Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 91

Qin Zhou got the script and officially joined the team next month to start filming.

This time he is going to play a dancer from the Western Regions, who accidentally rescued the male protagonist, and finally died because he blocked the knife for the male protagonist.

Although it is only a male supporting role, because it is Director He’s film, and he is still playing against Pei Yuan, it is definitely a profit for him.

The agent also said: “You take a rest during this time, read the script carefully, and I will not take the job.”

“Okay.” Qin Zhou nodded.

“Also, on your birthday this month, hold a birthday party at that time.”

Qin Zhou was stunned, and then he remembered that this month was his birthday.

However, he had never held a birthday party before, so he said, “There is no need for a party.”

“Yes, now that you are famous, you must have a party.” The agent said, “Look who you want to invite? Hold a party in private, and then take a few photos and post on Weibo.”

Qin Zhou thought for a while, but nodded in response.

However, he doesn’t have many friends. Counting Su Tang and Jiang Lin, plus Lin Chixiao, they don’t have a particularly good relationship, and they get along just fine with other people.

Qin Zhou asked a few people about the time, and they happened to be free, so he told the manager.

The broker also pre-orders restaurants and cakes.

On his birthday, at 0:00, Qin Zhou received a lot of birthday wishes.

[Su Tang: Happy birthday to Zhou Zhou [emailprotected] Qin Zhou]

【Lin Chixiao: Happy Birthday! @Qin Zhou]

Many artists who have worked with each other have posted on Weibo to celebrate, and Qin Zhou once again blessed.

The birthday party is at night.

When Qin Zhou passed by, Jiang Lin was already in the box.

“Brother Zhou!” Jiang Lin quickly waved his hand and said, “Sit on my side!”

Qin Zhou sat next to Jiang Lin in the past, and Jiang Lin also brought gifts.

When Qin Zhou saw Jiang Lin’s gift box, he suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly flipped through it in his backpack.

“For you.” Qin Zhou took out two commemorative stamp albums.

Jiang Lin exclaimed when he saw the stamp, and said a little embarrassedly: “Brother Zhou, it’s your birthday, and you gave me a gift…”

“I just saw it when I went to Holland, and bought it back.” Qin Zhou smiled, “I wanted to give it to you after I came back. I was busy reading the script, but I forgot all of a sudden.”

“Then I must put it away…” Jiang Lin nodded and put away the stamps.

Not long after, Su Tang and Lin Chixiao came over.

The two were dressed very formally, Lin Chixiao was wearing a suit, Su Tang was wearing a light blue long dress, and her long curly hair was curled up.

“Sister Susu looks so good today!” Jiang Lin hurriedly praised.

Su Tang sat on the other side of Qin Zhou and said, “I haven’t seen you two for a long time!”

Jiang Lin: “Sister Susu, come to Nancheng to play more!”

“Come on!” Su Tang nodded, “I told my agent that I should be able to move to the headquarters in the second half of the year.”

Su Tang straightened the hair in her ear, and inadvertently touched the ring on her hand.

Qin Zhou noticed it and asked with a smile, “Sister Su Su bought a ring?”

“Yes.” Su Tang nodded quickly and stretched out her right hand, “Look at the new ring I bought, does it look good?”

This time Su Tang wore a blue diamond ring, which matched the skirt very well.

“Good-looking.” Qin Zhou nodded.

“I like sapphire recently and bought a lot.” Su Tang felt a little distressed, “My wallet is going to be flat.”

Jiang Lin on the side heard it, leaned over and said, “Sister Su Su, there is a jewelry exhibition recently, I have an invitation letter, do you want to go?”

“Don’t go, don’t go.” Su Tang shook her head quickly, “I can’t afford it.”

“Just go for a walk without spending any money.” Jiang Lin said.

“No, as soon as I see a good-looking diamond, I want to buy it.” Su Tang sighed, “And the sapphire from the last auction, which finally sold for 300 million!”

“Three hundred million?” Qin Zhou was a little surprised.

“Yeah, 300 million! It’s just a blue diamond!” Su Tang exclaimed, “I don’t know which rich man bought it, I’m so envious.”

“That 300 million blue diamond?” Jiang Lin was somewhat impressed, “It seems that he bought it to propose.”

“Proposal?” Su Tang approached, “Is it so romantic! Who is it?”

“I don’t know, I heard it too.” Jiang Lin shook his head.

He also doesn’t know who the buyer is. The buyer has never disclosed his identity. It was also the news he heard from a jeweler that he was planning to propose.

“There are 300 million diamonds, so the proposal must be very romantic.” The more Su Tang thought about it, the more envious she became, “No one will refuse!”

Qin Zhou also nodded in cooperation.

However, the marriage proposal was just casually mentioned by Su Tang, and quickly changed to a new topic.

It didn’t take long for the people in the box to arrive.

Not many people came to the party this time, only the agent and a few assistants.

The agent came over with a small dining table with a large cake on it.

Agent: “It’s your birthday! Turn off the lights!”

Jiang Lin hurriedly turned off the lights, only the candles on the cake were still lit in the box.

Several people surrounded Qin Zhou and sang a birthday song.

Su Tang urged: “Make a wish, make a wish!”

Qin Zhou made a wish and blew out the candle.

Jiang Lin turned on the light, quickly came over, and asked, “Brother Zhou, what wish did you make?”

Su Tang said: “It doesn’t work if you say it.”

“If Brother Zhou doesn’t say it, how can I help it?” Jiang Lin shook his head and looked at Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou smiled, rubbed Jiang Lin’s head, and said casually, “I didn’t make any wishes.”

I just want my friends around me to be healthy and safe.

Jiang Lin: “Brother Zhou, just tell me!”

Qin Zhou cut the cake and handed it to Jiang Lin, “Eat the cake first.”

Jiang Lin muttered a few words in a low voice, and had no choice but to take the cake and eat it on the sofa.

Qin Zhou divided the cake for everyone, and cut a small portion for himself.

The cake is very sweet.

However, Qin Zhou didn’t like dessert very much, and felt that the cream was greasy, so he just ate the strawberries on the cake.

Qin Zhou took a few bites at will, and after eating the strawberries, he went to the dining table to eat.

The broker bought wine and poured a glass for Qin Zhou.

Jiang Lin also came over to drink, and kept toasting Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou leaned on the seat and felt a little dizzy after drinking a few drinks.

I don’t know what kind of wine the broker bought, but the stamina came so quickly.

So Qin Zhou put down the wine glass and said, “I don’t drink anymore.”

Jiang Lin seemed to be addicted to drinking. He was still pouring wine, and seeing that Qin Zhou was not drinking, he went to Lin Chixiao for a drink.

Qin Zhou leaned back lazily, squinting and drowsy.

Jiang Lin became more and more excited as he drank. After drinking with Lin Chixiao, he came to Qin Zhou again.

“Brother Zhou, are you drinking?” Jiang Lin’s face was a little red, as if he was drunk.

Qin Zhou looked at it and smiled: “You are all drunk.”

“I’m not drunk.” Jiang Lin shook his head, “I can still drink!”

After speaking, Jiang Lin poured Qin Zhou a glass of wine.

Qin Zhou took the wine glass, and because all the people who came to the party in the box were his trusted friends, it didn’t matter even if he was drunk.

So Qin Zhou drank wine, and did not forget to say to Su Tang: “If I get drunk, remember to send me back.”

“Okay.” Su Tang nodded quickly.

Su Tang was the only one in the box who didn’t touch the wine and ate the cake alone.

On the other hand, Jiang Lin was still fighting with Qin Zhou.

Until the end, Jiang Lin was drunk, hugged Qin Zhou’s neck, and kept complaining: “Brother Zhou, you didn’t come to me… Why didn’t you come to me…”

Jiang Lin’s tone became more and more excited and aggrieved.

Su Tang saw it and quickly removed Jiang Lin from Qin Zhou.

Su Tang finally pressed Jiang Lin on the table, looked at Qin Zhou again, and asked casually, “Zhou Zhou, are you okay?”

Qin Zhou did not respond, and sat quietly in his seat.

So Su Tang poured another cup of hot water for Qin Zhou and asked, “Do you want to drink some water?”

After several seconds, Qin Zhou raised his head to look at Su Tang and suddenly said, “Tell a story.”

“Ah?” Su Tang was taken aback.

After Jiang Lin heard it, he hurriedly came over, “Brother Zhou, what do you want to hear! I’ll tell you!”

Qin Zhou repeated it softly: “Tell a story.”

“A long, long time ago—” Jiang Lin said at the beginning, but didn’t say anything, holding Qin Zhou with a smirk.

Su Tang also reacted later, both of them were drunk, so she couldn’t help looking at the manager and said, “It seems like I’m drunk…”

The agent got a headache.

Jiang Lin is not an entertainer, but the manager also knows some of Jiang Lin’s background, so he called Yuan Lie.

So when Yuan Lie came over, he saw that Jiang Lin was already leaning on Qin Zhou and refused to come down.

Yuan Lie walked over and picked up Jiang Lin directly.

Jiang Lin complained stupidly, “I haven’t finished my story yet!”

Seeing Yuan Lie, Su Tang quickly got up respectfully, “Mr. Yuan.”

Yuan Lie nodded, ready to take Jiang Lin back.

But before leaving, Yuan Lie took another look at Qin Zhou on the sofa.

In the end, Yuan Lie still took the phone and sent a message, and then said to the others, “I took Jiang Lin away.”

The agent nodded quickly and was ready to send Qin Zhou back.

But Yuan Lie said, “Someone will come to pick him up later.”

“Okay.” The agent nodded, not daring to ask more.

And Yuan Lie also took Jiang Lin and left directly.

Qin Zhou was still sitting on the sofa, looking at the cake on the table and seemed to be in a daze.

On the table, more than half of the cake has been divided, and the strawberries on it have been eaten up.

Su Tang stayed by the side for a while, then looked at the agent and asked, “Brother Fan, who will pick up Zhouzhou?”

The agent was a little unsure, so he just said, “Wait a minute.”

So Su Tang stayed beside him, playing with his mobile phone.

Soon, the box door opened and someone came in.

Su Tang looked up and saw a tall man walking in.

The man’s aura was very strong, and he looked familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

Immediately afterwards, Su Tang saw the man approaching Qin Zhou.

And the agent also came over and explained: “Mr. He, Qin Zhou is drunk.”

He Yang looked at the young man on the sofa and sighed, “I’ll take him back.”


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