Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 79

Qin Zhou took out a gray coat from the closet and put it on, \”The clothes you bought for me are exactly the same as those on Shen Xiuzhu.\”

The clothes in the wardrobe are all of the same brand, and Shen Xiuzhu also likes this brand.

Qin Zhou adjusted his coat in front of the full-length mirror, and noticed that there were several bottles of perfume in the cabinet next to him.

\”Every time you buy so many perfumes, but I don’t use perfumes, it’s Shen Xiuzhu who likes perfumes.\”

\”And glasses.\”Qin Zhou took out a pair of thin-rimmed glasses from the drawer and put them on,\”I’m not short-sighted, it’s Shen Xiuzhu who wears glasses.\”

\”You also like to cover my eyes when you’re in bed.\” Qin Zhou leaned against the wardrobe, pushed up his glasses, and said softly: \”It’s because my eyes don’t look like his, so you have to dress me up as him look like?\”

Qin Zhou laughed and asked: \”What about now? Am I like him?\”

He is now wearing the same coat and glasses as Shen Xiuzhu.

He Yang looked at the young man in front of him, approached slowly, and pressed his fingertips to the young man’s face, rubbing lightly, and said in a low voice: \”No.\”

\”This brand was left by my mother, and now my uncle is taking care of it.\”He Yang moved his fingertips and took off his glasses, \”My uncle will send new products every year, and the perfume is also a series.\”

V brand releases a batch of limited new products every year, and he always asks his uncle to send them directly.

Occasionally, the V brand also makes perfume or something, and he will buy it back when he sees it.

V brand perfumes are relatively rare, and the most popular one is Snow Season Forest.

He Yang put the glasses aside, \”Shen Xiuzhu’s clothes should be bought by him.\”

There are only a few limited new products every year, and if Shen Xiuzhu wants to buy it, he can buy it.

\”I didn’t dress you up as someone else.\”

He Yang stretched out his hand and pressed his fingertips to the corner of the young man’s eye.

\”Good-looking eyes.\”

There is deep love in those beautiful peach eyes every time.

In those five years, he did not want to respond to this feeling.

Once covered with a tie, it can’t be seen, it’s hidden.

But later, those loves all disappeared and can’t be found again.

He Yang leaned down and pressed his lips to the corners of his eyes, touching them lightly.

He Yang kissed little by little, cupped his face in one hand, and slowly kissed from his eyes to his face.

Qin Zhou closed his eyes and felt the man’s warm breath falling on his face.

Until the man’s kissing stopped, Qin Zhou opened his eyes and asked: \”What about the kiss?\”

In the past, they rarely kissed.

Even if he had **** on the bed, he would ask for a kiss, but he would be rejected in the end.

\”Kissing is a very private matter.\” He Yang’s voice was still a little hoarse, his palm was placed on the side of the young man’s neck, and he touched face to face.

\”I want to kiss someone I like.\”

He Yang looked at the person in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed his lips.

He Yang’s kissing movement was very light, and his lips were pressed together.

The youth’s lips were soft and did not refuse.

He Yang slowly stretched out the tip of his tongue and deepened the kiss little by little.

At the beginning, He Yang’s kissing movements were very gentle.

But later, the gentle kissing gradually became a little out of control.

\”You can tell me what you don’t like.\” He Yang gasped, his chest heaving up and down, and the palm of his hand stretched out from the hem of the young man’s clothes.

He Yang stuck to the neck of the young man, his voice hoarse: \”I don’t like cake, I don’t like wearing glasses…you can tell me.\”

He doesn’t do things he doesn’t like.

\”Yanyan…Yanyan…\” He Yang shouted over and over again in the young man’s ear.

The clothes fell to the ground one by one, and the warm bodies leaned against each other.

By the time this intense affair was over, it was already evening.

Qin Zhou was lying on the bed, still immersed in joy.

He Yang leaned over, bowed his head and kissed the young man’s shoulder.

At this time, the young man’s back was full of hickeys, but He Yang continued to leave new marks on his shoulders.

Qin Zhou was itchy from being kissed and moved his body.

He Yang changed his posture and hugged, and then leaned towards the young man’s face to ask for a kiss.

Qin Zhou had no strength, and when he was kissed by He Yang, he pushed the person on him slightly.

\”He Yang…\”

But Qin Zhou just opened his mouth when his lips were blocked.

After the kiss, He Yang tightly wrapped the young man in his arms and lowered his head to rub against the young man’s face.

Qin Zhou still kept his eyes open until he slowly eased over, then raised his head and suddenly asked: \”Did you like him before?\”

He Yang realized who the young man was talking about and replied: \”No.\”

Qin Zhou blinked and said: \”You have a different attitude towards him.\”

He Yang didn’t answer.

After a while, He Yang replied: \”He is not in good health.\”

Qin Zhou nodded and said perfunctorily: \”Yes, he saved you and helped you block the knife, you have to take care of him and take care of him for the rest of your life.\”

He Yang frowned and said: \”He saved me and has already paid it off.\”

Qin Zhou asked: \”It’s all kind of life-saving kindness, how could it be paid off?\”

\”He saved me, and I also saved him.\” He Yang leaned against the young man’s neck and explained in a low voice.

In the kidnapping case more than ten years ago, it was true that he and Shen Xiuzhu were kidnapped together, but the incident was not as exaggerated as the newspaper said.

At that time, the He family and the Shen family had a good relationship, and he often took Shen Xiuzhu out to play, and then he was targeted by the kidnappers.

At that time, the two of them escaped from the warehouse, both suffered stab wounds and fell into the sea.

At first, when he was at sea, he took care of Shen Xiuzhu, and then Shen Xiuzhu took care of him, and the two took turns.

When the police found them, he just passed out.

So when everyone saw the scene where Shen Xiuzhu took care of him, they all tacitly agreed that Shen Xiuzhu saved him.

After being rescued, he and Shen Xiuzhu stayed in the hospital for a long time.

However, Shen Xiuzhu’s body was originally in poor condition, so the hospital stay was slightly longer than his.

Also because Shen Xiuzhu had been in the hospital for a long time, those reporters outside started to write articles saying that Shen Xiuzhu had become ill after helping to block the knife in the kidnapping case.

Those reports outside are getting more and more exaggerated, the media has been promoting \”the younger brother next door sacrificed himself to save the elder brother\”, and everyone is praising the younger brother next door.

Even the elders of the He family told him over and over again—

\”Be nice to Shen Xiuzhu, he saved you.\”

\”Xiu Zhu is not in good health, you should let him.\”

\”Take good care of Xiuzhu in the future.\”

He also really took care of Shen Xiuzhu according to the wishes of his elders.

Even after something happened to the Shen family, he helped him out. After Shen Xiuzhu went abroad to join relatives, the two lost contact.

It was not until later on his birthday that Shen Xiuzhu returned to China, and there was an intersection.

Shen Xiuzhu is indeed a very special existence, someone he needs to take care of.

But he can’t take care of him forever.

During the kidnapping case, Shen Xiuzhu saved him, and he also saved Shen Xiuzhu, and the two supported each other.

He has been helping the Shen family all these years, and he has paid off what he should have paid.

He Yang: \”I will pay attention in the future.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t speak any more, he just closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Just when Qin Zhou was in a daze, he was woken up by the vibrating sound of his mobile phone.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes and saw that He Yang had answered a call.

The bedroom was very quiet, and Qin Zhou could vaguely hear the voice on the phone, a weak male voice.

After hanging up the phone, He Yang explained: \”Shen Xiuzhu said to come over and return the key.\”

Qin Zhou asked: \”What time is it?\”

\”Ten o’clock.\”

\”Come here at night to return the key?\” Qin Zhou laughed.

\”Then I tell him to give the secretary tomorrow?\”

\”No.\”Qin Zhou nodded and replied:\”You can just let him come over.\”

So He Yang sent a message back to Shen Xiuzhu, then leaned over to ask for a kiss.

Qin Zhou turned his head away and said: \”You go take a shower first.\”

He Yang got up and went to take a bath first.

Qin Zhou sat on the bed without clothes on, playing with his mobile phone.

Until Qin Zhou suddenly heard the doorbell, he put on his underwear, picked up He Yang’s shirt that fell on the ground, put it on, and walked towards the living room.

Qin Zhou came to the monitor and saw Shen Xiuzhu outside.

Shen Xiuzhu was on the first floor.

Qin Zhou stared at the monitor screen, or pressed the door button to let Shen Xiuzhu enter the elevator.

The elevator went straight to the apartment, Qin Zhou didn’t change his clothes, he just wore He Yang’s shirt and waited at the door.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door.

Qin Zhou opened the door and said to Shen Xiuzhu lazily: \”Just give me the key.\”

Shen Xiuzhu was slightly taken aback when he saw the person in front of him.

Qin Zhou was wearing only one shirt, and the shirt was obviously large, just covering his thighs, obviously He Yang’s shirt.

And Qin Zhou’s neck is covered with hickeys, and even the exposed collarbone is full of marks, it seems that he has just experienced an affair.

However, Shen Xiuzhu still kept a smile on his face and asked: \”Where’s He Yang?\”

\”He’s taking a shower.\”Qin Zhou leaned against the wall,\”What’s the matter?\”

\”Then don’t bother.\” Shen Xiuzhu put the key on the cabinet next to him and turned to leave.

Qin Zhou took the key and went back to the bedroom.

After He Yang came out of the bath, he handed over the key, \”He just came over.\”

\”Well.\”He Yang put the key in the drawer at will, and did not mention the matter of letting Qin Zhou move it.

Qin Zhou: \”I want to go to the cemetery tomorrow.\”


The next day, He Yang took Qin Zhou to the cemetery.

The tour guide’s urn had been dug up by the staff, and Qin Zhou put away the urn.

After returning from the cemetery, Qin Zhou went to the hospital to see his grandma.

He Yang went to the company to handle the work.

But in the afternoon, the secretary came.

\”Mr. He, Mr. Shen is here, do you want to see me?\” the secretary asked.

He Yang responded.

So the secretary brought Shen Xiuzhu into the office, turned to leave, and closed the door.

Shen Xiuzhu was wearing a light-colored coat, sitting on the sofa next to him, and said with a smile: \”The things have been moved.\”


\”The place where I lived for three years is suddenly moving away, and I’m still not used to it…\”

He Yang asked: \”Have you found the house yet?\”

\”Not yet.\”Shen Xiuzhu shook his head and asked with a smile: \”Is there any recommended community?\”

He Yang took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, and suddenly said, “I’ll take you back to Shen’s house.”

Shen Xiuzhu was stunned.

The Shen family has now moved abroad. He Yang meant to send him abroad and not return to Nancheng.

\”What’s wrong?\”

He Yang said, \”I chose a nursing home for you, you can rest in it.\”

\”Why so suddenly?\”Shen Xiuzhu smiled.

\”You have been in poor health.\” He Yang paused for a while before continuing: \”It is more appropriate to stay abroad.\”

The emotion on Shen Xiuzhu’s face was a little uncontrollable, but he still patiently said: \”Is there something I didn’t do well? Or did someone tell you something?\”

\”It has nothing to do with others.\” He Yang looked out the window and said: \”I will arrange the best doctor for you, don’t come back in the future.\”

The office fell silent, and no one spoke.

After a long time, He Yang heard the voice behind him——

\”He Yang.\”

He Yang turned around and saw Shen Xiuzhu taking off his coat.

The coat was thrown on the sofa, Shen Xiuzhu slowly reached out and unbuttoned his shirt.

\”He can, but can’t I?\”

The buttons were unbuttoned and the shirt fell to the ground. Let me talk about it first, there is no problem with the direction of the emotional line, and all the emotional drama plots are rounded in the back.

It’s a post about chasing his wife’s crematorium. If you don’t make a big one, there’s no way to end it.

Continue to code words, and Jiageng will be sent out tomorrow (the specific update time is uncertain, please don’t wait)

Patch it up:

Yanyan and Shen Xiuzhu don’t look alike, they’ve never been the same, they just dress in the same style, because they’re both from the same brand

He Yang didn’t take Yanyan as a stand-in. Blindfolding and back entry can be understood as a little bit of personal preference on the bed (sexual fetish, back entry is a very strong posture)

To put it simply, He Yang didn’t take Yanyan to heart for the past five years.

It’s one thing for He Yang to explain, but it’s another thing to accept the banquet. As I said before, the latter is the chasing wife crematorium



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