Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 84

Qiqi was still a little dazed, looked at the door, and stretched out his paws to scratch, as if he wanted to go out to find Qin Zhou.

“Qiqi.” He Yang shouted, “Come back.”

Qiqi turned his head and stared at He Yang for a while, and finally passed by slowly.

Qiqi lay on the carpet and glanced at the door from time to time, waiting for Qin Zhou to come back.

He Yang turned around, came to the balcony, and lit a cigarette.

There was one less person in the apartment, and it became deserted.

They were still hugging and kissing the day before tomorrow.

But in a blink of an eye, there was nothing left.

He Yang looked out the window, a touch of scarlet burning on his fingertips.

Gradually, the burning **** got shorter and shorter.

Cigarette butts all over the place.

In the evening, the nanny aunt came to cook.

The nanny aunt habitually wanted to make dinner for two, but was stopped by He Yang.

“No need at night.”

“Okay.” Auntie nodded in response, turned around and went to the cabinet to get a can and fed it to Kiki.

After Qiqi finished eating the can, he took out the leash from the guest room and found He Yang.

Qiqi put the leash in front of He Yang.

He Yang stared at the leash for a while, and finally put the leash on Qiqi and took Qiqi out.

It’s just that in the past, the two masters went out for a walk with Qiqi, but today it was only He Yang.

Kiki played outside for a while, and after returning to the apartment, he went to play in the living room again.

He Yang returned to the master bedroom.

In the master bedroom, the life breath of the two of them is everywhere.

On the bedside table is a water glass that Qin Zhou used, and there is a magazine on the table that I haven’t had time to read…

He Yang took the phone and looked at the address book for a long time.

But before He Yang could press the dial button, the call came-

It was Qin Zhou who opened it.

He Yang answered the phone, “Yanyan.”

“He Yang, when I was just packing the box, I saw the ring.” The young man on the other end of the phone said, “Maybe I accidentally took the wrong thing when I was packing.”

He Yang did not make a sound.

That ring, he put it in the suitcase on purpose in the morning.

“I’ll find someone to deliver the ring tomorrow.” Qin Zhou said.

“No need.” He Yang lowered his head slightly, “You can keep it.”

“It’s too precious, I can’t take it.” Qin Zhou frowned slightly as he looked at the ring box in his hand.

Although he doesn’t know jewelry, but as He Yang, this ring is definitely not cheap.

“It’s worthless.” He Yang lowered his eyes, “If you don’t like it, throw it away, you don’t need to give it back to me.”

Quiet on the phone.

After a while, Qin Zhou responded: “Okay.”

The phone hangs up.

He Yang looked at the call records on his mobile phone and continued to sit on the reclining chair.

Then, sat on the patio all night.

No sleepiness.

In the morning, Kiki still habitually slipped into the master bedroom.

It’s just that when Kiki threw herself on the bed, the bed was empty, and the two masters were not there.

Kiki walked around in the master bedroom, and then found the master on the patio.

He Yang sat alone, with red stars burning on his fingertips.

There were several empty wine bottles on the table, and the floor was full of cigarette butts.

Qiqi leaned over, arched He Yang’s leg with his head, and brought the Frisbee toy in his mouth.

He Yang looked at Qiqi without moving, and said, “I’ll take you back.”

Qiqi still raised his head, as if he still didn’t understand.

He Yang sent a message to the driver and sent Qiqi back to the old house.

The car drove towards the old house, and the housekeeper also received news from He Yang and waited in the yard in advance.

After the car stopped, Qiqi got out of the car first and ran towards the yard.

The housekeeper stepped forward and glanced behind He Yang. He didn’t wait for another young man to appear, so he asked, “Young Master He, did Mr. Xu not come?”

“not coming.”

He Yang entered the villa.

Father He was still in the living room, playing chess alone.

He Yang walked over and sat opposite the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was very happy when he saw He Yang. He looked at the door again and asked, “Where’s the piano teacher? Didn’t you bring him back?”

“He’s not coming.” He Yang dropped a chess piece.

The middle-aged man was stunned and asked, “Have you broken up?”

He Yang looked at the chessboard on the table, and finally answered: “Well.”

Almost broke up.

The relationship is broken.

“Why did you break up?” The middle-aged man was a little surprised, “Aren’t they all engaged?”

He Yang raised his head and said softly, “I’m not good to him.”

He’s not good for banquets.

In those five years, he was not good enough.

Now when you want to save it, it’s useless.

He Yang stayed in the old house for one night.

But that night, I was still sleepless.

He Yang sat on the terrace on the second floor, looking out at the garden.

The sky is already gray and bright, and on the lawn in the garden, a bird’s nest round rattan bed has been newly built.

When they lived in the old house last month, Qin Zhou said that he wanted a bed to lie on and bask in the sun.

But now that the lazy bed has been repaired, Qin Zhou is gone.

He Yang held the phone, still looking at the call interface a little dazed.

Unconsciously, the fingertip accidentally pressed the dial button.

Immediately afterwards, the call was connected.

“He Yang?” The voice on the other end of the phone was a little lazy, as if it was awakened.

He Yang asked: “Wake you up?”

“No.” Qin Zhou smiled and said, “Get up and work.”

“It’s only five o’clock.” He Yang frowned slightly.

“Yeah, I’ll be up at 4:30.” Qin Zhou smiled, “I’m too busy, I have a lot of work.”

“rest well.”

Qin Zhou responded and asked, “How about you? Why did you wake up so early?”

He Yang: “Well, I woke up.”

Actually haven’t slept yet.

“Then you can sleep for a while.” Qin Zhou said, “Remember to lock the door, or Qiqi will come in.”


The two were like friends, chatting casually for a few words.

It wasn’t until Qin Zhou’s side was about to start work that he hung up the phone.

He Yang still didn’t feel sleepy, leaned back in his chair, opened Weibo again, and searched for Qin Zhou’s name.

In the search results, the first Weibo that appeared was a video, and the cover of the video was a sprite—

The game promotional video that Qin Zhou filmed before has been officially announced.

The game officially announced in advance and released the promotional video.

The promotional film is the story line of elves and demons, and at the beginning of the story, it was unfolded from the perspective of elves.

Most of the time the sprite in the picture is a back, or a chin, a side face…

The photographer did not give the elves complete facial features to facilitate the players to substitute the game characters.

But because he didn’t show his face, he had a hazy beauty instead.

【Beautiful elves! In five minutes, I want all the information on this elf! 】

[The promotional video is so awesome! The elves look amazing! 】

[The time has been set, ready to grab the inner spot! 】

The first day the promotional video was released, it became a hot search, and even Qin Zhou became popular.

He Yang watched the promotional video many times over and over and took note of every scene.

On the director’s side, he also backed up all the behind-the-scenes footage at that time and sent it to the investor He Yang.

He Yang flipped through the tidbits over and over and looked at the elf in the camera.

Beside him, Qi Qi also leaned over, stuck his head out and looked at the laptop screen, seemingly recognizing the young man in the camera.

He Yang ignored Qiqi, looked at the screen, and finally called Qin Zhou.

After the call was connected, He Yang said softly, “I saw the promotional video, and it was well done.”

“Thank you.” Qin Zhou smiled.

He Yang asked: “The director sent me all the footage today, do you want it?”

“No need, there’s nothing to see.” The young man on the other end of the phone laughed.

The phone was also quiet, and no one spoke.

After a while, Qin Zhou asked, “Is there anything else?”

He Yang: “No.”

But when Qin Zhou heard it, he said, “If there’s nothing wrong, don’t call.”

He Yang was slightly stunned and said, “Sorry…”

Just want to hear the sound.

Want it so so much.

It was only a few days apart, but it seemed like years had passed.

“I have a job and I’ve been busy recently.” Qin Zhou explained patiently, “If you make a phone call, it may be a little disturbing.”

“Sorry.” He Yang responded, “I won’t disturb you.”

“Don’t contact me in the future.”

“Yeah.” He Yang responded, his voice a little hoarse.

“Take good care of yourself.”

The youth’s voice and tone were the same as before, very gentle.

But such a gentle person is also the most ruthless when he decides to leave.

He Yang lived in the old house for a few days, and then returned to Nancheng.

After returning to Nancheng, He Yang called his friends to come out for a gathering.

But even though it was said to be a party called by He Yang, when He Yang came to the box, he didn’t say anything, he just drank wine.

Qi Shao came over to pour He Yang wine and asked casually, “He Shao, where is the little star from last time? Do you want to bring it out?”

Qi Shao still remembered the little star he met in the hospital last time, who looked exactly like Xu Chengyan and was brought by He Yang, and seemed to be very favored.

And when He Yang heard it, he finally had a reaction, raised his head, and said softly, “He’s gone.”

Qi Shao asked, “Where did you go?”

“Not coming back.” He Yang said, and opened another bottle of wine.

Qi Shao was right next to him, and he finally realized that He Yang’s state was not right.

He Yang used to drink alcohol, but he didn’t drink like he is now.

Qi Shao raised his head and looked at a young man beside him.

Immediately afterwards, Master Qi asked tentatively, “Young Master He, do you want me to call him over?”

Like those little stars in the entertainment industry, as long as they make a phone call, they can shout out.

But when He Yang heard it, he said, “Don’t shout.”

Qi Shao asked, “What’s the matter? Is there a conflict?”

After He Yang heard this, he shook his wine glass in a trance and said softly, “There is no conflict.”

No quarrels, no misunderstandings.

It was just very calm and completely cut off the relationship.

He Yang continued to drink.

Qi Shao, who was beside him, didn’t bring up the topic anymore and drank with He Yang.

Others in the box also noticed He Yang’s abnormality, but no one dared to ask.

It wasn’t until after the party, when He Yang left, that a young master asked tentatively, “Has Young Master He broken up?”

“Probably, I drank so much…”

“Looks like they’ve been broken up…”

He Yang was dumped.


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