Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 88

The person beside the bed did not respond, he leaned down slightly and whispered: \”Take medicine.\”

\”I’ve eaten…\” Qin Zhou resisted a little, didn’t want to take medicine, and retracted into the quilt.

There was a sharp pain in his head, and Qin Zhou was still very uncomfortable. He buried his head in the quilt, closed his eyes, and prepared to go back to sleep.

He Yang didn’t leave, he stretched out his fingertips, pulled the quilt down a little, and rubbed his fingertips against Qin Zhou’s face.

\”Yanyan.\”He Yang frowned, slightly aggravating his tone, \”Take medicine.\”

Qin Zhou felt itchy, \”Don’t touch me.\”

Qin Zhou has no strength to think about whether this is a dream or reality, he just feels uncomfortable all over his body.

He Yang was still beside the bed and asked again: \”Then do you want something to eat?\”

\”Don’t eat.\” Qin Zhou shook his head and muttered: \”You go out.\”

Qin Zhou’s voice sounded a little hoarse.

He Yang looked at the young man on the bed for a while, and finally got up.

Qin Zhou heard the footsteps and thought He Yang had left.

But it didn’t take long for He Yang to come back.

He Yang poured hot water, \”Take the medicine first.\”

The person on the bed didn’t respond and closed his eyes as if he was asleep.

He Yang shouted again: \”Yanyan?\”

Qin Zhou was a little annoyed by the shouting, \”Don’t quarrel with me…\”

Qin Zhou was still very tired, and even his voice was weak.

He Yang stretched out his hand, but still picked up the person on the bed slightly, took the water cup, and put it on Qin Zhou’s mouth.

Qin Zhou had no choice but to take the medicine, and then got back into the bed with his back to He Yang.

He Yang sat beside the bed and patted Qin Zhou across the quilt.

Qin Zhou was very quiet when he slept, and his body curled up into a ball, as if he had no sense of security.

Like a little hedgehog.

It is obviously too fragile, but it still has to erect spikes to guard against those who approach.

He Yang stayed by the bed for a while, and then got up when he saw that Qin Zhou was asleep.

However, when He Yang was about to leave, he heard a slight movement behind him, and when he looked back, he found that Qin Zhou had pulled the quilt down.

Qin Zhou lifted the quilt to his waist, and his upper body was exposed, which seemed to be a little hot.

He Yang frowned, but walked over and covered the quilt.

Qin Zhou was half asleep, and after noticing the man’s movement, he struggled in a daze, trying to lift the quilt, \”Hot…\”

\”I have a cold.\” He Yang’s attitude was very strong, and he stuffed Qin Zhou’s two hands into the quilt.

Qin Zhou was still a little uncomfortable, and said: \”I’ll just take a nap…\”

He Yang didn’t say a word, just lay down, hugged Qin Zhou tightly across the quilt, and didn’t let the other side move.

Qin Zhou was wrapped in a quilt, hot and stuffy, \”Hot…\”

He Yang sighed lightly: \”You really…you can’t even take care of yourself.\”

A fragile little hedgehog.

He Yang lowered his head and put one hand on Qin Zhou’s back and patted it lightly.

Qin Zhou gradually calmed down and his breathing became steady.

But within a few minutes, Qin Zhou began to toss again.

Qin Zhou moved his body under the quilt and said: \”Relax, I’m going out…\”

\”What’s wrong?\”

Qin Zhou muttered: \”Eat.\”

He hadn’t eaten at night, and now he’s suddenly a little hungry.

He Yang asked: \”What to eat?\”

Qin Zhou opened his eyes and looked at the man in front of him.

The room was still dark, but after the eyes got used to the darkness, the moonlight outside the window could still barely see the person in front of him.

Qin Zhou thought about it, and suddenly felt a little craving for fruit, so he replied: \”Strawberry.\”

\”Where are the strawberries.\” He Yang frowned.

Qin Zhou stubbornly said: \”I want strawberries.\”


\”Grapes can also be…\” Qin Zhou’s voice became lighter and lighter.

\”None.\” He Yang touched the back of Qin Zhou’s head and said softly: \”Would you like to drink porridge first?\”

The person in his arms did not respond.

He Yang lowered his head and saw that Qin Zhou had closed his eyes and was already asleep.

When Qin Zhou woke up again, it was the second day.

Qin Zhou was still a little dazed and looked around, but he didn’t see He Yang.

Qin Zhou looked at the bedside table again, and there was no water glass on it.

However, the agent was still in the room. Seeing that Qin Zhou woke up, he quickly came over and said: \”Is it better? Is there any discomfort?\”

The manager took Qin Zhou’s temperature and breathed a sigh of relief, \”It’s okay, the fever is gone.\”

Qin Zhou sat on the bed and suddenly asked: \”Brother Fan, did someone come to my room last night?\”

The agent replied: \”No one.\”

\”Is there no one?\” Qin Zhou was even more at a loss.

But he clearly saw He Yang last night…

Or was it a dream last night?

\”No one.\” The agent shook his head, skipped the topic again, and said: \”Don’t force it next time you get sick.\”

\”Okay, I’ll pay attention next time.\” Qin Zhou nodded and stopped asking about last night.

He had a fever yesterday, his mind was not clear, and he took the dream as a reality.

Qin Zhou got out of bed to change clothes. After putting on makeup, he was ready for the third day’s recording.

On the third day, the program team gave a new task and needed two guests to be responsible for lunch.

The result of the lottery happened to be the third group.

So Qin Zhou discussed the recipe with Pei Yuan, and Qin Zhou also asked other guests for their opinions and wrote down everyone’s preferences.

After determining the recipe, Qin Zhou and Pei Yuan went to the market together to buy ingredients.

Potatoes in the Netherlands are very cheap, so Qin Zhou bought a lot of potatoes.

When Qin Zhou picked out the ingredients and was about to go to the checkout, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a small figure not far away, and his footsteps suddenly stopped.

Not far away, a middle-aged woman in a servant’s costume was holding a rope, and a big dog was following her.

The big black-and-white-haired dog followed the servant obediently, and its tail swayed back and forth.

Qin Zhou looked at the big dog and was a little stunned.

That big dog looks like Kiki.

However, the Alaskan dogs were similar in appearance, so Qin Zhou looked away and continued to check out.

After buying, the two returned to the restaurant.

There was still some time before lunch. Qin Zhou put on his apron and came to the kitchen, with Pei Yuan by his side.

Lunch is for seven people, six guests and one host.

Qin Zhou took out his mobile phone and looked at the memo, and said, “Mr. Li doesn’t eat chili peppers, Brother Wang doesn’t eat peppercorns, and Sister Xiangxiang wants to eat French fries…\”

Pei Yuan nodded and wrote it down.

After Qin Zhou finished reading, he suddenly thought of something and added: \”Mr. Pei doesn’t eat chives.\”

After Pei Yuan heard it, he was a little surprised and looked up.

Qin Zhou quickly explained: \”I like Mr. Pei’s works very much. I have seen Mr. Pei’s interview before, and Mr. Pei said that I don’t eat chives.\”

Pei Yuan smiled and nodded: \”I really don’t eat much.\”

The two were busy in the kitchen, preparing lunch.

The program team finished filming the guests’ meal, and after the lunch, the guests had a two-hour break.

The photographer turned off the lights, and the director came out quickly and said: \”Teachers have worked hard! This is a little bit of caution from the show team!\”

A staff member came over with a small dining cart and delivered desserts to the guests.

Qin Zhou took it over and saw that it was a fruit salad.

In the fruit salad, there are strawberries and grapes.

After the afternoon break is over, we will continue to work.

Qin Zhou still made more than ten egg cakes.

However, the egg cake business was not very good, so only the little girl from the next door neighbor came to take care of the business.

On the other hand, the business of the second group of guests is very good, selling fruit juice drinks.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the second group of guests had finished work and sold out all the drinks.

\”We’re all sold out!\” The female guests of the second group waved to Pei Yuan’s side, \”Teacher Pei and Xiaozhou come on!\”

Pei Yuan looked at the beverage stand over there in the second group, and said to Qin Zhou: \”I won’t be able to sell egg cakes tomorrow.\”

Qin Zhou nodded.

Pei Yuan asked: \”Can you make dumplings? Try dumplings?\”

\”Yes.\”Qin Zhou should come down.

\”Then try selling dumplings tomorrow.\” Pei Yuan said.

And just as the two were talking, a middle-aged woman passed by and walked towards them.

Qin Zhou looked at the woman and recognized that this was the maid he met at the market in the morning, but now the other party didn’t have a big dog around, so he probably didn’t bring it out.

And the maid also asked: \”How to sell this?\”

Pei Yuan quoted a price.

Maid: \”I want it all.\”

Qin Zhou was a little surprised, and hurriedly helped to pack the egg cake, and quickly said: \”Thank you.\”

The maid left with the omelette.

Qin Zhou didn’t expect that the remaining egg cakes could still be sold, and it was just time to close the stall today.

So the next day, Qin Zhou still made a few egg pancakes, while Pei Yuan wrapped the dumplings.

However, the business of the two is still very bleak, and it is not as good as the second group to sell drinks.

The second group of guests sold their drinks early, and when they came back from work, they said to the two: \”Mr. Pei and Xiaozhou don’t sell them, let’s sell drinks together!\”

Qin Zhou was really moved. After all, it was summer and it was suitable to sell cold drinks.

And just when Qin Zhou was about to speak to Pei Yuan, he saw that the maid came again yesterday.

This time the maid was on a rope, and a **** and white dog followed.

The big dog squatted beside the maid, Qin Zhou couldn’t help staring at the big dog.

This Alaskan… looks exactly like Kiki.

The maid said to the two: \”I want it all.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded and helped pack the egg pancakes.

The maid took it and asked again: \”Is there any more egg pancakes?\”

Qin Zhou: \”Yes, I can do it now.\”

The maid said: \”Two more.\”

Qin Zhou should come down, turn around and go back to the restaurant, ready to make egg pancakes.

Qin Zhou came to the kitchen and took out the eggs.

However, when Qin Zhou was halfway through, he suddenly noticed the fluffy touch around his legs.

Qin Zhou looked down and found that the big dog came over.

The big dog was still holding the leash in his mouth, and arched Qin Zhou’s knee with his head, trying to pass the leash to Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou covered the microphone, leaned over slightly, and whispered: \”Qiqi?\”

The big dog shook its tail towards Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou laughed and touched the big dog’s head.

It’s Kiki.



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