Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 93

Before Qin Zhou officially joined the group “Jianghu”, the first issue of the variety show “Fifteen Days” came out.

The trailer for the first episode was a gimmick, and specially used graffiti to block the scene of Pei Yuan’s appearance, and then cut in the surprised expression of the guests when they saw Pei Yuan, maintaining a sense of mystery.

However, some fans already know that the mysterious guest is Pei Yuan, and they still cooperate with the show team to keep the secret.

When the first episode was officially broadcast, Qin Zhou also took the time to go to the website to watch it.

The first issue begins with a shot of each guest going to the Netherlands.

Qin Zhou looked at it, probably because he was recording this type of variety show for the first time and had little experience. At that time, he did not perform well in front of the camera, so there were not many scenes that were cut in later.

In the early stage, there were relatively few barrages, and they all discussed the Dutch landscape.

Until Pei Yuan came on stage, the screen was swiped.

【Pei Yuan male god! ! ! I love Bae Yuan! ! ! 】

[I haven’t seen Pei Yuan for a long time! rush rush! 】

[Report from Pei Yuan’s wife fan! Why is my husband so handsome! 】

The screen is full of fans’ confessions. Qin Zhou looked at the man on the screen, but he didn’t feel anything special.

Although he has seen all of Pei Yuan’s works, he doesn’t chase stars, and he still doesn’t have that kind of fanatical liking for Pei Yuan.

The variety show continues.

The host asked the guests to draw lots, and it happened that Qin Zhou and Pei Yuan were in a group.

【Ahhh! My new favorite wall head and my true love male **** are a group! Double powder is complete! 】

【Envy! I also want to team up with the male god! 】

Qin Zhou sat in front of the computer and watched the first half of the variety show. He felt that his performance was quite satisfactory, and the program team did not edit maliciously.

In the second half of the variety show, it was the home ground for him and Pei Yuan.

It may be because Pei Yuan’s popularity is large, so he gave Pei Yuan a lot of shots during the later editing, and even more shots with him.

The task is that he and Pei Yuan cook Chinese food, and he goes to collect the tastes of other guests.

Just when he went to ask about the taste, the later part of the show added a line of small characters next to it——

[Qin Zhou asked everyone, but forgot Teacher Pei? 】

As soon as the screen changed, he came to the kitchen and was reporting to Pei Yuan.

\”Mr. Li doesn’t eat chili peppers, Brother Wang doesn’t eat Chinese peppercorns, Sister Xiangxiang wants to eat French fries…Mr. Pei doesn’t eat chives.\”

The later group of the show also added subtitles next to it——

[It turns out that Qin Zhou remembers Teacher Pei’s taste! 】

After the first episode of the variety show aired, there was also a discussion about the matter on Weibo, which soon became a hot search.

[# Pei Yuan doesn’t eat chives# I also remember it! God Pei does not eat chives! 】

[#Pei Yuan doesn’t eat chives# suddenly a little bit better…]

[# Pei Yuan doesn’t eat chives# Zhouzhou is too careful! I actually remember Pei Yuan’s taste! 】

Qin Zhou looked through the hot search, and saw that they were all praising him, and he didn’t look at it again, and he was about to join the group.

“Jianghu” was filmed in a film and television base in this province.

Although he played a supporting role, his role was relatively high, and he also had many rival roles with Pei Yuan.

However, due to scheduling problems, Pei Yuan couldn’t come now, so Dao He took the scenes of other people first.

Qin Zhou did not get the complete script, but only got his own related plot, which is probably a dancer from the Western Regions who rescued the knight from Dongyuan.

Qin Zhou took the makeup photos in the past, and saw a five- or six-year-old boy in the crew.

The little boy was very well behaved, sitting quietly in a chair and reading a book.

And this little boy played the younger brother of a dancer from the Western Regions in the play, so Qin Zhou walked over and planned to get acquainted with the child first.

\”Hello.\”Qin Zhou took out the candy, \”Do you want to eat candy?\”

The little boy took the candy and showed a smile: \”Thank you brother.\”

Qin Zhou sat next to him, glanced at the book in the little boy’s hand, and asked casually: \”What book are you reading?\”

After the little boy heard it, he stretched out the book, \”A beautiful book.\”

Qin Zhou took a look and found that it was a fairy tale book.

Qin Zhou rubbed the little boy’s head with a smile, and went to film first.

The dancers in the Western Regions were not in a hurry. Qin Zhou was in the crew during the day and rested in the hotel at night.

Not long after, the second issue of “Fifteen Days” also came out.

The second episode gave a lot of shots of him and Pei Yuan, and it became a hot search after the broadcast.

[# Pei Yuan and Qin Zhou sell dumplings# Dumplings made by Pei Yuan and Qin Zhou~ The dumplings made by the two male gods are so appetizing! 】

This Weibo went viral.

Qin Zhou clicked in the comments, originally thinking that everyone would praise dumplings, but when Qin Zhou clicked in, the front row was full of robots.

【Dumplings are delicious】

[Come on Pei Yuan and Qin Zhou]

[Fifteen days are too high to stop]

The front row is full of comments that seem nutritious and boring, but the number of likes for this kind of comment is still very high, and at first glance, it is a navy who bought it.

And when Qin Zhou turned back the comments, he finally saw the real passers-by’s comments.

It’s just that these passersby commented, but they were all scolding him.

[This hot search is too embarrassing, it’s all navy…]

【Can you trouble the 18th-tier pheasants in the countryside not to pull our God Pei to hype? 】

[I took it, and it was broadcasted twice in 15 days. Every time Qin Zhou was on the hot search, he even took Pei Yuan on it. Is it disgusting? ! 】

【Oh my God! I really want to fry cp hard! See for yourself if you’re embarrassed! 】

After Qin Zhou saw it, he quickly called his agent.

When the call was connected, Qin Zhou quickly asked: \”Brother Fan, did you buy a navy army to fry CP?\”

The agent replied: \”No.\”

\”Mr. Pei and I are on the hot search again, and it is a hot search for buying.\” Qin Zhou frowned.

\”I saw it.\”The agent explained,\”It should be a hot search bought by the show team, and it should be a topic for variety shows.\”

Sometimes it’s not up to the artist to be on the hot search, and the show team will also buy hot search marketing, regardless of the popularity of the artist, as long as the popularity rises.

Qin Zhou had a headache and asked: \”Do you have to buy me and Mr. Pei’s hot search?\”

The agent said: \”It is estimated that Pei Yuan has a lot of traffic, and it happens that you are in a group with him again…I’ll go talk to the show team.\”

Qin Zhou: \”Okay, trouble brother Fan.\”

\”Don’t read Weibo, you’ll get used to it if there are too many hot searches.\”The agent comforted,\”Don’t worry about it.\”

Qin Zhou responded, hung up the phone, and continued to stare at the hot search, hoping that the popularity would drop.

However, it is a pity that this topic has been on the hot search for a day after it was bought by the show team and did not drop until the next day.

The variety show “Fifteen Days” is updated every Wednesday, with a total of four issues.

When the third episode aired, Qin Zhou found that he was inexplicably on the hot search again.

[#Peiyuan Qinzhou’s best partner# The two of them really have a good tacit understanding! With one look from Pei Yuan, Qin Zhou understood the meaning! Is this some new type of eye contact? ! 】

There are a few moving pictures on the back of Weibo, which are some interactions between the two when they set up the booth. Most of them can determine the meaning of each other with just one look.

And this hot search was not bought by the program group, but by the CP fans themselves.

【Yeah! When I saw it, I felt that they were very tacit! And when shopping for vegetables and setting up a stall, one makes dumplings and the other collects money, just like old couples! 】

[It turns out that I am not the only one who is secretly knocking! Welcome sisters! 】

[And when Zhouzhou is talking, Pei Yuan will look at Zhouzhou very seriously! 】

It’s just that in addition to CP fans in the comments, there are also fans of Pei Yuan who came out to protest.

[Trouble Qin Zhou fans to take care of themselves and don’t bring Pei Yuan on the stage. 】

[The main owner of your family buys hot searches every day, and you have to buy a hot search every time it is broadcast, and now you directly pull the real cp? What kind of leapfrog touch porcelain is this? ! It’s not even worthy for the master of your family to carry shoes for the actor! 】

[I’m sorry that I can’t see the sense of CP at all, Qin Zhou really bought the hot search to get CP, is it embarrassing? 】

Fans of Pei Yuan and CP fans directly tore up on Weibo, and there was blood and blood in the super talk.

Qin Zhou also received a lot of private messages from Pei Yuan fans, all of them scolding him.

The agent also noticed the incident on Weibo, and said to Qin Zhou: \”Don’t read Weibo first, it will be fine when the heat is over.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded, put the phone aside, stopped watching, and concentrated on filming.

The **** storm on Weibo continued for several days.

It wasn’t until Pei Yuan posted on Weibo that he posted a group photo of the “Fifteen Days” guests, including a separate photo with Qin Zhou, that the farce stopped.

In the comments, there are also rational fans who come out to criticize.

[I hope everyone will pay more attention to Pei Yuan’s new work “Jianghu”. Teacher Pei Yuan and Qin Zhou also cooperate~]

[Mr. Pei Yuan has always been a very gentle person, everyone should be rational and don’t quarrel. 】

And Pei Yuan finally vacated the schedule and came to the crew.

\”Hello Mr. Pei!\”

The other actors and staff in the crew were all greeting Pei Yuan one after another.

Pei Yuan nodded while wearing sunglasses and hat, and walked directly to the dressing room.

The next scene is to shoot Pei Yuan’s scene.

However, the director has not finished filming yet, and is directing the staff to set up the props.

Qin Zhou had already changed his clothes, adjusted his state, and was ready to shoot.

The director said to Qin Zhou: \”Wait when you step on it, pay attention to the expression.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

This time, the dancer in the Western Regions he played accidentally offended a powerful man. The powerful man deliberately made things difficult for him, so he broke a vase and then made him dance on the vase fragments.

In order to shoot this scene, the director has already prepared the props team in advance, and the vase fragments are also special materials.

After the staff arranged it, Qin Zhou took his place.

Director He: \”Three two one!\”

The sound of hitting the board sounded, and Qin Zhou knelt on the ground in a red dance suit.

In front of it is a fragment of a vase.

Qin Zhou slowly got up and stepped forward step by step.

But when Qin Zhou stepped on the fragments of the vase, the expression on his face suddenly stiffened for a moment, and he almost couldn’t control his micro-expression.

A sharp tingling sensation came from the soles of the feet, and the shards cut through the skin.

Originally, the ground should be full of pieces of props, and it would not hurt to step on it.

But I don’t know when it was replaced by real fragments.


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