Qin Zhou’s room.

Qin Zhou was behind the door and saw that it was Jiang Lin, so he opened the door and let Jiang Lin in.

Qin Zhou said: \”I met a pervert, and that person followed me.\”

\”The person knows where I live, and also knows that I am in the hotel.\” Qin Zhou showed Jiang Lin the private message interface, \”I don’t know where the person is now, maybe he is hiding somewhere to peep.\”

\”This person is perverted…\” Jiang Lin read the private message and quickly said: \”I will ask the hotel to check the surveillance, Brother Zhou, stay here and don’t go out.\”

Qin Zhou: \”I have an interview this afternoon and I want to go out.\”

So Jiang Lin said: \”Then I will send you, I brought a bodyguard here!\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou came down, packed up, and left with Jiang Lin.

Qin Zhou got into the car and stayed with Jiang Lin.

Jiang Lin was beside him, comforting: \”It’s all right, I just told Yuan Lie, he will help me!\”

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou nodded and rested on the back of the chair.

The car drove towards the studio.

But when the car was halfway through, the driver said: \”Young Master Jiang, there is a car following us.\”

\”Ah?\” Jiang Lin was stunned for a moment, looked back quickly, and saw a van behind them.

The driver also changed the road, accelerated, ready to throw the van.

The van also seemed to know that it had been discovered and followed.

The van is getting faster and faster-

Until there was a bang, the van crashed from behind.

The black car rolled over onto the ground.

In the car, Qin Zhou was stuck in the middle of the seat, his face pale.

There was a buzzing in my ears, and I couldn’t hear any sound.

It’s like, back to the car accident three years ago——

Trapped in a confined space.

Smelling the pungent smell of gasoline, unable to move.

on the road.

The slightly fat man got out of the van, held up his mobile phone, and kept taking pictures of the car in front of him.

\”Zhou Zhou! I love you so much!\”

The fat man was lying on the ground, and his mobile phone was also inserted through the broken car window, trying to take a picture of Qin Zhou.

The bodyguard got out of the car and quickly stopped the fat man.

But the fat man was still shouting into the car: \”Zhou Zhou! I like you the most!\”

Jiang Lin climbed out of the car. Fortunately, the accident was not serious and he was not injured.

Jiang Lin turned his head again and shouted inside: \”Brother Zhou? How are you?\”

No one in the car answered.

So Jiang Lin got into the car again, and a bodyguard came over to help hold Qin Zhou out.

But when Jiang Lin hugged Qin Zhou, he realized that something was wrong with Qin Zhou.

The young man opened his eyes, but there was no focal distance in those eyes, and he did not move.

\”Brother Zhou?\” Jiang Lin panicked for a while, almost trembling, stretched out his hand, put it on Qin Zhou, and tried his heartbeat.

Fortunately, the heartbeat is still there.

But the person in his arms did not respond to the outside world.


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