Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 86

He Yang hugged the person in his arms, his voice hoarse: \”Don’t go…\”

Qin Zhou touched He Yang’s head, then let go of his hand slightly, and said softly: \”Take care of yourself, your body comes first.\”

He Yang: \”Then you stay with me.\”

Qin Zhou smiled and replied: \”The nurse can also take care of you.\”

He Yang didn’t speak, just held Qin Zhou’s hand tightly, not letting go.

Qin Zhou patiently said: \”You have such good conditions, there is no shortage of people.\”

As He Yang, as long as he opens his mouth, many people are willing to follow him.

\”No.\”He Yang is still very stubborn,\”No one else is suitable except you.\”

\”I’m not good.\” Qin Zhou smiled and shook his head: \”I’m not good, you can find someone else.\”

Qin Zhou thought about it and said: \”The ring is still with me. It’s too wasteful to throw it away. I’ll give it to Uncle Wen tomorrow.\”

The engagement ring was still with him last time, but He Yang asked him to throw it away, but he didn’t.

The ring is very expensive at first sight, and it is a pity to throw it away.

However, He Yang said: \”No need to pay\”

\”You keep it, don’t give it back to me.\” He Yang held the hand and whispered: \”If you don’t like it, throw it away, or sell it.\”

Qin Zhou nodded and said: \”Then I will handle it myself.\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang responded.

Qin Zhou stopped talking, and quietly accompanied him for a while.

Qin Zhou still kept one hand held by He Yang, took out his mobile phone with the other hand, glanced at the time, and said: \”I still have work at night, I have to go.\”

Qin Zhou pulled out his hand and prepared to leave.

He Yang suddenly asked: \”Then, will you come over tomorrow?\”

\”It won’t come.\”Qin Zhou leaned down, covered the quilt that slipped from He Yang’s body tightly, and said:\”It’s better to break it clean.\”

It will only be more painful to be disconnected, so it is better to cut it off as soon as possible.

\”In the future, drink less and smoke less.\” Qin Zhou patiently urged.

He Yang looked at the young man in front of him and wanted to keep him, but in the end he didn’t speak.

The words of retention have been said many times—

Neither worked.

He Yang lowered his eyes and said nothing.

\”Have a good rest.\” Qin Zhou carefully covered the quilt, then got up, turned around and left without hesitation.

Qin Zhou closed the door of the ward and came to the corridor.

But when Qin Zhou was about to go back, he met Jiang Lin in the hospital.

\”Brother Zhou?\”Jiang Lin was a little surprised, looked at the direction Qin Zhou was coming from, and asked: \”Are you here to see my brother?\”

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou responded.

Jiang Linsheng was afraid that He Yang would take the opportunity to sell miserably and seek reconciliation, so he immediately said: \”Brother Zhou, if he treats you badly, don’t reconcile.\”

Jiang Lin has been thinking about the past, and quickly said: \”Even if you are in love, you can’t look for him like that.\”

Qin Zhou was not good at explaining his relationship with He Yang to Jiang Lin, so he just said: \”He is in the hospital, you should watch him a little during this time, don’t let him touch the wine.\”

Jiang Lin nodded, and worriedly warned: \”Brother Zhou, if you are looking for a boyfriend in the future, you must not look for my brother.\”

Qin Zhou smiled and said: \”Then what kind are you looking for?\”

Qin Zhou just asked casually, but Jiang Lin thought about it seriously.

Jiang Lin thought about it for a while, and felt that no matter what type it was, it was not suitable.

So Jiang Lin said: \”Forget it, it’s fine not to fall in love.\”

\”I’m a Du Wei fan. If I fall in love, I’ll lose my fan.\” Jiang Lin muttered.

Qin Zhou was amused and said: \”I don’t plan to fall in love yet.\”

\”That’s good, that’s good.\” Jiang Lin breathed a sigh of relief.

Qin Zhou asked: \”If I’m really in love, do I need to get rid of the fan?\”

\”Take off the powder and take off the powder.\” Jiang Lin nodded vigorously, and then said seriously: \”If you are in love, Brother Zhou, please tell me… I will help you see if that person is okay.\”

Qin Zhou responded with a smile, rubbed Jiang Lin’s head, and left.

Life returned to calm.

Qin Zhou is very busy every day, and the schedule is full.

And because of the explosion of the promotional video, the game party decided to make another promotional video of the same style and found Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou went to shoot a new promotional video, and Jiang Lin often came to visit the class or something.

Taking advantage of the break in the middle, Qin Zhou leaned on the chair and took a nap.

Suddenly thinking of something, Qin Zhou opened his eyes and asked Jiang Lin next to him: \”How is He Yang recently?\”

\”Alive.\”Jiang Lin was expressionless, and then said: \”He treats you badly, Brother Zhou, don’t think about him all the time.\”

Qin Zhou just smiled and asked: \”Is he okay now?\”

\”Alright.\”Jiang Lin frowned and said: \”He went abroad, it seems that he is going to rest or something.\”

\”Where did you go?\” Qin Zhou asked casually.

\”It’s Europe, I don’t know the specifics.\”Jiang Lin shook his head.

Qin Zhou nodded and didn’t care.

It would be good for He Yang to go abroad to recuperate.

After a long time, He Yang will put it down sooner or later, and he will also meet other people he likes.

He broke up with He Yang, and there will be no interaction in the future.

Qin Zhou closed his eyes and continued to rest on the lounge chair.

After the filming of the promotional video, Qin Zhou returned to the apartment.

And the agent sent a message asking him to prepare for the variety show.

This time the variety show he is going to record is called “Thirty Days” and it will be recorded in the Netherlands.

Qin Zhou got his visa and went to the airport with his agent on the day of departure.

After the plane landed, people from the program team also came to pick up Qin Zhou.

The recording took place in a small town in the Netherlands.

The town is very comfortable, as beautiful as in an oil painting.

Qin Zhou sat in the car, and the program team also turned on the camera and started recording.

The staff was behind the camera and asked: \”Are you nervous?\”

Qin Zhou nodded and smiled: \”A bit.\”

This is the first time he has participated in this kind of daily variety show, and he will be somewhat nervous.

And the daily variety show is also the easiest place for artists to roll over. If they are exposed to the camera for a long time, they will “collapse” if they are not careful.

But fortunately, after he changed agents, the new agent didn’t set him up for those messed up people, just let him keep \”regular\”.

Not long after, the car stopped.

Qin Zhou carried his suitcase and walked towards a small yard in front.

In the courtyard, the host and other guests are already inside.

The host saw Qin Zhou and quickly said: \”Welcome our new friend~\”

After Qin Zhou came in, he greeted all the seniors, \”Hello, teacher.\”

Among the guests who came to record the show this time, he was the youngest.

It was also because he had made several hot searches by accident this year, and had the chance to be invited over.

Qin Zhou was carrying a suitcase and was taken to the guest room by the host of the show to put away his luggage.

Qin Zhou tidied up a little, and quickly got up and went to the yard to listen to the other seniors chatting together.

In the past, the production team of “Thirty Days” usually arranged six guests.

It’s just that there are only five people present except the host, and one guest is missing.

Qin Zhou still remembered that when he received the script, he only disclosed the names of five guests, and the last one was not disclosed.

In the courtyard, another female guest asked: \”Mr. Li, where is the last person?\”

The host was mysterious and just said: \”The last one is a mysterious guest, everyone can look forward to it~\”

\”But I can secretly remind him that he just won the best actor-\”

The host has already hinted at this, and other guests have guessed it more or less.

\”No way! Is that the person I thought?\” The female guest exclaimed.

Another male guest also said excitedly: \”It’s my idol!\”

Qin Zhou listened to the voices around him, and vaguely guessed who it was.

Some time ago, the hot search was dominated by a person’s name, and another actor was won.

The host still maintained a sense of mystery and did not disclose his name.

After a while, the host glanced at the time, got up and said: \”The mysterious guest is here!\”

At the gate of the yard, there was the sound of a car moving.

Qin Zhou also looked up and saw that the van of the show team had already parked at the door.

The door opened, and a tall man with a hat and sunglasses slowly got out of the car.

In the yard, several other people got excited when they saw the man.

\”It’s Teacher Pei!\”

\”Welcome Teacher Pei!\”

\”Hello Mr. Pei!\”

The man took off his sunglasses and walked over with a gentle smile, \”Good afternoon.\”

The host took Pei Yuan to the guest room to put his luggage, then gathered everyone in the yard and said, “Now that everyone is here, let me tell you the rules!”

\”All cash must be turned in, and everyone must find a way to earn more money and spend a month here.\”

\”The program team will provide initial funds and accommodation, but everyone needs to solve the problem of eating and drinking by themselves.\”

The host paused for a while, and then said: \”But this time I was lucky, because the sponsors provided us with a restaurant~\”

The host pointed to a restaurant next to him, \”The restaurant has not yet started business, you can find a way to run the restaurant, or you can go out to work.\”

The moderator explained the rules and then began to thank the sponsors.

There was a long list of sponsors. Qin Zhou listened to the host’s voice and discovered the He family’s industry among the sponsors.

Moderator: \”Then start the lottery now, in groups of two.\”

After speaking, the staff handed over a lottery box.

Qin Zhou stretched out his hand, took out a note from the box, took it out and saw that it was numbered three.

On the side, other guests also drew numbers.

\”I am number one!\”

\”Me, me, me! I’m also number one!\”

\”Who drew No. 2?\”

Qin Zhou looked around and found that the No. 1 and No. 2 groups had been formed soon.

Qin Zhou took the note, slowly looked aside, and met the man’s gaze.

There are only six people in total, and now only he and the other party are not grouped.

The man also walked towards this side, spread out the note, and said to Qin Zhou: \”I am number three.\”

Qin Zhou was still a little nervous. This was the first time he saw Pei Yuanyuan.

Qin Zhou held the note and hurriedly said: \”I’m also No. 3, I’ll trouble Teacher Pei.\”

He and Pei Yuan are in a group. It is still the canvassing session, continue to ask for recommended tickets~

Today’s He Yang is still in love, poor poor child, vote for a recommendation orz


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