Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 82

Strawberries are sweet.

He Yang looked at the young man in front of him and approached again, as if he wanted to kiss again.

However, Qin Zhou stepped back, handed the strawberry over with a smile, and put it on the man’s lips.

He Yang took the opportunity to bite, and Qin Zhou also turned around and returned to the lawn, continuing to stay with Qiqi.

The afternoon sun was still very warm, Qin Zhou squinted and felt a little sleepy.

Qiqi put his head on Qin Zhou’s lap and slept with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, Qiqi’s ears moved and he heard movement.

Kiki opened his eyes, and when he looked to the side, he saw that his master was coming.

He Yang came to Qin Zhou’s side and sat on the lawn.

Qin Zhou was a little sleepy, so he leaned on He Yang’s shoulder, a little lazily, and said casually: \”If there is a bed, I can sleep outside directly…\”

He Yang: \”I’ll call someone to come over and build a bed tomorrow.\”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, and quickly said: \”No need, I’ll just say something.\”

He won’t be here long anyway.

Qin Zhou closed his eyes and fell asleep on the man’s shoulder.

When Qin Zhou woke up again, he found that he was already lying on the bed.

It was quiet all around, and the curtains in the bedroom were drawn.

When Qin Zhou got up and looked towards the terrace, he saw a figure outside.

He Yang was leaning on the reclining chair, flipping a photo album in his hand.

Qin Zhou walked over, sat next to him, and suddenly noticed a small wooden sign on the table.

The wooden sign was a little old. Qin Zhou looked at the wooden sign and felt that the handwriting was familiar, so he picked it up.

[May Mr. be safe every year]

Qin Zhou rubbed the handwriting on the wooden plaque, and then remembered that this was the wooden plaque he wrote in Anshi.

Unexpectedly, after going around in circles, this wooden sign was still obtained by He Yang.

The wooden sign has faded, Qin Zhou was a little surprised and asked: \”Why do you still keep it?\”

He Yang raised his head, put the album on the table, and replied: \”You wrote it.\”

\”It’s so old, throw it away.\” Qin Zhou put the wooden sign on the table.

\”Don’t throw it away.\” He Yang picked up the wooden sign and whispered: \”Keep it.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t speak again, and glanced at the album on the table again.

The album happened to be open, and Qin Zhou saw a photo in the middle, which was a group photo of He Yang and Shen Xiuzhu.

He Yang on the side also noticed Qin Zhou’s gaze and said, “It’s the photo album left by my mother, the photo she took.”

\”Auntie’s?\” Qin Zhou was a little surprised.

In the past, He Yang never mentioned the matter of his aunt.

This was the first time He Yang mentioned his aunt in front of him.

Qin Zhou looked at the album and asked: \”Can I have a look?\”


Qin Zhou reached out and turned a page.

Most of the albums are single photos of He Yang, as well as group photos of He Yang and Shen Xiuzhu, or photos of He Yang and other friends.

Just flipping through it, Qin Zhou suddenly saw his photo behind him.

Qin Zhou was stunned and looked at the man subconsciously, \”How come there is a picture of me?\”

\”I want to put it in.\”He Yang lowered his head slightly,\”It is an album for family members.\”

Looking at the photos, Qin Zhou always felt a little discordant, so he said: \”Forget it, don’t put my photos in.\”

Qin Zhou took out the two photos and closed the album, \”It’s Auntie’s album, so keep it well.\”

Qin Zhou lived in the old house for two weeks and was ready to go back with He Yang.

When he went back, Qiqi still leaned beside Qin Zhou, a little reluctant.

Qin Zhou leaned down, rubbed Qiqi’s head, and asked Qiqi to go back.

The housekeeper came over and took Qiqi back from the car.

Qin Zhou got in the car and looked out the window.

Outside, Qiqi was still at the gate of the yard, looking in the direction of the car, calling out constantly.

The housekeeper on the side pressed Qiqi to prevent Qiqi from running around.

Qin Zhou looked at Qiqi for a while, and finally opened the door and reached out to Qiqi.

\”Qiqi.\” Qin Zhou shouted.

Qiqi dashed over in an instant and threw himself into Qin Zhou’s arms.

Qin Zhou hugged the big dog in his arms, looked at the man beside him, and said: \”Take Qiqi back.\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang responded.

The housekeeper also sorted out Qiqi’s things and put them on the car.

Qiqi squeezed into the car and lay directly in Qin Zhou’s arms.

Qin Zhou hugged Qiqi, touched Qiqi’s head, and gave Qiqi a smooth hair.

Kiki likes to be smoothed, and there is a comfortable snoring sound in his throat.

After returning to the apartment, Qin Zhou put Qiqi’s pet bed away and explained to the nanny aunt.

Qin Zhou went back to the bedroom and sat beside the bed playing with his mobile phone.

Qiqi leaned over and leaned his upper body against the bed, leaning against Qin Zhou.

One person and one dog nest quietly beside the bed.

But after a few minutes, Kiki couldn’t sit still, so he slipped out of bed and wanted to play outside.

When Qiqi went out of the room, He Yang happened to come in.

He Yang glanced at Qiqi, went into the bedroom, and walked towards the bed.

But when He Yang came to the bed and noticed a certain spot on the sheets, he frowned slightly.

Qin Zhou noticed it and asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

He Yang touched the bed, then stretched out in front of Qin Zhou, spread out his palms, and frowned slightly: \”hair loss.\”

Qin Zhou stared at He Yang’s palm for a while, and then he noticed a gray-black dog hair in the middle, which should have been left when Qiqi rolled on the sofa.

Qin Zhou couldn’t help laughing and comforted: \”I just lost one.\”

But He Yang still frowned, as if he was not very happy.

In the old house, the housekeeper and servants would help to stare at Qiqi and prevent Qiqi from running into bed.

\”Qiqi is not dirty.\” Qin Zhou held He Yang’s hand and said: \”I will give it a bath at night.\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang should come down.

So at night, Qin Zhou brought Qiqi to the bathroom.

Qin Zhou rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs, ready to give Qiqi a bath.

But Qiqi didn’t seem to like taking a bath and kept slipping out.

However, Qiqi’s body is still large, so Qin Zhou finally pressed Qiqi into the bathroom.

Qin Zhou turned on the shower while giving Qiqi a bath.

While taking a shower, the bathroom door was pushed open.

Qin Zhou squatted on the ground, glanced to the side, and saw He Yang.

However, He Yang was holding a camera in his hand and seemed to be taking pictures.

Qin Zhou: \”Stop filming, you help me click Qiqi.\”

But as soon as Qin Zhou finished speaking, Qiqi in his arms suddenly struggled and shook his hair.

Qin Zhou didn’t pay attention for a while, and was thrown into the water by Qiqi.

\”Qiqi!\” Qin Zhou hugged Qiqi.

He Yang also put the camera on the sink next to him, walked over, and held down Qiqi.

The two worked in the bathroom for a long time before helping Qiqi take a bath and drying Qiqi’s hair.

When he came out of the bathroom, Qin Zhou’s clothes were soaked through, and even He Yang’s clothes were quite wet.

He Yang held the camera and was still looking down at something.

Qin Zhou leaned over to take a look and found that He Yang had just recorded a video.

\”Why did you still record the video…\” Qin Zhou smiled helplessly, stretched out his hand, \”Deleted.\”

\”Do not delete.\”He Yang took Qin Zhou into his arms, \”Change clothes first.\”

Qin Zhou went to the dressing room to change his clothes and came to the living room.

Qiqi was lying on the sofa bored, motionless.

Qin Zhou walked over and played with Qiqi for a while, then got a little tired.

Qin Zhou went back to the bedroom to rest, and Qiqi followed.

However, He Yang didn’t let Qiqi enter the master bedroom, so he drove Qiqi to the living room and let the nanny look at Qiqi.

Qin Zhou couldn’t help but said: \”Qiqi has taken a bath, it’s clean.\”

He Yang still closed the door and did not let Qiqi in.

At night, the two slept together.

The next morning, Qin Zhou woke up under pressure.

Qin Zhou slept in a daze, but felt a dull feeling in his chest, as if something was moving.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes and saw that it was Qiqi.

Kiki opened the door at some point and slipped in, pressing on the quilt, rolling around.

Qin Zhou couldn’t sleep, and was completely awake.

He Yanghe on the side woke up, and his face was gloomy because he was woken up.

Qin Zhou got up and got out of bed, and brought Qiqi to the living room to play with Qiqi.

So when He Yang came to the living room, he saw Qin Zhou holding Qiqi and playing with his mobile phone with his head down.

He Yang walked over, hugged the person in his arms from behind, and asked: \”What are you looking at.\”

Qin Zhou turned his head sideways, and inadvertently, his lips just touched the man’s face.

He Yang took advantage of the situation to hold the back of the youth’s head and exchanged a deep kiss.

After the kiss, Qin Zhou leaned on He Yang’s shoulder, glanced at the mobile phone calendar, and said: \”He Yang, there is still a week.\”


\”Three months, one week left.\”

He Yang hugged the young man in his arms and nodded, as if he didn’t care much.

And Qin Zhou also put down his mobile phone and stopped talking about this topic.

The last day of three months is still the same as usual.

The two masters who were sleeping in the master bedroom were woken up by Qiqi.

Qin Zhou got up and still played with Qiqi as usual, or stayed with He Yang.

But in the afternoon, He Yang changed his clothes and seemed to be going out.

He Yang: \”I have something to do, I have to go out.\”

Qin Zhou nodded.

\”Eat out at night.\” He Yang came over, kissed Qin Zhou’s forehead, and said the name of the restaurant.

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou still nodded, and then played with Qiqi on the sofa.

He Yang turned around and left first.

Qin Zhou stayed in the apartment for a while, and seeing that it was almost time, he changed his clothes and prepared to go out.

However, when Qin Zhou was about to take Qiqi out with him, he was stopped by the nanny aunt.

\”Mr. He has explained it, I’ll just come and watch Qiqi.\” Auntie said quickly.

Qin Zhou thought about it, then left Qiqi in the apartment and went out.

Qin Zhou came to the commercial street and found the restaurant He Yang said.

The restaurant is on the top floor. After confirming Qin Zhou’s identity, the receptionist at the front desk took Qin Zhou to the corridor.

When Qin Zhou entered, he found that the restaurant was deserted and there were no other guests.

And because it was evening, the sky was getting darker and darker, and only the warm lights were lit in the restaurant.

There were no headlights in the restaurant, and there was soft piano music all around.

In the middle of the restaurant, there was a figure sitting.

Qin Zhou walked over, sat opposite the man, and smiled: \”Why are there only two of us? Even Qiqi won’t let me take it.\”

\”It’s so quiet.\” He Yang said.

There are already two meals on the table.

Qin Zhou held the knife and fork to cut the steak and ate it slowly.

Just as usual, chatting about some daily topics.

He Yang picked up the wine glass, but he didn’t seem to hold it firmly, and the wine glass was accidentally spilled on his arm.

Qin Zhou got up quickly and wiped it with a tissue.

He Yang also said: \”I’ll change my clothes.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded without thinking.

He Yang got up and left to change clothes.

Qin Zhou stayed in his seat and waited, but after waiting for several minutes, He Yang did not appear.

So Qin Zhou took out his mobile phone and called He Yang.

The call is connected.

Qin Zhou: \”He Yang, are your clothes ready yet?\”

\”Already ready.\”

Qin Zhou looked around and saw no one, so he asked: \”Where is it?\”

\”Go back.\”

Qin Zhou turned his head and saw a man in a suit holding a large bouquet of roses in his arms.

Bright red roses are in full bloom, surrounded by a strong rose fragrance.

Qin Zhou looked at the figure and was slightly taken aback.

The man walked step by step, and then knelt down in front of the young man on one knee.

\”Yan Yan.\” He Yang took out a small jewelry box and opened it slowly.

In the jewelry box, the blue diamond on the ring shone brightly.

\”marry me.\”


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