Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 80

Shen Xiuzhu’s skin was still very white, and he walked towards the man step by step with his upper body naked.

\”The doctor said that I can do some exercise properly now.\”Shen Xiuzhu smiled, \”Including going to bed.\”

Shen Xiuzhu came to He Yang and slowly leaned over.

\”I can sleep with you too.\”

Shen Xiuzhu reached out and touched the man’s suit jacket with his fingertips, as if he wanted to undo it.

He Yang stretched out his hand to stop Shen Xiuzhu’s movements, \”Put on your clothes.\”

Shen Xiuzhu didn’t leave, he still stood in front of He Yang and asked with a smile: \”You’ve known each other for so long, don’t you want to try it out with me?\”

\”This is my first time.\”

After finishing speaking, Shen Xiuzhu approached again, almost his whole body was attached to the man, wanting to kiss.

However, before Shen Xiuzhu could kiss him, his body was pushed away.

He Yang got up, did not speak, and walked towards the door.

Shen Xiuzhu looked at the back of the man leaving, and shouted with some gaffe: \”He Yang!\”

He Yang did not stop, left the office and closed the door.

He Yang stayed outside, went to the window and lit a cigarette.

Not long after, there was movement from the office.

He Yang looked up and saw Shen Xiuzhu coming out.

Shen Xiuzhu was already dressed, but his eyes were still a little red.

Shen Xiuzhu wrapped his coat and looked at the man by the window.

The man leaned against the wall, the scarlet on his fingertips flickered and disappeared, his expression still indifferent.

Hearing the footsteps, He Yang turned his head slightly and whispered: \”I already told the Shen family, you should go to the sanatorium to rest for a while.\”

Shen Xiuzhu looked at the man and suddenly said, “We have known each other for more than 20 years, are you trying to drive me away now?”

He Yang said casually: \”Just go out to rest for a while.\”

\”Is it because of Xu Chengyan?\” Shen Xiuzhu asked.

He Yang did not answer.

\”He’s already dead, you’ve found a substitute now.\”Shen Xiuzhu’s eyes were red, \”Just because of a substitute, you want to drive me away.\”

\”Don’t you like me?\” Shen Xiuzhu’s tone became a little excited, \”If I had stayed in those five years, we would have been together now, and there would be no Xu Chengyan—\”

\”Shen Xiuzhu.\” He Yang interrupted, looking at Shen Xiuzhu, and slowly said: \”Did you misunderstand something? I never liked you.\”

Maybe he was emotionally sluggish before.

But when Shen Xiuzhu wanted to go abroad, he didn’t miss him.

It’s just that the next door brother was sent to study abroad, and it was only five years apart.

If he really likes someone, he won’t never see each other for five years.

He Yang said: \”I didn’t look for you in those five years.\”

Shen Xiuzhu was stunned, lowered his eyes, and said in a low voice: \”That’s why I misunderstood…\”

Shen Xiuzhu also remembered that in those five years, they rarely contacted each other, and every time he took the initiative to find He Yang.

\”I will arrange a doctor for you.\” He Yang said, \”Have a good rest in the future.\”

He Yang turned around and left.

After leaving the company, He Yang went to the hospital.

In the ward, the old man on the bed was already asleep, and Qin Zhou stayed by the bed.

Qin Zhou saw that He Yang was outside, so he got up and walked into the corridor.

Qin Zhou closed the door of the ward and lowered his eyes, as if he was in a bad mood.

He Yang asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

\”The doctor said that grandma’s condition is not good.\” Qin Zhou sat on the lounge chair, closed his eyes tiredly, and sighed.

He Yang sat next to him and leaned over, wanting to hug.

However, when He Yang approached, Qin Zhou smelled the perfume on the other side.

And when they went out in the morning, He Yang didn’t have this smell yet. .

\”Don’t touch it.\”Qin Zhou blocked He Yang’s movements and said casually: \”It smells of perfume, I don’t like it.\”

He Yang’s movements stopped for a while, then withdrew his hand and said, “Shen Xiuzhu went to the company to find me just now, and it may have been stained.”

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou responded perfunctorily.

\”He will be abroad in the future.\”

Qin Zhou nodded and said: \”You don’t need to explain it to me in such detail.\”

Qin Zhou was not interested in Shen Xiuzhu’s affairs, leaned back in his chair and continued to look at the ward opposite.

He Yang also stayed by Qin Zhou’s side and stayed quietly.

Grandma woke up at night.

Qin Zhou came to the ward and shouted: \”Grandma.\”

The old man on the bed looked over and asked aloud: \”Where’s the boat?\”

The old man’s voice sounded a little dry.

Qin Zhou poured a cup of hot water and handed it over.

Grandma stretched out her hand to hold Qin Zhou’s arm and asked again: \”Where is the boat…\”

Qin Zhou patiently said as before: \”Grandma, I’m right here.\”

Only this time, grandma didn’t respond, just stared at Qin Zhou for a long time and asked: \”Are you a friend of Xiaozhou?\”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, but he quickly reacted and nodded.

\”Yes, I am his friend.\” Qin Zhou smiled at his grandma.

\”Where’s the boat?\”

Qin Zhou explained: \”He works outside and is a little busy.\”

Qin Zhou held the water cup and let grandma drink the water first.

This time, grandma’s mental state seems to be very good. She still remembers her little grandson and did not admit the wrong person.

Grandma leaned on the bed and said with concern: \”Then when will he come back?\”

\”Maybe I’ll be back at night.\” Qin Zhou still smiled.

\”Evening…\” Grandma nodded, and with some effort she stood up, leaned over to the bedside table, and turned over the drawer.

Grandma pulled out a small purse from it, stuffed it into Qin Zhou’s hand, and said, “Give this to Xiaozhou…\”

Qin Zhou nodded in response.

Grandma doesn’t seem to be very relieved, grabbing Qin Zhou’s arm and insisting: \”Remember to give it to Xiaozhou… to Xiaozhou…\”

Qin Zhou hurriedly said: \”Grandma, go to sleep first, and you will be able to see the boat when you wake up.\”

\”Okay…\” Grandma lay on the bed and continued to mutter: \”I’ll wait for the boat…\”

Grandma’s voice became softer and softer, then she lay on the bed, closed her eyes and gradually fell asleep.

Then he fell asleep and never woke up again.

Grandma passed away.

Grandma left in her sleep.

Qin Zhou has been guarding the side, and after discovering the abnormality, he calmly called the doctor.

Grandma is old and not in good health. This day will come sooner or later.

He was already mentally prepared.

Qin Zhou sat on the chair in the corridor, took out the wallet, and opened it.

In the wallet was some loose change, and it could be seen that grandma had saved it for a long time.

In addition to the change, there was a picture of a boy inside.

The boy is about seven or eight years old, and the photo looks a bit old, it should have been on for a long time.

Qin Zhou picked up the photo and recognized that the little boy in the photo was the tour guide.

Qin Zhou looked at the child in the photo for a long time, and finally put the photo back in his wallet.

Although I was mentally prepared for this day, when this day really came, there was still a sense of unreality, and my heart was a little empty.

Qin Zhou sat on the chair with no emotion on his face, and he was a little confused.

In the hallway, nurses came and went, and doctors came to talk to him.

However, Qin Zhou couldn’t hear what the man said, just stared at the wall in a daze.

Then, like a robot, she completed the formalities for her grandmother and prepared to send her body to cremation.

When Qin Zhou regained consciousness, he was already holding his grandmother’s urn in his arms.

Qin Zhou lowered his head, touched the lines on the urn, and looked to the side again.

He Yang was by his side, always with him.

Qin Zhou took out his mobile phone from his pocket, glanced at the calendar, and found that three days had passed.

three days.

But these three days seemed like only three hours had passed, and there was no memory at all.

Qin Zhou shouted: \”He Yang.\”

He Yang responded and asked in a low voice: \”Are you going back?\”

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

Qin Zhou hugged the urn, got up, and followed He Yang.

Qin Zhou’s face is still very plain, but in those peach blossom eyes, there is no light.

After returning to the apartment, Qin Zhou held the urn and stayed alone on the balcony.

In addition to grandma’s urn, Qin Zhou also brought the tour guide’s urn and put the two together.

The tour guide’s hometown is in a small village in the north. Originally, he planned to visit his hometown during this time and bury the tour guide’s urn in his hometown.

It’s just that before he could choose the cemetery, he waited for his grandmother’s urn.

Qin Zhou looked at the two urns on the table and did not respond.

It was not until He Yang came over that Qin Zhou got up and followed He Yang to the restaurant.

After eating dinner mechanically, I went back to the bedroom and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Everything is still as usual.

Qin Zhou lay on the bed, closed his eyes, and prepared to fall asleep.

He Yang was beside him, his fingertips touched the young man’s face, and he whispered: \”Yanyan?\”

Qin Zhou opened his eyes and looked over and smiled: \”I’m fine.\”

Qin Zhou closed his eyes again, lowered his head slightly, buried his head in the quilt, and fell asleep.

He Yang turned off the light and lay beside him, not yet falling asleep.

It didn’t take long for He Yang to notice the slight movement from the side, so he leaned over, \”Yanyan?\”

He Yang lifted the quilt a little and saw the young man huddled up on the bed with tears on his face.

He Yang leaned over and kissed the young man’s face with his lips.

\”It’s alright.\” He Yang comforted, moving his fingertips slightly, wiping the tears from the young man’s face.

\”I’m the only one left…\” Qin Zhou reached out and hugged the man on his body, his voice choked up a little, \”I’m a liar…\”

He is a liar.

Even in the end, the grandmother didn’t know that the little grandson had actually been in a car accident.

\”I’m the only one left…\” Qin Zhou’s emotions were uncontrollable.

\”It’s all right.\” He Yang comforted him over and over again, and finally coaxed the person in his arms to sleep.

But when Qin Zhou woke up the next day, the situation got worse.

All day, Qin Zhou sat on the balcony without moving.

Eat nothing, not even drink water.

Like a robot, sitting still.

\”Feast.\” He Yang handed over a bowl of porridge.

Qin Zhou glanced at it and didn’t take it.

He Yang put the porridge on the table, sat next to him, and held the young man’s hand.

Qin Zhou didn’t take it back, he just looked at the hands that the two held together, and suddenly said: \”He Yang.\”

\”It would be nice if I died that day.\” Qin Zhou’s voice was very light.

He’s an orphan anyway, and it doesn’t matter if he’s dead.

In this case, at least the one who accompanies grandma is the real grandson.

Grandma has always been thinking about her little grandson, but unfortunately she didn’t wait for her little grandson to come back until she left.

\”If it was me who died that day…\” Qin Zhou was a little dazed.

He Yang on the side didn’t speak, just leaned over and hugged the young man.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes and felt a warm touch, but he reached out a little and pushed the man away.

Qin Zhou continued to lie on the reclining chair by himself, huddled into a ball, and stopped talking.

Isolate yourself from the outside world.

For several days, Qin Zhou has been in this state, not eating or drinking.

Soon, Qin Zhou’s body collapsed, and he developed a high fever and was admitted to the hospital.

After Jiang Lin found out, he came to the hospital to visit Qin Zhou, and sat beside the hospital bed to help peel apples.

\”Brother Zhou, are you okay?\” Jiang Lin asked cautiously.

Qin Zhou leaned on the hospital bed, smiled, and replied: \”Very good.\”

Jiang Lin peeled the apple, cut the apple into small pieces, placed it on a plate, and handed it over.

Qin Zhou had no appetite, but he still took the plate and ate slowly.

\”I asked the doctor before. Grandma is older and it is not easy to get through it.\” Jiang Lin said, \”Brother Zhou, these are normal and all right.\”

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

He also knew that grandma wouldn’t last long, and that birth, old age, sickness and death were normal.

It’s just that when he thinks about it, he still feels uncomfortable.

Qin Zhou ate the apple and said in a low voice: \”I’m just not used to it.\”

He spent three years with his grandmother, who was like his family.

In the past, he always wanted to make more money and see a doctor for his grandmother.

But now grandma suddenly left.

It was as if his life had completely lost its meaning, and he didn’t know what to do at all.

Qin Zhou said softly: \”I feel that it will be meaningless in the future.\”

After Jiang Lin heard this, he looked at the young man on the bed and suddenly asked, “Brother Zhou, are you sad now?”

Without waiting for Qin Zhou to answer, Jiang Lin said: \”Family or friends leave suddenly, it must be very sad, right?\”

Jiang Lin stretched out his hand and helped Qin Zhou cover the quilt, \”Actually, I’m also very sad.\”

\”You didn’t come to me, and you didn’t even give me a call.\”Jiang Lin felt a little aggrieved,\”I’ve been really sad for a long time.\”

\”I’m so sorry, I still dream of you and car accidents at night.\”

At first, he really thought that his sister-in-law had died.

It’s not that he can’t accept life and death, but he can’t accept such an accidental death.

\”Brother Zhou, why didn’t you even call me…\” Jiang Lin complained, \”Just send me a message…\”

Qin Zhou opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

But I don’t know why, I can’t say anything.

Jiang Lin leaned over, hugged Qin Zhou, and said seriously: \”Brother Zhou, why is it meaningless? There are other people who care about you.\”

Qin Zhou hugged the person in front of him, \”I’m sorry…\”


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