Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 89

Qiqi raised his head and looked at Qin Zhou very obediently.

However, the maid hurried over, pulled Kiki up, and quickly apologized to Qin Zhou.

\”It’s okay.\” Qin Zhou smiled and continued to make egg pancakes.

The maid also held the rope and took Qiqi out of the kitchen first.

After making the egg pancake, Qin Zhou packed it up and went outside the restaurant.

The maid was still waiting outside, picked it up, and was ready to go back.

But Qiqi squatted on the ground and refused to leave.

Qiqi looked at Qin Zhou and called out: \”Ow!\”

Qiqi was reluctant to leave, and because of her large size, the maid couldn’t drag her by the side, so she had no choice.

Qin Zhou squatted down, moved the microphone away, rubbed one hand on Qiqi’s head, and said in a low voice: \”Good, go back.\”

\”Ow!\”Qiqi got closer, and her fluffy head rubbed against Qin Zhou’s arms.

Qin Zhou was also a little soft-hearted and very reluctant.

When He Yang brought Qiqi back, Qiqi was still a small cub who couldn’t even open his eyes.

In a blink of an eye, Kiki had grown so big.

Ke Qiqi was raised by He Yang, not his.

\”Go back.\” Qin Zhou touched Qiqi’s head.

Qiqi was still hesitant, and after dawdling in Qin Zhou’s arms for a long time, he was taken away by the maid.

But even when he was leaving, Qiqi still turned his head from time to time and glanced at Qin Zhou’s direction.

Qin Zhou stayed where he was, until the maid took Qiqi around the corner and couldn’t see Qiqi, and then he took back his sight.

It was almost six o’clock, Qin Zhou closed the stall, and he was finished today.

After work, the guests all went back to their rooms, and Qin Zhou also stayed in the room and did not come out.

The agent brought dinner to Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou took it, looked at the agent next to him, and asked again: \”Brother Fan, did no one come to my room the night I had a cold?\”

\”Who could there be?\”The agent perfunctory of this topic, \”The photographer will not enter the room casually, don’t worry.\”

Qin Zhou lowered his eyes, and he had already guessed something in his heart, so he didn’t ask any more.

The next day, Qin Zhou got up early.

Pei Yuan made dumplings, and Qin Zhou made some egg pancakes.

However, Qin Zhou thought that there were more children nearby, so he fried some fries.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the two formally set up a stall on the roadside, waiting for customers.

At the beginning, there were still no customers, only the children from the nearby neighbors came to buy fries.

But when it was more than ten o’clock, a young girl with an Asian face came over.

The girl was standing far away at the intersection, holding her phone, looking down at something from time to time.

Not long after, the little girl came over, stopped in front of the stall, and asked Pei Yuan carefully in English: \”Is that Pei Yuan?\”

\”Hello.\” Pei Yuan smiled politely.

\”Really!\”The little girl exclaimed excitedly.

Pei Yuan also kept a smile and asked softly: \”Would you like something to eat?\”

\”Buy, buy, buy!\” The little fan nodded quickly.

Pei Yuan packed a fried dumpling and asked again: \”Do you need French fries and egg pancakes?\”

\”I want it!\” The little fan didn’t even ask the price, but kept nodding.

In the end, the little fans bought a lot of them and left reluctantly.

The little fan bought almost everything on the stall, and Qin Zhou hurriedly went back to the kitchen to make some egg pancakes and french fries.

And when Qin Zhou came out with the fried fries, he saw the housekeeper outside.

The old housekeeper was leading the big dog, standing in front of the stall, and was communicating with Pei Yuan.

Pei Yuan noticed the movement behind him, turned around and said to Qin Zhou: \”Can you make wontons?\”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, then nodded: \”Yes.\”

Pei Yuan: \”I want one ravioli and two fries.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou put the plate on the table and said: \”I will fry new fries again.\”

After that, Qin Zhou turned around and went back to the kitchen to do it again.

Qin Zhou packed two sets of fries and a set of wontons, took out the packing box, and handed it to the old housekeeper.

The old butler smiled and nodded to Qin Zhou, and left without saying anything.

Qin Zhou stopped going to see Qiqi and pretended not to know him.

At 12 noon, the program team ended work.

Qin Zhou ate lunch and was a little tired, so he came to the yard and walked slowly.

When Qin Zhou looked out of the yard, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of a dark shadow at the intersection.

The **** and white dog squatted on the corner of the street, showing a head outside, and kept looking in the direction of the restaurant, looking a little pitiful.

Qin Zhou walked over there, came to Qiqi, and looked around again.

The surroundings are empty, the maid is not here, neither is the old housekeeper.

Qin Zhou squatted in front of Qiqi and asked: \”Where’s Uncle Wen?\”

\”Ow!\” Qi Qi called out.

Qin Zhou couldn’t understand what Qiqi meant, and smiled and rubbed on Qiqi’s head.

Qiqi also bowed his head obediently, letting Qin Zhou touch his head.

Qin Zhou followed Qiqi’s head and touched his back, and found that Qiqi seemed to have grown up a bit, his body was fleshy and his hair was very smooth.

Qin Zhou smiled and said: \”I have gained weight.\”

Qiqi made a snoring sound, picked up the traction rope on the ground, and put it in front of Qin Zhou.

In the past, when Qiqi wanted to go out for a walk, he would take the initiative to find the owner with the leash in his mouth.

Qin Zhou also took the rope and planned to take Qiqi around for a walk.

Qiqi was very energetic and walked forward along the path.

Qin Zhou took Qiqi for a walk and looked around.

It’s been a few days since he’s been here to record the show, but this is the first time he’s taken a serious look at the scenery.

The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the houses on both sides of the street are also small.

Occasionally, some children can be seen playing games on the side of the road, and there are old women in the yard basking in the sun.

In the distance, windmills stand in the sun.

Everything is so beautiful that it is like an oil painting. It is a slow-warming country town.

Qiqi was still walking ahead, as if he knew the way, crossed several streets and came to a small river.

Kiki stopped, looked around again, and walked in one direction.

Qin Zhou also followed, and when he looked forward inadvertently, he suddenly noticed something and was a little stunned.

Not far away, on a bench by the river, a figure sat.

The man sat alone in the chair, looking at the river, seemed to be a little lost, not knowing what to write.

Qin Zhou looked at the man, the strength on his hand loosened unknowingly, and the traction rope fell off.

And Kiki also ran over to the bench, arching the man’s knee with his head.

The man lowered his head and rubbed Qiqi’s head a few times.

Qiqi shook his tail, turned his head to the side and called Qin Zhou: \”Ow!\”

The man raised his head and looked over, only to notice Qin Zhou after realizing it, and was stunned for a while.

Qin Zhou walked over with a smile and said hello: \”Good afternoon.\”

He Yang held Qiqi and responded.

It happened that there was a vacancy next to He Yang, Qin Zhou sat next to him and explained: \”I just met Qiqi, and Uncle Wen was not around, so I took it out for a walk.\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang nodded and kept looking down at Qiqi, not looking at Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou looked at the river opposite and asked: \”Is your health okay?\”

\”Very good.\” He Yang’s answer was very concise.

And Qin Zhou also quieted down and stopped talking.

He Yang stretched out his hand and habitually reached into his pocket, taking out a cigarette and a lighter.

However, before He Yang could light the cigarette, he suddenly thought of something and put the cigarette back.

Qin Zhou noticed the movement beside him, looked at the man, looked at the man’s profile, and suddenly found that He Yang seemed to be thin.

\”Why are you still thin.\” Qin Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle, \”Eat more and take care of yourself.\”

\”You can’t even take care of yourself.\” He Yang frowned, \”Why are you still talking about me.\”

\”Is there?\” Qin Zhou narrowed his eyes and said slowly: \”So it was you that night when I caught a cold.\”

He Yang was silent for a few seconds, and then he responded: \”Yeah.\”

Qin Zhou smiled: \”Brother Fan actually helped you and lied to me that no one came that night.\”

\”I told him not to tell you.\” He Yang said, \”Because you had a fever that day, he mentioned it to me.\”

He Yang suddenly thought of something and explained: \”I didn’t let you be monitored.\”

Qin Zhou nodded.

After all, when he changed agents, He Yang helped him.

And Brother Fan is also a veteran agent in the company. It is impossible to sign him, an 18th-tier star, for no reason. He Yang should also come forward.

So when he caught a cold, Brother Fan helped He Yang to hide it.

Qin Zhou thought again that he said he wanted to eat strawberries that day, and the next day the program team sent fruit salad, so he asked tentatively: \”The fruit dessert that day…did you also buy it?\”

He Yang touched Qiqi and said: \”It’s the sponsoring program group.\”

Qin Zhou stopped talking.

The two sat quietly for a while, and after a while, Qin Zhou got up and said: \”I’m going back.\”

Qiqi also got up, as if he wanted to go with Qin Zhou.

He Yang: \”I will send you.\”

\”No, I’ll just go back by myself.\” Qin Zhou smiled and touched Qiqi’s head a few times before turning around and leaving.

He Yang held Qiqi’s leash and looked at Qin Zhou’s back.

Suddenly, He Yang shouted: \”Yanyan.\”

Qin Zhou turned his head.

\”Wrong way.\” He Yang came over.

Qin Zhou was a little dazed, looked at the road ahead, and said: \”Qiqi brought me here.\”

\”There is a shortcut next to it.\”

After finishing speaking, He Yang took Qin Zhou to the other side road.

Qiqi walked beside He Yang, and from time to time came to Qin Zhou’s side.

The streets were quiet in the afternoon.

And just as the two passed a street corner, they saw that the church not far away was quite lively. Many people cheered and applauded, and there were also many white balloons and flowers around.

Qin Zhou looked over and found that a wedding was being held.

Kiki stopped suddenly and looked over there curiously.

In the middle of the crowd, the bride in a white wedding dress smiled and held her husband’s arm.

The family members sent their blessings to the newlyweds, and the photographer next to them was also taking pictures.

The photographer squatted on the ground and said to the newlyweds: \”Three two one! Laugh!\”

The bride and groom pose, and the family members next to them cooperate to get out of the way.

The photographer presses the shutter.

In the camera, the young newlyweds look at each other with smiles on their faces. Just looking at the photos makes people feel full of happiness.

However, when the photographer checked the photo, he noticed that in the lower left corner of the screen, two passersby accidentally entered the lens.

The two passersby were leading a big dog. The slightly younger youth lowered his head slightly and was stroking the big dog’s head with a smile.

The taller man was watching the young man beside him with a focused expression.

The two appear to be a couple.

The photographer raised his head and looked towards the curb.

But the intersection was empty and no one was there.

The Asian-faced husband has left.

He Yang sent Qin Zhou to the intersection.

Qin Zhou also said: \”Let’s go here, I know the way.\”

He Yang nodded and asked again: \”Uncle Wen brought strawberries back yesterday, I asked Uncle Wen to send it to you?\”

\”No need.\” Qin Zhou shook his head with a smile, smelling the faint smell of smoke on the other party’s body, and still persuaded: \”Let’s smoke less in the future, it is not good for your health.\”


Qin Zhou noticed that He Yang’s collar was a little messy, so he stretched out his hand to help him and said: \”I’m not young anymore, my body is the first.\”

He Yang responded.

The two chatted like old friends, so familiar with each other.

But it was also so unfamiliar.

\”Then I’ll go back.\” Qin Zhou withdrew his hand and planned to leave.

However, He Yang stretched out his hand uncontrollably and held Qin Zhou’s wrist with some force.

Qin Zhou raised his head and met He Yang’s gaze.

He Yang looked at those peach blossom eyes and wanted to say something.

Those peach blossom eyes are beautiful and clear.

The person in front of him is still the same as in his memory, still so gentle.

In the end, He Yang just said: \”Pay attention to your body.\”

He Yang slowly released his hand and whispered: \”Don’t catch another cold.\”

\”No.\” Qin Zhou smiled, took a step back, and turned to leave.

He Yang stopped in place and looked at Qin Zhou’s back.

And Qiqi saw that Qin Zhou was gone, so he stepped forward and wanted to follow.

It’s just that He Yang was still holding the rope and didn’t move.

Qiqi turned around and saw that He Yang hadn’t left, so he called out to He Yang: \”Ow!\”

He Yang leaned over, touched Qiqi’s head, and said, “We can’t go there.”

Qiqi seemed to have understood something, and quietly squatted on the ground, looking at Qin Zhou’s back.

It was not until Qin Zhou completely left the corner that He Yang took Qiqi and turned back.

Qin Zhou returned to the restaurant.

The show team was about to start recording, so Qin Zhou hurriedly went to touch up his makeup.

After the filming started, Qin Zhou went to the back kitchen to fry some French fries and prepared to set up a stall.

And the sales of french fries are indeed much better than those of egg cakes and dumplings, and the children in the neighborhood will come to buy them.

In addition to the children, several young girls with Asian faces came over in the afternoon.

Those girls seemed to be fans of Pei Yuan, and they kept looking at Pei Yuan secretly when they were shopping.

When leaving, one of the little girls also said \”come on\” to Pei Yuan.

After finishing work in the afternoon, Qin Zhou went back to his room to rest.

The agent came over with dinner, closed the door, and said to Qin Zhou: \”Have you recorded a video for Director He before?\”

Qin Zhou realized who the agent was talking about, and nodded: \”Yes.\”

At that time, Su Tang told him that Director He was preparing a new movie, and the male protagonist was Pei Yuan, who was recruiting male supporting characters.

He originally recorded an audition video, but his original agent kept dragging it and didn’t send it to him.

By the end of the recruitment of Director He, the male supporting role has been decided.

The agent said: \”Director He wants to re-cast, I have a spot in my hand, you can prepare for the audition next month.\”

\”Really?\” Qin Zhou was a little surprised, and said quickly: \”Isn’t it a few months? I heard that everyone has already selected…\”

\”The original actor had something to do and couldn’t shoot, so he was free.\” The agent waved his hand.

Originally, Director He had set a male star to appear, but recently that person broke a lot of black material, involving cheating and tricking minors into bed, and Director He immediately canceled the cooperation.

The agent urged: \”Aren’t you in the same group with Pei Yuan? Let’s see if you can get along better with Pei Yuan during this time. Director He will refer to Pei Yuan’s opinion.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

\”The script is confidential, and I don’t have any opinions here for reference. You should watch more films made by Director He before.\”

Qin Zhou wrote it down.

After dinner, Qin Zhou took out his mobile phone and searched for He Dao’s films on the Internet.

Director He is a well-known director in the circle, with a good reputation and guaranteed work quality.

Moreover, most of Director He’s films are cooperating with Pei Yuan, and he has seen them all.

To be precise, he has seen all of Pei Yuan’s works.

Qin Zhou flipped through his phone and suddenly thought of the little tour guide.

He still remembered what the little tour guide said that he wanted to film with Pei Yuan.

the next morning.

Qin Zhou got up early and went to the french fries and egg pancakes to prepare in advance.

Pei Yuan also made a lot of fried dumplings and set up a stall on the roadside together.

And today’s business is better than yesterday, and several small fans came here specially to take a look at Pei Yuan.

Qin Zhou also knew that those fans made a special trip to see Pei Yuan, so he took the initiative to say: \”I will go to the kitchen and continue to do it.\”

Qin Zhou went back to the kitchen and hurriedly went to fry french fries and egg pancakes, while Pei Yuan also let these little fans go to the restaurant to rest first.

Also because the little fans were in the restaurant, even the beverage business with the second group became better.

In addition to the little fans, two children from the next door neighbors also came to buy fries.

Qin Zhou has been busy all morning and has been frying french fries.

And in the afternoon, the old butler came over.

The old butler still came out with Qiqi, like an ordinary passerby, and said to Pei Yuan: \”I want a wonton.\”

Pei Yuan still remembered the old housekeeper, after all, he was very impressed with a big dog on a leash.

And yesterday was the wonton made by Qin Zhou, so Pei Yuan looked at Qin Zhou.

Without waiting for Pei Yuan to speak, Qin Zhou understood what Pei Yuan meant, and nodded quickly: \”I’ll do it.\”

Qin Zhou turned around and went into the kitchen.

Qiqi was still looking at Qin Zhou, eager to move, and wanted to follow him.

The old housekeeper held the leash and touched Qiqi’s head, slowly comforting him.

Qin Zhou also quickly prepared the wontons, packed them, and sent them to the old housekeeper.

The old butler took the bag and left with Qiqi.

There was a new guest next to him, and Qin Zhou continued to work.

The two were busy until more than six o’clock before closing the stall. Qin Zhou’s hands were a little sore and he was very hungry.

Qin Zhou went to the kitchen to get something to eat, and then came to the yard to breathe.

Outside, the sky was dyed orange-red.

The sunset in the Netherlands is also very beautiful, as if it were painted.

Qin Zhou looked at the sky, vaguely, and suddenly heard a dog barking.

Following the sound, Qin Zhou came outside and looked across the street, and saw a black and white dog.

The big dog was squatting on the ground with a leash around its neck.

It’s just that the other end of the leash is hanging on the ground, and it seems to have sneaked out.

Qin Zhou went over, picked up the traction rope on the ground, and touched Qiqi helplessly, “Why did you run over again?”


Qin Zhou got up and said: \”Do you know the way? I’ll take you back.\”

Kiki continued to call, and the tail behind him was still shaking.

Qin Zhou thought that Qiqi knew the way, so he went back to the restaurant to get his hat and put it on, and then came out again, ready to send Qiqi back.

However, Qiqi seemed to be wandering around, and from time to time, he would look at the roadside stall next to him, very curious.

On the side of the road, most of the stalls have already closed, and there are not many small stalls left, and the bosses are busy closing their stalls.

Unconsciously, Kiki came to a fruit stand.

Qin Zhou originally wanted to pull Qiqi away, but after seeing the strawberries on the fruit stand, he stopped.

The stall owner noticed Qin Zhou and hurriedly asked: \”Want to buy strawberries? They are all fresh.\”

Qin Zhou was a little moved, nodded, and began to pick strawberries.

The strawberries on the fruit stand are huge and delicious at first glance.

Qin Zhou carefully selected, and Qiqi also squatted beside him.

After choosing, Qin Zhou handed the strawberries to the stall owner and prepared to check out.

The stall owner quoted a price.

Qin Zhou also touched his pocket, and just as he was about to pay, he suddenly felt empty.

Only then did Qin Zhou remember that his wallet was still with his agent, and the show crew did not allow guests to bring money with them.

Qin Zhou looked at the strawberries in the hands of the stall owner, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

\”Sorry, wait for me for a few minutes!\” Qin Zhou quickly apologized, took out his mobile phone again, and prepared to call the agent to help deliver the money.

However, before Qin Zhou’s phone number could be dialed out, he suddenly noticed that someone was approaching behind him.

The man came to Qin Zhou’s side and handed out one hundred euros.

He Yang: \”I’ll come.\”

The boss took the money and gave He Yang some change before continuing to close the stall.

And He Yang still carried the strawberry bag and handed it to Qin Zhou.

\”Thank you.\” Qin Zhou took it and smiled: \”I will pay back the fee.\”

Qin Zhou gave the leash to He Yang again, \”Qiqi ran to the restaurant again, and Uncle Wen was not there.\”

He Yang held the rope, nodded and said: \”I will watch it.\”

Qin Zhou looked at Qiqi, still a little reluctant.

Now that Kiki has returned to his master, it’s time for him to go back.

Qin Zhou squatted on the ground and couldn’t help rubbing Qiqi’s head.

At this time, a gust of wind blew.

The hat on Qin Zhou’s head was blown off by the wind.

He Yang leaned over and picked up the hat on the ground.

Then, He Yang leaned over and put the hat on the young man’s head.

Qin Zhou raised his head subconsciously.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Zhou heard a click—

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, and when he looked to the side, he saw a photographer holding a camera not far away.

The photo was taken by a blond young man, who hurried over and said: \”I’m sorry…\”

The blond young man was the photographer at yesterday’s wedding and remembered the Asian couple walking the dog.

\”Are you husbands? Can I take a picture for you?\”


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