Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 92

He Yang stretched out his hand, intending to pick up the young man on the sofa.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, stared at the man in front of him for a few seconds, pushed the man’s hand away, and continued to lie on the sofa.

“Yanyan.” He Yang leaned over and whispered, “Go back.”

Qin Zhou just said: “I haven’t finished speaking yet…”


“tell a story……”

He Yang was very patient, half squatted in front of the sofa and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Qin Zhou stopped talking again, leaning on the sofa without moving, in a daze.

He Yang asked, “Go back first?”

He Yang waited for a while and saw that Qin Zhou had no objection, so he reached out and hugged Qin Zhou by the waist.

This time Qin Zhou didn’t refuse, he just leaned on He Yang’s shoulder and repeated: “Tell a story…”

He Yang responded and walked outside with Qin Zhou in his arms.

After arriving in the car, Qin Zhou leaned on the back of the seat, closing his eyes and seemed to be asleep.

Not long after, the car stopped downstairs in the apartment.

The apartment was arranged by a broker, and He Yang also knew the address.

He Yang carried Qin Zhou to the apartment and asked, “The key?”

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, and after dawdling for a while, he understood what He Yang meant, and then took out the key from his pocket to open the door.

The apartment was dark, He Yang turned on the light and carried the little drunk on the sofa.

He Yang got up again and prepared to pour a cup of hot water.

On the sofa, Qin Zhou suddenly reached out and grabbed He Yang’s wrist.

He Yang stopped, half squatted in front of the sofa, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Where are the strawberries…” Qin Zhou’s voice was very soft, “My strawberries…”

“I’ll buy it for you tomorrow.” He Yang rubbed Qin Zhou’s head.

“Eat now.”

“Buy it tomorrow.”

“Just today.” The little drunk got angry.

He Yang was a little helpless, and rubbed his palm against the young man’s face, “Why are you like a child…”

“Strawberry.” The little drunk was stubborn.

He Yang had no choice but to take the phone and send a message to the assistant.

Soon, the assistant brought strawberries over.

He Yang took the strawberry to the sofa and handed one over, “Strawberry.”

Qin Zhou took a bite of the strawberry and immediately complained, “It’s bitter.”

“Bitter?” He Yang was slightly taken aback, took a strawberry out of the bag and took a bite.

“It’s sweet.” He Yang took another strawberry over there.

Qin Zhou took it, took a small bite, and complained, “It’s still bitter…”

He Yang took a closer look and found that Qin Zhou was eating strawberry leaves.

He Yang peeled off the leaves and handed them to Qin Zhou.

The little drunk Qin Zhou finally ate the sweet strawberries, got up from the sofa, leaned on He Yang’s shoulder, and urged, “Tell a story.”

He Yang asked, “What do you want to hear?”

“It will be all right.”

He Yang did a random search on the Internet, and the first thing that happened to be found was the Little Mermaid.

So He Yang told the story of The Little Mermaid.

“The little mermaid rescued the prince, but when the prince woke up, he saw the princess.

The story of The Little Mermaid is not very long, and He Yang quickly came to the end.

“Finally, the little mermaid turned into foam.”

Qin Zhou listened quietly and asked, “Aren’t you with the prince?”


Qin Zhou frowned slightly, “I don’t like it.”

“Then I’ll change it.” After speaking, He Yang decided to change the story.

But Qin Zhou was obsessed with the story of The Little Mermaid and asked, “Why didn’t you stay with the prince?”

Qin Zhou was very dissatisfied with the ending, “Tell me again.”

So He Yang told the story of The Little Mermaid again.

But when it came to the end, He Yang changed the ending: “In the end, the prince found that the mermaid was the one who saved him.”

“So the prince and the mermaid lived happily together.”

After He Yang finished telling the story, he looked down at the person in his arms.

At this time, Qin Zhouan quietly closed his eyes.

The distance between the two is very close.

As long as he bows his head a little, he can kiss him.

He Yang’s eyes fell on the young man’s lips, and he slowly leaned over to approach.

But just when He Yang was about to kiss his lips, he suddenly stopped.

In the end, He Yang still didn’t kiss him.

It just stuck to the young man’s face and touched it lightly.

The young man’s face was very soft, He Yang had just kissed him on the face.

But gradually, He Yang became addicted and kissed his face again and again.

Until Qin Zhou woke up, he stretched out his hand and pushed the man’s shoulder.

“Itching…” Qin Zhou frowned slightly, then reached out and touched the man’s face, touching the man’s chin, “Has a beard…”

He Yang released his hand slightly and touched his chin, only then did he notice the stubble.

The stubble is not noticeable, but it still feels slightly tactile when touched.

He Yang got up a little, then carried the young man on the sofa into the bedroom and put on pajamas.

He Yang sat beside the bed, helped cover the quilt, and said softly, “Sleep.”

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, shook his head and said, “The little mermaid is not finished yet.”

“It’s over.”

“Not finished.” Qin Zhou shook his head.

He Yang had no choice but to tell the story of the little beauty again, with a happy ending.

But after Qin Zhou heard it, he wanted He Yang to speak again.

So He Yang patiently repeated the story of the little beauty over and over again.

Until the person on the bed closed his eyes and his breathing became steady.

Only then did He Yang get up and leave a light kiss on the young man’s forehead.

“Good night.”

When Qin Zhou woke up again, it was already the next afternoon.

His head was still a little dizzy and hungry, Qin Zhou rubbed his forehead, looked down, and found that he was wearing pajamas.

The memory of last night was a bit chaotic. The last memory stopped when Jiang Lin poured him a drink. After that, I couldn’t remember anything, only a little vague impression…

It seemed like someone had been telling him stories.

Qin Zhou sat on the bed and was dazed for a few minutes.

But I can’t remember anything about the memory of last night.

All I can think about is that he had a dream all night that he had become a mermaid and had been eating strawberries.

In the end, Qin Zhou took the phone, called the agent, and asked, “Brother Fan, what happened to me yesterday?”

The agent replied, “You drank too much yesterday.”

Qin Zhou asked again, “I’m not drunk, right? Who sent me back?”

The agent said cautiously: “What do you remember about yesterday?”

“I don’t even remember.” Qin Zhou looked at the clothes on his body, “Brother Fan, did you change my clothes for me yesterday?”

The agent didn’t answer directly, he just said, “Be careful when you drink next time, don’t drink too much.”

“Okay.” Qin Zhou quickly responded.

Yesterday, he also saw that the box was full of acquaintances, so he didn’t control it for a while, so he drank more.

Qin Zhou hung up the phone, got up and went outside first.

But when Qin Zhou came to the living room, he saw a plastic bag on the table.

Qin Zhou stared at the plastic bag, slightly puzzled, walked over and found that it was filled with strawberries.

Qin Zhou picked up a strawberry and looked at it for a while.

It should have been bought for him by the agent when he brought him back last night.

Qin Zhou sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, and took a look on Weibo.

There are many messages on Weibo, as well as many private messages.

However, due to the fanatical fan incident last time, Qin Zhou is now a little afraid to reply to private messages.

Qin Zhou cut to the trumpet, turned around on Weibo, and suddenly caught a glimpse of a topic on the hot search, so he clicked in and took a look.

【#EternalLove#Sapphire worth 300 million! Can Eternal Love Propose a Success? 】

The Weibo was sent by a news agency with a picture of a sapphire.

Qin Zhou still remembered that Su Tang mentioned 300 million gems yesterday, vaguely impressed.

So Qin Zhou opened the article and read it, and found that it was an interview.

[The auction has ended, among which the rare sapphire “Eternal Love” sold for a sky-high price of about 300 million yuan. 】

[The mysterious buyer did not disclose the name, but fortunately, the editor interviewed a foreign jewelry master. 】

[The jeweler told the editor that the mysterious buyer commissioned them to divide the “eternal love” into two parts, and one part was made into an engagement ring. If the proposal is successful, the remaining part will be made into a brooch. 】

[According to insiders, the mysterious buyer is a young rich man in China. 】

[The editor wishes the mysterious buyer a successful marriage proposal in advance~]

As soon as the article was published, it became a hot search.

【What kind of romantic proposal is this! Three hundred million gems! I love it! 】

【Key points! The buyer is a young rich man in China! Netizens quickly pick up! In five minutes, I want all the information on this rich man! 】

[Sit and wait for a marriage proposal scene! Three hundred million rings! As poor as I am, I can’t imagine it at all! 】

Qin Zhou read a circle of comments and thought that Su Tang had been thinking about the 300 million sapphire, so Qin Zhou forwarded this article to Su Tang.

Soon, Su Tang replied with a message.

[Su Tang: I saw it in the morning! ! 】

[Su Tang: 300 million gems! Three hundred million rings! 300 million marriage proposal! Who can refuse! 】

[Su Tang: I bought another sapphire because of impulsive consumption today! 】

Su Tang sent a photo over there, it was a sapphire diamond ring.

[Su Tang: Although I don’t have eternal love, I also have a blue diamond ring. Rounding up, I also have 300 million sapphires! 】

After Qin Zhou looked at the news, he suddenly remembered that he also had a sapphire diamond ring.

So Qin Zhou got up, went back to the bedroom, looked around in the drawer, and found the ring box in the corner.

Open the box, the blue diamond inside is sparkling and the color is very clear.

This ring is still the engagement ring He Yang gave him back then.

Suddenly, Qin Zhou thought of the article about 300 million sapphire, looked at the ring in his hand, and suddenly became suspicious—

Could the ring in his hand be eternal love?

But soon, Qin Zhou denied his conjecture, it should not be He Yang.

After all, that sapphire is worth at least 300 million.

After he refused to propose marriage before, He Yang also asked him to throw away the ring directly.

So Qin Zhou closed the ring box and put it back in the drawer, leaving it for now.


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