Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 90

Qin Zhou didn’t speak, put on his hat and glanced at He Yang.

He Yang: \”I’ll go tell him.\”

He Yang gave the leash to Qin Zhou, and then went over to communicate with the photographer.

Qin Zhou was still squatting on the ground, rubbing Qiqi’s head.

Not long after, He Yang came over.

\”Photo deleted.\”

\”Well.\” Qin Zhou got up and returned the rope to He Yang.

Not far away, the photographer looked at the two of them with some regret, and finally turned and left.

Qin Zhou also said to He Yang: \”I’m going back.\”

Qin Zhou carried the strawberry bag and returned to the restaurant.

The next morning, when Qin Zhou came out to set up a stall, he met Qiqi again.

This time, the old housekeeper led Qiqi out, and still ordered a bowl of wontons.

Qin Zhou went back to the kitchen to order the wontons, and then asked the agent for a wallet.

Qin Zhou packed the wontons and gave them to the housekeeper.

It happened that the photographer went to take a picture of Pei Yuan next to him, so Qin Zhou covered the microphone while no one was paying attention, and returned the strawberry money from yesterday to the housekeeper.

Qin Zhou said: \”I borrowed He Yang’s money yesterday, please pay Uncle Wen for me.\”

\”Okay.\” The housekeeper took it and left with Qiqi.

Qin Zhou also continued to work on setting up the stall.

But at noon, Kiki came again.

It happened to be the break time of the show group, and Qiqi somehow got into the restaurant and walked around.

A staff member noticed and quickly asked: \”Hey, whose dog is it?\”

\”I don’t know, it should be raised by a local…\”

\”Why did you come to us?\”

The big dog was still wearing a leash around his neck, and swayed in the restaurant openly, as if he was looking for something.

A staff member went over and wanted to take the big dog away.

However, the big dog responded quickly and ran away quickly.

Kiki ran all the way to the back yard, and then ran in a certain direction without error.


Qin Zhou was still basking in the sun in the yard when he suddenly heard the familiar barking of a dog. He looked back and saw Qiqi.

Qin Zhou leaned down slightly, hugged Qiqi’s head, rubbed Qiqi’s face, and said helplessly: \”Why are you here again?\”

Two days ago, Qi Qidu was just waiting for him at the door of the restaurant.

As a result, now, Qi Qidu sneaked into the restaurant to find him.

Qin Zhou sat on the chair, and Qiqi also put his head on Qin Zhou’s lap, very well behaved.

Qin Zhou touched the back of Qiqi’s head and gave Qiqi a smooth hair or something, feeling a little complicated for a while.

It happened that the agent was nearby, so Qin Zhou called for the agent.

The agent came over, looked at the big dog on Qin Zhou’s lap, and asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

Qin Zhou said: \”Brother Fan, send the dog back.\”

\”Where is it delivered?\”

Qin Zhou touched Qiqi’s face and said: \”It was raised by He Yang. Brother Fan, you should know how to contact him.\”

The agent fell silent for a while.

Qin Zhou handed the leash to the manager, \”I’m not very convenient, please trouble brother Fan.\”

Qiqi often came over these days, and it was not convenient for him to meet He Yang.

Since the relationship has been broken, it is better to meet less often.

The agent sighed, \”Okay.\”

The agent took the leash and prepared to take Kiki away.

However, Qiqi was still leaning on Qin Zhou’s legs and refused to move.

\”Qiqi.\”Qin Zhou rubbed Qiqi’s head, \”Go back.\”

\”Ow!\” Qiqi didn’t move.

Qin Zhou coaxed for a long time, but Qiqi still refused to leave.

Qin Zhou had no choice but to take the rope from the manager and send Qiqi back in person.

Qin Zhou took Qiqi outside and happened to see the old butler across from the restaurant.

So Qin Zhou walked over and returned the rope to the old housekeeper.

The old housekeeper also said respectfully: \”Sorry, Qiqi ran out again.\”

\”It’s okay.\” Qin Zhou smiled and looked at Qi Qi on the ground.

Qiqi was still a little silly, and kept shaking his tail at Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou couldn’t help rubbing Qiqi’s face several times before returning to the restaurant.

The housekeeper also took Qiqi away and returned to the residence.

In the yard, the man sat alone on the reclining chair, looking at the sky in the distance, not knowing what he was thinking.

The housekeeper took Kiki and walked over.

Qi Qi slowly came to He Yang’s side and squatted on the lawn.

On the small table next to it, lunch was still intact.

The housekeeper persuaded: \”Young Master He, you should eat something.\”

\”No need.\”He Yang still has no appetite.

Butler: \”Then I’ll go buy a bowl of wontons in the afternoon?\”

He Yang didn’t speak. After a while, he opened his mouth and said: \”I will disturb you.\”

\”Young Master He, you haven’t eaten much recently.\”The housekeeper is still very worried.

He Yang hasn’t eaten much since he was discharged from the hospital.

It was recently that the program group recorded a variety show. The housekeeper found out that Qin Zhou had food for sale, so he bought some wontons for He Yang.

But apart from what Qin Zhou made, He Yang didn’t eat anything.

\”Young Master He, you should still eat more and have three meals on time.\”The housekeeper continued to persuade,\”You have lost a lot of weight now.\”

He Yang lowered his eyes slightly after hearing this.


When he met Qin Zhou the day before yesterday, Qin Zhou also said the same.

He Yang got up and went back to the house, standing in front of the mirror and looked.

The man in the mirror was in poor condition, lacked energy, and looked a little embarrassed.

He Yang looked at the figure in the mirror for a long time, and finally said to the housekeeper: \”Make some wontons.\”

\”Okay.\”The housekeeper nodded quickly,\”The show team will set up a stall at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I’ll go to buy it later.\”

After He Yang heard it, he said: \”You don’t need to buy it, just let my aunt do it.\”

The butler was stunned for a moment, but nodded.

The butler went to the kitchen and asked the servant to make a bowl of wontons.

Soon, the servants brought the wontons over.

He Yang sat on the sofa and slowly finished the wontons.

Wontons taste almost the same

I just don’t know why, the wontons made by others always feel unaccustomed to eating.

He Yang put down the bowl, was alone on the sofa, and took out a cigarette from his pocket.

He Yang habitually wanted to light it, but thought that Qin Zhou had told him to smoke less, so he put the cigarette on the table and didn’t touch it.

Qiqi also came to He Yang’s side, lay quietly on the carpet, and slept.

Very quiet in the afternoon.

The sun fell into the room through the window, and Kiki basked in the sun and fell asleep.

Until the sun moved slowly and the sky gradually changed from blue to golden red.

Kiki opened his eyes, woke up after a long sleep, and got up from the carpet in a daze.

Qiqi leaned over to the window and looked out, and found that it was already evening, so he picked up the other end of the leash and walked out very skillfully.

He Yang noticed it, frowned slightly, and shouted: \”Qiqi.\”

Qiqi turned his head and shook his tail at He Yang.

He Yang: \”Come back.\”

Qiqi looked outside, then looked at He Yang again, as if he was struggling with something.

\”Come back.\” He Yang slightly increased his tone.

Only then did Qiqi return to He Yang’s side, lying on the ground a little gloomy.

He Yang looked at Qi Qi at his feet.

These days, Qiqi likes to run outside.

He was obviously raised by him, but Qiqi just wanted to stick to Qin Zhou.

He Yang reached out and touched Qiqi’s head.

Kiki raised his head and whimpered.

He Yang also seemed to know what Qiqi was thinking, and said: \”I can’t find him.\”

Qiqi tilted his head, still a little puzzled.

He Yang said softly: \”He doesn’t want us anymore.\”

Qin Zhou doesn’t want them anymore.

After a few days, everything was back to normal.

Qin Zhou is still busy in the restaurant, setting up a stall every day.

Business has improved a lot in the past few days, and many fans who got news came to this rural town specially just to meet Pei Yuan.

The old housekeeper didn’t appear again, not even Qiqi.

Occasionally, when taking a break at noon or finishing work at night, Qin Zhou couldn’t help but look out the window, wanting to see Qiqi.

But Kiki never showed up.

Qin Zhou stayed in this rural town for half a month, and the program team stopped working.

After the filming, Qin Zhou left with the show crew.

After staying in the Netherlands for half a month, Qin Zhou was not used to living there.

After returning to Nancheng, Qin Zhou hurriedly returned to the apartment, intending to make up for his sleep.

And the agent also reminded me brokenly: \”I told you about Director He’s audition last time, hurry up and prepare, the day after tomorrow.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou should come down, go to rest first, and adjust his biological clock.

Taking advantage of the rest time these two days, Qin Zhou reviewed Director He’s film again.

On the day of the audition, Qin Zhou followed his agent there.

Qin Zhou went to get the number first, waited quietly in the corridor, and went in when it was his turn.

There were five people in the room. He Dao was in the middle, and Pei Yuan was on the right.

Director He pointed to the box next to him and said directly: \”Pick one and prepare in three minutes.\”

Qin Zhou used to draw questions.

However, the topic he picked out was very strange. The content was dance, and it was free to play without any requirements.

Qin Zhou thought again that He Dao was the subject of ancient costumes, so he danced a classical dance.

He Dao sat in the main seat, his face was expressionless, and he couldn’t tell whether he was satisfied or dissatisfied.

After Qin Zhou’s performance, Director He asked aloud: \”Have you studied dance?\”

\”I learned a little.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

He Dao lowered his head and wrote something on the paper, and said to Qin Zhou at will: \”Okay, you can go back and wait for the news.\”

Qin Zhou left the room.

The agent was outside and quickly asked: \”How are the preparations?\”

\”Probably not.\” Qin Zhou shook his head.

He saw that Dao He’s reaction was so bland, and it probably wasn’t enough.

\”It’s fine.\” The agent read it very openly and said: \”I have other scripts over there, I’ll pick them out for you.\”

\”Okay, trouble brother Fan.\” Qin Zhou said quickly.

After returning to the apartment, Qin Zhou received several new scripts from his agent.

The scripts given by the agent are relatively potential, and it can be seen that the agent sent it to him after careful selection.

So Qin Zhou took the script seriously and struggled between the criminal investigation drama and the love drama.

However, before Qin Zhou could decide which script to choose, he suddenly received a message from the agent that the audition from Director He had passed.


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